I’m a 32 year old married man with a very pretty wife. I’ve been a reader of Forum for many years.

Emme, my wife, was seven months pregnant at this time last year, and for some reason she wanted some pictures taken for the baby’s scrapbook (even though she was always complaining about being fat). Since our neighbor, Rod, is a real camera buff, she asked him to take the pictures.

She dressed very conservatively and Rod took several pictures. She was very self conscious about her big belly, but Rod said, “Nonsense, you’re still a sexy woman.” Of course, I couldn’t help but agree with him.

Soon I started to ask her to put on something sexy and pose, but she said no. After some prodding by Rod and me, however, she relented and put on a black skirt cut mid thigh, a nice white maternity blouse and some black thigh high stockings. Rod took several pictures of her new outfit, then coaxed her to take off the blouse. She was now in a thin white bra that barely covered her large breasts.

“That’s great. Now take off your bra and show us your boobs,” Rod said.

“Yeah,” I chimed in, getting excited.

Soon Emme gave in and we were treated to the sight of her naked tits and huge, dark nipples. Gary loved it and snapped away.

“Okay, Emme, now take off your skirt and panties,” Gary said.

“No way,” she protested.

I was very excited now and said, “Come on, Emme, do it for me.”

Again she gave in and down went her skirt, but not her panties. When I looked down, I saw why: a dark wet patch had formed in the crotch. She was hot, too!

Rod badgered her more and she looked nervously at me, silently asking my permission to take the next step. I nodded and she shyly slid her thong down. Now she only wore the black stockings, her hairy, unshaven pussy fully on display.

My pregnant wife really had Rod excited. He had her pose for some more sexy shots, then had her spread her legs for a close up of that hairy bush. He told her to hold the pose as he got closer. He snapped some shots, then put down the camera, glanced at me, smiled and kissed her pussy. He was going to eat her cunt!

Emme jumped, but Rod held her legs open as he ate her. She looked at me in shock, but nobody spoke and Rod continued to eat her pussy. He loved her cunt, and as he licked and sucked at it, I took out my cock and stroked it. Then Emme shook with a hard climax.

The next thing I knew, Rod had his own cock out and was stroking it. Then, very suddenly, with me in the room and everything, he stood and dropped his pants and thrust his cock into my wife’s open pussy. Emme gasped as he entered her and began to fuck her. He was very excited and didn’t last long, however, and Rod and I came at the same time, me on the floor and him deep inside Emme’s pregnant pussy. Rod pulled his spent cock out and his come ran out of my wife, dripping onto the floor. Then he thanked us and left.

Later, Rod gave us the pictures absolutely free, his thank you to us.

Kalamazoo, Michigan


I was working in the dorms at a military base when one of the guys threw a copy of Forum at me. It was a few years old and had obviously been read quite a few times. I held onto it and put it in my truck, then didn’t think about it for a while. I found it again when I was cleaning out my truck a few weeks later, so I climbed in the passenger seat and started to read.

I was about halfway through the magazine when I looked over at the driver’s side window and there, looking in at me, was a gorgeous blonde with green eyes in a camouflage uniform. The window was open, so she leaned in and asked me what I was reading. I told her simply, “a magazine,” and tried to conceal the cover.

“By the look of things, it must be good,” she said, pointing at the hard on in my pants. “Read me some.”

“Here?” I asked.

“No, silly. Follow me.”

I jumped out of the truck and tucked the magazine in my back pocket so no one would see it. Then I followed her to her room on the second floor of the nearby building. As we walked in she said that she’d seen me reading Forum from her balcony. I was shocked I didn’t think anybody would be able to see right into the truck from there.

Once in her room, she told me to grab a seat as she stepped into the bathroom. The only place to sit was on her bed, so I made myself comfortable. While I waited for her to come back out, I looked around the room. The first thing I noticed was a photo of her and another girl lying on the beach in bikinis. She was really hot. Her uniform didn’t do her justice!

Just then the door opened and she came out again wearing a pair of pink terry cloth shorts and a white tank top with no bra. She walked over to me and bent down to take off my boots, giving me a great view of her breasts. Once my boots were off, she stood up, threw them in the corner and joined me on the bed, propping her head up with a couple of pillows.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits, but she broke my train of thought when she spoke up.

“Read to me,” she said.

I turned to a random page of the magazine and started reading a letter to her, but before I could get through the first paragraph her hand had slipped into her shorts. She closed her eyes and as I continued to read I noticed that her nipples were hard as rocks. With my free hand I slid her shorts down, revealing her finely shaved pussy. It was beautiful and started to distract me.

Then she let out a moan that made my cock ache, but I kept on reading to her. A few minutes later she moaned again, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. When she noticed I was getting frustrated, she said she could help. In one move she was down on her knees in front of me, rubbing my hard on through my pants.

“Why don’t we let that huge cock come out and play?” she said.

Before I could respond she had my pants unbuttoned, my zipper down and was pulling my pants and underwear past my feet.

“Keep reading,” she said as she took my cock in her hand.

She noticed then that my balls were already tight, and that’s when she told me not to come yet. She then let my tool go and started massaging my sack. When she loosened me up, she could see that I was ready and dove on my cock with her hot mouth. Slowly she moved up and down my rod, slipping more and more in each time. Realizing she could only get half my cock down, she used her hand and started jacking me off too.

When I told her I was just about ready to come, it sent her into overdrive. I lunged forward, my spine turned to jelly and I filled her throat with hot come. Like a champion, she swallowed every drop, not missing a single bit. Even after I was done she kept going. I told her to stop and she did so long enough to tell me that this was only round one.

She went back to work like she was on a mission and that mission was to keep me hard. When I looked at her pussy I could see that she was dripping wet. That’s when I told her that it was my turn. Then I lay on my back and had her straddle my mouth. I balanced her with my hands on her ass, one on each cheek. Using my tongue and lips, I went to work on her, every once in a while swallowing her juices.

When she came it was all I could do to keep her balanced. She pulled my hair, burying my tongue deep into her. Then she moaned again and I could feel her shaking.

“I want that cock in me!” she yelled as she came, and it made me hard as a rock again. Then she reached back to grab my cock and said, “It looks like you’re ready.”

She was still moaning and shaking uncontrollably, and I couldn’t hold her up anymore. As she climbed off me, I slid her down to the end of the bed and grabbed a pillow to put under her head. Her legs hung off the edge of the mattress and I moved to stand between them. Then I tugged her a bit closer and began to slide my cockhead into her soaking wet pussy, slowly working back and forth. She reached up then and pulled on my ass, saying she wanted more, but I resisted and continued to tease her. She tried to slide closer, but I would just move back whenever she did.

Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer, and in one thrust I buried my cock deep in her. At that moment she came, and the excitement of getting her off made me come again, too.

I stood there for a moment until I gained control of my legs and then I laid down next to her on the bed. A few minutes passed and then she got up, got a washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned me up.

Eventually I realized how much time had passed, and after getting dressed, I gave her a kiss and left. I forgot my copy of Forum in her room when I took off. At least now I have an excuse to go back and visit her!

Name and address withheld


My wife and I are in our mid 30s and have been together basically since forever. We were high school sweet hearts ever since I stole her away from, as she says, her first love.
She’s a dark haired Italian beauty who’s kept herself in very good shape. Back in the day she demanded every man’s attention with her great looks, her great body and her reputation of putting out. I was at the top of the social hierarchy, being a tall, athletic, fair haired boy, and I managed to pull her away from another athlete whom she’d dated off and on throughout her first few years of high school.
I’d always assumed that they had a sexual relationship due to the amount of time that they dated and her rep, but Jane never spoke a lot about her relationship with George. At first I really didn’t care to hear any details of her previous sexual encounters. Over the years, however, I began to feel a lot more comfortable and Jane finally came clean about her sexual past. She confessed to me that George had been her first for a lot of things, such as her first kiss, first cock she ever felt and first finger to go inside her. First to have sex with her was not one of them.
“That just never worked out,” was what she said. “We both wanted to. His cock, looking back on it, was pretty decent in size and I was really attracted to him. But every time we were going to do it, something or other just got in the way.”
We recently went out with one of her old classmates, Tina, and she updated Jane on her old boyfriend. Tina told her that George had moved to a city about 50 miles away and that he still wasn’t married.
“I don’t know why George never got married,” Jane said. “Maybe he just likes having the ability to be with other women.”
Tina then went on to explain how a woman at work and one of her friends had hooked up with George after meeting him at a bar. They stated he was an absolutely wonderful lover who was able to satisfy them both. Tina then whispered something to Jane who just smiled back and said quietly, “Yeah, I know.”
After we got back home, I asked Jane what “Yeah, I know” was the answer to. She smiled and said that Tina had told her the report was that George was nicely hung. Then Jane came over to me and gave me a very passionate kiss. She pushed her stomach into my hardening cock and said, “You like when Tina and I talk about sex, don’t you? Or are you thinking of all the firsts I shared with George?”
She then dropped to her knees and began sucking on my cock.
After about 10 minutes of getting some great head, she rose to her feet and said, “Sam, you know I love you and would never leave you, but I want to have sex with George.”
I told Jane I’d have to think about it, and think about it I did. I’d always had a fantasy of my wife having sex with another man, and I decided this was my chance to see it happen.
A few weeks later we made the trip to George’s hometown and booked a hotel room for the weekend. We met him on Saturday night at the hotel bar. George had kept himself in great shape and Jane piled on the compliments.
Soon we were all joking and telling stories. We must have spent three hours just chatting before George finally asked, “What brings you to my neck of the woods?”
“Well,” my wife responded, “I’m just thinking about doing something that I missed out on doing years ago. It was very long ago, back when we were dating.”
George looked kind of puzzled.
“You know, George,” she went on, “we did everything but actually have sex and, well, I often wondered what it would be like to fuck you.” He couldn’t believe, or he refused to believe, what Jane was saying.
“I’m serious,” she said. “I want to have sex with you. Tonight.”
A smile appeared on George’s face and he looked over at me and raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, I’m okay with it,” I said, answering his silent question.
After that we quickly made our way up to our room, and all the while George kept saying, “I don’t believe this is happening.”
“Oh, believe it,” Jane replied. “Your dick is going to be very happy soon.”
Jane was on him the minute I closed the door. She unbuckled his pants as he massaged her tits. She then slid his shorts off as she knelt between his legs. His fairly large cock popped free and she just smiled.
“Is that for me?” she said jokingly. “I haven’t seen him in so long.” She lightly ran her open hand over the tip. “Did he miss me? And is he ready to go all the way home tonight?”
“Oh man, you really want it, don’t you?” George responded. “I love this aggressiveness.”
She soon had George’s dick in her mouth and was slurping all over it. I took my own dick out of my pants and found myself stroking it.
George looked over at me and said, “You know your wife was the first girl to ever suck my cock, and she sure has picked up some skills over the years.”
He placed his fingers in her long hair and began to slowly fuck her face as I watched his cock slide in and out of Jane’s mouth.
George enjoyed his blowjob for quite a while before he told Jane it was time for her to get naked. My wife pulled her top over her head, revealing a lacy pink bra. A matching pink thong was soon visible as she shed her pants. She laid back on the bed and George was immediately on top of her, kissing her everywhere. She raised her hips and he pulled the thong off. I was shocked and excited to see that she’d shaved her pubic hair and was totally bare.
“Very nice!” George told her as he massaged her pussy lips. He then started eating her, displaying skills that quickly brought Jane to climax.
When he was ready to start fucking my wife, he moved between her legs and asked her if she was ready. When she said she was, he grabbed his cock and slid it up and down her slit until he was covered in her juice. Then his cockhead disappeared into her, followed shortly by the rest of his dick.
Jane grasped the bedspread in her fist and let George take over. It was a solid fucking she was receiving, and their bodies slapped together with each deep thrust. He fucked her in several positions as I admired his stamina. I don’t think Jane had ever received that much cock for that long. He pulled out one time and ate her again, allowing her to catch her breath a bit.
“I want you on top of me when I come,” he told Jane as he fucked her from behind.
She pulled away from him and told him to get on the floor. His cock was pointing to the ceiling as Jane climbed on top of him, reached behind for his dick and guided him into her hole. Her feet were flat on the floor and she rested her hands on his chest as she rode him. She would raise her ass, allowing his cock to nearly pop out, and then drop down again until she collided with his pelvis.
“You like getting fucked this way, George?” she asked him.
I watched my wife work her pussy over her first lover’s dick with expertise. It was amazing to watch her bring the tip of his cockhead to the edge of her slit and then watch her greedy pussy gobble up its length again. I think her goal was to show him that she wanted to be in charge, and she was definitely doing that.
“Give me all of your big cock,” she moaned as she continued fucking him. “Come in me. That’s it. I can feel you coming, baby.”
I watched as the cock going in and out of my wife’s pussy began to deposit its load deep inside her. His orgasm was obvious. Gravity, and lack of space, was forcing it out of her. The frothy mixture coated George’s shaft and ran down over his balls. The bouncing action slowly decreased until she was just sitting on him. She then brought her face to his and kissed him.
Jane smiled and asked him if it was worth the wait. He said that it was and wasn’t, explaining that the sex they’d just had was great, but he wished they’d done it way back when. Then they both got up and started putting on their clothes.
George thanked me for sharing my wife and allowing him to stop wondering what kind of lay Jane was. After he left, Jane came over to me and sat on my lap. She again thanked me for allowing her to have sex with her first love. She then sucked my cock until I came in her mouth.
She is now talking about meeting, and possibly swinging with, another couple. She found having sex with another man while I watched very stimulating, and she wants me to experience the same thrill.
I’ll be sure to write if our experiences are as exciting as watching her with George turned out to be!S.H.
Eugene, Oregon


My wife, Lara, has always been shy. Even now, at 58, she’s like that. I’ve always had fantasies of seeing her with other men, but I never brought it up, knowing she’d never go for it.
Lara’s a very sexy woman. She’s five foot eight, weighs 120 pounds and has long blonde hair and a nice dark tan. Her 36C tits sag very little and her ass is firm.
One day, two co workers of mine, Tim and Joe, were talking with me about fantasies, and we found we all shared the same one Lara fucking someone other than me. We immediately made arrangements for them to try to have some fun with Lara and then tell me about it later, since I was positive she’d never do anything in front of me.
The plan was simple. Tim and Joe would be over playing cards and I’d make an excuse to leave for a while. I told them to do anything they wanted with her. She was theirs for the taking.
The following Saturday night we were playing cards. It was about 10 p.m. when I made up an excuse to leave. When I returned about an hour and half later, the guys were gone and Lara was asleep.
Monday at work I asked Tim what happened. He said that at first they escorted Lara to the den and she kept asking them what they were up to. She initially resisted their advances, but after some kissing and fondling, she was much more interested.
“We didn’t get to fuck your wife,” he said, “but she sucked us both off and we ate her, too. She even swallowed our loads.”
This excited me a lot, and a month later I invited Joe and Tim over again. It was the first time Lara had seen either of them since the first threesome episode, and she tried to avoid us.
Once again I left under false pretenses and returned about an hour and a half later. The house was quiet and when I went into the bathroom, I saw the shower walls were wet, indicating Lara had recently showered.
Being inquisitive, I looked in the hamper and saw a damp towel on top, and under that, a pair of my wife’s panties. I checked the panties and the crotch had a large wet spot, along with a glob of what I knew was come. There was no doubt that Joe or Tim, or maybe both of them, had filled her cunt that evening. Again Lara kept her secret to herself.
The next day Tim told me that he and Joe had really worked her over. She even let both of them fuck her this time. Twice.
A few weeks ago, Joe and Tim came over again, and this time Lara knew in advance that they were coming. She wore a see through blouse, a tight miniskirt, dark nylon stockings, a garter and heels. Her hair was done beautifully and she wore bright red lipstick and matching nail polish.
Before the guys got there, I asked her what was up, but she said, “Nothing, why?” Then I told her I knew about everything she’d done. She froze, then began sobbing and apologizing. I sat her down on the couch and told her it was really okay, and she calmed down and wiped the tears away. Then I told her I wanted to watch. She asked if I was sure about that and I said, “Absolutely!”
When the guys got there, they were totally taken by Lara’s outfit, and after a few drinks, they started to get horny and impatient. I came back from the bathroom to see Joe making out with Lara as Tim’s hands got busy under her skirt. They began to undress her as she looked my way. “This is your last chance to change your mind,” she said. “Do you want to see me get fucked by these two?”
I nodded, taking out my cock.
“Fuck me,” she told them.
She was down to only her stockings and garter in no time, and she knelt on the floor sucking Joe while Tim nailed her from the rear. She took Tim’s load inside her and swallowed Joe’s, too. Then she sucked them both hard again and they each nailed her missionary style on the couch as she spread her legs wide for them. Finally Joe got Lara doggie style on the couch and was fucking her pretty hard. Then he pulled out and tried penetrating her asshole. He went slow so she could get used to it and she gasped when he entered her, but finally her ass opened up and he drove inside her. She even let him come in her butt.
We’re going to have Tim and Joe over again this week, and I’ve invited another friend, Ben, to come along this time as well. I can’t wait to see what happens next! H.K.
Corpus Christi, Texas


I travel a lot with my job, which doesn’t leave a lot of time to satisfy my nymphomaniac wife. Michelle just can’t help herself. She can’t go more then two or three days without getting laid. She obviously gets it wherever and whenever she can. Early in our marriage it pissed me off, but I eventually got used to it and now I even get turned on by it.
One night I came home early from work and saw a strange car in our driveway. I walked in quietly, not sure of what I’d find.
There was my wife, bent over the sofa, with a longhaired guy fucking her in the ass. She was moaning and yelling and didn’t even stop when she saw me standing there. I calmly walked to the bedroom, and she joined me 10 minutes later, when she was done getting fucked. She had a pathetic facial expression, like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and I was naked on the bed, fully hard.
“I’m sorry,” she said demurely.
I looked her over. She was a mess. Her makeup was smeared all over her face, her stockings were in tatters and the stranger’s come was dribbling down her inner thighs. “Come over here, you,” I ordered, and she came to the edge of the bed. I grabbed her and bent her down over my knees, and she gasped in surprise.
She looked at me with scared, pleading eyes, then lowered her head in anticipation of what was coming. Her ass was sticking up, the guy’s jism leaking from her stretched hole. I smacked that ass and she jumped and screamed. Again and again I smacked her ass, and she yelped each time.
Soon I noticed her getting turned on, and even grinding herself against me. As I continued smacking her, she began grinding harder against me and moaning in pleasure. I’m not sure why, but I suddenly thrust my middle finger straight up her ass, making her cry out at the suddenness. I began to finger fuck her come filled hole. She climaxed in record time, and I pulled my finger out and replaced it with my cock, drilling her till I shot my come deep inside her. That was the beginning of a routine where I return from work and “catch” her with various lovers, and it couldn’t satisfy us more. W.C. Overland Park, Kansas