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I met Christina while having lunch at a local diner. She was a year out of high school, and at the time she was very shy and reserved, which I think is what initially attracted me to her. That and the fact that even though she dressed conservatively, I could tell she had a magnificent body. Even with her hair wrapped in a tight bun and her geeky bookworm glasses covering her eyes, it was apparent that she had a beautiful face, as well.

I introduced myself and asked her if she’d like to go out on a date, but she shyly turned me down. Still, I didn’t let myself get discouraged. I went back there for lunch every day for nearly a month, and I asked her out every time until she finally agreed to a date. We really hit it off, but it was clear to me that Christina was a “good girl.” Even though we dated all summer and had some pretty hot make-out sessions, having sex was out of the question.

There was an innocence to Christina that I’d never felt coming from another girl, and I have to admit that I eventually fell in love with her. After finishing college and taking my rightful place in my family’s business, I asked Christina to marry me, and she accepted. On our wedding night, I found out for certain that she was a virgin. My six-inch penis felt as though it was in a silk vise.
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This entry is part 16 of 22 in the series 2012 Oct

My panties were damp as I sat on my flight to Georgia. My husband had cancelled his planned golf outing that morning to make love to me instead, so I was carrying a boatload of come in my sperm bank. Eddie knows that I need a daily dose of cock, and when he’s around, he makes sure to give it to me. He also knows that when I’m away, I’ll stray. He’s okay with me fucking other men, as long as I only make love to him. He knows my heart belongs to him alone.

When I got to Georgia, I checked into my hotel and unpacked my bags before going downstairs to the hotel restaurant for an early dinner. I was seated near the windows, and I was looking at the menu when I spotted a handsome black man sitting across the room. He looked familiar, but I wasn’t sure it was Henry until he looked over and our eyes met.

Henry and I had met at a convention two years earlier. My husband had been with me, but Henry was flying solo, and there was an instant attraction between us. It led to me going up to his room for two hours of very intense sex while my husband was in bed.
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