His Girlfriend’s Sister

Way back in the 1980s, when I was still in my early 20s, my live in girlfriend Shannon got pregnant. I was cool with it and so was she, except that the fact of her pregnancy seemed to cancel out her sex drive, and she just didn’t have the same interest in fucking that she once had.

One day Shannon’s younger, very hot sister Trudy dropped in to see her, along with her friend Margie. Margie was just as hot as Trudy, and her dark brown hair was short and curly, in contrast to Trudy’s long blonde locks. They were both 18 at the time and enjoyed lots of male attention, especially as they dressed in a manner sexy enough to ensure that they would keep on getting it.

Shannon wasn’t feeling very well, and after a while she went upstairs to lie down Trudy and Margie and I sat around in the rec room watching a horror movie. I was sitting on the couch next to Margie, and at one point I felt her foot come to rest on my lap. I looked over at Trudy and saw that she had fallen asleep. After a while Margie started rubbing her nylon clad foot over the crotch of my shorts, and of course I got hard. I started rubbing her feet and giving her a foot massage. I glanced at her and she smiled at me, so I kept rubbing her feet and then started working up to her calves and knees. She purred like a kitten.

With that encouragement my hands massaged further up her thighs, pushing her short skirt up with them. Margie parted her legs slightly as my hands reached her stocking tops. I shot another look at Trudy to make sure she was still sleeping. I moved between Margie’s legs and she parted them further, hooking one foot over the back of the sofa and letting the other fall to the floor. I kissed her upper thighs, then worked higher, until I got to her black lace panties. I breathed in her sweet aroma as I began to kiss and lick all around her panty covered crotch. When I pulled her panties aside and saw her bald pussy I started to kiss and lick it like there was no tomorrow. Margie started moaning, and I told her to calm down so she wouldn’t wake Trudy. But as I continued to eat her out she started to climax, and her cries were so loud that Trudy did indeed wake up.

I quickly pulled back to my end of the sofa and tried to act as though nothing had happened. Trudy blinked a bit, then asked Margie if she wanted to go home, but Margie said she wanted to watch the end of the flick, so Trudy settled down and dozed off again. Margie then reached into my shorts and started stroking my hard cock. She gave me a great handjob, and I came all over her fingers just as the movie ended. She then woke Trudy up and they went home.

That was all I thought about for several weeks, but there were no repeats of any kind until almost four months later. I was sitting at home one night when the phone rang. It was Trudy, saying that she and Margie were at a club downtown, and they needed a ride. I told Shannon, and she asked if I could go pick them up. I said sure, got dressed and left.

I found them outside the club, and man, what a sight! Trudy was wearing a black and white halter dress with black stockings, her long blonde hair falling over her bare back. Her skirt was so short that it exposed her stocking tops and barely covered her butt. Margie was wearing a leopard print minidress with tan stockings and high heels. They both looked hot as hell. They were also both slightly drunk, and they smelled of booze.

Trudy said she didn’t want me to take them home in that condition, and asked me to take them to a house across town instead. When I pulled up at the address they gave me, the girls asked me to wait and went into the house. When they came out 30 minutes later Trudy was putting her lipstick back on, and Margie was buttoning her dress. I asked them what was going on, and Trudy said, ‘Oh, nothing, we just scored.”

“Yeah, but we had no cash, so we earned it,” Margie put in.

“The hard way,” Trudy said, and they both laughed.

My mind was racing. Trudy then said she wanted to go out to the shale pits, which was an area where some of the young people went to party, so I drove us there. When we got there we all got in the back seat and Trudy produced a baggie half full of pot. Margie broke out the papers and they rolled some buds. Trudy lit up and we passed the joint around. Margie was in the middle, with me on her left and Trudy on her right.

After the first joint was gone Trudy lit number two. It was while we were enjoying that one that I felt Margie’s hand on my leg, sliding upward. I put my hand on her thigh and did the same as she parted her legs. My hand got to her crotch at the same time hers got to mine. In seconds I had my hand in her wet panties and my fingers were sliding in and out of her. She undid my zipper and took out my cock.

Trudy finally noticed what we were up to, but all she did was sit and watch. After a few minutes I pulled out of Margie’s pussy, put my hand behind her head and guided her to my cock. Margie started sucking me, bobbing her head up and down. I looked over at Trudy, and then calmly reached over to put my hand on her upper thigh. She looked me in the eye for a moment and then parted her legs, allowing me to slide my hand under her skirt to her pussy. I started rubbing her while Margie continued to suck me, bringing me close to climax.

At that point, to my excitement and delight, I saw Trudy put her hand on Margie’s ass and start to rub it, outside her skirt at first, and then beneath it. She pulled the skirt away, and I watched in amazement as Trudy put her hand in her friend’s panties. I got so excited that I quickly came in Margie’s mouth, and she swallowed as much as she could. Then she sat up and wiped her mouth, smiling. After a moment she turned to Trudy as the blonde girl fingered her ass, saying, “Hey, go easy. My ass is still sore, you know.”

Trudy giggled and said, “Yeah, that guy really reamed you, didn’t he?” She then slid a couple of fingers into Margie’s pussy, and the other girl started to moan. I was so horny watching this that I quickly got hard again. I bent down and kissed Margie, then I crawled over her and got on the floor in front of Trudy. I ran my hands up her nylon covered legs and under her skirt, and she raised her ass from the seat as I took hold of her panties and pulled then off. I then started to eat her pussy while she went on fingering Margie.

I couldn’t believe I was eating my girlfriend’s sister while she finger fucked her best friend. Both girls were moaning, and a moment later they climaxed almost simultaneously. I quickly pushed my pants down and mounted Trudy. She asked if I had a condom and I said no.

“Okay, go ahead,” she giggled, and I slid into her hot, tight pussy. It was phenomenal. I pulled her legs up over my shoulders and banged away for a while. When I looked over at Margie, she had her skirt up to her waist and was rubbing her pussy as Trudy kept fingering her. I pulled out of Trudy then and went to Margie. I tore her panties off and mounted her as she lay on her back. With the remnants of Trudy’s pussy juice still on my cock serving as lubrication, I fucked her friend for all I was worth. After a minute I felt Trudy’s hand stroking my ass. One of her fingers slipped into my asshole as the others caressed my balls. This caused me to come instantly, and I shot my load deep inside Margie’s pussy.

We all collapsed and rested for a while. I was pretty drained. After consuming another joint we got dressed and I drove the girls home. We dropped Margie off first, and on the way to Trudy’s house I started to rub her thighs again as she sat next to me. Before we got there I convinced her to suck my cock one more time. She got me so hard with her mouth that I pulled off onto a side street and parked. Then I climbed between those stocking clad legs of hers and fucked her right there on the front seat until I came inside her.

I continued to fuck both girls on and off for another year before I left for the Gulf War. By the time I got back Margie had moved away and Trudy had gotten married, so the fun was over. But I’ll always have the memories! R.J., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Eight Times a Week

From the time I lost my virginity at eighteen until the time I was twenty one, I had a total of five women. Not once in that time was I without a girlfriend who was getting it on with me. But during the first three months after I moved to Los Angeles, I had— no exaggeration— four times as many women as I’d had in the previous three years.

While I was in college, I was going out with a very beautiful blonde, but she didn’t have the best personality, so I was looking around. In a child development class in college I was one of two guys and about twenty girls. One of the girls was a tall, beautiful Asian. I never thought I’d have a chance with her.

Finally, after about two weeks, I asked her out. She said no. I’d been rejected before, and I had a girlfriend anyway, or so I figured it was cool. That semester I asked her out about fifteen times, all to no avail. But just before the semester ended, she said yes. She took me to dinner, and she even paid the tab. Then we went to a convenience store, bought a bottle of cold wine and went to the beach. Shortly after we’d made ourselves comfortable, I kissed her. I didn’t think she’d let me and boy, was I surprised. Naturally, I didn’t stop there. Then I noticed that she was touching me in the same places where I was touching her, following what I was doing. So I touched her crotch, and she touched mine. I was hard when she did that, and when she felt me she said, “Oooh!” It sounded as though she’d never felt a guy before.

I decided to explore further. While I kissed her, I pulled out my cock. She touched and looked at it with such curiosity and enthusiasm. I was so excited. Her beautiful almond eyes were gleaming as I positioned myself so that I was sitting on her lap facing her with my penis at her exposed breasts. I couldn’t believe that after being turned down fifteen times she would do this on a first date. She looked at my cock, stroked it, put it to her lips, licked it and then put it in her mouth. Let me tell you something, I can sustain an erection, but that time I came like never before.

When I came, her head jerked back, her eyes lit up, she smiled and said, “Wow. Look at that!”

I laughed and said, “You look as though you’ve never seen that before.” I nearly fell over when she said she hadn’t. Surprised, I said, “You were great.”

“Was I?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah. How did you know what to do?” I asked.

“You did most of it. You showed me. I just did what I thought you wanted me to do,” she said.

So I asked, “Why did you do it?”

She said simply, “I wanted to see what it was like.”

I was amazed. I fell in love on the spot. I found out later that she went to a Catholic school, had only been in this country a short time and that this beautiful woman had never had a boyfriend. She told me she said no so many times to me asking her out because she was scared and because she was a virgin. It took a solid year before she made love to me, but she sucked my cock from that night on, just about every time I saw her. And you can bet I saw her eight times a week!

H.J., Albany, New York

It’s an Adventure

Being in the U.S. Army Reserves isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be. All of us weekend warriors have to attend a two week training camp. This year mine took place in Wisconsin. As the training session was coming to an end, it was getting harder and harder to jump out of the sack in the morning. There are no women allowed in the combat engineer unit, and I was getting pretty lonely (and pretty horny). My nightly fantasies were growing more and more erotic, and I’d wake up with a boner in the morning. I had to lie in bed an extra few minutes until the swelling subsided while my platoon sergeant was haggling us to get up.

There was one more day of camp and I’d just finished talking to my girl back home. She’s a blonde haired, blue eyed aerobics instructor with the firmest pair of breasts this side of Canada on a very petite tanned bod. She never seems to get enough. With that vision of pleasure in mind, I again had a huge erection and it was difficult to conceal. I was thankful for the baggy cammies that the army issues they hide a lot. I couldn’t wait to meet my girl the next day when my army obligation was through.

She showed up the next day after the five hour drive from our house. I’d planned to host our reunion at an excellent vacationing spot in this beautiful state. She told me that the long drive had made her extremely horny, tempting her to masturbate several times on the way down, but she had restrained herself, wanting to save herself for me.

We shared many long kisses, hugs and caresses on the way to the hotel. Once in the room we immediately started removing each other’s clothes. She told me to go slow and let the moment last. I told her about the past week when every passing breeze made my dick hard. But I restrained myself the best I could, knowing that a session of slow sex brings out the best in her.

I could tell by the sly look in her eyes that she had something up her sleeve. Going even slower than she wanted me to, I removed every stitch of clothing except her white panties, kissing and stroking every inch of her fresh, smooth shaven body that was exposed to me. I tantalized her nipples. which became taut and stiff with the excitement.

She lay on her back, spread eagled on the bed, while I slowly licked up one side of her inner thigh, paying particular attention to the crevices of her knee. I went up the smooth expanse of skin to her crotch, letting her feel my hot breath as I licked around the band of her panties. I stopped and licked back down to the underside of her other knee, then even more slowly began my way back up again to her white panties, wet with her juices. She was breathing slowly and heavily and moaning each time I passed up her mound to lick her skin.

I gently pulled her panties to the side, exposing her pink lips. I then experienced the first of her tricks. She had shaved every inch of her body, including her pubic hair. It must have taken her some time as it was smooth and very soft. Her lips were parted slightly and I glimpsed their wetness before I plunged my soft, eager tongue past them. I held my tongue deep inside her until she started moving and bucking her hips. She lifted her ass off the bed and ground her clit into my nose while my tongue went further still. Her thighs were convulsing and she clamped her legs around my head while she climaxed for the first time in days.

It took her some time to come back to earth while I kissed and hugged her thighs. She got up to go to the bathroom and didn’t return for a few minutes. She came out wearing a tight fitting, black leather demi bra so her nipples stuck out. The panties were matching leather and crotchless. She was carrying a pan of water that she put on the floor near the bed. Next to it she put a razor, some scissors and some shaving cream. She leaned forward and told me that she wanted to shave my pubic area.

I lay back on the bed and spread my legs far apart so she could trim my bush. She grasped the shaft in one hand and moved it this way and that as she chopped off the hair around it with the other, then she proceeded to shave me clean. The night hadn’t been going exactly the way I’d imagined it would, but I’d never been so excited in all my life. My cock looked enormous and naked, its bulbous head glistening with pre come. The skin of my scrotum was as tight as the leather clad ass of my sex goddess, and I had some very specific ideas about what I wanted to do with her— ideas that had been brewing for weeks.

I asked her to sit in the big lounge chair while I placed some pillows on the floor in front of her. She spread her legs wide, offering me a full view of her thick, wet lips as I started to penetrate her. I pushed my cockhead in slowly, then brought it out again. I pushed it against her again, teasing her, waiting until she begged for it. She was so wet I couldn’t keep myself from sliding my length into her, up to my balls. I held still then, trying not to come as she pulsed around me, moaning and coming again.

I couldn’t wait any longer. With long, slow strokes I built up speed, watching as my glistening pole spread her pussy wide. I pounded in, stroke after stroke, while her pussy spilled juices. I could feel the head of my cock hit bottom as my balls slapped against her ass.

Without the usual hair to buffer the sounds, our lovemaking sounded sharp and sexy. It was so hot that I couldn’t last much longer. A tingling started from my spine, working up my back and through my balls to erupt from the tip of my cock until I filled her with my fluids. I couldn’t control my grunting noises as my come poured from us, dripping over my hairless sac and down my thighs.

I felt light headed, like I hadn’t eaten in a while or had held my breath too long. I knelt on the floor and held her to me without saying a word. We kissed hungrily and gasped for breath, then kissed again. Finally she started giggling and I laughed too while we held on to each other. I grew soft and pulled out of her but still held her, kissing and hugging. That afterplay turned into foreplay again because we had a lot of catching up to do!

E.R., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Calling All Lovers

Hello, you dear, gorgeous hunk of sex! I don’t know how poetic— or stirring— that opening is, but I’m tired. Besides, it’s sincere. Wow! You had an orgasm on the phone just now. What a turn on. I felt myself getting wet just listening to you. How I wish you had come inside of me. I wanted so much to be there, gripping you, my tongue deep inside your mouth. I can picture us standing together, fully clothed. I want to hold you as tightly as I can, my breasts brushing against your chest. You can feel my nipples burning through your shirt. I push my pelvis against you, rubbing slowly and rhythmically until I can feel your cock swell and harden, trying to get through to me. It seems to know that my juicy cunt is so close, but separated by too much clothing.

I can’t wait while we undress each other slowly. I’m so hot and so frantic I tear your shirt and pants off, eager to join with you and feel your hot flesh become part of mine. (I can feel my breathing quicken as I write this. I can hardly swallow. I had one orgasm when I got off the phone, but I want another right now. I can’t wait.)

Sorry for the interruption. I just broke my own record I came within thirty seconds and then came again after resting for a minute or two. I wish you were here. I’m so hot and so wet. That’s three orgasms tonight, after having none for a month. But where was I?

Oh yes! I was tearing your pants off. You unhook my bra and grip my tits, pulling my blouse off frantically so you can lean down and suck my nipples while I run my fingers through your hair. You pull my pants off and we stand together naked, your cock throbbing against me. There is no bed nearby we couldn’t wait long enough to find one anyway. We’re both burning up inside. You sit down on the floor and pull me down beside you. I fondle your cock, then I lean over and take it in my mouth, nipping gently at your skin with my teeth. There’s a pillow nearby, and you reach for it, reclining against it.

With your cock still in my mouth, I straddle you in a 69 and bring my cunt down to meet your lips and tongue. We suck on each other hungrily until we both come, then I roll over onto my back and spread my legs wide, inviting you to enter me. Your cock hardens again, looking bigger then ever. You turn to face me. I stroke your cock with my fingers, anxious to feel it inside me. You’re on your knees between my legs, grabbing one of my breasts in your strong hand, kneading it and pinching it between your fingers. Then you lean forward, taking a nipple in your mouth and biting it. The harder you bite, the more excited I become.

I close my eyes and moan with pleasure, and then I stiffen as I feel the sudden jolt of your massive cock penetrating my cunt. You’re buried inside me now, and you pull me close, kissing me passionately on the lips and neck and breathing softly in my ear as you bite my earlobe gently. You whisper to me that you love to fuck me, and I close my eyes again as I drift into a state of sexual bliss, asking you to fuck me harder and harder. I am mesmerized by the feel of your huge penis driving into me over and over again, faster, then more slowly, then faster again.

I stroke your back and shoulders, feeling your skin become damp as you sweat from excitement and exertion. The beads of perspiration fall from your forehead onto my face, and occasionally I can taste one, warm and salty. Your movements accelerate and you pump faster, harder, driving your cock into me. We climb to the peak of orgasm together, exploding as we climax, gripping each other tightly. We’re both spent and fall asleep side by side, your cock still inside me, our legs and arms entwined. Our hearts and minds are completely satisfied, filled with dreamy thoughts of each other and the love we share.

I wish we’d been able to fuck each other’s brains out tonight, but I’m grateful for being able to hear you come and for the inspiration you gave to make me come three times. You’re a stud even via long distance! When we both get back home I hope you’ll call me up and talk me into another orgasm.

Name and address withheld

The Lascivious Mrs. B.

I’d really like to write about my budding Big Ten football career, but this letter is about my extracurricular exploits. I’m 19 years old, a university freshman on an athletic scholarship with a muscular 260 pound build. I’m also black, which has something to do with my story.

Last summer an assistant coach got me a job with a landscaping company that maintains fancy suburban estates. One hot day I was working alone at a secluded mansion, mowing and trimming bushes when I noticed the lady of the house lounging by the pool. A skimpy bikini barely concealed the gorgeous figure she seemed eager to display. I tried to keep working despite the heat and sweat, but I couldn’t quite ignore her shapely hips, full breasts and come on smiles. Finally she waved me over and offered me a beer.

The blonde Mrs. B., who I later discovered was 35, quickly confided that her husband had been away on a long business trip and that no one else was around. Our casual conversation went cordially enough, but I was still having a problem ignoring her boldly exhibited charms. Mrs. B. flaunted herself and expressed open delight by praising my shirtless body. Her intimate ways and seductive manners produced a bulge in my grimy jeans, so it was pretty obvious how I felt about her too. After a few more beers she became even more of a flirt. Then suddenly she blurted, “Would you make love to me?”

Mrs. B.’s open solicitation startled me, but I was even more surprised when she began peeling off the wispy bikini she was wearing, revealing two sensational, pink tipped breasts. Whisking away her panties and posing seductively, she purred softly, “So, you like?”

All of my earlier sexual experiences had been with black girls my own age, many of whom were giggly and self conscious, so I was unprepared but inwardly excited when this sex driven white lady threw herself at me. Almost before I knew it, my obsessed hostess was removing my clothes, panting over my muscles and caressing my sudden nudity with great delight. Her evident hunger to satisfy her dark desire made her beg me to fondle her eagerly offered white body. An overpowering urge to unleash my lust on this willing woman grew within me. Abruptly Mrs. B. broke from my roving hands and draped her body on a huge chaise lounge, breathlessly pleading, “Fuck me now!” I moved toward her and she moaned, “Hurry up and put your cock in my cunt.” I mounted her opened body, driving my stiff rod deeply into her wet vagina, grasping her white ass to raise her closer.

“My God,” she demanded. “Fuck me with your beautiful black cock.” Moments later we both exploded in a wave of ecstasy, unleashing our lust with searing passion. After resting a while, the lascivious Mrs. B. insisted that I take her again, asking me to lay on my back while she mounted my pole and exhausted her fevered desire with orgasm after orgasm.

As I was dressing, my blonde Mrs. B. pressed a $50 bill in my hand and made me promise to return again. Since then I’ve acquired a growing stack of $50 bills and, apparently, Mrs. B. became so enamored of my offbeat prowess that she introduced me to other wealthy neighborhood women who have been equally eager to reward me for my services.

Mrs. C., for example, is a demure little redhead of 26 who gets off when I fuck her doggie style then there’s 43 year old Mrs. S., who looks prim and proper in polite company but delights in using and hearing the foulest language possible during sex.

Naturally, Mrs. B. remains my steady customer, confessing that her husband is a disappointing lover and that only my dark cock pleasures her completely. Sometimes she wants to fondle and kiss my tool for an hour or so, mouthing it tenderly before she tells me to sink the hard shaft into her throbbing pussy. She calls my cock her “chocolate stick.”

Needless to say, my strange clientele of sex starved rich ladies is keeping me oversupplied with spending money and someday, the coach keeps reminding me, I’ll have to devote more mind and body to football.

A.K., Lansing, Michigan