This entry is part 11 of 16 in the series 2013 Apr/May

I’m a 23-year-old male and I’ve been in the Army for three years. I’m six feet tall and weigh 175 pounds. I have light-brown hair and green eyes, and I’m blessed with a thick nine-inch cock.

I had just finished my second combat tour as a helicopter crew chief and had been assigned to a base in Georgia. I had never been to Georgia and had no idea what it would be like. I had five days travel time to get there, and I drove straight through. I got into town around noon on a Saturday, but I couldn’t check in at the base until Monday, so I found a motel about 10 miles away to crash for the weekend. I noticed a small bar next to the motel, so after I checked in and dropped my bags in my room, I headed next door to check it out.
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This entry is part 10 of 16 in the series 2013 Apr/May

Recently, my wife Kelly and I decided to go to a nudist resort for vacation. Kelly stands about five-feet-seven-inches tall, weighs 128 pounds, and has an athletic body that’s topped off with 38C breasts and beautiful, long brown hair. She gets plenty of looks every time she walks into a room, and I love watching men desire her.

We arrived, checked into the resort, and were led to our suite, which was on the first floor, by a hotel employee. The female employee pulled back the curtains in front of the patio doors to revel that our room was right next to the swimming pool as well as the beach. When she asked how we liked our room, Kelly, who was looking at all of the nude sunbathers, replied, “It’s wonderful.”
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This entry is part 8 of 16 in the series 2013 Apr/May

A few months ago, my wife Janet rode about town on the back of my motorcycle giving the other male motorists a mini sex show. She had worn a sheer blouse over a demi-bra that exposed her nipples, and a pair of crotchless pantyhose under a short, tight skirt that easily rode up as she straddled the bike. I had instructed her to masturbate while I drove her around, and when I tapped her left knee, she was to bring her wet fingers to my mouth so that I could taste her sweet pussy juices. She got so aroused by her bawdy behavior that I eventually pulled into a rest stop off the highway and let her fuck two strangers that we met there.
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Trick of the Light

This entry is part 7 of 16 in the series 2013 Apr/May

“Start small,” Hammond said to himself. He placed his machine on the bathroom sink. He reasoned that in the tiled room, auras stayed in the air longer and were somewhat less likely to dissipate than they would in a larger room that had more porous walls.

He switched on the machine, which about the size of a microwave oven, and pointed it at the wall above the bathtub. Flecks of water materialized and then, coming into focus, a three-dimensional hologram of a nude girl standing under the water, running her soapy hands over her lithe body.

“Awesome!” Hammond gasped. The naked girl turned his way, her slippery hands covering boobs that formed vivid cleavage as she continued to soap herself. Foamy trickles skittered down her slim belly and fizzed into her amazingly full patch of pubes. Hammond was so shocked, so afraid the lifelike woman would shout at him for peeping at her, that he turned off the machine.
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This entry is part 6 of 16 in the series 2013 Apr/May

After 10 years of marriage and three years of living together, how good can sex be with the same woman? Better than great—it’s fantastic. Ellen was 24 and I was 54 when we married. One must know that a relationship with a woman 30 years younger than her husband would require some special getting used to. The old pecker didn’t always stand at attention on request. Being open and honest made all the difference in our relationship. It has kept our interest in one another lively and exciting for 13 years.

Due to the age difference, I was concerned about being able to keep sex interesting for Ellen, so I suggested that we try swinging to provide her with a hard cock from time to time under exciting conditions. We developed a good relationship with another couple. He had a thick, seven-inch cock that was a joy to watch when he pleased Ellen. In time, both Ellen and Beth discovered that they were bisexual, so I got the added thrill of watching the girls get it on.
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