Bowling a Strike

About seven years ago I started bowling in a Friday night league with three friends. It soon became clear that the only reason they were bowling was to have an excuse to go out and drink on Friday nights. However, I did meet a lot of nice people from the other teams, particularly two cute Puerto Rican girls named Clara and Elena. When I had time between frames I would go over to their lane and flirt with them. The one I was really interested in was Clara, and I was pretty sure she had the same feelings.

When the league season came to an end, I had decided not to bowl the following year. But on the last night Clara came to me and asked me to bowl on their team next season. I told her I would have to think about it, and would let her know by the end of the night. I figured there was no way we could win the league, but I sure would enjoy her company, so at the end of the evening I told her I would do it.

On the first night of the new season, Clara asked me if I wanted to get a drink at the bar after the match. Of course I accepted. Soon we were sitting in a booth in the far corner of the bar. I was surprised but delighted when Clara suddenly leaned over and laid a lip lock on me. It was one of the best kisses I ever got, and she kept coming back for more. Between kisses her hand found its way to my crotch. Naturally I asked her if she would like to come home with me, and she replied that she would love to, but she couldn’t. When I asked why, she told me she was married. She said the marriage was not very happy, but it was a marriage, and there was no way she could cheat on her husband.

I walked her to her car, and she gave me another one of her great kisses before driving off. I was disappointed, but I figured that by the end of the season she would change her mind. But in fact she didn’t. I respected her for what she felt, but I did now bowl any more after that season, and I kind of lost track of Clara.

Well, seven yeas went by, and then one day my phone rang, and it was Clara. We talked for a while, and she told me she was divorced, then asked if we could get together. It turned out she was living about two miles from my home, and I told her I could pick her up in five minutes.

As I drove over there I wondered how much she had changed since I had last seen her. When I pulled up to her house she was standing in the driveway, and she looked great. She ran over to my car to give me a kiss. She told me that I looked wonderful, and that she had been thinking about me a lot.

We went to the old bowling bar, where we saw some people from our old league. Then we found a booth in a corner and did some catching up. When we had finished our drinks, I asked her what she would like to do next. She leaned over and whispered in my ear that she wanted to go back to my place to fuck and suck all night long. She didn’t have to ask twice.

Inside the car she gave me a very long kiss, which I reluctantly broke off so we could start home. As I backed out of the lot, I suddenly felt her hand on my crotch. I was already hard. Clara smiled and said she couldn’t wait to suck my cock. I told her I couldn’t wait to have her do it.

We pulled into my driveway and went into the house. She excused herself to use the bathroom, and while she was gone I lit a few candles and turned on some music. When she returned we immediately started kissing. I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. I then reached behind her and unfastened her bra, then pulled it off. Her breasts were on the small side, but very firm and pretty. I took first her left nipple, then her right one into my mouth, and gently nibbled on them till they were hard.

While I was doing this, Clara was opening my pants and stroking my cock. I told her to lie down on the bed, and I stepped out of my pants and helped her out of hers. After removing her panties I beheld her gorgeous pussy. I couldn’t wait to taste it. I told her to roll over, and I caressed and kissed her beautiful ass cheeks before I parted them and ran my tongue up and down her crack, stopping only to dart it into her butthole. I inserted first one, then two fingers into her pussy. Her juices were flowing and fragrant. I flipped her back over and we went into a very long French kiss. Then I slid my mouth down to her pussy and buried my face between her legs.

Soon I was working two fingers in and out of her pussy while my tongue worked on her clit. Clara was thrashing around so hard that I was afraid she was going to hurt herself. I was really enjoying the taste of her, and I could tell it would not be long before she climaxed. I kept going until she clamped her legs around my head and came. I had never had a female come that copiously on my face. I couldn’t lap up her juices fast enough.

I then straddled her chest, fed my cock into her eagerly open mouth and started to face fuck her. She sucked me hungrily and well. When after a while I removed my cock from her mouth, she immediately complained. “I want you to come in my mouth,” she moaned. I told her not to worry— I would be more than happy to come in her mouth, but first I wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around my fat cock. I slid down and slipped my hard member into her honeypot. It was hot and tight. I gave her a few strokes, then pulled out and straddled her chest again. This time she grabbed my cock and fed it into her waiting mouth.

I really enjoy watching a female suck my cock, especially when it is glistening with her pussy juices. I suddenly felt my orgasm approaching, and I fucked that mouth faster and faster. When I couldn’t hold back any more, I pushed my tool as deep as I could between those luscious lips and then held still while I emptied myself into her mouth. When I pulled away, Clara opened her mouth so I could see how much sperm I had given her, then closed it again and swallowed every drop. Then she kissed the head of my cock and told me that when it got hard again, she wanted to feel it once more in her pussy.

She started to French kiss me, and five minutes later I was ready again. Clara wanted to be on top, so she straddled my hips and took me inside her, riding up and down on my cock and fingering her clit till she exploded all over me. Everything was drenched— my balls, my butt, the sheets, everything. As she collapsed on top of me I kept pumping into her from below until I shot another load inside her. When my cock slipped out of her she went down and licked it clean.

We finally got to sleep just before dawn, and I woke up around noon to find her sucking on my cock. We spent the whole day really getting to know each other. I knew all that silly bowling would pay off sometime.

F.Y., Cleveland, Ohio

Once and Not Again

There was so much unspoken passion whenever our eyes would meet. We were never formally introduced, but his elderly mother had hired me on a part time basis to clean her house, and he had done some landscaping for the apartment building where I lived. He came to his mom’s to eat lunch a lot, and I always admired him from a distance. He usually had some of his work crew with him, so we didn’t often have a chance to talk. But the silent conversations we held with our eyes became more and more frequent. He was almost statuesque, with big sinewy biceps, and his eyes were as blue as the ocean.

After a while he began to show up alone, and was extremely friendly. Then we talked a lot. We talked of our hopes and dreams, our strengths and weaknesses. The fact was that we came from different worlds and had totally different personalities. Most of the women he knew were refined and ladylike, and he was intrigued by my streetwise feminism. He had been raised in a typical sheltered middle class family, whereas my split family life had made me strong and somewhat worldly. He said I talked to him like one of the guys, and he was never afraid to say anything in my presence, which was something he was not accustomed to. We were attracted to each other partly because of our differences— I dreamed of being with this pretty boy jock who looked like a Calvin Klein ad, successful and dreamy whereas he was indulging his rebellious side with a down to earth lower class cleaning lady. Our conversations grew more and more intense, as did the sexual tension between us. I knew that trouble was on the horizon.

One day he asked me to rub his back, claiming he had hurt himself at work and that his muscles were all tense. The one muscle I wanted to feel most at this point was the one protruding from between his legs. I could feel my body trembling with nervousness. He lay down on his big stomach, and his body looked as big and solid as the side of a mountain.

I proceeded to rub his back, and with each stroke my pussy twitched with arousal. There was definitely a strong magnetism between our bodies, a kind of pure animal lust. As I sat on his tight athlete’s ass, I rubbed my throbbing clit back and forth over his hard buttocks in the most indiscreet manner. I don’t know what might have happened if his pager hadn’t gone off at that moment, calling him away. But we both knew there would be more happening between us. I could hardly wait to see him again, and I was sure he was feeling the same way.

He stayed over at his mother’s house that night, and the next morning, as I was dusting the living room, he came downstairs and crept up behind me. I could smell him. He always smelled freshly of the outdoors, the most manly aroma I’ve ever known. When I spun around, our eyes met, and I knew immediately that this would be a day that would be embedded in my memory forever.

My knees felt weak, and as I swayed toward him he caught me in those huge, bulging arms. The mere touch of this man had my clitoris swelling. Neither of us could manage to say anything all that could be heard was the sound of our heavy breathing and, as it seemed to me, the sound of our hearts beating with nervous anticipation.

He slowly started to drop to his knees, placing his face against my legs as I stood above him, cradling his head. His hands began to run up and down my body with a soft but insistent swiftness. I knelt down also, grabbing at his rippling masculine body like a dog going after raw meat. I began to kiss and lick his chest, and then worked my way down, my breath leaving a burning trail of desire leading to his pulsating muscle of love. I paused to gaze into his eyes, and in them I saw the same look of euphoria that I knew was in mine. We had reached the point of no return, and there was no drawing back from this strong desire that we shared.

As I pulled off his faded jeans, smelling of the outdoors and machinery oil, I became even more aroused at the sight of his bulging boxer shorts. The wet spot at the peak of that straining tent showed me that he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I smiled as I uncovered the rest of him. His joystick was truly in proportion with the rest of his amazing body. It was big and thick, yet not too long, and I knew my mouth would swallow it up like a succulent lollipop, causing him to want more and more. I wrapped my lips around it and toyed with it playfully. He quivered and pulsated with each savory stroke of my tongue up and down his rock hard cock. He began to moan and to tell me how long he had waited for this to happen. He began to thrust his hips at my face, his body shaking and his knees knocking against each other. I knew he was coming to climax. I loved hearing his groans and gasps the power I had over him in that moment of his ecstasy made me feel even more drawn to him. He erupted with a shout, and I took him as deep as I could as his come spurted gloriously into my throat.

As I eagerly swallowed his sperm I could feel my pussy emitting juices in a quantity I had never thought possible. He now began to kiss me all over my lean, writhing body. I was burning with lust, and I began to rotate my hips as he swiftly pulled off my jeans and panties. He kissed my belly button, and his head moved slowly down my torso, as my pussy all but screamed for him to swallow up the cream that was now trickling down my leg. My clit felt swollen to about three times is normal size.

When his tongue touched my throbbing button I moaned loudly, and he proceeded to tantalize and tease it, glancing up at me from time to time with a smile. With every swivel of my hips, his tongue seemed to grow bolder and more restless. He started whispering about how sweet my pussy was. He fondled my nipples, rubbing and tweaking them to an almost unbearable peak of stimulation. My body began to rock with a pleasure I had never known so intensely before. Finally I arched my back and screamed out with ecstasy as my body shook with a series of climactic seizures that were totally beyond my control, and even my comprehension.

There were no words spoken about what had just transpired between us. It had been long awaited, and we both knew it had been worth every moment of that wait. We also knew it could not go on. We were too different, and once our passion and curiosity had been satisfied, there was little to keep us together. I gave his mother my notice, and I never saw him after that day. Although I think of him often, I have never regretted either making love with him or giving him up. Life is a series of difficult decisions, and some things just need to be done, without explanation, rationalization or remorse.

T.Q., Mesa, Arizona


Do you remember the first night we met on the balcony at that party so long ago? I can’t forget that night it’s still burned into my memory.
I was wearing a black tux, which is very rare for me, and you were in that long black dress that made you look so elegant, so beautiful. The way it contoured to your body was incredible, and the leather ties holding it together left a two inch wide gap on both sides that excited me immensely. You moved so gracefully in your four inch heels, too, and I watched you from across the room, catching your every seductive movement.
You were with that football player, and I felt kind of bad for him he never really stood a chance once we saw each other. I remember I was meeting a couple to try to hash out a business deal, but then you entered with him. I’d never seen such beauty before, and your smile lit up the room.
At that moment our eyes met, and I knew that this would be a night like none other. It was as if the rest of the room went black and no noise could be heard except the sound of our heartbeats. Even though we were surrounded by several hundred people, it was like we were all alone. The minute we looked into each other’s eyes, nothing else mattered. I could faintly hear the voices around me trying to get my attention, but all I could see was you.
I couldn’t help but laugh when I noticed your date trying to talk to you, but you never took your eyes off me as I began to cross the room to get to you. And when you licked your lips, it sent a shock through my body.
As I moved behind you, you froze just knowing I was there. As I passed, I brushed my hand across the tattoo at the small of your back and breathed in your essence, which was intoxicating to me. You let out a gasp as my hand traveled across your skin, but your date never noticed me.
Then I moved off and back into the crowd. You looked to your left and watched me with what I took to be carefully guarded excitement, and I could see there were questions going through your mind. You wanted to know who I was, where I came from, what I wanted.
As the night went on, I felt the heat building between us. Every time I passed you I saw it in your eyes, your stare, the movement of your body as you danced for me. And yes, I knew it was for me that you danced so seductively, flaunting your sexual grace and beauty and stirring in me a passion that I’d never felt before that night.
I’ve known many women in my life, but none had captured me that way before. When I saw you move to the balcony and look back at me, I knew it was my chance. As you stood there holding onto the railing, you heard me come outside. You knew it was me instantly, and you knew exactly why I was there. You even knew that you would submit to me, even though we’d never met.
As I came up behind you, I didn’t touch you at first. I simply took in your essence again, breathing deep and luxuriating in the scent of such a seductive woman. You felt my hot breath move across your ear and let out a soft moan. Your body shook with anticipation as you waited for me to make my move, and I could see you shiver with excitement, excitement that I knew I was causing.
I whispered softly into your ear, telling you that you were mine, and then I put my arm across your shoulders and pulled you into me. My other hand wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer until our bodies were as one. Your head fell back against my shoulder and I turned it away from me, exposing your neck and biting gently into your flesh.
You let out a primal moan that resonated throughout the room. No one knew where the sound had come from, but all who heard it knew it was the sound of unbridled passion.
Your body collapsed from beneath you, but I held you up in my strong arms. Then I spun you around and put your back against the railing. You spread your hands apart and held on tight, eyes looking up toward the stars.
You opened your legs to me, inviting me to feast upon your flesh, and I dropped my hand to your knee before sliding it up to find your soaked pussy waiting for me. My other hand went up to your hair and tangled in your soft auburn locks as I grabbed a nipple between my teeth and bit down hard. Then I pushed two fingers inside you.
You let out a scream of such intense pleasure that the entire party came to a halt. There was no hiding where the sounds were coming from now.
The large glass doors and windows that faced the balcony filled with the guests’ faces, first in total shock as to what they were witnessing and then fascinated by the spectacle of what was unfolding before them. Unable to look away, even the most prudish guests couldn’t help but wish that they were on the balcony.
Slowly dropping down to my knees, I pushed a third finger inside you. Then my left hand rolled and pulled your hard nipples as my right hand kept pushing in and out of your pussy over and over.
I sucked your clit, working you up even more, and then your orgasms began to pour from your body like a waterfall. Your screams were as intense as your orgasms, and they flowed from you continuously as you soaked my face with your come.
As I stood up, dripping with your come, you started to collapse from sheer exhaustion. Picking you up, I looked into your eyes in disbelief. It felt like I was looking at my soul mate, and from the sparkle in your eyes, I could tell you felt the same.
Your arms wrapped around my neck, and as we turned, the crowd parted enough to let us through. You could see in their eyes that they’d never witnessed or experienced such animal lust in their lives.
As we walked past them you kissed me hotly, and I knew then that I’d finally found the woman I’d been looking for my whole life.L.D Boulder, Colorado


I’m an 18 year old woman who’s almost always horny. I’ve been baby sitting for a couple in my hometown who have three kids that I really like. Not long ago, maybe two months or so, I found a stack of porn in Mr. Jones’s room. I was shocked since he and his wife are so conservative and so well respected in our town. Mr. Jones is a CPA, church leader and youth soccer coach.
I browsed through the magazines and got so horny that I was soon busy with my hand down my panties, and before long l was coming like crazy.
When the parents came home, I acted totally calm, although I was dying to ask Mr. Jones about his stash.
As usual, he drove me home, but when we were halfway to my house, I calmly reached over and unzipped his pants. He slammed on the brakes and froze. Then I took out his rock hard cock and began to stroke it.
While I fondled his cock, Mr. Jones pulled the car off the deserted road. Once the car was in park, I bent down to take his cock into my mouth. Mr. Jones moaned loudly and grabbed my hair as I bobbed my head on his tool.
I pulled off before he could climax and climbed into his lap. He protested, but he didn’t stop me as I straddled him, lifted my shirt, pulled my panties aside and sank down onto him. His dick felt good and I took him all in before I began to bounce up and down on his cock. For a man who’d been protesting a minute before, he sure changed his tune in a hurry, and he was soon gripping my little ass as I rode him. He even helped lift me up and down on him.
My tits were soon out, and he hungrily sucked the hard nipples. He began moaning and even thrusting, and I felt him work a finger in my panties to begin probing my tight ass. I moaned and came with a yell as both his cock in my pussy and his finger in my ass brought me off.
He then yelled and dumped his load deep inside my little body as I took it all. When we were done, I slowly climbed off him as his sperm ran back out of me. Then he started the car to take me home. I leaned over and cleaned him off while he drove, and I even sucked and swallowed another small load before we arrived.
Since then we’ve kept our little secret, and Mr. Jones fucks me every time he drives me home. I even let him take my anal cherry one night, and although it nearly split me in two, it was very fulfilling. I’m happy I found Mr. Jones’s stash. I think that he’s my best customer. A.P.
Joliet, Illinois


My sister’s friend, Martha, called me to see if I’d give her a ride home from work. I jumped at the chance since a lot of hot chicks worked with her. Martha is hot too, with big tits, long legs and an amazing ass.
On the way to her apartment she kidded me about me staring at her coworkers and we laughed together. When we got to her place, she invited me in for a quick drink. She gave me a soda and went to change, but I told her I liked the sexy outfit she wore for work (the girls all wore tight white blouses and black short shorts).
“Oh, you like my big boobs?” she teased, jiggling them close to my face.
“Hell yeah,” I answered.
“Is this what you want?” she asked as she unbuttoned her blouse a little to show more tit. “Do you want to get your mouth on them?” she teased.
I nodded, then had her lie back on the couch and got on my knees on the floor beside her. I unbuttoned her top the rest of the way and pulled her big tits from her bra. I got as much of her nipple and tit in my mouth as possible and then sucked. I ran my hand over her bare tummy as I did this and she moaned in my ear.
Martha ran her hand through her hair as I tried to get my hand down the inside of her tight shorts so I could feel her hot pussy.
“Whoa, calm down, big boy,” she said. “If you keep this up, I’m going to have to let you fuck me.”
“Let me take this off for you,” she continued before removing her blouse and bra and letting me suck her tits some more. When I tried getting in her skintight shorts, she helped me out by removing them and her G string panties. Then she let me finger her to a really loud climax.
“Do you have a condom?” she asked after her orgasm subsided.
I nodded and she said, “Put it on.”
I stripped in a flash and put the rubber on as she laid on the couch.
“Wow! You’re gorgeous!” I said as I got between her legs and slid into her warm depths. We kissed passionately as I began thrusting away. Embarrassingly, I didn’t last very long, and soon I filled the condom.
“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “If you wait a bit, I’ll be ready to go again.”
We waited a bit and then she surprised me by sucking me hard again, which didn’t take long, and we were soon at it again. This time Martha came twice before my climax hit and I pulled out, splattering her pubic area and tummy with my come.
We finished our drinks, then she thanked me for the ride and I left.
I’m already looking forward to her next call! O.H.
Spokane, Washington