A few days ago, my wife, Sheri, and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. The occasion led me to reflect on past milestones and reminded me of one in particular our 10th wedding anniversary.
Having married at an early age, we were still in our late twenties and somewhat adventurous, so after a steak dinner and a lot of alcohol at our local club, we invited a few of our friends to a nearby beach for a beer party and a midnight swim. The beach closed at 10 o’clock, but it was seldom patrolled, so we set up our party like we owned the whole place. Most of the people there had swimwear, but some stripped to underwear or nothing at all, and about half the women went topless, including my wife. This surprised me a little because she’s never been much of an exhibitionist, although her cute little body is very enjoyable to observe.
A very beautiful young woman, probably about 20, struck up a conversation with me while Sheri was partying hard with a group people who were really enjoying pushing each other off a nearby dock and into the lake. This outgoing beauty kept my attention for well over an hour with her cute personality and even cuter looks, causing me to ignore the others even my wife. I did notice that a guy named Randy seemed to stay very near Sheri, though. I didn’t recognize Randy and don’t think that Sheri knew him, but they seemed to be having a lot of fun together. That just gave me more of an opportunity to really get close to Gina, the young beauty.
I wanted to eat her right on the spot, but a mutual friend kept interfering, and Gina finally left with her, as that was her ride home. I then wandered around, mingling with the people who were still there, until I noticed that my wife was nowhere to be seen. Upon asking, someone told me that she and Randy had gone swimming and were probably just fine, but I looked around and couldn’t find them anywhere. Eventually I sat on a rock further down the shore and finished my beer, becoming worried about Sheri’s safety and growing suspicious of her activity.
After a few minutes, I heard a couple of people talking quietly back in the trees. I couldn’t understand what they said or even who it was, but as I listened, I realized it was two people talking to each other, unaware that I was nearby. I tried to sneak toward the sounds, thinking it could be Sheri and Randy playing around a little. When I finally got close enough to see anything in the moonlight, I saw Sheri lying on her back on a blanket, her breasts fully exposed, and Randy kissing her lips, neck and breasts, all the while moving on top of her. I almost came unglued, but I froze instead, watching to see what would happen next. I was so jealous, but I was really transfixed by the erotic sight.
I figured Sheri would eventually stop him, until I saw her break away from his kiss and begin to moan. I knew for sure then that he’d penetrated her beautiful pussy and was fucking my wife like there was no tomorrow. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t like this guy, but I liked the way he was screwing my wife and the way she responded. I wanted to interrupt and do her myself, but I wanted her to get fucked by this guy as long as she wanted. I slipped back to the party and tried to act calm, and when Sheri returned about a half hour later, we went straight home.
As soon as we got inside the house, I tried to kiss her and get her clothing off and see how she looked after just getting screwed by Randy, but she resisted. She finally gave in after I’d massaged her tits and played with her pussy through her shorts. When we finally got into bed, she insisted we turn the lights off, probably to hide the evidence of her deed. I immediately kissed her and sucked her nipples and moved as quickly as I dared to her sex, where I found exactly what I wanted: the scent and taste of a well fucked pussy. I ate her until she came, then screwed and ate her again. Then I screwed her once more before falling asleep, the whole time telling her that it was the best sex I’d ever had and that she should keep doing whatever it was that made her pussy taste and feel so good.
Until now, I’ve never told anyone, including Sheri, that I knew exactly what happened that night, but I can tell you she has kept up her “secret” ways, although they have become even less secret in recent years. When things really came out into the open about her and the other men, it was quite exciting and I will probably share that story someday. Since I already share my sexy wife, why not? Name and address withheld


This year, my wife, Patti, attended my company’s annual Christmas party with me, and she was never short of dance partners.
She wore a short black dress, stockings and heels to cover her very shapely body. She’s five foot four, 110 pounds with 36C breasts. Her long, wavy, light brown hair was perfect, as was her makeup.
As she drank she began getting more suggestive with her dancing, and her dress rode up, exposing her lace stocking tops. Then she began dancing with Martin, who’s my boss. He’s a married man, but he was there stag. They were very intimate for the rest of the evening, so it was no surprise that Patti said yes when Martin asked for a ride home.
As I drove, Patti and Martin were in the back seat, kissing and cuddling. I watched in the mirror as he ran his hand up Patti’s sexy stocking clad leg and gasped when he found she wasn’t wearing panties. I watched in jealous lust as she parted her legs and his fingers slid in and out of her pussy.
Patti asked me to find a quiet place to park and I quickly did. Patti got out of the car and stood in front of the headlights. I watched in awe as she reached behind her back and slowly unzipped her dress. She removed it from her shoulders and it slid down to her waist, revealing her bare breasts and hard nipples. Her wet pussy was also in view as she stood wearing only her heels and stockings. Martin was out of the car in a flash, and she ran her hands over his bulge before pulling his cock out. Then she crouched and engulfed his hard cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed back and forth as she used her fingers and tongue to add to his pleasure. From time to time she’d look at me and smile wickedly while rubbing his cock over her face.
Suddenly she stood and led him to the side of the car. Then she lay across the hood so Martin could eat her pussy while she looked at me through the glass. Finally he stood and together they fed his cock into her. Patti continued to stare at me as Martin devoured her heaving tits while he fucked her. He left love bites all over her chest in the process. Then he pulled out and spun her around so he could fuck her from behind. He fucked her hard until they both came with simultaneous yells. Then Martin yanked up his pants and got back in the car, but Patti didn’t even dress. She just gathered her clothes and got back in, Martin’s come leaking from her hole.
After we dropped Martin off, we stopped on the side of the road and I got on her and fucked her still sloppy hole while she described how she felt fucking Martin as I watched. It was all so exciting. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. T.Y. Roanoke, Virginia


It was during a quiet evening at home a few weeks ago when I asked my wife, Jane, the big question: “Hey, hon, how long’s it been since you’ve had a stranger’s cock in your pussy?”

All Jane did was give me a pleasant smile and I knew the answer to my question. It had been at least three months since Jane and I had enjoyed extramarital sex. We missed it a lot, but we’d been so busy with work and moving to a new town for my job that we hadn’t had the chance to indulge in our favorite erotic pastime. Now that we were finally settled into our new lives, though, the time seemed right for our next sexual adventure.

“I want to set you up with a guy from the office,” I said. “I know you two could really have some fun. What do you think?”

Jane, of course, said yes immediately. She loves fucking other men, especially if she knows I’ll be watching. After she’d agreed, I went on to tell her that I couldn’t wait to bring home one of my coworkers and watch the two of them “having some fun.” Jane smiled wide and I knew that she was on board with the plan.

Two days later I spoke to my friend at work. I’d overheard some of the secretaries talking about how good Walter is in bed, and I thought he was the perfect person to bring home to Jane. As soon as I got his attention, I had a serious talk with him. I was very honest and told him that I really wanted to see him fuck my wife. Walter seemed a bit shocked at first, but once I convinced him that I wasn’t joking around, he agreed to fuck Jane while I watched.

When I got home from work on Friday night, I told Jane everything was set and that Walter would be over in a few hours. Then I told her that she should wear something especially sexy for our guest, and she disappeared upstairs to get ready.

About an hour later my wife joined me in the living room once more. She was a knockout! She was wearing a white see through blouse, a navy blue skirt, dark nylon stockings and towering heels. Jane sat on the couch across from me and crossed her legs, showing me a sliver of the creamy white flesh peeking out above her stocking tops, and I feasted my eyes on the black garter that was stretched tight around her bare thigh. Now I really couldn’t wait for our guest to arrive!

When the bell sounded, I went to the door, greeted Walter and led him into the living room. I could tell immediately that Jane was surprised. She probably wasn’t expecting to see such a young guy Walter was only 22. Suddenly my wife seemed nervous, and I knew she was wondering why I’d brought home my baby faced assistant instead of one of the older, more experienced guys I know.

Jane looked at Walter curiously, and I could tell she was trying to figure out if he’d known beforehand that she was an “older woman” (she’ll be turning 40 next month). Then, rather abruptly, she stood up and moved as if to leave the room. I was worried she was going to call the whole thing off, but Walter quickly stepped in front of her and halted her with a kiss.

Jane then sank back into the couch, looking a bit dazed from the brief but passionate lip lock. It seemed that my wife had been convinced of her young lover’s prowess, and when he joined her on the couch, I walked back over to my chair in the corner to wait for things to heat up.

After we’d all taken our seats, the room was quiet, but it wasn’t an awkward silence. A minute or two later I decided it was probably a good time to start some conversation, but when I looked over at the two of them on the couch, I saw Walter’s hand very slowly pushing up my wife’s skirt until I could see the tops of her stockings. Jane coyly tried to push her skirt back down, but Walter stopped her, saying, “Once I get you out of your clothes, you’ll feel much more relaxed.”

My wife just smiled at me as Walter got to his feet and hoisted her up by his side. He asked where the bedroom was and I pointed toward the stairs.

I stayed seated while Walter led my wife up to the bedroom. As their footsteps grew softer, I heard Jane moaning loudly. Once they were out of earshot, I waited for several moments, fantasizing about all the things they would do once they were in the bedroom. My patience didn’t last long, however, and soon I was racing up the stairs, my dick growing hard, to see what they were doing.

As I peered around the door frame, I spotted Walter, still in his white boxer shorts, laying next to Jane, who was in only her stockings and garters. Walter’s hand was running along my wife’s body, and I watched her tits moving up and down with her heavy breathing. It was the patch of thick black hair covering her mound that really got my attention, though.

Walter’s hand had stopped just above the dark fur and in seconds he was playing with her pussy. Jane was staring at the ceiling, her eyes open wide, as Walter began to finger fuck her moist slit. When he added a second finger, Jane began to quiver and her hips started thrusting ever so slightly off the bed. When she began panting loudly, I knew exactly what she wanted to happen next— and so did Walter. He lowered his head between her legs and his mouth descended on Jane’s cunt.

Jane’s head twisted from side to side as the young man ate her out. Her breathing picked up and her tits swayed with the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest. I could tell from the way he was moving that Walter was eating my wife with great enthusiasm, and her sounds of pleasure confirmed it.

Walter must have stayed crouched between my wife’s legs, eating her delectable pussy, for 20 minutes. Jane was going wild, her body twisting and writhing as his mouth moved over her gash. Soon her moans were turning to long sighs of ecstasy. I had never seen my wife so aroused!

Moments later, Jane had the wildest climax I’d ever witnessed. Her whole body shook in ecstasy and she screamed so loudly that I’m sure the neighbors heard her.

My wife was still trembling when Walter removed his jockey shorts, but she froze in shock as soon as he was naked. My eyes went wide, as did Jane’s, at the sight of his massive dick. His cock had to be 10 inches long!

“What are you going to do with that?” my wife asked playfully as she continued to stare at his cock.

“I’m going to fuck you with it,” he said. “And your husband’s going to watch you get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before,” he added, ushering me into the room.

I quickly moved to the side of the bed and watched as Walter’s hand went between their bodies. He fingered her cunt for a while, loosening her up and prepping her for his giant dick. Then he was positioned at her entrance and he began to ease into her. It wasn’t long before he had himself buried to the hilt in her sopping cunt. I’m still not sure how he fit that thing in my wife’s pussy.

Then Walter began thrusting, his hips pumping furiously above my wife’s body. He fucked her hard and fast, just like he’d said he would, and in no time at all they were both coming, Walter spilling his seed into my wife’s hungry pussy while she writhed beneath him, her own juices flooding out of her and coating his monster cock. He kept pumping into her as she came, not stopping his movements until his balls were empty and her belly was full of his steaming seed.

When it was all over, Jane smiled and told us both how much fun the evening had been, then she collapsed into the mattress, closing her eyes blissfully. Walter thanked her, too, but as soon as she fell asleep, he joined me in the living room for a chat.

I told him that my wife’s birthday was coming up in a few weeks and asked him to help me plan her party. I wanted to give her something special, and I knew a wild night with a hot young stud like Walter would be the perfect gift.

“I’ve got a few friends who I’m sure would also love to fuck your wife too,” he said. I immediately felt my dick get hard at the suggestion.

Walter and I are going to set up a surprise gang bang— Jane’s favorite fantasy— for her birthday party. It’ll definitely be a birthday that she won’t soon forget!

D.K., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I always thought that watching my wife, Jess, with another guy would be a turn on. Just seeing her talk to other guys gives me a hard on, so I always knew watching her have sex with someone else would be even hotter.
It started about a month after we married seven years ago. We were on vacation and met two guys from Switzerland, Andreas and Roman. Although I didn’t witness any infidelities between them and my wife, I did see the way they ogled her five foot four frame and her 36Cs and how they watched her shoulder length light brown hair move when she walked. For her part, Jess was doing some ogling over them as well. They even shared a good bye dance and kiss on our last night.
We kept in touch with them over the years, and about six months ago they called to say they’d be in the states soon for a soccer tournament and would like to meet up. Jess went them one better and invited them to stay with us for a week (all with my approval, of course).
Jess and I attended the tournament that weekend and went drinking with Andreas and Roman later on. We were all quite drunk, and when Jess went to the bathroom, I said to the other men, “I bet she looks a little different from the last time you saw her.” After all, Jess is now 31, and she’d put on maybe 10 pounds since we met the guys. She put the weight on mostly around her boobs and bottom, although she’s not fat at all. “Of course, you’ve seen it all before,” I added playfully.
They didn’t look really shocked by that statement, and after I prodded them slightly, they admitted that they both had sex with her once when we were all on vacation. After my initial shock, I got very excited, if not a little tiny bit jealous.
My cock was bursting in my pants by the time Jess came back from the bathroom, and she noticed a different look on all our faces. Roman said he’d never met anyone with such an understanding husband. Then it dawned on her what he meant, and her smile turned into a look of horror. She ran up to our bedroom. I followed and found her lying on the bed in tears. She said she was so sorry and that she was stupid and didn’t think.
When I told her what a turn on it was, she couldn’t believe it. She started pulling at my clothes, and I jumped on top of her, ripping her top off to reveal her saucer like nipples. As I sucked them, I removed her skimpy panties and rubbed her pussy, then I fingered her before easing my cock into her.
She kept saying how sorry she was, and I said there was a way she could make it up to me. She said she would do anything she could to make things right with me, and after I told her that there was really nothing wrong with the situation, she began to relax, and got quite curious about what I had in mind. When she asked what I wanted her to do, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind the other two join in. She thought for a second and agreed, so I went downstairs and got them.
When we got back to the bedroom, Jess was completely naked and lying on the bed, her heavy tits heaving. Andreas went for her tits, and Roman dove down between her legs. Both of the guys undressed, and Roman asked if he should wear a condom. I told him to go in bare this time, because Jess likes it that way. Without hesitation, Roman put a cushion under her butt and began to penetrate her. He went in slowly at first, then he picked up the tempo. Jess was absolutely in heaven, especially when she began giving Andreas a blowjob.
It wasn’t long before Jess came, and she was quickly followed by Roman, his sperm flooding her womb. Andreas quickly rolled her over to see the sperm leak from her cunt, then entered her himself.
Andreas didn’t last very long, and he soon spewed all over her ass. The night was young, and both guys did it with Jess until they couldn’t get it up anymore. They left for home very happy and content.
And of course, we’ve already invited them back for a visit next year. H.V. Oakland, California


Technically, I’m not a wife watcher because Kate and I aren’t married, but we do live together. I’m 23 years old and she’s 20. We’ve been seeing each other for two years.
I always get a thrill when a guy makes a pass at her. She’s never cheated on me, so I was very shocked when she asked me if she could be the surrogate for her friend’s baby. After much discussion, I agreed.
Kate’s friend Alicia and her husband Howie are in their late 30s. They’d been trying to start a family for quite some time, but with no luck. Eventually, they decided to try something new and thought of Kate.
Once Kate said yes, it all happened superfast. I came home the next night and there were Howie and Alicia. Alicia gave a nervous giggle when I asked about the hospital arrangement for the sperm placement and such, and I sat in sort of a daze as Kate told me how Howie and Alicia wanted to keep everything natural so Howie would actually have sex with Kate. I was totally floored, but Kate reminded me that I’d agreed to let her help her friend any way she could.
I sat red faced and sulking as Howie took Kate’s hand and they headed to the bedroom. Alicia told me it was Howie’s idea no surprise there but she felt she should be there while the baby was made.
My straining hard on told me that I wanted to be there, too. In fact, the more I thought about it, watching Kate with Howie sounded kind of hot.
By the time Alicia and I got to the bedroom, Kate and Howie were naked and kissing each other. Howie sucked Kate’s nipples and I noticed two small love bites already on Kate’s breast. Then Howie asked her to make him fully erect. He pushed her down toward his cock and she took his cock in her hand. Then, at Howie’s coaxing, she took it into her mouth. I tried to adjust my own hard cock, and Alicia noticed and gave me a smile.
It was exciting to watch Kate suck another man off. Howie was enjoying this immensely, and I think he would have loved to come in her little mouth, but he knew Alicia wouldn’t have that. It would have totally gone against what they were trying to do anyway.
He reluctantly had Kate stop, then as she parted her legs he got on top of her and guided himself to her tight little pussy. His 220 pound frame completely dwarfed and covered her five foot two, 105 pound body.
It was so exciting to watch Howie spear his cock into my wife’s tiny cunt. It was in incredibly deep sight. I saw the expression on her face as he ram med it inside her, and Alicia saw it too. She actually held Kate’s hand and told her to relax and try to enjoy it.
“I know Howie’s well endowed,” Alicia said. “Just relax and let him make you come. It’s okay.”
I was now openly stroking my own cock, and it was totally thrilling to see them fuck and come together right in front of me.
I wanted to mount Kate as soon as Howie climbed off, but Howie insisted Kate and I not have sex until the baby was conceived, so I was content to stand and have a quick wank as I looked down at her, Howie’s come trickling from her freshly fucked cunt.
Howie and Alicia came by daily for the next two and a half weeks, with me there or not. After each visit, Kate would stroke my cock till I came, telling me every detail.
Kate finally did get pregnant, and one day when I was home alone while Kate was at a doctor’s appointment, Alicia stopped by. I told her Kate wasn’t home, but she told me she stopped to see me and thank me for being so understanding during this whole thing. Then, without warning, she dropped to her knees and took out my cock. She gave me such an excellent blowjob that she was swallowing my load in a minute. After that, she sucked me hard again and let me fuck her till I was satisfied. For the rest of the time Kate carried Howie’s baby, Alicia would visit me alone and let me take my frustration and lust out on her. It was a mutually satisfying arrangement.
When Kate had the baby, Alicia’s visits stopped.
I feel that Alicia’s visits made it a fair trade, and despite my initial reluctance, I was happy enough. F.Z. Salt Lake City, Utah