“Welcome Home, Baby!”

It had been almost a year since my husband had deployed to Afghanistan, and he was finally coming home. I’d gotten a little something for him as a welcome home present, and I couldn’t wait to put it on for him. On the day before he was supposed to get home, I went out and picked out a black lace teddy, with garters and fishnet stockings to complete the slutty look. It hugged my every curve and pushed my large breasts up to show off my cleavage. I had even taken the time to trim my pussy hair nice and short, just the way he likes it. After taking him for dinner and some drinks, I planned to give him his special present.

The next day he arrived home, and I was waiting for him with open arms. I gave him a big long hug and kiss, then said, “Welcome home, baby! I love you and have something special planned for you tonight.”

Little did he know just what I had in mind for him. After we got home, we showered and then went out to dinner to celebrate his return, and afterward we headed over to a local bar for a few drinks. I knew he’d be excited to do all the things he hadn’t done in so long, like have a drink in a bar and see his friends who weren’t in the service with him. There was a lot to do that night. Several hours went by as we spent time catching up, and after a few drinks we decided to head home.

When we got home, I suggested he take another shower— I knew he had missed hot, running water during his deployment— and told him I’d join him in a couple of minutes. As soon as I knew he was in the shower, I went to the bedroom and lit some candles to set the mood. I set out the massage oil and went to the closet to get the outfit I had purchased for him. I quietly put it in the linen cabinet among the towels, so he wouldn’t see it, then joined him in the shower. We took turns washing each other’s back and touching and teasing each other under the shower.

When he was done I told him I had to shave my legs and I would join him in the bedroom in about five minutes. After he left the bathroom, I locked the door and pulled out the outfit and started to put it on for him. I was getting all wet and turned on as I put on the stockings, thong and garters. I had to pleasure myself a little bit as I dressed for him, and I fingered myself to a quick but intense orgasm.

Finally dressed, I made my way back to the bedroom. He was sitting on the bed in just his briefs, as the note I’d left on the bed said for him to do, and after making sure he was watching the door, I made my way into the room. In addition to the teddy and stockings, I had put on a pair of high heels and elbow length black satin gloves. I had my hair hanging around my shoulders and I’d sprayed on some of his favorite perfume, and I could tell the combination was driving him nuts from the moment he saw me. He was in total shock seeing me all dolled up, and he reached out to grab my butt, his favorite part of my body. But I told him to sit on his hands and just watch, and then I began doing a little striptease for him, dancing to the music I’d put on before our shower. By the time I had the outfit off, it was obvious he liked what he’d seen, and I noticed the steel flagpole trying to break out of his briefs. I wasn’t done teasing him yet, though, and I made him watch as I played with myself and got my pussy all wet. As I did that, I asked him how much he’d missed my pussy and how badly he wanted it. I practically made him beg for sex.

When he was all worked up, I went to the bedside table and pulled out one of my favorite dildos. I told him to come fuck me with it till I came. He sucked my clit and slowly filled my hot, wet pussy with the toy. He started thrusting the dildo in and out of me, slowly at first and then faster and faster, and he kept it up until I’d had not one but two orgasms. Then I said I wanted his hot dick inside me.

He fucked me long and hard, making me scream, and I had an intense orgasm that made me want him even more. His cock was pounding my pussy so hard I was gasping for air with each thrust of his tool. Then he flipped me over on my knees and gave it to my doggie style, grabbing my hips and really driving it home.

My pussy was gaping wide and full of come as we continued our marathon fuck session, and the sensations were driving me crazy. I couldn’t take it much more. He was like a sex machine, fucking me senseless with his big, thick cock. After a while I told him to give it to me in the ass, because I couldn’t take him in my pussy anymore.

After the first ass fucking, I had him roll over and got on top of him. I rode him with his cock in my ass as he played with my pussy and my clit, and I came over and over again.

When he couldn’t take it anymore and told me he was about to explode, I climbed off him and dropped to the floor. “Get over here and come on my chest, baby! Give me your hot come all over my tits!” I cried.

He exploded then, and he got his come all over my face and hair and chest, which is something we’d never done before. Then I sucked him dry as he admired me, covered in his spunk.

Afterward, we took another shower and then gave each other beautiful full body massages.

As we curled up in bed, I asked my husband if he’d liked his present. “I loved it,” he told me, and he kissed me long and hard.

I’m hoping he doesn’t have to deploy again, but if he does, at least I know what to get him when he comes back home again!— H.J., Fayetteville, North Carolina

In Deep

Edie and I had lived together for nine months before we got married so we wouldn’t be surprised after the wedding. But let me tell you, after we tied the knot, everything really started to change— in the best way!

We’d been married about six weeks when my friend Hal lent me a sex movie. My wife knew about it and said it was okay if I wanted to watch it, so I put it in the computer one night after she went to bed and watched the movie and jerked off. It was a hot movie, just like Hal had said.

The day after I watched the movie, Edie, Hal and I went out bowling together. After we ordered a couple of drinks, Edie asked us about the sex movie Hal had lent me. “What’s it about?” she wanted to know.

“It’s about this wife telling her husband that she wants to get fucked deeper in her pussy,” I told her.

She seemed interested in hearing more about the movie, but it was her turn to bowl, so she had to get up. When she bent over to roll her ball, her short red dress rode up, and I saw her white panties. I was sure Hal got a glimpse of her panties, too. When she went to the restroom later, I saw her swinging her cute ass, and when she returned, I noticed she had a few buttons undone so I could see her breasts. As she sat down with us again, she spread her legs so Hal and I could both see her panties. I’d never seen her behave so wantonly before!

It was my turn to bowl next, and I got up and took my shot. When I came back to where we were sitting, though, I saw my wife with her thighs spread pretty wide and Hal’s hand between her thighs, finger fucking her cunt. I was glad the bowling alley was pretty empty and that no one else could see what was going on or we’d surely get kicked out.

I went over to where Hal and my wife were and I thrust a finger inside her cunt. When I pulled my digit out of her, I sucked the juices off and smiled. “How about we all go home and then you can fuck her properly?” I suggested, directing the last part of the comment at Hal.

They fooled around in the back of my SUV all the way home, and by the time I pulled into the garage they were naked. I broke them up when we were parked and told them we should move things up into the bedroom. Hal and my wife both agreed, quickly following me into the house and up the stairs.

Hal lay my wife down on the bed and spread her legs, pushing the large head of his cock inside. He sucked her breasts as he slid in deeper, and that made her moan loudly. As soon as his balls rested against her ass, she came, and she didn’t have any time to get through her orgasm before Hal started to fuck her good. He went hard and deep, and he really pounded her until he emptied his nuts in her cunt.

It was my turn next, and I slid into her sloppy cunt and started fucking her like crazy. Eventually I added my own load of come to her pussy, and then we went to bed, me and Edie in our bed and Hal in the guest room.

The next day my wife pulled me aside and said she wanted to get fucked deeper— ” Like that woman in the sex movie you saw,” she explained. Hal was still in the guest room, so I approached him and asked him if he had any ideas about how to give my wife what she wanted. He suggested we call his buddy Albert, who he said had the biggest cock he’d ever seen in his life.

When Hal explained to Al what we needed, he agreed right away, and he was at our house in 20 minutes. We took him straight up to the bedroom and when he stripped and showed my wife his 10 inch dick, the only thing she said was, “Fuck me hard!”

Edie pulled her legs up to her tits and then Al got between her legs and shoved the huge head of his cock inside her. When she felt his huge balls against her ass, she practically came, but she managed to control herself. Instead, she just demanded that Al start fucking her right away and “really give it to me!”

He fucked my wife for almost 40 minutes, and every time Edie came, Al somehow managed to keep from shooting his load into her. He gave her half a dozen orgasms before he finally emptied his balls in my wife’s cunt, and by then they both looked exhausted. It was the longest I’d ever seen a couple fuck outside of the sex movies I watch. I couldn’t believe Al could go so long!

I still can’t get over how big Al’s dick was or how much he fucked my wife that night. I thought she’d be impossible to satisfy once he was done with her, but I’m still able to get her off just like I always could. The only difference is that now we have an open bedroom policy, and she’s allowed to fuck whoever she wants, whenever she wants. Sometimes we even have threesomes, foursomes and orgies! Marriage really changed our relationship, but things just keep getting better and better!— Name and address withheld

Wedding Bell Screws

I went back to my hometown to attend the wedding of my only cousin, Elizabeth. We had always been very close, even though she was five years younger than me.

I’d made reservations at the hotel where the reception was being held, since my parents had moved when they retired. The town hadn’t changed much since I was in high school, and it was great to see my old friends again.

The rehearsal dinner was held two nights before the wedding, and there were more than 30 people in attendance. I hadn’t met the groom before then, but when I did, I was quite impressed, and I found my cousin to tell her so. I’d just left her to talk to some of her new relatives and was at the bar getting a drink when I saw the groom’s lookalike walking toward me. I knew it had to be his father.

John, the father, was very nice, and he and I ended up sitting together during dinner. We got on so well that we moved to the lounge for drinks after the rehearsal ended.

I knew that as we drank John was sneaking peeks at the deep cleavage between my 34C breasts when he thought I wasn’t looking, but I didn’t mind. Why else would a girl wear a low cut dress unless she wanted men to notice her?

John was funny and easy to talk to, and he kept me laughing while never letting my glass run dry. When I realized it was nearly midnight, I told John I’d better get to bed. Elizabeth had plans with all the girls the next day, and I didn’t want to sleep late and miss anything. John walked me to the elevator, but instead of saying good night when the car arrived, he swept me into the elevator, pressed a random button and pushed me up against the back wall to kiss me as the door closed.

If the long, passion filled kiss he gave me wasn’t enough to make a woman forget her own name, then the stiff erection pressing against my tummy was. His lips brushed my ear and he whispered, “Let me tuck you into bed and give you a little something that will help you get to sleep.”

I looked into his eyes and said, “You pushed the wrong button. I’m on the sixth floor.”

When we finally got to the right floor, I led him to my room and took him inside, where he kissed me passionately again. He asked if he could use the bathroom, and while he was in there, I hung up my dress and put on a robe. When he came out, I told him to make himself comfortable while I took my turn in the bathroom.

When I got out, I found John already naked and under the covers. He flashed me his winning smile, and I let my robe fall to the floor. I reached back and unclasped my bra, and his eyes raked over my body as I pushed my panties down and stepped out of them, exposing both my breasts and my curly bush in a matter of seconds.

He turned back the bedsheet then, revealing his lean body and a larger than average erection that was firm enough to lift several inches off his tight, flat stomach.

As I looked at John, I thought about a friend who’d once told me that every woman should sleep with a man her father’s age at least once for an incredible sexual experience, and I hoped she was right.

John took me in his arms and held me as he planted soft little kisses up and down my neck, twirling his tongue around my ears. The ticklish sensations drove me crazy, and I started panting and moaning. Then I felt his nice erection pressing warmly against my thigh, its head nosing around in search of my hot, damp nest, and I knew I had to have him soon.

He was very attentive, and he slowly explored my body with his lips, tongue and fingers. After about half an hour of tender foreplay, I felt like my body was going to burst into flames. I was more than ready when he mounted me, gracefully placing the large, blunt head of his cock against the entrance to my vagina.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he whispered in my ear.

In response, I reached back to grab his ass and pulled him into me, my hot, buttery pussy swallowing his cock inch by inch until he was enveloped right up to his balls.

John was a big man, standing six foot one and weighing about 200 pounds, but he was also a very considerate lover, supporting the bulk of his own weight as he began thrusting slowly in and out, using the full length of his beautiful hard cock. He wasn’t racing to get his rocks off like most men do, especially guys who are getting a piece of your ass for the first time. In fact, I was getting frustrated by his agonizingly slow pace, and it wasn’t until he began stimulating my engorged clit and I was being constantly pleasured that I could feel the first signs of an orgasm building deep in my pussy.

I’d never been fucked so long and slow in my entire life, but the longer he fucked me, the more I enjoyed it. He was just an incredible lover. I can’t accurately describe the actual sensations that were going through my body as he fucked me, but it was unlike any previous experience I’d had.

Suddenly my world exploded, and convulsions ripped through me as an incredibly intense orgasm rocked my body. Everything seemed to stand still, including the rampant cock that was encased in my clasping cunt. Somehow my arms and legs wrapped instinctively around John’s body, holding him tight until I stopped trembling and could breathe easy again. Wow!

When my legs and arms relaxed, I fought to catch my breath, and then John leaned over and our lips met. Our kiss was a long, lingering one that reignited the passion we’d been feeling, and got us both riled up. I thought he’d come when I did, so I figured I’d have to wait awhile before we could fuck again, but when I felt his hard cock nudging me again, I realized that he’d somehow managed to keep himself from coming during my orgasm. I shifted around on the bed and arched my back so my cunt was angled toward him. “That was so great,” I said, “but now it’s your turn.”

He held onto me as he rolled over on his back, putting me in the superior position. I sat up with him fully embedded inside my snatch and began rotating my hips, grinding my hot cunt against his pelvic bone. While I fucked him, he reached up and cupped my breasts in his hands.

I wanted to hump him like a rabbit, but I used all of my willpower to refrain from doing so, instead trying to fuck him as slowly and gently as he’d fucked me. It took me 20 minutes, but at last I saw his eyes roll back in his head as his body tensed and became rigid. He squeezed my tits as his cock exploded, gushing burst after burst of warm, creamy come into the furthest regions of my pussy just as I reached my second climax.

We clung to one another, still united, until his erection died and his flaccid cock slipped from between my clinging cunt walls, allowing our blended fluids to ooze from my extremely well fucked cunt. Then I snuggled up next to him and drifted off to sleep, exhausted and content.

The bedside clock said it was 10 to seven when I woke up, and I felt someone rubbing my ass as I lay facedown in the bed. It took me a moment to figure out who was with me, but then I eagerly let my thighs drift apart when his hand slid between them to trace the length of my still wet pussy lips and nudge my clitoris.

I turned over, dislodging his hand, and reached out for his soft, slippery cock, working to get him hard again. After that, we went at it again and again, and it was at least six hours before we were ready to get out of bed again.

We talked as John dressed, deciding it would be best if we avoided being seen together as a couple. We didn’t want tongues wagging during Elizabeth’s wedding. But we agreed to get together again later that night, after I had returned from my cousin’s bachelorette party.

I ended up fucking John every night for the next three days, and he surprised himself by becoming fully erect and ejaculating twice each night. It was amazing how aroused I got him!

I had a wonderful time that weekend, and if John’s son was anything like his father, I knew Elizabeth would really enjoy her honeymoon!— W.C., Greeley, Colorado

The Lingerie Model

My dad’s girlfriend Gina had just come home from shopping. She was exhausted, but it didn’t stop her from excitedly exclaiming, “I bought some things that I think will really excite your father!” It wasn’t unusual for her to want to talk about her purchases after a big shopping spree, so I asked her what she’d gotten. She told me that she’d picked up some beautiful, slinky lingerie she really hoped he’d like.

I didn’t want to hear about their private matters&#151 what 20 year old wants to know about his dad’s sex life?&#151 and I was surprised that Gina was being so open. I figured she was just excited or something, though, so I let her do her thing while I went back to my lunch and my magazine.

A few minutes later I was walking by Gina and my dad’s bedroom when I saw the door was open slightly. Then I heard Gina call out, asking me to come in and see if she looked okay. When I walked into the bedroom, I nearly fell over. Gina was wearing an all black outfit that showed off her tight body. She had on a sexy lace bra, a garter belt, panties, sheer black stockings and sky high heels. Wow! I’d always known she was hot, but now I really got why my dad had invited her to move in so fast. She was a babe!

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Taking Care of the Caretaker

My wife Jennie and I went out to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary last February. We had a nice dinner, went out dancing, had some drinks, then we decided to go parking, like a couple of horny teenagers.

My 36 year old wife and I had just gotten into things, so to speak, when she noticed a guy watching us. He scared the hell out of her initially, but once she calmed down, she still wanted to fuck, so I thrust in and out of her while she asked me what I thought the old guy was able to see. I told her he could probably see her big tits bouncing around through her top and her tanned, toned legs spread wide as I fucked her.

The idea of being watched seemed to really excite her, but she wouldn’t admit it. I was very excited too, however, and I could never get that night out of my mind. So when the chance to recreate that experience arose last month when we were away on a trip, I decided to take it.

We’d rented a cabin out in the country for a week’s vacation. The caretaker was an older guy in his 50s, and he lived only about a quarter mile away, so he stopped in to check up on us a lot. But I told Jennie he was really there to check her out. She blushed and tried to play it down, but we both knew it was the truth.

On the third day of our trip, Jennie was sunbathing out back and I was in the kitchen making lunch when the caretaker arrived. He happily engaged my wife in conversation, and I could see his eyes moving all over her body as they talked. Jennie was sitting with her arms behind her to support her as they talked, and he told her it was nice to see her so relaxed. He then said he hoped the weather would be nice enough for her to get a nice tan that week. He added that it must be nice to make love out in the open air on such a beautiful day.

Jennie blushed at that comment, and I watched as the caretaker then rested his hand on her knee. Jennie flirtatiously told him that he was being bad, but at the same time she parted her legs slightly, allowing him to look at her crotch.

“I can get worse,” he chuckled, and I watched with a throbbing cock as he moved his hand to my wife’s thigh and she parted her legs further.

He moaned and got between her legs, and then I heard Jennie gasp. She asked him what he was going to do, and he told her to just relax, since she was on a vacation anyway. Then he dipped his head between her legs to kiss the crotch of her bikini bottoms and started kissing all along her inner thighs. She glanced nervously at the cabin, I guess afraid I’d catch her, and then tilted her head back and moaned loudly with pleasure.

The caretaker reduced my wife to a quivering mess— in less than two minutes, it seemed— and she shook with excitement as a climax overwhelmed her. While she was still shaking through her orgasm, he seized the moment. He quickly pushed his shorts down and climbed on top of her. I was shocked, but I couldn’t look away.

His cock came into view as he got into position, and I was impressed with how well hung the old guy was. He pulled her bikini crotch aside and began to penetrate her wet hole.

When Jennie realized how big he was, she started to moan and scream. She hadn’t expected him to fill her so much, and it was obviously a real surprise that he could please her so well.

He began fucking her harder as he huffed and puffed above her, and suddenly Jennie came with a shout. Then he groaned too, and his hips jerked spasmodically, and I realized he was coming inside her. I was so focused on the pleasure they were giving each other— and my own hard cock— that I didn’t think about the fact that the caretaker wasn’t wearing a condom until it was already too late to do anything about it.

The caretaker left as soon as they were done fucking, and when Jennie came inside and realized I had been watching the whole time, she started apologizing profusely. I told her not to worry, that I loved her no matter what, and then we had one of the best fucks of our lives. I entered her warm, sloppy hole, and I quickly added my sperm to the frothy mix pouring out of her sweet pink pussy.

The caretaker came by to visit Jennie twice more before the end of our vacation, and she returned home satisfied and well fucked— and pregnant.— P.P., Chicago, Illinois