Affairs of the Hard On

My wife Amy and I are a fifty eight year old white couple who are as in love now as we have ever been. A few years after we got married, I began to suspect that she had been having an affair, but when I asked her about it, she just denied everything. I took her at her word and didn’t think about it again.

Over the next few years two things happened that changed our sex life. First, I developed diabetes. Second, Amy confessed that she actually did have an affair that lasted a couple of months with a man named Len, who was Amy’s office manager.

Once she finally owned up to it, she told me every little detail about their affair: how Len seduced her the first time, which motels they fucked in, where they would park to fuck in the car after work, how she would suck him off at lunchtime in the company parking lot. He would even pay her eight hours overtime on Saturdays to come in and fuck him in their office.

Surprisingly I was wasn’t hurt or angry about their affair. It actually excited me to know that some other man had fucked my wife. Many times when we were having sex after I found out about their affair I’d ask questions about what they had done together. I would have a huge orgasm when she told me about taking Len’s cock in her mouth, describing in great detail how she would blow him and what it was like eating his sperm. At the time, Amy wouldn’t even suck my cock.

Eventually my health problems left me impotent. Since then our sex life has been limited to me licking her cunt or masturbating her to orgasm. A lot of times while I masturbate her we talk about what it was like for her to fuck some other man. I say filthy things about how she needs a big hard cock in her, that she needs to be another man’s whore and that she needs to be filled with another man’s come.

My dirty talk never fails to turn her on and I began to notice that she would come quicker if I talked to her about being Len’s whore and taking his sperm in her mouth or in her cunt when she was being unfaithful to me. Even though it excited her while she was building up to an orgasm, later on she would say that she didn’t need another man and that she wasn’t a whore.

Nowadays Amy works full time while I’m retired and collecting disability. A few weeks ago I called Amy’s old company and found out that Len still works there. I asked to be connected with him and we spoke for about ten minutes. He was surprised that I knew about their affair and didn’t hold a grudge against either of them, but he was even more surprised when I told him that I wanted him to fuck her again and that I would even arrange it. I certainly wasn’t surprised when he agreed. I also told him that I didn’t want Amy to know that I had arranged this, and we agreed that if Amy got suspicious we would just play it off like a big coincidence.

I have a regular appointment during the week at my HMO. Amy always comes along with me and usually sits in the waiting room while I’m inside with the doctor getting my treatment. I had told Len when we would be at the HMO for an appointment and let him take it from there.

Later that night Amy and I went out for dinner and watched some television before going to bed. During all this time she didn’t say a word about Len. As I masturbated Amy that night I told her again that I wished she would be a whore and fuck someone else. She looked up at me and said, “I am a whore. I ran into Len at the HMO today and sucked his dick in the parking lot.”

I kissed her deeply, letting my tongue play in her mouth, knowing it had been full of his come just hours before. As we broke off our kiss I told her I loved her for it. She told me she had agreed to fuck him Friday night. I suggested that she invite him over to use our bedroom and I would stay down in the basement.

The next day I discreetly placed a baby monitor in our bedroom so I could hear them having sex. I loved every minute of their three hour session. I heard all the talking, kissing, moaning and the sounds of their lovemaking. I heard Amy scream out his name when she came. I heard him groan when he was ready to come. I could tell when he pulled out of her cunt and shot his juice onto her belly, then rubbed it into her flesh with his cock so she could taste it when he stuck his prick in her mouth.

After I heard him leave I quickly ran upstairs to the bedroom. Amy had wiped Len’s sperm from her body and was getting ready to take a shower. I stopped her before she could clean up and quickly took her to bed, telling her I wanted to hear all the details as I licked her pussy. The two of us had wonderful sex that night.

A few days ago I hid a small video camera in our bedroom. Len is going to fuck her again and I know he’s going to fill her cunt with so much come that it’ll dribble out of her pussy all night. I can hardly wait to watch another man fucking my wife.

K.D., Cherry Knolls, Colorado


My wife Marian and I have been married for 12 years. Marian is 34 years old, with a five foot four inch frame and the most perfect pair of DD tits you could ever imagine.

With two children, her work as a schoolteacher and my growing business, our sex life, while wonderful, mostly consists of the occasional weekend romp after the kids are asleep. This means that whatever sexual urges we have during the week are usually dealt with through self gratification me in the shower and Marian after her afternoon nap.

Last fall I presented Marian with a very large black dildo, an artificial cock complete with balls and a very naturalistic feel, to heighten her solo romps in the bedroom. She was quite pleased with the gift, but after using it for a time or two, she confided to me that it was just too large. I got the impression, though, that she was just trying to spare my feelings, as the toy was much larger than I was. In any case, she finally rolled the thing up in a towel and stashed it under our bed.

A few months later, after imbibing a little too much wine with dinner, my very proper schoolteacher wife confessed to me that there were times when she got extremely horny and just couldn’t stop herself from dragging that massive dildo out from under the bed. She went into great detail, telling about how she liked to rub her breasts with it until her nipples were hard as diamonds and her pussy was dripping wet. She would then lube the big black rod with grease, stroking it until the friction warmed it to her liking, then stick it inside herself and savagely pound her dripping cunt until she had come so many times that she could barely remain conscious. She would fuck herself with it In every position feet in the air with legs spread wide, or sitting on it, letting her huge tits swing. She said the feeling of that monster inside her was just incredible. Fortunately she told me all this on a Friday night, as it got us both so hot and horny that we proceeded to fuck for two hours straight.

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I took a rare weekend trip to the city to attend a ball game and to just enjoy being a couple, without the kids. We arrived the evening before the game and checked into a downtown hotel.

After settling into our room and changing our clothes, we decided to go down to the hotel bar for cocktails. A few drinks and an hour or so later I noticed that Marian was watching one of the hotel employees with great interest. He was a tall Latino man, well groomed and with a very athletic build. He was wearing black pants and a sport coat with the hotel logo on the breast.

“Honey, what are you staring at?” I asked her.

Her attention snapped back to me. “Oh, nothing,” she said casually.

“Nothing, my foot,” I said. “You were staring at that guy over there. Do you know him or something?”

At that point she flashed me a sexy smile, licked her lips and replied, “No, but he’s big, isn’t he? I bet he looks something like the fellow I keep under the bed.”

That caught me totally off guard, and I couldn’t keep the surprise from my face. Like a lot of guys, I’ve often fantasized about watching my wife being pleasured by another man, but as my wife is a schoolteacher, I’d never dreamed of trying to turn fantasy into reality.

“I’m just teasing,” Marian said quickly, seeing my face. “You’re not mad, are you?”

“Of course not,” I replied. “But how do we go about determining whether or not he really is like the fellow under the bed?”

“I guess we can’t, really,” Marian said with a wicked smile. “But I just know that there’s got to be a lot of meat behind that zipper!”

At that point I had to wonder just how serious she was. I said, “You know, I’m a very visual person. I’m not totally opposed to you finding out, but I reserve the right to establish a couple of rules first.”

Marian again glanced over at the tall dark man, who was now sitting at the end of the bar. “Well, that isn’t going to happen,” she said. “But just for the sake of argument, what would these rules be?”

“First, I would have to be present at all times,” I said. “And second, it would be a one time deal. I don’t want to start anything that might hurt our marriage.”

Marian was still smiling, but her nipples were now heaving against the fabric of her top. “Not bad terms,” she replied. “I’d agree to them in theory, but it’s still not going to happen.”

We left the bar, both of us horny as hell, and went to grab a bite to eat. Upon returning to our room Marian took a quick shower and instructed me to do the same, while she put on a nightie that she had purchased for the trip. I agreed, telling her to call room service to send up some champagne while I cleaned up.

I had dried off and was getting into my robe when I heard a knock at the door. “Room service!” the voice on the other side announced.

“I’ve got it!” Marian called. I heard her open the door, after which I could hear her talking to someone, though I couldn’t make out the words. I tied my robe and stepped out of the bathroom. When I saw the room service waiter I nearly fell over. It was the guy Marian had been looking at in the bar.

Recovering from my surprise, I looked at Marian, who was wearing her own robe over her nightie, and said, “Now’s your chance!”

Marian smiled rigidly and gave me the look she gives me when she wants me to shut up.

“Your chance for what?” the man asked. “Is there something else I can do for you?”

I saw Marian wavering, and then I saw her make up her mind. “Yes,” she said boldly. “You could help us to settle a bet.”

“Sure, what is it?” the man asked.

Marian sat down on the edge of the bed, letting her robe fall open. “We saw you down in the bar earlier,” she said, “and I bet my husband that your cock, when it was hard, would closely match a hard black dildo that I keep under our bed at home.”

Obviously shocked, the man took a step back, looking at both of us in astonishment. “I don’t know what to say!” he got out finally.

“You don’t have to say anything,” I told him. “But are you willing to settle the bet?” As he hesitated, Marian helped his decision along by letting her robe fall from her shoulders, showing us both her newly purchased nightie, which was red, with black lace trim and matching crotchless panties. I practically came right then and there.

As for the waiter, I could see that his zipper was beginning to give under the pressure of the bulge forming in his pants. “Okay,” he said then. “But I only have 30 minutes.”

With that Marian pulled the straps of her nightie off of her shoulders and let her huge breasts fall free. “Holy shit!” said our visitor as he stepped toward her. Marian smiled and licked her lips seductively as she unbuttoned his slacks and unzipped them. As she slowly slid them down his monstrous cock jumped out, nearly hitting her in the face.

“Oh my God!” she gasped. “I think this might be even bigger than what’s under our bed! It’s unreal! Honey,” she said, turning to me, “it looks like I win the bet. It is okay with you if I jerk this big guy off?”

“I’m sure he’d appreciate it,” I replied, “seeing as it’s throbbing right there in front of you!”

Marian pulled out her lube and squeezed a large amount onto her hands, then slowly rubbed the length of the man’s cock as it continued to grow to an unbelievable size. It must have been a full nine inches long, and it was very thick. Marian was obviously infatuated with it. After stroking him for a couple of minutes, she looked over at me. I was sitting in a chair in the corner, stroking my own modest meat. “I was going to shoot him off on my tits,” she said breathlessly. “But honey, he’s so big! Do you mind if I suck this thing?”

“Please do,” I said.

The large Hispanic man smiled at me as Marian struggled to get his massive cock into her mouth. Marian gives an amazing blowjob, and she is able to swallow me whole, but the sheer mass of this huge tan cock gave her talents a test. She tongued the full length of his monster, and was able to take the huge head as far as the back of her throat, but there was no swallowing it. Finally she gave up. Standing up and facing me, with her juices now running down her legs, she panted, “Honey, I love you with all my heart! May I please fuck this man’s brains out?”

“I love you too,” I told her. “Have a ball with him!”

With that, Marian lay back on the bed, put her feet in the air and spread her legs wide. Grabbing hold of the slick swollen cock, she guided it toward her saturated pussy. She gritted her teeth as it penetrated her swollen snatch, and within seconds she was shuddering in orgasm. It took a while for him to work himself all the way inside her, but when he had she came twice more as he pounded into her, her feet swaying in rhythm. After her third orgasm she pushed him away and turned over onto her hands and knees. “Now take me from behind,” she gasped out, “so that my husband can jerk himself off he watches my titties bounce.”

Slowly he entered her from behind, and almost instantly she came again. He then got into a routine, giving her three or four deep strokes, then pulling out and slapping her ass with his monster dick a few times before pounding into her again. Her wonderful tits were indeed bouncing, and I did indeed jerk off as I watched her enjoying the hell out that oversized Latin cock.

Suddenly she jumped up and pushed him down on the bed, then quickly moved on top of him and took control. She rode him hard, fucking him with a growing sense of urgency, as he was obviously getting close to hitting his orgasm. His back arched slowly, and then suddenly he gave a shout and exploded deep in her hole. As he came, Marian cried out, “Oh Christ, I’m coming again!” Then, with a final convulsion, she crumpled onto his chest, nearly passing out from the pleasure.

It took them both a while to recover their breath, but finally Marian rolled off him, exhausted and flushed. “God, talk about room service!” she said with a grin. “That was amazing!”

“Oh shit!” the waiter yelled, jumping up. “I’ve been gone for over an hour! I have to go.”

“Let me get your tip,” Shelley said.

“Damn, lady, you’ve already tipped the shit out of me!” he replied. He then quickly pulled himself together and left the room.

Marian hardly moved for the rest of the night. She just lay there totally naked, a huge amount of come oozing out of her cunt and soaking into the bedding.

We had agreed that our adventure was to be only a one time thing, and it has not been repeated. We seldom even speak of it now. But I often hear her recreating that night behind the closed door of the bedroom right after her afternoon nap, with the help of the fellow that she keeps under the bed. C,G., Madison, Wisconsin

Window Watcher

It was now late February, and the weather here in Southern California was great. My wife had been having an affair since January— since, ironically, the Martin Luther King holiday. It was an affair that had my full concurrence, and tonight was to be my reward for being such a kind, understanding, loving husband.

My wife is in her late thirties, her lover is in his early forties, and I am a young fifty one. They are both black I am white. Robyn and Charles work for the same company and met in their company’s gym last December. Their talk progressed to him proposing a meeting at a local hotel on the King holiday. Robyn loves to fuck an occasional black man, and although she loves me and we have been married over twelve years, she just needs/wants black cock every so often. Robyn also is attracted to men who work out, white or black, and Charles would be in the gym working out every time Robyn was there. So he was a definite turn on for her.

They went to a local mall in early January. He purchased an expensive purse for her, and they got hot with each other in Robyn’s car in the parking lot. Charles fingered her to orgasm right there in the front seat of the car. She felt his hard cock through his pants but did not take it out. He had found out earlier that she was not wearing panties. It had been a turn on when she told him, and it was an even bigger turn on when he found out for himself that it was true.

Charles’s wife did not know about the affair, so he had to be very cautious, whereas Robyn did not. He told his wife he would be working the early shift that Monday, Martin Luther King Day. They were to meet at the hotel, which was opposite the mall where they had had their mini adventure, at five that morning. Before Robyn left, she showed me how she was dressed— very nicely, in a long dress that showed off her big, beautiful tits. On an impulse, I felt to see if she was wearing panties. Sure enough, she wasn’t.

Since we sleep nude, all I had to do was pull the covers back to show Robyn that I had an erection. She jacked me off until I came all over her hand. She was careful to make sure that I did not get any on her dress.

She said, “That ought to hold you until I get back,” and with that she was gone.

When Robyn got to the hotel, according to the detailed account she gave me later, Charles jumped out of his car and told her not to park, but to follow him in her car. So she followed him for about five miles, to a nice hotel in another town. We found out later that he had rented the room for both Sunday and Monday nights, so he could prepare the room before their get together and then they wouldn’t have to worry about the one o’clock checkout time Monday afternoon.

When they got to the room, Robyn found a teddy that Charles had bought for her laid out on the bed. They wore no clothes the rest of that day. They spent eleven hours together in all, eating meals left by room service outside their door and drinking German beer that Charles had stored in the room refrigerator the day before so it would be cold.

Charles proved to be a very good lover of the take charge sort. He ate Robyn’s pussy at the beginning, and after her “get ready to go home” shower as well. As a matter of fact, she had him eat her pussy as she was calling me and telling me she was on her way home. He gave her a bath in which he played with her pussy, tits and ass. After the bath he ate her pussy and her ass before they began fucking, which they eventually did four times, in a great variety of positions.

Robyn admitted she came more than once during that hot session. She had me meet her around the corner before she got home, to smell and finger her pussy. It was hot and wet, and smelled of come. That night I made love to her once with both of us coming as she told me what they had done. The next day she was still exhausted from her adventure, but pleasantly so. The stories of her day with Charles provided us with hot sex for a good ten days thereafter.

After that memorable day, they got together eight more times for sex and fun at various hotels in the area. Charles finally asked Robyn if they could find someplace cheaper for their next liaison. When she told me, I suggested they use our house.

Robyn said, “Good. Then you can watch.”

The only question was where I could watch from. Robyn thought the only viable place would be outside our bedroom, with me looking in the windows. We checked it out and found that if the blinds were raised about three inches in each of the two bedroom windows and the bathroom window slats were left open and the lights on, I could see the entire bedroom area and they could not see out unless I was just inches from the window.

Although apprehensive, Charles finally agreed to come to our house. Robyn had to assure him I would not be there. As Friday approached, both she and I got more excited. I took off work that day and cleaned and fixed up the house and ensured the kids were all taken care of elsewhere.

Right at nightfall I got the call that they were on the way. They had gotten off work together and drove separate cars to a local discount store, where they shopped and waited for night to fall. As soon as it did, Robyn called from her cell phone. I saw it was her on Caller ID and left the house. I moved my car out of the driveway and down the street, then walked back to the house. I waited in the fenced in backyard until I saw Robyn’s car approach. (Charles had left his car at the store.) Then I waited for something to happen.

Robyn and I had agreed that all sexual activity would take place in the bedroom so that I could see everything. As the sun disappeared, it cooled off quickly and I put on my baseball hat and jacket. I had even put a lawn chair in our backyard so that I could sit down when nothing was happening. I sat down in it and waited.

In about five minutes Robyn and Charles walked in the bedroom. I found out later that she had given him a quick tour of the house so he could see our home and at the same time see that I was not there. While they kissed and hugged each other, he played with her ass through her clothes and she squeezed his cock through his jeans. He started to unbutton her blouse and she said something and they walked back out. I found out later that Charles had bought submarine sandwiches, and they went out to the couch in our family room and ate them.

About fifteen minutes later they both came back in the bedroom, just like when they walked out except that Robyn’s blouse was completely unbuttoned and hanging open. They stood by the bed and Charles helped her take off her jeans, so she was now nude from the waist down but still had on her bra and open blouse. He was still dressed. He said something to her and left the room. She came over to the window, opened it and bent down. I hurried over.

“You look cute with your hat turned backward,” she said. “Well, what do you think so far?”

“You look damn good,” I said. “I wish I could reach my hand in there and feel how wet your pussy is! I can’t hear you guys, but I can see everything so far.”

“Okay, here he comes,” she said, and quickly shut the window and stood back up. He was just coming in the room. He had brought in his gym bag with his toiletries and a radio. We had set up a tape recorder to record what happened, but Charles had returned too quickly and now she could not turn it on.

He took off her blouse. Then she removed her bra by herself, and he finally began to undress. He was soon nude, with his dick hard and standing straight up. Now they were both naked, and I was getting a hard on. I was moving back and forth between the windows, trying to get the best view. Charles set up the radio and turned it on. Robyn left the hallway light on and had candles throughout the room, so there was plenty of light for me to see.

They got on our bed together and started kissing. Robyn had not pulled back the covers, so all the activity took place on top of our comforter. Charles moved quickly down her body and ended up between her now open thighs. He started eating her pussy with a lot of enthusiasm. He was rewarded with groans of delight. Robyn spread her thighs farther apart to give him full access to her pussy. He was eating her so good, she drew her knees up so that there was no obstacle to his mouth on her pussy.

Charles reached in and spread Robyn’s pussy lips with his hands and got his whole face in her hot box. Her pussy was really wet from his saliva and her pussy juice. At the same time she was playing with her tits with her hands— well, she was playing with one tit with her hand. The other nipple was in her mouth. A couple of times it was so good for her that she had to take her tit out of her mouth and cry out she was feeling so good.

Then Robyn pulled Charles out of her pussy, and he moved up onto her. He put his hard black cock right up to her pussy and rubbed the head on her clit, getting her hotter and wetter and himself harder. When she could take no more teasing, she grabbed his dick and put the head in her pussy. He needed no more encouragement and quickly shoved his cock the rest of the way in her cunt. He alternated between hard and fast and slow and gentle. She was really enjoying it. She put her hands on his ass and pulled him deeper in her pussy, helping him vary his rhythm.

Then they suddenly stopped. Charles got up and Robyn turned over quickly. She got right up on her hands and knees, and he moved behind her. He held on to her hips and slipped his come covered dick back in her hot pussy. They fucked like this for a good ten minutes, when Charles stopped, pulled out and then stuck his face back in her pussy and started eating it again. He started in this doggie position, then turned her over and laid her on her back again and ate her while she was lying on her back.

Charles really had Robyn going again when again, suddenly, he stopped. He then lay down on the bed on his back with his hard dick, wet with her come, sticking straight up in the air. His six inch spear was pulsing with desire as she climbed on top of it with her tits waving in the air just inches from his face. He was obviously not a tit man, because he did not kiss or lick her breasts, but put his hands on her hips and helped her ride his cock, while yelling (it was loud enough that I could hear), “Fuck my cock, bitch.”

Robyn started moving faster up and down on his dick while Charles countered by shoving his dick up in her pussy as it pumped up and down on his cock. They fucked intensely this way for five minutes. Then she got up, turned around and sat back down on his cock, but now she was facing away from him, giving him a great view of her ass and me a great view of her swaying tits.

She put one of her hands in front of her and gave me an okay sign that only I could see. Then with that hand she started squeezing her breast again. Her tits are a big turn on for me. So my erection was straining my jeans as I now watched her work his black dick for him and her big tits for me.

Charles said something, and Robyn rose slowly and reluctantly up and off his dick and fell off to his right side. He immediately got up, rolled her over and pulled her up on her hands and knees. He stroked her ass several times, and she was loving it! He worked her ass increasingly vigorously for about five minutes, then put his dick in her pussy, right up to his balls, and fucked her hard.

They were both yelling now, and I knew Charles was about to come for the first time. I could not tell how many times Robyn had come, but I knew it was more than once. He gripped her hips, and I knew it would not be long now. He was pulling out about halfway and then plunging all the way back in each time now. Then I saw his ass tighten. He grabbed her hips hard and inserted his dick in her pussy one last time.

I heard him yell, “Now you’ve got my hot come, baby— you have it all now.”

They collapsed on the bed, he on top of her back, she flat on the bed. They lay that way for about five minutes resting and recovering, and I sat back down on my chair, my dick still very hard in my pants, to catch my breath. They got up slowly, and Robyn went to the bathroom. While she was still in there, Charles went in. I found out later that he wiped her pussy with his hands. She thought this was very erotic. They returned to the bedroom, and then, still naked, left the room.

After about five minutes my beeper went off and I rushed off to get to a phone, as it was Robyn paging me. I got in the car and drove about a mile, to a convenience store with a pay phone.

Robyn answered the phone on the first ring. “What do you think?” she asked.

“Hot! Very, very hot!” was my answer. “What’s going on now?”

“We’re finishing up our sandwiches and drinking a couple of beers,” she said. Then she asked, “What would you think if Charles and I had another session? We’re both still hot and horny.”

“Give me about five minutes,” I said eagerly, “and I’ll be back in the backyard.”

I grabbed the biggest bottle of water they had in the convenience store, paid for it and drove like crazy to my neighborhood, then raced back to the backyard. The bedroom was still empty!

I sat back down on my chair and sipped my water while I waited for them to return. I got up once and peeked in the family room, where they were eating and drinking. I saw Robyn get up, kiss Charles on each thigh and grab his hand.

I hurried back to my seat. Their “break” had lasted almost exactly an hour. When they got back in the bedroom, I saw Robyn direct Charles to lie down on our bed. His cock was semihard. She got between his thighs, and I literally almost fell off my chair as she put his cock in her mouth. She had never sucked another guy’s dick before without me being there in person. I figured this Charles guy must be something special.

Robyn was sucking Charles’s dick vigorously, and he got fully hard in no time at all. But she is so good at sucking dick, I can’t imagine anyone not getting instantly hard. Charles was yelling out how well she was sucking his cock. Apparently it was indeed the first time she had sucked his dick, and he was really enjoying it. My view was behind her and looking between her thighs and tits at her mouth all over his cock.

Charles could take only so much, so he pulled Robyn off his dick and laid her down on her back. He put his saliva drenched dick between her tits and proceeded to tit fuck her. (She told me later that this was the first time he had ever done this too. A real night of firsts!) A couple of times she leaned forward and licked the head of his cock as it appeared between her breasts.

After a couple of minutes of this, Charles leaned back, got back on his knees, separated Robyn’s thighs and put his cock back at the entrance of her pussy. She took hold of his ass, and he followed her lead and sank his dick back deep inside her pussy. They fucked in the missionary position for ten minutes.

Then Robyn put her thighs inside Charles’s and really milked his cock. I knew he could not last long with this friction and with her pussy muscles squeezing his cock in this position. Then you could see him stiffen and pump his come deep in her pussy. He rested a few moments, then fell off to Robyn’s right side.

I could see Charles’s come dripping out of Robyn’s pussy and under her ass. She looked great. He looked drained and tired. I was worried they would fall asleep, but she would not let him. She got him up, and they dressed (she did not put on her bra or panties) and left the room.

They had another beer. Then Robyn drove Charles back to his car, and quickly returned home. By now I had stowed my chair, jacket and hat in the garage and drove my car back in the driveway. It took her twenty minutes to return. By then I was undressed and in bed waiting for her.

“What happened when you got to his car?” I asked.

“Oh, we just talked a moment, kissed a couple of times, and then he left for home,” she replied.

“I bet he doesn’t have anything left for his wife!” I said.

“I would think not,” she said as she undressed.

I pulled Robyn on the bed and jumped between her thighs. Yes, I ate Charles’s come out of her pussy, and yes, she loved the hell out of it, and yes, she came hard while I was eating her hot pussy. It really turned her on that I was eating her lover’s come out of her cunt. When she was good and hot and wet again, I climbed on top of her and put my two hour hard on in her pussy and fucked her hard. No, I did not last long, but yes, I deposited a big load of come in that hot pussy of hers.

A few weeks ago, not long after that night, Robyn stopped seeing Charles. But we have some hot memories of their affair.

W.S., San Diego, California


My wife Megan is 22 years old, with a very pretty face, cute little 34A breasts, long legs and a small but shapely butt on her 100 pound frame.

Megan can be very daring when she feels like it. She often goes around the house wearing nothing but a T shirt type minidress that looks like a basketball jersey. It clings to her form and barely covers her butt. You can actually see the bottom of her ass even when she stands still, let alone when she’s moving or bending over. It makes it very exciting for me to watch her do housework.

One time we went to a party at which Megan wore a tight red minidress with no panties or bra. She was very popular at the party, and later that night she told me that at one point, while she’d been talking to a friend of hers, an older guy she didn’t know had come up behind her and cupped his hands over her breasts. When she didn’t object, his hand had traveled down her body and slipped under her dress, rubbing her ass as she stood there. Then he’d worked one hand between her legs to feel her pussy from behind. Just as he’d slid a finger inside her, he’d heard his wife calling him and left abruptly, while Megan and her friend laughed hysterically. Her friend was surprised that she had let him fondle her like that, but Megan said she loved it. About a month later, at another party, she let a stranger actually finger her to climax before his wife also interrupted.

Our sexual hijinks temporarily came to an end, however, when Megan’s sister May, her husband Don and Don’s uncle Gus came to stay with us. There had been a pretty bad hurricane where we lived and their house had suffered a lot of water damage. We said they could stay with us until everything was repaired.

May is Megan’s older sister, and surprisingly enough, considering the fact that they’re related, she’s a very religious and rather prudish person. Not wanting to offend her sister, Megan stifled her sensuality while they were there, and our love life suffered accordingly. After two months, May and Don moved back home, but Gus’s room wasn’t ready, so he stayed with us for another few weeks.

Gus was older, maybe in his late 50s, and I knew he was hot for Megan, because even while May was still there he would flirt with her whenever he could, and more than once I saw him looking at her like he was a cat and she was a saucer of milk.

The day after May and Don left we had a little celebration, complete with champagne and a nice meal prepared by Megan. As the champagne took effect we talked more freely, and I lamented the fact that while May was there our sex life sucked, and that I missed seeing Megan doing the cleaning in her little T shirt dress.

Gus’s ears perked up when he heard that, and he started begging Megan to change into the dress and show him how it looked. Since we were all drunk and a little silly, Megan agreed and went to change. While she was gone Gus said he hoped I wouldn’t be offended by him seeing my wife half naked, but I assured him that I didn’t mind in the least.

Megan came back into the room wearing the dress and did a sexy twirl for us. She looked very erotic, and the thin fabric left no doubt that she was naked underneath, showing more of her firm breasts and round ass than I had realized. Gus let a slow whistle escape his lips, and Megan smiled. I told him that was how my wife usually dressed around the house, and Gus loved the idea. He asked Megan do some more twirls, and when she did one with her arms over her head we could see her pussy and ass as she spun. Gus’s reaction was obvious.

I could see that Megan too was getting excited by all this, and she made no move to change out of her outfit. She sat on my lap as we chatted some more, the skirt practically up to her crotch, and I knew that Gus was getting a very good view of her nicely tanned legs, and probably of her vagina also. After a while Gus invited Megan to sit on his lap too. She looked at me as if for permission, and I just nodded and smiled.

Megan got up and went over to where Gus was sitting. But before she sat down she bent over in front of him and rubbed her ass against his crotch like a lap dancer. Then she sat down, shifting around in his lap, to Gus’s obvious delight, as if to find a comfortable position. Jokingly, she said she felt something hard, and we all laughed.

As we continued to talk, I watched Gus’s hands gently rubbing over my wife’s legs. When he commented on how smooth they were, I agreed, and I told him how she liked to be felt up. “Oh really?” Gus said, and his hand roamed higher up her thighs, but at the last minute she playfully slapped it away and jumped up, saying she had dishes to do.

As we followed her to the kitchen I told Gus how she had once let a total stranger feel her up at a party. Megan pretended to be mad at me for this, and flicked soap bubbles at me as she stood at the sink. In retaliation I stepped up to her and flipped up the back of her T shirt dress to give Gus a flash of her beautiful ass. Megan shrieked and wiggled her ass at us.

Gus looked at me and winked, then went and stood close behind my wife. He placed his hands on her waist, then slowly slid them down over her ass and under the hem of her dress. It was very erotic watching this. Megan looked at me, but she didn’t move or protest as Gus slowly moved his hands up her thighs, over her tummy, and then up to cup her breasts. She closed her eyes as he stroked and fondled her tits, but still made no move to stop him. She moaned a little as he placed little kisses on her neck, then turned her head to him and kissed him deeply on the mouth.

Gus looked over and smiled to me as they broke the kiss, then slid one hand back down her body to her pussy. Megan whispered something to him, but I couldn’t hear what she said. When his hand finally reached her pussy she arched her back and ground her ass into him as she moaned loudly.

Soon his fingers had penetrated her and were sliding in and out of her pussy. This went on for several minutes, until Megan was getting close to orgasm. Suddenly she whispered almost breathlessly, “Come on, do it.”

Gus dropped his pants as Megan spread her legs. Her breathing got even heavier and she gasped loudly as Gus fed his cock into her from behind. He began fucking her hard immediately, and she bent over the sink, her eyes glazed over with pleasure, her moans filling the room. Gus fucked her hard for about five minutes, holding on to her breasts, his fingers pulling at her nipples. Megan twisted her head around and they kissed passionately. Then Gus’s hips began to jerk erratically, and I knew he was coming inside her.

My cock was throbbing as I watched him pull out of her and saw the come running down her inner thighs and dripping onto the floor. I couldn’t stand it any more, so I dropped my pants and stepped up to her, entering her with one stroke. She was very warm and slippery, and it was like I was fucking butter. It was great. I came in less than a minute, and when I pulled out Gus was already hard again and waiting for another turn. Megan took us both on as many times as we could manage, coming over and over again until we were all exhausted.

Gus fucked Megan the rest of the time he was there, whether I was home or not. Megan said he was insatiable. Sometimes when she was cleaning he would sneak up behind her and feel her up, or just start fucking her. She loved doing it with him, and once he even talked her into letting him fuck her ass, something she and I do only on special occasions.

Finally, after three weeks, Gus moved back home, and things settled down a little. He still comes to see us once in a while, but it’s difficult because he has to make up a story for May, who might get curious if she knew he was coming over here too often. Megan suggested that he should move in with us instead, and we could have a perpetual threesome. He’s still thinking about that one, and so am I.

L.T., St. Louis, Missouri


I don’t know of any other way to tell our story than to start from the beginning. That would be nine years ago next month. I was twenty five and my wife Kendra was twenty. We had been married sixteen months. One day I was trying to call my wife from work, as my boss had invited us both out to dinner that evening, and I wanted to let her know so she could begin getting ready. I was somewhat miffed when I received a busy signal three times in half an hour. For the past three or four months Kendra had evidently gotten into the habit of talking on the phone for an hour or two at a time nearly every afternoon. I didn’t care about her doing it, but it annoyed me that I couldn’t reach her when something important came up.

I saw no alternative but to run home and tell her about the dinner. When I got to our house I didn’t find her in the living room, so I went to the kitchen. She wasn’t there, but I heard a beeping tone. I looked at the wall phone and saw that it was off the hook. No wonder I couldn’t reach her, I thought to myself as I hung up the phone. Then I went upstairs to see if she was up in our bedroom.

As I headed up the stairs I heard voices. I stopped and listened. One of them was Kendra’s, and the other I recognized as belonging to Jerry, our next door neighbor. Jerry was in his late thirties, married, with four kids, and he worked evenings. I naturally wondered what he was doing in our bedroom with my wife. Then I heard Kendra utter a soft moan and cry, “Oh, oh! Yes, Jerry, yes! Touch me there, touch me there!”

I nearly dropped my teeth. Surely not! Jerry was handsome, well built, and very self confident, but— him with my wife? No way! Kendra was over fifteen years younger than Jerry. She was a gorgeous five foot six inch one hundred fifteen pound redhead. She’d led a very sheltered life growing up, and I had been her first lover. I could not imagine her cheating on me, especially with a man Jerry’s age. I stood there in momentary silence and heard her moan, “Now Jerry, now! I’m ready, put it in me now!”

Very quietly I crept on up the stairs. When I peeked in the bedroom, I nearly fainted. There was my lovely twenty year old wife, totally naked on our bed. Lying on top of her, and lining up a cock half again as long and twice as thick as mine, was our next door neighbor. He put that cock between her legs and thrust, and the entire thing slid up inside her.

My wife had a dreamy smile on her face. Her arms went around Jerry’s neck and she gazed into his eyes as he humped her pussy. She had her legs locked around his and she hunched her groin up and down as he fucked her. As I watched Jerry’s cock, now wet and shiny with her juices, slide in and out of her red fur lined pussy, my eyes really opened wide. I had not thought about it when I saw him enter her, but as I watched his cock, it hit me— no condom! Jerry wasn’t wearing a condom!

Two months earlier Kendra had informed me that the Pill was causing her problems and that she would have to stop it. She had not let me put my prick in her since then unless it was sheathed in rubber. Yet here she was, having sex with our neighbor, and she was letting him fuck her without using a condom. I was flabbergasted!

I knew I should rush into the bedroom and stop them. I had a very strong urge to go jerk Jerry off my wife and make him get his bare prick out of her pussy. If he ejaculated inside her, he could get her pregnant! Yet, for some unexplainable reason, I didn’t do that. I just stood there peeking around the corner of the doorjamb, watching my wife have unprotected sex with our neighbor. I felt disbelief, jealousy, anger and the weirdest, strongest sexual arousal of my life. As I watched them hump, bump and grind on the bed I got more and more excited. By the time they approached orgasm, I had my prick out, jacking off. We all climaxed nearly simultaneously. I spurted come on the hallway carpet as I watched them come together. When Kendra orgasmed, she clung to Jerry desperately, groaning and shuddering violently. I realized that for the first time I was seeing my wife experience orgasm. I understood then that I had never made her come— at least not like Jerry did.

When Jerry came, he didn’t even try to pull out. He rammed that monster cock of his in all the way to the hilt and let her have his entire load. When they were finished, he rolled off her and they began to talk softly. Their talk was even more revealing than the scene I had witnessed. Jerry said, “Well, maybe that one did the trick!”

Kendra smiled at him and cooed, “Who knows, it might! I’m at my peak time for the next few days. I should ovulate either today or tomorrow. If it’s today, you certainly should have put enough sperm in me to do the trick.”

“Well,” Jerry said, “I’ll be sure to fill you up with sperm every day to improve the odds. It’s certainly a lot of fun for me!”

My wife giggled naughtily and replied, “You’re not the only one, Jerry. Making babies is fun. Want to do it again?”

Jerry rolled back over on top of her, lined his slimy cock up with her mushy hole and said, “You better believe it, Kendra. Maybe I’ll make you have twins— or even a litter. I’ll give you a whole house full of kids for your husband to raise.”

As he slid it in her, Kendra sighed with pleasure and said, “I think I’ll just stick to having one at a time. Besides, that means there’s more fun to be had making them.”

As Jerry fucked her again, I sat down in the hall with my back to the wall in stunned disbelief. I’d not only caught my wife being unfaithful, I’d found her actually trying to get pregnant by our neighbor. I didn’t know what to do. I wound up doing nothing. All I did was take the downstairs phone back off the hook before I left. Until I decided what to do, I didn’t want Kendra or Jerry to know I was on to them.

I headed back to the office, where after a while I was able to get Kendra on the phone to tell her about our night out. I was very calm and managed to stifle my roiling emotions. When I got home Kendra was totally relaxed. There was nothing about her that would have roused the slightest suspicion of infidelity. During dinner, as we ate with my boss and his wife, I wondered what they would think if they knew what I knew. There was my wife, so calm, so utterly charming, so much fun to be with, sitting at dinner with her husband, her husband’s boss and his wife, while her abdomen was full of sperm which had been shot into her earlier that day by another man.

I kept wondering all evening if I should just come out and confront my wife about what I had heard and seen. For some reason, I just couldn’t do it. She was the same smart, lovely, warm, wonderful woman she’d always been. When we got ready for bed, I wanted her as much as ever. Kendra was quite cooperative and very ready. When I got ready to enter her, I decided to try something. She’d already let Jerry come in her that afternoon, and I saw no reason to bother with a condom. But when I started to put my bare prick in her, she exclaimed, “Wait! What are you doing? You need to put on a rubber first!” She crossed her legs and put her hands over her crotch to prevent me from making love to her without using protection.

I damn near gave away that I knew about her and Jerry. I tried to get her to let me do it to her without the rubber, but she steadfastly refused. She even said that she wasn’t quite ready yet to have a baby. I almost said, “Well, I suggest you stop letting our neighbor fuck you without using protection, because you’re going to wind up having one if you keep doing that.” I managed to choke those words back, though. I rolled on a rubber and we had sex. I found myself trying to get my wife to come the way I’d seen her do with Jerry, but I didn’t manage it. After I came in my rubber, I rolled off her, pulled the condom off and lay there thinking.

I was wondering how she intended to explain it if she did get pregnant by Jerry. Wanting to test her response, I said, “I’m sorry, honey. I just got carried away there for a bit. I understand your not wanting to have a family yet. You just let me know when you’re ready. In the meantime, as long as we use condoms, we know you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

Kendra’s response absolutely blew my socks off. “Yes, but you know, I read recently that they are not a hundred percent foolproof— even if they don’t break. A woman can get pregnant even when the man uses them. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. I want you to continue using rubbers, honey, but remember it is still possible for me to become pregnant.”

For a few seconds I couldn’t even think of how to respond. I wanted to say, “Where did the people you read about buy their rubbers— at the leaky rubber store?” Instead I just replied, “Oh! I never knew that!” My wife had obviously told me that story so I would not be suspicious if she turned up pregnant. She was having unprotected sex with our neighbor, having protected sex with me, and preparing me to believe I was the father when she got herself knocked up. The only thing that was stronger than my suppressed anger and jealousy was my sexual excitement. For some weird reason the whole crazy scenario was incredibly arousing to me. I got another condom from the nightstand and made love to her again.

Two months later, as we were about to have sex, I reached for a condom as usual, only to hear Kendra say, “You won’t need that, honey,”

“Oh?” I replied, trying my best to act unsuspecting. “Does that mean you’re ready to start trying to have a baby?”

My wife grinned and replied, “Well, no and yes. I say no because we don’t need to try. I say yes because I’m expecting. Darling, we’re going to have a baby! I got the confirmation from the doctor’s office today.” When I looked surprised, she went on, “Remember, honey, I told you before, those things are not foolproof. A woman can still get pregnant sometimes when a man wears one.”

As I rolled onto her I thought to myself, “Yes, especially if her lover does not!” I didn’t say it though I was too busy humping her. For some crazy reason, I was more turned on than ever, and I wanted her more intensely than at any time during our marriage. In virtually no time, I blasted off inside her.

An interesting thing happened during Kendra’s pregnancy. As her hips widened, her breasts filled out and her flat tummy began to protrude slightly, I found that both my love and my sexual desire for her were as strong as ever. In fact, my lust grew even stronger. She and I actually grew closer during her pregnancy. I knew, from a couple of covert spying missions on my part, that she was still continuing her affair with Jerry. Yet she seemed even more loving and attentive than she had before. Somehow her affair did not seem to diminish her love and affection for me. There had never been one thing during the entire time of her affair that would have indicated that she was anything but the most devoted and loving of wives.

I also found myself loving the child growing inside her, even before it was born. I knew full well that it was a love child she had conceived in passion with another man. I even knew she had deliberately conceived that baby outside the boundaries of our marriage. Yet my feelings toward the child were not ones of resentment or ill will. It was a precious new life coming into our family, and it was half Kendra! I loved her and I loved it. When a sonogram taken during her seventh month showed that it was a boy, I was ecstatic. I was going to have a son. He might not carry my blood in his veins and he might not have my genetic makeup, but he was still my son. He would carry on my name, and I was as happy and as proud as I could be.

When our son was born the following February, I was strutting around as proud as a peacock. The only time I felt uneasy was when Jerry and his wife Gloria came to the hospital after the baby was born. My parents and Kendra’s parents had flown in to see their grandchild and visit for a few days. I was with them looking in at the baby when Jerry and Gloria showed up. Jerry looked at the baby, put his hand on my upper back and said, “Congratulations, Brian. Looks like you have a fine son there.”

“I do!” I firmly retorted, choking back my resentment.

Jerry then congratulated my parents and in laws, and added, “Gloria and I have four kids. I might have been willing to have more, but she said four was enough. In fact, she went and got herself fixed. She told me if I was ever going to have any more, they wouldn’t be with her.” He laughed heartily as he finished. I clenched my teeth, saying nothing. Jerry was telling a joke to himself, as he thought. He had no idea that I understood exactly what he was saying. I’d already decided I’d never give Jerry the satisfaction of letting him know I was aware he had cuckolded me. I had begun to doubt that I would ever tell my wife either.

If I loved the baby before he was born, I loved him even more once he was here. Even Kendra remarked that there surely had never been a more loving, devoted and doting father. I do love babies, and I adored our son.

Kendra went back to the old routine after she had the baby. As much as I might beg, she wouldn’t let me fuck her without a rubber. And yet I knew she was still fucking Jerry. I wasn’t sure, but I suspected she was trying to get pregnant again by him. I really wasn’t surprised when, less than a year later, Kendra informed me that she was pregnant again.

I found that my emotions were the same during my wife’s second pregnancy as with her first. I loved her, I loved the baby growing inside her, and I was constantly wanting her. As her belly swelled up, I found I would get an instant hard on just looking at her. I still sometimes felt jealousy and envy toward Jerry, but the whole situation still got me incredibly aroused.

The following March I received a promotion and a transfer. I was curious about how my wife would react when she learned we were moving several hundred miles away from her lover. I actually dreaded telling her, not knowing what to expect. But her reaction was one of the most surprising things of all. She smiled at me proudly, and with a real gleam in her eye said, “Oh, darling, that’s wonderful! I’m so proud of you. It doesn’t surprise me. Obviously they know a good man when they see one. I’m ready to go any time, when do we leave?”

There was nothing I could detect in either Kendra’s or Jerry’s reaction to the news that would have indicated that they were any more than friends and neighbors. They were still fucking, of course. I even spied on them two days before the movers showed up. There were no tears of remorse, no sad weepy farewells. Kendra was already showing. Jerry gently massaged her slightly swollen belly as he fucked her from behind, doggie style.

Afterward they talked about our moving. I heard Jerry say, “Hate to see you leave, Ken. You’re the best piece of ass I ever had.”

My wife giggled, kissed his nose and replied, “Thanks, that was sweet. Of course, I know you’ll have some little honey lined up before I get halfway out of town.”

Jerry chuckled and replied, “You know me well, woman, you know me well. And I know you’re not going to be sitting off in some new town pining away over me. I bet that kid won’t be six months old before you’re on the prowl, looking for some well hung stud to service you behind your husband’s back!”

As I slipped away, I understood a lot more than I had before. I knew why Kendra acted so loving and adoring to me. She truly did love me— not Jerry. He was some stud she used to take care of carnal needs I obviously did not fulfill. All they had between them was sex. All they did with each other was fuck. And make babies, of course. For the first time I began thinking about telling my wife that I knew everything. I was feeling less threatened. I knew I could never leave Kendra, in spite of her cuckolding me. I loved her. I also knew now that she loved me, and that I was not at risk of losing her.

Our daughter was born in July. Like our toddler son, she was a truly beautiful and wonderful baby.

Over the next few months I considered telling Kendra what I knew about her and Jerry. Somewhere along the way I seemed to have become addicted to the thought of my wife cheating on me. I found myself wondering if she had found a new lover. It didn’t take me long to find out.

Her new lover was Carl, one of my coworkers, who she had met at a company party. When he started taking long lunch hours, and acting strange around me, I got suspicious. It turned out he was spending his lunch hours at my house, fucking my wife. When I spied on them, I was duly impressed. Carl was even better hung than Jerry. He fucked my sweet little wife senseless with his huge cock. As with Jerry, I ejaculated just as Carl blasted his hot come into Kendra’s pussy.

Of course Kendra was still making me wear a condom when we made love. When she started reminding me again that they were not always effective, I was almost tickled. She was preparing me for another supposed condom failure. Of course, to have such a thing happen three times to the same couple, the odds would have to be about a gazillion to one. I humored her though, and played along. I knew it was crazy to allow this to go on. How could I sit back idly, playing dumb, and allow another man to impregnate my wife? What was the big turn on about seeing another man plant a baby in my wife’s belly? I couldn’t answer that. All I knew was that it made me incredibly excited.

But before she actually announced her next pregnancy, I decided it was time to bring things out in the open, and I prepared to tell my wife everything I knew.

I used Forum to break the ice. I had been a longtime reader of your magazine, and now I showed it to my wife, bringing her attention to the letters I liked the best— letters about married women with lovers. Then I said, “These really turn me on, Kendra. I’m just like the men in the letters. I get almost as turned on when I read their stories as I do by your extramarital liaisons.”

Her face turned white as a sheet, and she nearly fainted. I smiled at her to show her it was all right, and told her I knew everything. She asked me how long I had known, and I told her about spying on her and Jerry, and then Carl. I then looked at her abdomen and said, “And I’d guess we’re going to have a new addition to our family. Sometime next summer, it looks like.”

Kendra looked stricken, but I still smiled at her. We had been lying in bed, and now I pulled the covers down. My dick was sticking out like a stiff poker. I looked at her and said, “I love you, Kendra. I always will. Also, I have no earthly idea why, but your actions excite the hell out of me. I know it was Carl who got you pregnant. Again, don’t ask me why, but knowing that just makes me incredibly horny. Somehow it makes you even sexier, and you are truly one sexy woman.”

Kendra was smiling too by now. “Do you want me now, darling?” she asked. “I won’t make you use a rubber!”

I pounced on her and ejaculated almost as soon as I entered her. We had our third child, a girl, the following August.

Kendra continued her affair with Carl after the baby was born. We both agreed we wouldn’t tell him I knew everything. Our sex life was fantastic as far as I was concerned. In addition, she would tell me all the juicy details about her meetings with Carl. When our third child was slightly less than two years old, Kendra again decided to have another baby.

But there was a difference this time. She actually let me come inside her. Of course, she still let Carl fuck her and come in her also. She said she did that “to make things interesting.” So she had two men shooting their come in her throughout the fertile part of her next few cycles. She conceived that July, and we had a son the following April.

Kendra’s affair with Carl finally ended last fall, when he was transferred to another office. For the next few months she had no outside love interest. Then she met Travis.

There is no doubt that my wife’s affair with Travis has been by far the most intriguing, the most risqu and the most exciting one yet. Travis is twenty five years old, tall, well built, hung like a horse, and black. I’ve never met a man with darker skin. Kendra began having sex with him in January. He does not know it, but I’ve hidden in the closet and watched him fucking my wife on numerous occasions.

One of the things that made it so exciting was that this time Kendra informed me that she was going to take a lover even before they had gone to bed together. She told me he was a big black man who she had met at the supermarket, and that she couldn’t wait to have sex with him. Hearing this, I felt my cock stiffening rapidly in my pants. Kendra looked at my bulging trousers. She grinned broadly and said, “Just as I thought. Of course, darling, you can watch me in bed with him now and then. I know how you love to watch.” We were quickly in bed going at it, and in no time I had filled my rubber with come.

The first time I watched my wife have sex with Travis was a real experience. My throat was dry, my heart was beating wildly and my armpits and palms were sweating like crazy as I watched them make out, get undressed, and get on the bed. When she was hot and ready, Kendra lay back and spread her legs. I watched her hand guide Travis’s massive coal black cock to her hole.

She had him rub it up and down along her slit a few times to moisten the head with her juices. I was weak kneed and actually trembling as I watched him begin poking at her, pushing ever more of his huge bulbous cockhead between her pussy lips with each thrust. Finally he’d opened her enough to accommodate him. Watching Travis’s long shiny black pole disappear into my wife’s hole was too much for me. Of course, he was bareback. She was taking him unprotected. I instantly came in my pants.

Travis began humping, stroking in and out, obviously giving my wife incredible pleasure with his massive prong. She seemed to be producing even more love juices than normal.

As their tempo picked up, I saw that Kendra was heading for an orgasm that looked like it might surpass anything her other lovers had ever given her. She was pumping her hips, her nostrils were flared and she had a wild, crazed look on her face. Their climaxes hit them in unison.

I watched Travis’s butt clench, and I could see his balls twitch as they released their creamy load. I came in my pants a second time as I watched Travis plant his seed in my wife’s fertile womb. My knees buckled and I nearly blacked out from the intensity of my own orgasm. The sight of Travis hosing the inside of my wife’s abdomen with his black man’s seed was the most erotic thing I’d ever laid eyes on. Kendra climaxed right along with him. It actually looked as if her pussy was trying to milk his seed from him as it contracted spasmodically around his prick. Finally they lay still, basking in the warm afterglow of satisfaction. But Travis fucked her a second time before he left.

When I came out of the closet I crawled into bed with her and we cuddled together until we fell asleep.

Travis continued to fuck my wife every chance he got. Naturally, she did not use condoms with him, allowing him to fire his sperm deep in her cunt. A couple of weeks ago she told me she had missed her period. Five minutes later we were in our bedroom, my cock pounding in and out of her. I came in less than a minute.

Both of us are hoping and expecting that Travis has made her pregnant.

There can be no doubt that Kendra and I are perfectly suited to be husband and wife. We love each other dearly. We love our kids. We are a very close knit family. Our oldest son and daughter are on their school soccer teams. I help coach the teams. Of course, I’m convinced my kids are the best players. We already have our youngest taking swimming lessons. Most of our activities center around our kids. Except for Kendra’s extracurricular activities, of course. I guess that is my spectator sport— watching her with other men.

My wife says she thinks that men like me are special and exceptional. I’m very glad she feels that way, because I know for sure that she is exceptionally special to me.

B.N., Trenton, New Jersey