Teacher’s Pet

I’m a junior at a large Midwestern university and an avid reader of Forum. I usually get a hard on just reading the letters and fantasizing about something like that happening to me. I never thought it actually would until just recently.

Last weekend was the biggest football game of the year at our university. We won the game, so you can imagine how crazy the campus bars were later that night. My roommate, Joe, and I went to one of the local bars where we happened to run into one of my professors, a very beautiful 30 year old woman named Julie. She noticed me and came over to say hello. She was with a friend, Jenny, who could have been her twin sister. What a sight the two of them made! Two longhaired women with the nicest tits and asses you’d ever want to see, all dressed up in our school’s colors.

The bar was so noisy and crowded that Julie suggested we go to her apartment to smoke some dope. Well, to say the least, I was shocked. At first I thought she was kidding, but with a little hesitation (I knew that she was married) we decided to go. When we got to Julie’s plush apartment, she and Jenny left Joe and me sitting in the living room for a few minutes while they went to freshen up.

They each came out smoking a joint, wearing nothing but red panties that had “Let’s Fuck” printed on the rear. I couldn’t believe it! I mean, this was my teacher!

Next Jenny walked over to the stereo, put on a Linda Ronstadt album and said, “I can’t fuck without listening to Linda.” Joe and I almost came in our pants!

Then Julie went over to the TV and put in a porn movie. By this time Joe and I had a good buzz going from the reefer. We were sitting on the couch, watching Jenny dancing topless and singing to the music while Julie poured some wine all while the TV screen was filled with great fuck scenes. By this time, both of our hard cocks were about to rip our jeans open and the girls knew it. Joe got up and started dancing with Jenny Julie came over on the couch with me.

She said she wanted to undress me with her mouth. I agreed and, starting at the top of my shirt, she proceeded to rip the buttons off with her hands behind her back. After getting my shirt totally open, she sucked my nipples for about five minutes and licked my whole chest and belly. I was so hard I was sure I would explode right then. Then she unsnapped and unzipped my pants with her teeth. My hard cock flew right out of my bikini underwear, and she sucked it for ages. I was in total ecstasy. Having a beautiful woman totally swallowing my dick with her mouth while being stoned and listening to Linda Ronstadt’s beautiful voice was like being in paradise. I soon shot my load in her mouth.

Then my teacher and her friend began playing with themselves while watching the movie. It was the most beautiful sight. I couldn’t tell which one was Julie and which one was Jenny. I looked over and saw that Joe’s dick was throbbing as hard as mine while we watched the girls masturbating. I had never done anything like this before, but I asked Joe if we should masturbate each other. He agreed, so we did it. We’re not gay, but we were so horny that we had to do something, and having someone else jerk me off was totally awesome.

Then the girls crawled down off the couch. Jenny sat on my face while Julie sat her hot pussy right on top of my dick. Then Jenny rolled over and told Joe to fuck her, too. What a sensation! We all came several times and finally fell asleep in a pile on the floor. When we woke up, the girls made breakfast for us, and we went home. I never found out where Julie’s husband was that night and I don’t care. All I know is that I had a terrific night with my professor. Now, she frequently asks me to stay after class. I can’t say that I mind.

Mr. B.T., Address withheld by request

Passionate Couple Utilizes Fiber Optics for Explosive Sex in Separate Beds

Finally I told him he’d have to sleep at home one night, just so I could get some laundry done, some bills paid. I said there would be no way I would get anything accomplished if his luscious body were within arm’s reach. Reluctantly, he agreed.

When I got home after work, I tried to busy myself but missed having Ross’s strong arms around me. I forced myself to do a few loads of laundry, thinking that the dryer would be a great place for Ross and I to fuck. As I wrote out checks, I could smell his cologne and residue from yesterday’s wild and sweaty sex session on the couch cushions. It was too distracting. I had to talk to him, so I picked up the phone and punched in his number.

He answered and I whispered huskily into the phone, “I can smell your sweat on my sofa and it’s making me wet. I can’t think of anything but you.” He picked up my vibe immediately and I heard him sigh.

“This is the longest I’ve gone without seeing you . . . without touching you . . . in weeks. My cock is so stiff. I wish you were here to feel it.”

“Oh, babe, I can feel it,” I sighed into the phone. “You’re slouched there in your armchair, the thin cotton of your Calvins barely containing your cock.” My eyes were closed as I imagined Ross sitting beside the phone, stroking himself. “You’re cradling the phone while my fingers trace an outline along your cock. There’s a tiny dark spot where your excitement is evident. I press into it with my thumb and your eyes roll back. . . . ”

“Hmm,” he breathed, and I wondered what his hands were up to. I know mine were busy. One was kneading my breasts, and the other rubbed the dampening crotch of my nylons as I wedged the phone between my ear and shoulder. “I wish you were here,” Ross moaned.

“Shh, I am, I am,” I purred into the phone. “I’m right here, kneeling between your legs. My thumb is still pressing, rubbing the head of your cock. The material is getting slippery with your precome. I want to taste it. I lift the waistband and slip my hand under, feeling the ridge, stroking it. I pull your shorts off your waist and your raise your ass up off the chair while I slide the shorts down, over your ass, down your thighs, over your knees.” I heard him struggle for a moment and then breathe a sigh of relief.

“Your cock is so hard, so big. It looks like you haven’t come in days. I’ll have to remedy that. I pull your shorts off, over your feet, and spread your legs wide, nuzzling into your crotch, inhaling your sexy smell. I tongue your balls, sucking each one into my mouth, and watch as your cock lifts up off your belly, straining to be sucked.”

I could hear Ross’s breathing getting heavier, faster. I knew his cock was rock hard, and that he was rubbing that one spot with his moistened fingers, the way he’d done for me when I’d asked him to show me how he masturbated. I had yanked my pantyhose off and my fingers were busy probing my cunt, spreading my juices and teasing my clit.

“I’d love to suck your cock, but I want to come along with you. I climb onto your lap, straddling your thighs, the two of us fit perfectly in the seat of your chair. I drag my pussy along your prick, up and down, teasing you.” I trailed my fingers up and down my slit, imagining that they were Ross’s cock. “I’m positioning the head of your cock at my wet opening, pausing to get a good angle, and then I slide myself down, taking you deep inside my slippery cunt.”

I shoved my fingers where I wanted Ross’s cock to be and we groaned in unison. I knew he wasn’t far from coming and that it would only take a few quick strokes of my clit before I’d be coming, too. I wanted to time it perfectly.

As I worked my fingers in and out, passing over my clit with each stroke, I inhaled the combined scent of my excitement and yesterday’s sex and continued to talk Ross to orgasm. “I ride you, wrapping my arms around your neck, sliding up and down your hard cock, rising up, slamming down, speeding up with each thrust.” I could hear Ross’s breathing coming in short gasps and I imagined that his hand was a blur on his cock. “I feel your thighs tense and I slow down just a bit, knowing that you are seconds away from climax. Hugging you tight to my chest, holding your face against my breasts, I slide myself along your engorged cock with slow, deliberate strokes.” I heard a quick gasp.

“In.” My hand poised on my clit, I waited for Ross’s last strained groan. “Out.” His breath hitched. “In . . . Oh, you’re so hard.” He held his breath. Any second now. “Out . . . I love you, honey.”

“Uh . . . ohhh . . . oohhhh,” Ross moaned, and I rubbed my clit, a warm rush spreading through my loins as I moaned along with him. After a few silent moments we started to giggle a bit. I cradled the phone, making silly cooing noises, and Ross laughed.

“We have great sex together even when we’re apart!” he said, and I agreed.

Melissa M., Michigan

The Tennis Lesson

Evelyn and I have been married for nearly seven years. We had had a reckless and sexually fulfilling marriage for several years, but until recently it had suffered from to the stale monotony of dwindling desires and cumbersome responsibilities. Evelyn still has her youthful figure, and at 31 still gets that sparkle in her eye when I tell her I care for her. Unfortunately, she seemed to have hidden phobias that restrained her from exploring any type of sexual adventure— or so I thought.

Several weeks ago we rented a room at a motel near Lake Tahoe in the Sierras. For me there was always a special feeling about staying in a motel. It took me back to those days when my teenage girlfriend climbed out of her bedroom window to get in my hot rod, go to a motel outside of town and have sex all night.

That night Evelyn and I talked about what our life together had become. I told her about my fantasies, which included having a wild orgy at home. She wanted me to be an animal, a savage beast, and she became excited as she talked about it.

In the morning we took out our rackets and went to play tennis. Evelyn looked very sexy in her white shorts and T shirt. We played energetically for a while, and the perspiration made the thin cotton of the T shirt melt into her skin, her nipples jutting out.

Playing next to us were two tall and lanky black men, pounding the ball back and forth across the net with a frenzy that was depressing to watch. I sat on the bench to catch my breath, half closing my eyes in exhaustion. Evelyn reluctantly took the seat next to me and sat watching the two men. I watched her staring at them, fascinated by their muscular bodies and boundless energy.

Sensing something stirring within her, I asked, “Why don’t you join them? You could use the exercise.” She shook her head shyly and sat watching them a while longer, then shrugged her shoulders and sauntered over to their court. She stood there until one of the men caught sight of her and nodded in her direction. He tossed her the ball, and she hit it with her racket, sending it wildly to a distant court. She took her place close to the net.

Her white shorts had become wet with perspiration and gnarled in the crack of her buttocks, causing the man behind her to play with a noticeable lack of finesse. After several minutes they came over to sit next to me, exhausted. The men wrapped towels around their shoulders.

“Are you guys professional athletes?” I asked.

“No, we’re just trying to stay in shape,” the larger of the two men replied. “My name is Lew, and this is Ben.” He gestured toward the other man kneeling in front of Evelyn. Lew explained that he and Ben were musicians playing at one of the casinos. He kept looking at Evelyn, who sat there with her legs open slightly as if responding to some primitive desire.

“How would you two like to come over to our pad for a while to shower and rest up a little?” Lew asked. He kept looking at Evelyn’s erect nipples.

She shrugged her shoulders again and nodded.

“Sure, why not?” I said. “We’ll follow you.”

Their pad was a lavishly furnished retreat overlooking the lake. As we entered, Ben went to the stereo and turned on some soft music. Lew disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower. Evelyn lay on the couch with her head resting on her arms while Ben took a seat near her feet. I went in search of the refrigerator to look for something to drink.

I heard Evelyn saying something to Ben about how his music relaxed her. When I returned, he was holding her leg in his hands, giving her a massage. She looked up, and I smiled. She turned back and looked at Ben, then placed her hand over his, pressing it tight against her thigh.

I tried to keep up the conversation but when I looked in their direction again, I discovered them in a sudden and deep embrace. Their mouths were crushed together, and his hand was pressed between her legs.

Evelyn pulled away from Ben and drew me closer. She pulled me down and kissed me longingly, her tongue probing the corners of my mouth, then pulled away against to gasp for air.

“Oh God, this is great!” she exulted, her head falling back on the couch. She spread her legs a bit more as I knelt next to her. Ben and I probed and caressed the dimpled surface of her skin, each of us pressing upward and feeling the moisture seeping out from around the edges of her shorts. I reached down to unzip my fly and took out my hard cock. I watched her eyes roll from side to side in anticipation.

Suddenly a shadow fell over us as Lew, his immense body shutting out the light, stood before us, his dark and ominous cock hanging between his legs. He reached down to grip it, displaying it proudly like a stallion in heat. He reached behind Evelyn’s head to pull her toward him. Her mouth was already open, in awe of its size, and she enveloped its head with her tongue. He pushed it deep in her throat, then drew it out, coated with her saliva.

I stood up and staggered to the bathroom, confused and delirious. I splashed water on my face, trying to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I returned to the darkened room to see Evelyn’s now nude body partially hidden by the large, looming figure above her. A loud moan pierced the air, followed by an urgent plea to press deeper.

Ben struggled to remove his shorts, and his cock sprang out like an aroused python. He rose up over Evelyn’s head and pressed it down in her mouth, thrusting deeper as the air rippled through his nostrils. She swirled her head to and fro as each cock thrashed into her. Tears of pleasure rolled down her face.

I sat in a chair across the room, paralyzed with exhilaration. I had never seen Evelyn so brazen and uninhibited before. It thrilled me that she was displaying her intensifying lust so openly to these overpowering men. She clutched the back and legs of the man above her as he plunged his prick in and out of her.

Ben had withdrawn to watch the action, and I stood in frozen fascination watching her cunt glisten with semen oozing down into the crevice of her ass. Lew’s black cock jetted out gushes of white juice all over her. Suddenly Lew raised his body above her, his cock still spitting out come, and thrust it in her mouth. He shuddered as her tongue caressed it and pressed it tightly against the roof of her mouth. Blood pounded through me as I continued to stare and listen to the muffled sighs.

With a groan of exhaustion, Lew rolled from the couch onto the floor. I moved across the room, reaching out to feel Evelyn’s pliable cunt. She writhed at my touch. Ben moved toward her body, clutching his hard cock, and thrust it beyond my fingers, pressing his balls against the back of my hand. As the pungent odor of semen and perspiring bodies filtered into my nostrils, sweat trickled down from his body onto her swollen breasts. She clasped her legs around his hips, urging him to press even deeper in her. As his cock plunged and withdrew, I gripped the throbbing head and let it slide through my fingers. Suddenly Ben lurched forward, embedding his cock and pausing to savor the gush of semen venting into Evelyn.

The quiet sound of music drifted around the room as we all lay still. “That’s quite a woman you have there,” Lew said, his voice piercing the calm of the room as he lay prostrate on the floor. Next to him lay Evelyn, her body illuminated by the faint light of the stereo. “You know your woman well,” he continued, reaching over to caress her supple body.

“Do you do this often?” I asked. These men seemed to know Evelyn much better than I did.

“No, man, but it was easy to see that your woman needed a good fuck,” Lew said, looking at Ben sitting quietly and breathing heavily. “Just give her a stranger, and she’ll read into him all that she wants and needs. It was easy to see that she was tangled up and shy, but she was only worried about what people thought of her. With us, she didn’t care at all.”

After pondering this, I said, “You’re right. Life is here for us to live it.” I added, “Why not give me your phone number? I may need your help again someday.”

D.G., Albuquerque, New Mexico