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I’m a 20-year-old gay woman in my first year of college. About eight months ago I became good friends with the woman next door to me. I live in a college residence hall where promiscuity doesn’t go over too well, which I find disappointing since I enjoy an active sex life.

Gloria, my friend next door, is from New York City. We had known each other for five months. I wasn’t really sure whether she was straight or gay, but I was willing to find out. I tried to get closer to her than I would with a straight friend. The first semester went by quickly, and all that I had gained was a very close friendship. During the Christmas break I decided to write to Gloria about my homosexuality. I was relieved to find that it didn’t bother her.
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The relationship my lover and I now have started quite like many others do. We met at a party given by a mutual friend and hit it off right from the start. I ended up taking her home, and I took that opportunity to make a date for later that week. The date was successful, and soon we were going out pretty regularly.

Nancy is different than any other woman I had previously dated. In bed, her moves are deliberate and slow. She orchestrates sex through a growing crescendo. She may begin by slowly sucking my toes, then kiss and lick her way up my legs, alternating at each thigh, moving up less than an inch with each touch of her lips or with her tongue. When she reaches my cock, she covers the head with her lips, taking it all the way down. She sucks rhythmically as she slides back to the tip, rolling her tongue around the circumference of my rod.
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It’s been three years now that Nan and I have gotten away with our meetings. We had some very close calls, but I guess that makes it more exciting. I met Nan through her friend that I had been fucking. What a difference between the two! We’ve done things in places that long-married couples never do.

Nan is a small-town woman, so she was pretty excited over the fancy bar I met her in. My roommate was playing gin, so the room was free, and at 130 bucks a night, I wanted to get my money’s worth.

One of the more exciting nights took place at one of our conventions. We had nothing to do that second night but drink with the other salesmen, so I gave Nan a call and, to my surprise, she said she’d be right over. I mean, it was a 70-mile drive. We had a few drinks, then headed upstairs.
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I was standing in the lobby of a Chicago office building one rainy afternoon when I met Lynn. She, like myself, was waiting for the rain to let up. We engaged in some small talk and after a few minutes she asked me if I’d like to share a drink with her at her condo once we got out of the rain. I accepted, since I enjoyed the way she was coming on to me.

Lynn was very attractive, with long, sable-black hair and a spinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks.
I was getting excited just imagining my face being pulled between her warm and moist thighs.
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This entry is part 5 of 25 in the series 2013 Mar

My wife Donna and I were laying in bed one night, swapping fantasies. It took a lot of encouragement, but she eventually told me her personal favorite. It really took me by surprise, because normally her idea of kinky is to walk around our bedroom with her clothes off—in the dark! I was so proud of my wife for sharing—and so turned on—that I resolved to make her fantasy come true for her. So I thought about it and came up with a very special scheme.
I offered her a day as a princess, and then I took care of everything.

I cleaned up the house, made dinner, mixed the drinks, and even set the table with candles and our fine china and silverware. We then retired to our den and snuggled up on the couch. As she rubbed her fingers over my dick, I knew everything was going to turn out fine. I knew Donna was going to be utterly delighted with the surprise I had in store for her.
I got up to blow out all the candles, and this was the signal. Donna was laying on the floor, enjoying the music that was playing on our stereo system. I kissed my way up her legs, but when I got to her mouth, she jumped. She had felt something extra. You see, I needed four other men to pull off this particular fantasy.
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