I just had to tell the world what a marvelous person my husband Joe is. Because he is so tolerant, understanding and giving, I love him more than ever. He went so far as to allow me to fulfill my favorite fantasy, and for this I shall always be grateful.

As for the fantasy, it started when I received a phone call from a man who had dialed the wrong number. Something in his voice intrigued me, and instead of hanging up, I continued talking to him.

He must have liked the sound of my voice because he kept up a conversation I found fascinating. He had a marvelous sense of humor and, frankly, I was disappointed when he finally hung up.

This stranger, whose name was Phil, called me back several days later, and our conversation started taking an erotic turn. I found myself enjoying this bit of naughty phone play and told my husband about it that night. I also told him about my sexual fantasy to make love with him and another man. He was not shocked by this as a matter of fact, he seemed to be excited by the racy prospect of a threesome.

He suggested that we meet Phil, my mysterious telephone caller, and see if he met my specifications. Fortunately, this was easily arranged Phil couldn’t have been more accommodating.

The three of us met for a drink, and Phil turned out to be a dream 35 years old, tall, handsome, a great build, brown hair and eyes and a short beard.

Joe could tell that I was interested, and from then on, he was in charge. He explained the ground rules he and I loved each other totally and were only interested in trying this out to fulfill my sexual fantasy. If we wanted to drop the idea, Phil was to agree not to get in touch with me ever again.

We decided to meet later on that night at a motel. Joe and I got there first, rented the room and proceeded to ready both the setting and me. I had brought candles, and I lit several of them, which created a warm, soft glow. We turned the radio on low to sexy music and waited. It was a rather tense and exciting moment when Phil arrived.

Joe invited him in. Phil sat down, and he and Joe talked for a while. Then Joe told me to take off my clothes and make Phil feel more at home. I took off my blouse, and with each button I unbuttoned, I could feel myself getting more and more excited. Then I slipped off my slacks and all that remained was my satin and lace panties.

With a nod from Joe, I sat on Phil’s lap and snuggled up against him. He felt solid, and smelled like he had just stepped out of the shower. His shirt was soft. I looked into his eyes and the excitement that I saw really turned me on. My hand slipped up to the back of his neck his dark, brown hair was still damp from his shower.

The minute my lips touched his, I was completely taken over by my body and the feelings that were going through me. I moaned and snuggled closer. Phil was so big, over six feet tall and really built, yet he was gentle and tender. The atmosphere was electric I couldn’t wait to fulfill my fantasy.

Soon all three of us were in bed. Both Phil and Joe began kissing and exploring my body. I had never been so sexually stimulated in my life. It was as though I was riding on a magic carpet of sensual pleasure.

At one point, the two of them had me pinned down on the bed. The feeling I had of complete surrender to these two strong, beautiful male animals was overwhelming. Phil was rather rough with me and I loved it, but not knowing how I love a good B & D session, he was somewhat hesitant to continue. He looked over at Joe, who gave him the go ahead. That was all Phil needed.

We made love many times in many ways. Afterward, the three of us, still completely nude, lay side by side, talking, laughing quietly and sharing the many feelings that were new to us. Then Phil showered, dressed and went home. Joe and I stayed there awhile longer, made love again, slept and finally went back to our house.

We never saw Phil again. He called a few times wanting me to meet him alone, but when he realized that I was only interested if my husband, Joe, participated, he dropped out of the picture.

The entire experience was incredibly erotic. What made it so great was that there was never one shred of jealousy involved. My husband and I share our thoughts, fantasies and dreams 100 percent. That is what makes everything we do right. There is never any fear or doubt of the unknown because we share our innermost thoughts with each other.

Because the experience was so pleasurable, Joe and I are looking forward to another of my fantasy fulfillments. However, we’re in no hurry. We’ll know when the right man comes along.

Toni Jo W., Missouri


My wife, Estelle, and I have been married for 11 years and love each other dearly. Estelle is 33, a strawberry blonde with cute features, small tits with very sensitive nipples and long legs leading up to a round butt with a deep ass crack. But what I find most erotic and exotic is her pussy her pubic hair is deep, dark brown and is extremely bushy.

I married Estelle right out of college and had been the only guy to sink his cock into her precious pussy until six months ago when we opened our marriage. Sharing my wife with other men was something I had been fantasizing about secretly, and I was overjoyed to hear her say the idea excited her, too.

Estelle works as a sales rep and comes in constant contact with many different men, some of which she said were cute. She chose one and made a date with him, and that night I helped her get ready for her first extramarital fuck. We chose a short skirt with a small pair of white bikini panties that barely concealed her hairy pussy. Her cunt lips pressed hard against the flimsy fabric. Estelle said that she and Don were going to dinner first, then to a popular motel lounge for dancing and drinks. We both knew the evening would end with their fucking in one of the motel rooms. My wife said she planned to entice Don by giving him flashes of her hairy crotch throughout the night.

Estelle kissed me hotly on her way out, then proceeded to hike up her skirt and pull the crotch of her panties aside. She told me to kiss her pussy goodbye and reminded me that when she returned, it would be well fucked and full of hot come! My cock was ready to bust through my pants as I planted a big kiss on her wet pussy. Estelle then pulled away, straightened her panties and skirt, blew me a kiss and headed out the door, suggesting that I have my tongue and cock ready for action upon her return. I couldn’t wait.

In Estelle’s absence, I tried to watch TV and keep myself occupied, but my dick stayed hard as steel as visions of my pretty wife on her back with her long legs spread wide as Don thrust in and out of her hairy pussy danced in my head. It seemed like she took forever, but finally she returned home. Her hair was all mussed, her dress wrinkled, and she smelled of men’s cologne, wine and sex.

Estelle grabbed me by the hand and dragged me up to the bedroom, where she knelt on the side of the bed with her ass sticking up in the air. She told me to get on my knees and, with my face close to her ass, remove her panties. She said she had put them on right after Don emptied his balls into her cunt to keep his load fresh! My hands trembled as I flipped up the back of my wife’s skirt. I could see that her panties were soaked through. I hooked my fingers into the waistband and slowly peeled them down to expose her ass and pussy. My cock leaped when I saw that her meaty love lips were swollen and her pussy was overflowing with creamy come, some of which had trickled down to her asshole.

As I took in this breathtaking sight, my wife gave me the details of her fuck how Don enjoyed the flashes of her hairy pussy getting in and out of the car, how he fingered her clit during dessert, how he licked her pussy as she sucked his hard cock. Don had screwed her in a variety of positions and had deposited two loads of come into her.

“Look how wet I am, honey,” Estelle said. “It feels like I have a quart of come in me. Why don’t you stick your tongue in there and enjoy this hot dish?”

My head was spinning as I lurched forward and stuck my tongue deep into Estelle’s sloppy hole and lapped away, bringing out warm globs of semen. After a few minutes of intense slurping, I was excited beyond belief. Estelle told me to climb up on the bed so she could suck my cock, and as I got on my back, she straddled my head and lowered her hairy, sloppy hole onto my waiting mouth.

Then she started tonguing and sucking me, knowing I was on the edge of blowing a big load. I tried to hold back, but it was impossible. As Estelle swallowed my seven inch cock up to the balls, I unloaded down her throat as she growled in orgasmic bliss.

Since this episode, Estelle has fucked three other guys, and while she gets the pleasure of a new cock in her pussy, the best part is later when she walks in the door, looks directly at me with that “just fucked” look in her eyes and feeds me a fresh, hot load of come from her sore, sweet pussy. It’s lip smacking good. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is hotter.

Darrell V., Mississippi

Room Serviced

My wife Joan and I are in our 50s. Joan is a tall, slender woman with long brown hair and long shapely legs. This past May our niece got married. The wedding was out of town, and the reception featured an open bar and a DJ. Joan wore a pale blue skirt cut to mid thigh, and a white blouse that really showed off her sexy 36Cs. Underneath she wore white thigh high stockings, white panties and a white camisole with a built in bra. She wore silver heeled shoes, and her long hair was up.

At the reception we danced several numbers, and when we took a break, a young friend of the groom named Derek asked if I’d mind if he danced with Joan. I said I didn’t mind a bit, so off they went. Joan had already had a few drinks, which usually makes her horny, but that was fine with me. I mingled with family and friends and let Joan have her fun. As the night went on, I noticed her dancing with another young man named Len, and she, Len and Derek seemed to be spending a lot of time together. Once or twice she came over and sat down with me, but she spent most of the evening dancing.

By 11:30 most of the guests were leaving, but Joan and her two new friends continued to dance and talk. During some of the slow dances she seemed to be getting very cozy with her partners, pressing her body against whichever of the young men she was dancing with. I must admit that although I felt a little jealous, I was also turned on by watching her in action.

At midnight the DJ announced he was finishing up, so I went to find Joan. When I told her it was time to go, she asked if her new friends could come with us back to our hotel for a little fun, as she put it. I instantly thought of the possibilities and got a raging hard on. “Sure, let’s go,” I replied. It wasn’t long before I realized that a long held, favorite fantasy of mine was suddenly about to become a reality.

As we headed to our hotel, I pulled Joan aside and asked her if she knew exactly what it was she was going to be getting herself into, and she said that yes, she did indeed understand the implications of what was about to happen. When I asked her what her plan was, she drunkenly replied that her plan was to fuck those two guys, if that was all right with me.

It didn’t take me very long to decide if this was al right with me. My cock was throbbing like a jackhammer. I asked one last time if that was what she really wanted, and she nodded, so I told her that by all means she should go for it, as long as I could be there to watch. I loved her enough to let her have exactly what she wanted, and if what she wanted was to be fucked by these two guys, then I was all for it.

When we got to our room, we opened up the minibar and sat around a bit. I think everyone felt a little self conscious. At one point I went to the bathroom, and when I came back Joan and Derek were sitting very close to each other on the bed, while Len stood looking out the window. I started talking to Len, and the next time I looked at Joan I saw that Derek was kissing her. He had his hand high up on her thigh, toying with the lace of her stockings. I left the room to get some ice, figuring it would give them some more time for things to develop.

I came back with a bucket of ice and found both guys sitting on the bed with Joan. They were taking turns kissing her, and they both had their hands under her skirt. Her blouse was partially unbuttoned, and her lacy lingerie was pushed aside, exposing her 36Cs. She was purring like a cat as Derek’s hand found its way to the crotch of her panties and started rubbing her there.

They seemed to have forgotten all about me as I stood watching quietly, but then Joan looked over at me and said questioningly, “Honey?” I simply nodded, and then sat down in a chair to watch what was about to occur.

Joan stood up in front of the young men and removed her skirt. She pulled her breasts out of the cups of her camisole, and both men whistled appreciatively. They both stood up to approach her, and as they embraced they bore her down onto the bed again. Now Derek was behind Joan as she lay on her side, kissing her neck and fondling her tits, while Len ran his hands up and down her stocking clad thighs, reaching around to rub her crotch and ass.

Joan moaned with pleasure as Derek’s cock slid into her slick hole. He began to pump into her as she sucked Len’s cock like a lollipop. I took out my own cock as I watched. After a few minutes Derek started moving harder, then gave a groan as he shot his come into her pussy. This set Len off and he shot part of his load in her mouth, then pulled out and shot the rest over her tits.

When both men pulled away from her, Joan sat up on the bed. She looked amazing. She still had her blouse on, unbuttoned to the waist. The tops of her stockings were down around her knees. Her legs were parted, thick gooey sperm was leaking from her freshly fucked pussy and there was come drying on her tits and chin. It was a wonderful sight, and I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing it.

Len walked over to Joan and she again took his cock in her mouth and sucked him back to hardness. It didn’t take long. He then rolled her over onto her stomach and got between her parted legs, entering her from the rear. He got into a fast rhythm immediately, stroking her thighs and smooth ass. Joan moaned and bucked her hips as her orgasm hit her only seconds before Len shot his sperm into her. Derek was hard again also, and the moment Len pulled his dick from her dripping cunt, Derek quickly mounted her for his second turn. He fucked her good and long this time, banging her in several positions, squeezing and playing with her tits and kneading her ass the whole while.

After Derek came again the guys were fucked out and finally left. Joan was still aroused, however, and I was so fired up I fucked her mouth and dumped a well earned load of come down her throat, then waited a few minutes before I let her tongue get me hard again so I could slide my cock into her sloppy pussy. Joan came twice more before I added my own load of sperm to that of Derek and Len.

All in all, that experience was a very good night for both of us, and since then we’ve been thinking about setting up some more hot sexual adventures that we can both enjoy. Too bad our relatives don’t get married more often. D.S., Burlington, Vermont

Good Samaritans

Nancy and I have been married a little over a year. She is 25, five foot six and very pretty, with a lovely little figure, red hair and blue eyes. I am 26, six feet tall and muscular. We met several years ago at a resort in the mountains, and for our first anniversary we decided to go back. While there we met an unmarried couple named Mike and Jennifer, who were staying in the chalet next to ours. After only two days, however, they had a fight and Jennifer left.

The next day, feeling sorry for Mike, we invited him to join us for lunch, and he cried on our shoulders. That evening we invited him to the bar for some drinks and dancing. The poor guy was a mess. By the time the dancing started we were all pretty drunk. Mike asked Nancy to dance, and since I wasn’t really in the mood for it, I watched them dance most of the night.

Around 10:30 we said good bye to Mike and headed back to our room for some hot sex. Fifteen or 20 minutes later we were making out when we heard a knock at the door. It was Mike. Nancy, still feeling sorry for him, invited him in for a nightcap. I was a little upset at having our lovemaking interrupted, but I figured what the hell.

Nancy flopped on the bed as I got each of us a whiskey. She was still a little high from the evening’s drinking, but I was surprised when she remarked to Mike that he must be missing Jennifer, since he wasn’t getting what she and I were getting. When Mike asked what that might be, Nancy replied, “This, for a start,” and she briefly flipped up her skirt to show off her panties. “And maybe some of this,” she added, and she reached for his crotch and squeezed him through his pants.

I didn’t know what to say. Mike and I were both surprised as hell as she slowly unzipped his fly. I knew I should feel jealous or angry or something, but my cock was suddenly getting hard. She pulled out Mike’s very large cock and started stroking it slowly. Then she leaned over until his cock was inches from her face.

The arousal that was making my dick throb now blotted out any other emotions, and I moved behind her so I could rub her cunt through her panties. I slid my fingers inside her dampening crotch and started fingering her pussy. She was soaked. I pulled her panties down and off, and she parted her legs as I knelt down to lick her pussy. She began to moan, and then the moans suddenly became muffled, and I glanced up to see that she was sucking Mike’s cock.

When she stopped sucking him and straightened up, Mike unbuttoned her top so he could kiss and suck her little tits. Then, as I stood up to strip, he pushed her back on the bed, got between her legs and rubbed his cock over her slit. Every time his cock slid over her pussy she tried to get it in her hole.

Finally he plunged into her, and Nancy whimpered, “Oh, yes, that’s incredible!” It didn’t take long for her to come as he plunged in and out of her, and she came again when he shot his sperm inside her. I couldn’t wait for my turn, and when he pulled out I quickly mounted her, sliding my cock into her come filled hole. She was warm and very slippery, and I came, adding to the mix.

We all passed out after that, and when I woke up it was morning. There was no one else on the bed, and when I looked around I saw Nancy and Mike wrapped in a blanket on the floor. Apparently they had fucked again during the night. We all had hangovers, and I made some coffee before Mike went back to his room.

When Nancy managed to recall just what had happened the night before, she was guilt stricken and very apologetic but I told her not to worry, it was cool. That afternoon Mike came back with wine for me and flowers for Nancy, also apologizing for what had taken place. There was really no problem, so I told him it was all good and invited him in. We all sat on the bed, sober now, talking like normal people. After a few minutes, however, I noticed Mike’s hand on Nancy’s leg. As I watched, the hand slowly crept under her skirt, and by the look on her face I could tell when he finally hit his mark. I moved closer and kissed her on the lips, gently fondling her tits. Soon I heard a faint squishing sound and realized that Mike’s hand was busy at her crotch, fingering her pussy.

Nancy had no objections, of course, and seeing that I didn’t either, she soon stood up to undress in front of us. Mike and I quickly followed suit. Mike dropped to the floor between Nancy’s legs, and she spread them wide so he could get at her pussy. Meanwhile I was busy sucking her breasts. As she sank down on the bed I started talking dirty to her, telling her how we were both going to fill her with come. This added to her excitement, and she pulled me down to her and took my hard cock in her mouth. Mike moved up and got between her legs, and I soon heard the sucking noise of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. We soon got into a steady rhythm, Mike pumping into her cunt and me fucking her mouth. But after a little while I stood back to watch as Mike increased his pace. He pumped into her faster and faster until they both climaxed and he shot his hot come

inside her. He then kissed her mouth, where my cock had been only moments before.

Within a minute or so he softened and pulled out of her. I quickly put her on her hands and knees so I could fuck her from behind. Her pussy was slick with Mike’s come. As I pounded into her, she came, and I told her this was just for starters. “You’re going to be the most fucked slut at this resort,” I said to her. I then had the best climax of my life as I shot my load deep inside her.

When Nancy rolled onto her back, Mike and I watched our mingled come drip out of her stretched cunt. With a little moan, Nancy reached down and held her cunt lips open so that we could all watch the spunk dribble out of her. A few minutes later Nancy sucked Mike’s cock back to life, and we basically started all over again. It was maybe three hours later, after climaxing our session with an earth shattering double penetration, that we finally collapsed and went to sleep.

For the rest of the week Nancy spent a lot of time with one or both of our cocks in her mouth, her pussy or her ass, and by the end of our vacation she was totally satiated. On our last night there the three of us went to the bar, and she picked up two more guys for her first real gang bang. Before we left the next day, Mike thanked us both for helping him forget about Jennifer, and we told him it was our pleasure. R.K., Detroit, Michigan

Bold Couple Spice Their Marriage with Cleverly Crafted Scenarios

My wife, Joan, and I both teach at a small, Western university, so it’s extremely difficult for us to pursue a sexually adventurous lifestyle. However, we have managed to explore some sexual experiences despite the oppressive nature of our jobs. We do it secretly, anonymously. And I’m delighted to say that the clandestine nature of our sexual exploits makes them that much more excit ing. We’ve gotten quite innovative in our attempts to enjoy forbidden thrills without risking the censure of our academic community.

One of our favorite things to do is to cruise the major thoroughfares around a large city some 80 miles from the college. When we spot a young, attractive hitchhiker, we drive a mile or so beyond him and Joan gets out. She’s a 32 year old redhead, but in shorts and a tank top with her hair in a ponytail, she looks 22. She sits on her duffle bag at the side of the road while I double back to pick up the hiker. My briefcase and folders are on the front seat, so the hiker is steered toward the back seat. Once the guy and his gear are in the car, I start down the road, making idle conversation. It isn’t long, of course, before I spot another “hitchhiker”— my wife, Joan— but all the guy in the car knows is that I’m stopping for another traveler, and a very attractive one at that.

After we’ve traveled several miles, I’ll suggest smoking a joint. Joan confesses that pot makes her horny. “All the more reason to light up,” I’ll say. We smoke the joint, and then Joan begins her seduction, If, after repeated efforts to arouse our hitch hiker he is still reluctant to get involved, I’ll ask him to drive while I get to know Joan better.

The sight of Joan sucking my hard cock never fails to gain our hitchhiker’s interest. We have yet to pick up a guy who didn’t jump into the back seat to ball Joan after I had balled her. It’s a delicious thrill to watch my wife getting it on with another man, but driving is not easy when you can see your wife sucking a big, hard cock in the rearview mirror!

In addition to our proven “Hitchhiker Routine,” we use various other methods to bring people info our sexual life. We visit distant swing clubs occasionally. We read the “personals” in sex tabloids and travel to meet other couples. And last weekend we tried a new approach that succeeded beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.

We decided to try a frat type initiation scheme. If Joan was seeking entry info an ultra secret sexual society, her initiation might involve having sex with a complete stranger under the supervision of a society member. This would prove to the society that she loves sex and can therefore be trusted with the group’s sexual secrets. Sound complicated? It was a piece of cake!

I left Joan in a restaurant on the outskirts of the city I mentioned earlier. Then I went to the porno district to find someone suitable to assist in her initiation. I chose a slender black youth of about 20 who was browsing through explicit magazines in one of the many bookstores. I chose him because he was friendly and approachable. He nodded as I moved alongside him to continue my browsing. Most of the magazines in the section depicted interracial sex. When I expressed special interest in those magazines depicting black men and white women screwing, he started commenting on the magazines’ photographs.

We got to talking, and I explained that I was a senior member of a secret society for sexual freedom at one of the two colleges in the city. He was interested and eager to know more about the society. He had, of course, never heard of it. After I outlined the initiation procedure, he was quick to volunteer his services. His name was Kenny, and as we drove to pick up Joan, I grew to like him more and more. When we reached the restaurant, my wife came out to meet us, her green cocktail dress hugging her figure like a second skin. Her cheeks were flushed with excitement as she climbed into the front seat between us, and I could fell she was aroused by the fact that I had brought her a black stud. All three of us were a bit nervous as we drove to the motel, but once there, with the door closed and locked, we had ourselves one swell party.

With the lights low and soft music playing, Kenny danced Joan around the room until the tension left her body and she moved against him easily. The way he squeezed the taut cheeks of her pretty ass as he kissed her sent a surge of desire through me. I could almost feel his desire as he showered her face with kisses. I slipped into the bathroom and contented myself with peeking through the doorway. I didn’t want my presence to interfere with the magic happening between my gorgeous wife and this dark young stranger. As Kenny removed Joan’s dress, I pulled my stiff cock out of my pants and started stroking it slowly, my eyes drinking in the raw sexuality of my wife in her lacy garters and stockings.

Kenny removed her skimpy bra and immediately started sucking the puckered nipples of her breasts. My excitement continued to build as Joan slowly unzipped his fly and pulled out his large cock. Kenny’s dick seemed almost too big for his slender frame. He stood there with his hands on his hips as my gorgeous wife dropped to her knees and began sucking on his dark cock. I was amazed at how much of him she managed to take into her mouth. I stroked myself to my first orgasm, watching him flood Joan’s sucking mouth with his milky come. Then he put that big black cock between her legs and fucked her like I’ve never seen her get fucked before. Like an oversize piston, his rigid cock slammed again and again into the juicy tunnel between my wife’s wide spread legs. She came repeatedly, and just when I thought she might pass out, Kenny suddenly stiffened and buried every inch of his organ inside my wife’s quivering pussy. “Here it comes!” he cried. “Here it comes!”

Joan went absolutely bananas as he filled her to overflowing with copious bursts of semen. I brought myself off again, completely caught up in the scene I was witnessing. Nobody had ever fucked Joan that good, not even me!

Kenny left us his number just in case I ever needed any more help with “initiations.” He also promised Joan he would be available if she ever wanted to get together with him again.

Andrew V., Washington