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My wife Jessica and I aren’t swingers, exactly, but every once in a while I do enjoy watching my wife have sex with other men. It started when we read a story about wife-watching in an erotic magazine, and when I felt my wife’s pussy after reading her the story, she was absolutely soaked. We discussed the possibility of her sleeping with someone else that night, but we didn’t make any decisions about what we wanted to do just then.

A few days later, an old friend of mine called and said he was going to be in town the following weekend and wanted to get together. I hadn’t seen Randy in maybe five years, and I was looking forward to catching up with him. I wound up our conversation by inviting him to stay over at our house instead of wasting money and checking into some crappy motel.
I had to work late the day Randy was scheduled to arrive, and I felt guilty about leaving him and my wife all alone, since they’d only met briefly a couple of times and didn’t really know each other. Jessica told me everything would be fine, though, and I knew she would do whatever it took to make our guest feel welcome.

When I got home that night, I heard giggling coming from upstairs, and I figured Randy was telling my wife one of his classic jokes while she showed him the guest room. I headed up there to say hello, but when I reached the top of the stairs, I could see that it wasn’t a joke that had Jessica giggling. She was in bed with Randy! They had their clothes on still, but they were making out like a couple of horny teenagers on a hot date. A wave of jealousy coursed through me, but I became very aroused as well, so I continued to watch what was going to happen.
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My wife and I were visiting my buddy Bill. I hadn’t seen him in a few years, and when he’d invited Faith and I for a visit, my wife suggested we go. He was newly divorced, and she thought he could use the company. How right she was!

The first couple days of our visit were pretty mundane. We drank beer, played cards and took Bill out for dinner to get him out of the house. On the last day of our trip, Faith stayed at Bill’s place while he and I went fishing so she could clean the house and get things in order. He’d let it—and himself—go since the divorce, and Faith thought a clean house and a nice home-cooked meal might help get him on the right track. Apparently she had some other things in mind to get him on the right track, but she didn’t share those plans with me.

After fishing, I was beat, and once we’d had dinner and I’d helped Faith clean up and do the dishes, I was ready to hit the sack. My wife said she was going to stay up, though. “I’m going to make sure Bill knows where everything is and help him figure out a schedule for doing laundry and grocery shopping so he can take care of himself once we’re gone,” she told me. We were leaving the next morning, so it made sense that she’d want to go over everything with him. He’d lived with his ex-wife for so long that I was surprised he’d survived at all once she left. I kissed my wife good-night, then went to bed.
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Photo Finish

My husband Roger and I have been married about 10 years and he has always had a fantasy of me having sex with a complete stranger, and he wants to watch.

My husband is a photographer, and about three months ago he invited our next door neighbor over to learn some tricks of the trade. Of course, I was going to be their model. I wore a nice skirt and blouse, figuring they weren’t going to do anything more than discuss lighting and white balance and take a few test shots, but as you may have guessed, within half an hour I was down to only a garter belt and stockings, my bra and panties in a pile on the floor with my skirt and blouse. And it only progressed even further from there.

My husband had our neighbor get in the photos with me so that he could understand what it was like being on both sides of the camera, and the last picture my husband took was of the neighbor’s finger in my pussy while his cock dribbled come from the slit. He even had the guy rub some of his come over the tops of my nylon stockings. I couldn’t believe my husband didn’t just ask the guy to fuck me so he could take pictures of that, too.

Then two weeks ago, Roger brought a complete stranger to our house. The man was younger than our neighbor had been, and much more attractive. He definitely appealed to my tastes in men, and I wondered where my husband had found such a fine specimen.

Roger sat back and watched through his camera lens while this guy removed my clothes, and he took a long time with my blouse and denim skirt. I was highly aroused, but I was still nervous and a tiny bit apprehensive about what was really going on.

When he had my blouse and skirt off, the stranger’s right hand went down to my crotch. I distinctly remember twisting and squirming, trying to get closer to him and further away at the same time. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted yet. Although I tried to resist his advances, I was turned on nonetheless. When his fingers started to rub my cunt through my panties, it sent chills through me, and instead of pulling away, I pushed myself closer to him. It became such a turn on to be half undressed while a total stranger played with my pussy in front of my husband, who was watching intently and taking photos constantly. When the stranger finally pulled his hand away from my pussy, he put his finger to his nose to sniff it, and I wondered if his cock and his balls smelled sweaty. I soon found out.

This man seemed to enjoy the way I was giving in to him, but not completely, and I started to play roughly with him, begging him to touch me and fuck me while I pretended to fight of his advances. My husband continued to watch, never moving from his place behind the camera.

The stranger and I both enjoyed our erotic little tussle, and when we finally gave up that game, he used his body to pin me down on the sofa. Then his hand went for the waistband of my panties. I tried to twist around to make it easier for him to get inside them. Our movements weren’t very coordinated, though, and my panties soon ripped right off, and so my sexy stranger just tossed them aside.

My eyes opened in surprise when my panties ripped, and in an instant he reached down and penetrated my vagina with a thick finger. Now my eyes grew wider and I gasped loudly, wondering how far my husband would really let this go.

The guy finger fucked me furiously, and when I looked at my husband and saw that he was masturbating as he watched, it turned me on even more.

All of a sudden I became aware of the stranger pushing his pants down, and he quickly brought a very erect cock to my mouth. I’d never sucked anyone’s cock except my husband’s, so I was nervous, but I took the guy’s prick in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around it, licking and sucking just like I would if it were Roger’s dick between my lips. The guy seemed to like it, and I thought he might come in my mouth, but just as I felt his balls start to tighten, he pulled out of my mouth. He started to move down my body, and when I realized where he was headed, I begged him to fuck me.

He didn’t disappoint, slamming his hard cock into me full force. I cried out with excitement as he penetrated me, and then my husband shot a huge load of come across the living room floor. The stranger fucked me hard for several more minutes after that, and then he groaned loudly and shot his sperm deep inside me, causing my one earth shattering climax.

When he was done, he simply climbed off me and hurriedly dressed, gave me and my husband a nod of thanks, and then left.

When I finally sat up on the couch, the stranger’s come started leaking from my swollen vagina.

“He came inside me,” I said quietly.

“I know,” Roger said.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked.

“It was even better,” he assured me.

My pussy still tingled from the strongest climax I’d ever experienced, and just writing to tell you our story has it tingling like that again. I’m so glad my husband convinced me to give his fantasy a try!— N.A., South Bend, Indiana

It’s Always the Quiet Ones….

I took my wife Janine to a wild party a few weeks ago. I wanted to prove to the guys that my conservative churchgoing wife wouldn’t cheat on me. Instead I discovered that I’m married to a hot slut who loves big black cock!

Janine and I moved to town a few months ago for a new job. I quickly made friends with a few of the single guys at work, but they were always talking about how all women were sluts or wanted to be sluts. They cited porn movies and magazines to prove their point. One of them even gave me a copy of Forum that had some letters from wives who cheated on their husbands. I got horny as hell reading the lusty letters about wild wives, but I still didn’t think Janine would ever cheat on me or want strange cock. And that’s what I kept telling my buddies. I had faith that my wife would resist any offer of sex she received. So when five of the guys from work asked if Janine and I would like to party with them one Friday night, I thought it would be a great opportunity to test my case.

Janine seemed excited about the idea of a party, but I didn’t think anything of it until she came out of the bath. I was shocked to see that she’d shaved not only her long legs, but her thick hairy bush as well, which was now down to just a thin landing strip. She’d never done anything like that before. When she asked me what I thought, all I could think to say was that she looked sexy. I was speechless. Just the sight of her newly shaved pussy made my cock throb with lust, but Janine wouldn’t let me touch her.

She continued getting ready as I watched, putting on more makeup than I had ever seen her wear and painting her lips a bold, bright red. After that, my prissy wife put on an outfit that should have been sold at Tramps R Us. She chose a sheer white blouse to wear over her black lace bra, a short plaid skirt and a black thong. She even put on some thigh high stockings and sky high heels. In the six years we’d been together, I had never seen my wife dress like that before. It turned me on, though, and all the way to my buddy’s place I had to fight the urge to pull the car over and beg my wife to let me fuck her right there on the side of the road.

Not long after we got to the party I asked Janine if she wanted to leave, since she was the only woman there. I worried she might be uncomfortable. But again my wife surprised me, saying in a breathless voice that she was enjoying all the male attention. I was blown away! After that, I became curious to see how far my wife would let things go. I didn’t say a word as she had three drinks— two more than she usually allows herself— and I kept my mouth shut when she started dancing with the guys and letting them feel her up. I just watched.

I couldn’t believe that I didn’t feel jealous as Janine flirted with and got felt up by all those guys. I actually felt proud that I was married to a woman who was so hot that other guys just couldn’t keep their hands off her. I enjoyed watching them squeeze my wife’s bouncy boobs and round ass, especially because Janine didn’t even try to stop them. When she saw me watching and realized I wasn’t going to get mad, she even let them play with her pussy. It didn’t take long after that before Janine was pulling off her soaked thong and tossing it to me with a sexy giggle.

Janine was 19 years old and a virgin when we met at church six years ago. In all the time I’d known her I’d never suspected that inside her shy, conservative exterior lived a hot slut who craved cock. However, within an hour of getting to the party, those five black studs I worked with had my suddenly sex crazed wife on her knees doling out blowjobs! I couldn’t believe it, but they had been right all along: My wife was a slut!

I got horny as hell watching Janine suck all five of their cocks, one after the other. She never sucked my dick at home, but there she was sucking all those big dark hunks of manmeat, gobbling down every drop of come she could manage. I didn’t mind, though, because when she winked at me, come dripping off her chin, I knew I’d be enjoying some of her new found talents very soon.

After she sucked them all, the guys took turns fucking Janine’s very accommodating pussy. For the next hour or so I watched as my wife had the time of her life, getting fucked to one wild orgasm after another. She was unstoppable, even taking it up the butt, something else she’d never done with me before. Now I wanted to try!

When my coworkers had finally had enough, Janine begged me to take my turn right there in front of everyone. I couldn’t believe how hot my sexy wife looked laying there on the rug with her long legs spread wide and come dripping from all of her holes. I didn’t even care that her stretched love hole was overflowing with a creamy mess left behind by five other guys. I just fucked her proudly, pumping away furiously until I had added my own spunk to the mess in her cunt.

We didn’t talk much on the drive to the house, but when we got home, we rushed to bed like it was our honeymoon. I’d never seen Janine so hot and horny! I loved the sudden change in her, and I told her exactly that as we fucked through the night.

Since then, my coworkers are always stopping by to take my wife out on hot dates or just to fuck— every single night of the week. I hardly ever even get time alone with her. But whenever we get a chance for a private romp in bed, it’s well worth the wait. And she’s gotten more adventurous, too. She’s dyed her hair blonde, pierced her nipples, clit and tongue. She’s even gone so far as to get a tattoo, a tramp stamp right across her lower back. I can’t wait to see what sort of wild things she decides to do next!— T.E., Tempe, Arizona

Watching My Wife

I usually work until 6 p.m., but I came home early one day around 3:30 in the afternoon and saw our son’s friend’s car parked in the driveway. I didn’t really think anything of it, and as I went toward the house, I saw the basement light was on. I walked up and looked inside to see my 42 year old wife and Ethan, our son’s friend, sitting on the couch. They were talking in low voices, and then he suddenly grabbed her, but she shook her head “no.” He let her go, and they each had a drink, and then he grabbed her again. This time, she didn’t struggle.

My first impulse was to help my wife, because Ethan had his arms wrapped securely around her and was leaning over her menacingly. And then they kissed. Holy shit!

They were each struggling for the upper hand, and my wife’s medium length skirt kept shifting until it was up around her thighs. Ethan slipped a hand under her skirt and even from my position outside I could hear my wife’s moan of pleasure. I knew I should stop them, but I couldn’t move. I just stared as his hands stroked her thighs and her whole body went limp as she gave in to the pleasure.

He undid her blouse and opened her front closure bra. He squeezed and pulled her nipples, making her cry out. Then he ran his hand up her skirt again, and the next thing I knew, he was tugging her red panties down her shapely thighs and removing them. After that, he quickly stripped, exposing his long, hard cock. Then he pushed my wife’s skirt up, revealing her bare cunt.

My wife told him that if they were going to fuck, he had to wear a rubber. He protested a bit, but rolled one on.

I was beside myself with excitement as he pushed the bulbous head of his cock into my wife’s cunt, then pushed in the rest more quickly. The sofa shook as he began lunging into her, and she moaned and groaned with each of Ethan’s inward thrusts.

Our son’s friend was now fucking my wife with a steady motion, but he slowed down after a while and complained that fucking her with the rubber really sucked and he wanted to do it just once without the condom. I realized then that they must have fucked before, probably multiple times, and I felt my dick throb with excitement.

“We can’t,” my wife said. “I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“I promise to pull out,” Ethan assured her. Famous last words, I thought as I watched. “Please, let me take it off,” he begged. “Just this once.”

“All right,” my wife conceded. “But you better pull out before you come.”

I couldn’t believe it! She was going to let him fuck her without a rubber! I knew damn well that he wouldn’t pull out and that he’d shoot his come inside her. She should have known it, too.

He peeled off the condom and then slid inside her, bareback. She moaned and groaned as the kid really pummeled her. I thought the couch would break with the force of their fucking, they were going at it so hard.

I knew Ethan wouldn’t be able to hold out very long in her tight cunt, and suddenly they both began panting. When my wife came, sure enough, Ethan did, too. And just like I’d thought, he shot his load inside her, flooding her pussy until some of his come started to run back out. He kept fucking her the whole time, thrusting into her until every drop of come was in her belly.

As he pulled out of her, I watched his semen run out of her pussy as she lay there gasping.

When Ethan started to get dressed, I made a hasty retreat. I walked into the house, pretending I’d just arrived, and caught Ethan on his way out. My wife was already in the living room, sitting on the couch with a movie playing on TV. She was acting like nothing had happened, but I knew better.

A few months later, my wife told me she was pregnant, just like I’d suspected would happen. She tried to play it off as mine, but since I’d had a vasectomy years ago, I knew better. Eventually, she confessed that she’d been fucking Ethan on the side— a lot. She kept fucking him right up until a week before she gave birth, as a matter of fact, and she still fucks him today. Of course, now that she’s finally had her tubes tied, there’s nothing to worry about. And all of her outside sex has actually made our sex life better, so I can’t complain!— Name and address withheld