Grandma’s Boy

Grandma really knew what she was talking about. One of the things she told me was “be positive but not arrogant when first meeting a woman. Don’t come on too strong because most women really don’t like fresh men they prefer to develop the relationship where they are comfortable.”

I’m not sure that I ever really thought about what she had said, but thinking back, on occasion I have practiced what she told me. Somehow I believe that my most recent experience was because of my grandmother’s teaching.

I had been living in an apartment in Virginia for about six months. One evening around 10 p.m., I had just gotten out of my car and noticed that someone in the car beside mine was unloading a box that really seemed too large and heavy for her to handle. I offered to give the woman a hand and carried it up to the third floor for her. It took the two of us nearly an hour to completely unload her car and haul her belongings upstairs. She had on slacks and a bandana around her head, and knowing that both of us had to go to work the next morning, I merely said goodnight and that she was welcome for letting me help her.

Although I live on the second floor and she lives on the third, I didn’t see her a second time until one Friday nearly two months later. Truthfully, I didn’t recognize her because she was dressed like a fashion model and her hair was beautiful. She said that she had been wanting to see me because she didn’t think that she had thanked me properly for all of the help that I had given her. She had remembered my name but I was glad that she reintroduced herself because hers had slipped my mind.

She asked me if I had any plans for the evening. I told her that the only thing I had planned for the weekend was to write a few letters and to watch some of the ballgames on TV. She asked me if I would mind being her escort to an informal dinner with some business associates of hers. I told her that I would consider it a privilege and a pleasure.

An hour later I had shaved and showered. I knocked on her door and she was ready. She was wearing an evening gown that seemed to enhance her figure even more, especially her breasts. I drove about 10 miles to the home of one of the officers of the company she worked for and she introduced me around as though she had known me for years. It was a very friendly group even though slightly formal. We got back to the apartment at about 1 a.m., and I thought that I was going to say good night to her at the door. She left her door open, simply saying, “Please lock it and put the deadbolt and chain on.”

By the time I had locked the door, she called to me from her bedroom telling me to come in there. As soon as I walked into the bedroom she began helping me off with my jacket and hung it on a hanger in the closet. Without another word she began taking off her dress, bra, pantyhose and panties, and I was treated to a fantastic view of a perfectly built woman as she walked into the bathroom. I could hardly get my shorts off because I already had an erection that I was hoping I would be able to keep under control.

She gazed at my erection as she came back and pulled the sheets down on the bed and lay down, motioning me to come beside her. While we began kissing, she grabbed my erection and was rubbing the tip of it against her clit for several minutes before she spread her legs and began guiding it into her slowly. It was heavenly she was so warm, juicy and tight. She seemed to be more in command of the situation than I was, but under those conditions it was just perfect pleasure. She told me that she gets propositioned so often that sex usually turns her off, but every once in a while she has a craving for it and does love it under the right circumstances with the right individual.

The feel of her wonderful cunt around my cock was fantastic and only made better because the light from the bathroom enabled me to see just how beautiful she was. We didn’t last too long that first time, but it was long enough. We rested for just a few minutes and then began caressing one another. I was fondling her tits, and as her nipples got hard I kissed, licked and sucked on them. We couldn’t wait to begin fucking again. This time I knew that I was going to last much longer than I had the first time. I took my time with a slow, comfortable pace taking very long strokes while leaning on my arms so as to take my weight off her. At the same time I could look down and watch my cock disappearing into her cunt, and the sight seemed to make our loving even more enjoyable.

She had several more orgasms before I couldn’t hold back any longer and began shooting my come into her and she was saying, “More, more!” until we both knew that there wasn’t any more. We fell asleep soon after that.

I only need four or five hours of sleep, and was wide awake at 6 a.m. I was lying there just thinking how lucky I was having such an unexpectedly pleasurable experience. She was on her side facing me, softly sleeping, and I was admiring her beautiful body. As I looked down at her downy bush I was thinking that I would like to perform cunnilingus on her. It’s not that often that I want to eat any woman, but she was special and she looked good enough to eat. I was thinking about how hot she had gotten when I had been caressing her tits and felt sure that she probably liked oral sex, at least occasionally. I moved down so that I could kiss and caress her tits, and when I felt her nipples getting hard I knew that she liked what I was doing. She just lay there, pretending to be asleep as I began kissing my way down her stomach to her cunt. I knew when I gently parted her thighs that she was fully aware of what I was doing.

I took my time, slowly thrusting my tongue in and out of her because cunnilingus arouses me if I’m too hasty and I was trying to hold my passions back until the appropriate time. She began having her second orgasm, and as I moved up on top of her and quickly slipped my cock into her and she opened her eyes saying that she loved it, all of it, and please don’t last too long because she was ready to com again. She didn’t have to worry about my lasting, because as I said, cunnilingus really excites me, so then I was pounding into her as hard as I could and we had a very passionate climax with her backed up against the headboard.

We had a light breakfast an hour later, after which we went back to bed. We hadn’t put any clothes on during breakfast and I was worried that she might spill some hot coffee on her tits, but she didn’t. She only served us half cups of coffee saying that too much before sex is bad for you. She had opened the bedroom drapes before we got back into bed, saying that now that we were acquainted she wanted to see everything because she liked to watch.

We began kissing and caressing each other for a few minutes and then she said that I had had dessert before breakfast and that now it was her turn. She moved down to my cock and began kissing and then slowly taking more and more of it into her warm mouth. Her lips were soft and sensuous and I knew that she had plenty of experience in what she was doing. My cock turned a deep purple from all the blood pressure and the condition she had me in. She had stopped sucking for a moment and looked at it. Then she said she still wanted to feel me coming inside of her as she got on top of me and slid her cunt down my shaft very slowly until it had disappeared completely up inside of her.

She bent over and we kissed each other as her tits lightly touched my chest. Then she sat back on her haunches and just took her time for more than an hour while we both enjoyed the wonderful feeling of a hard cock inside of a caressing cunt. She liked being on top and was in complete control when I let go with a whopping orgasm. The rest of the weekend continued with more of the same, until we ended early Monday morning with a slow 69. We kissed good bye and I went to my apartment and began getting ready to go to work. Monday was a really tough day, and I was so fucked out that I could hardly stay awake.

It was three weeks before I saw or heard from her. She phoned me at the office, saying that she hoped that I would be available and willing to be her escort again. Naturally she was who I had been dreaming about since our first weekend together. We went to another gathering and it as only 10:30 when she told the host that she had a slight headache and we left. As soon as we were in the car she reached over and felt my cock through my pants saying, “I’ve been needing a repeat performance.”

Since then, every two and at the most three weeks we just lock the doors and do what comes naturally.

Mr. J.I.,

The 36th Time Around

This year I turned 50 years old, and made love to my 36th lady. This is not a boast nor complaint, just a fact. My lovers have ranged in age from 18 to over 50, and with each one I have carefully observed their orgasms. I would like to share with you the conclusions I have made regarding the varieties of female climaxes.

By far the majority of women I have known have clitoral climaxes, especially when a vibrator is used. These orgasms result in muscle spasms wherein the clitoris jumps and the anus contracts. I am guessing that the intensity of the contractions diminishes exponentially, but I really can’t say for sure.

I’ve noticed that clitoral size has nothing to do with intensity or frequency of orgasm, except that the few women who could not come to orgasm at all had very small and undeveloped clits.

One fine lady would masturbate for me and allow me to watch her climax. However, this lady did not have the typical muscle spasms during her orgasm. Still another lady could climax by crossing her legs and gently rocking back and forth. She loved to fly in airplanes, as she would have an orgasm every time the plane took off.

There was only one lady that ever ejaculated with me. This was a call girl from Las Vegas. My girlfriend and I had retained this beautiful blonde hooker for a little afternoon delight in our hotel room that was equipped with a ceiling mirror. The girl had a very short vagina and I could easily feel the end of it with my cock. In the meantime my lady was using her vibrator on her own clit and both ladies were watching each other in the ceiling mirror. They both came about the same time, but I felt a definite release of fluid deep in her vagina when she climaxed.

A few of my ladies were multi orgasmic. My ex wife could come six or seven times in succession. However, the most remarkable sex partner I have ever had was an older lady who was truly multi orgasmic. Her orgasms were vaginal and she could come every 30 seconds or so. I don’t blame any reader who would not believe this, but one night while fucking in the warm water of my spa, we counted together each distinct orgasm that she had. The total was 112 climaxes.

Mr. S.W.,

Good Things Come in Small Packages

I am writing in response to Mr. N.H. of Illinois, who is concerned about his five inch penis. I am a beautiful, blonde 20 year old woman. I love sex and think about it every minute I’m not having it. Unlike those crazy women who say thy love a big 10 inch cock, I go for the shorter men since they usually have the smaller cocks. I have talked with my girlfriends about size, and they agree that a smaller cock feels the best and is easier to handle.

One of my friends got up and left a man in bed when she saw that his cock was too big for her liking. I dislike big cocks they are sometimes very ugly and they hurt like hell when they hit my cervix. It is a real turn on to be able to fit the whole thing in my mouth during blowjobs. While fucking, a smaller cock can go all the way in without hitting the back of my vagina and gives the added pleasure of his balls touching my ass. I love to put my legs up and put my feet on my man’s shoulders so he can lick my toes and with a large man, this is out of the question.

I adore a small cock, and the little ones always satisfy me. The man I fall in love with, marry and have a family with will definitely have a bite sized penis.

Ms. J.B.,

Adventurous Couple

For the past several years, I have been reading your magazine and have always enjoyed Forum. Up until several weeks ago, however, I never thought I had anything to contribute. My wife and I have enjoyed a very nice marriage together for the past few years. We have never cheated on each other, probably because we enjoy, respect and truly love each other so much. Besides, my wife is truly beautiful and turns many heads as she walks down the street, so I have no need to look elsewhere.

One winter evening I decided to take her out for drinks, dinner and an after dinner treat that she really enjoys. There is a male strip joint in town that never fails to get her very excited. When we get home after several hours in there, we have the best sex because she is so turned on. On this one night, however, the owners were redoing the place so they could accommodate a place with female strippers as well. There were girls dancing onstage, and we were about to get up and leave when one of the male strippers came over and began talking with us. He said that ever since they started having female dancers, the regular male dancers have been, in fact, out of work, the only money coming from drinks and tips. While they were fixing the upstairs, things were pretty slow.

He also mentioned that we could go upstairs and smoke a joint with him if we so desired. Instead, we invited him to come and out to our car in the parking lot and share some with us. We adjourned to the parking lot, but decided to drive around a little because of the cars drifting by. After a while, we all decided to go to our place and try some out in a bong. After a few bowls and some more drinks, we were all pretty laid back listening to the stereo and watching a movie on TV.

Bert was sitting next to Ann, my wife, who had on a black blouse and skintight black pants that did a lot to accent her magnificent body. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and ducked around the corner for a few minutes. I peeked back and saw that Bert had put his left arm around my wife’s shoulders and they were kissing each other.

I had always wondered what it would be like for two men to make love with another woman, especially when that woman was my wife. It would be kind of like watching the two of us making love in a mirror or a movie. Besides, from our few trips to the strip joint, I realized that Ann had always smiled a lot whenever Bert did a table dance for her.

I slipped back behind the corner, went into the bathroom, and made it evident that I was coming out. Sure enough, when I came back, they were both sitting very properly on the couch. After another bowl from the bong, Ann excused herself to go to the bathroom and freshen up. I took this opportunity to act out a fantasy of mine. I told Bert in what was probably a timid voice not to be afraid of her. He asked what I meant, and I made a motion like I was touching her breasts and thighs. When Ann came back in the room and sat between Bert and myself, I could tell that she indeed did freshen up. Her bra was off and I could see that her nipples stuck out. Instead of the black pants, she had on a loose fitting skirt without pantyhose.

I got up and made everyone a fresh drink, and when I got back, Bert had his arm around her shoulder again. Soon, I noticed that his right hand was slowly massaging her right breast. After a few minutes of this, Ann threw back her head and closed her eyes like she always does when she’s extremely turned on. Seeing that neither of us raised any objection, he began fingering her right nipple through her blouse, and then opened up the buttons and exposed her breasts.

I began kissing her neck as Bert was kissing and licking her right breast. Then I began doing the same to her left breast. Ann was in ecstasy. Bert then directed her right hand to his crotch, which I thought was going to burst out of his jeans. He then unfastened his belt and pulled down his fly so Ann could get a better feel for his problem. Soon, she had his cock exposed and began kissing and sucking on it. All the time, we were both massaging her breasts, and I’m surprised Bert could hold back so long with Ann humming on his organ like that.

I stepped back and just stared for a few minutes. There was my lovely wife giving head to a virtual stranger in our house with me present. It was a long time fantasy come to life and I just wanted to savor the moment. When I finally regained my composure somewhat, Ann was down on her knees in front of Bert, so I got on my knees in back of her, pulled her skirt over her hips, and took out my own bursting cock.

I began rubbing up and down Ann’s moist slit with the tip of my cock, and as she was busy sucking on Bert’s cock, I slowly entered her from behind. I could hear her moaning heavily as I pumped in and out of her, and finally she let out a muffled cry as Bert shot his load into her throat and her warm cream engulfed my cock. We then adjourned to the bedroom where we both took turns screwing her and getting sucked by her. We tried about every possible position imaginable: Ann would lie on her back while one of us ate her pussy and the other straddled her face with his cock sliding in and out of her mouth, one of us would fuck her doggie style while she sucked the other one off, and at one point she alternated sucking our cocks, making us kneel side by side so she had easy access. All three of us finally came at the same time in an orgasm that had us screaming at the tops of our lungs.

After Bert left, Ann and I talked about it for a while. We have an understanding that if we ever do this again, we would look upon it as if we were playing with a “toy.” After all the apprehension, I felt a great relief when it was all over. We still have no desire to cheat on each other, and we have both agreed that whenever we want to have another adventure, we will always do it as a couple.

Mr. (Name and address withheld by request)

Joystick Jollies

I would like to relay to your readers an experience that was particularly exciting and exhilarating because it involved my two favorite pastimes: video games and sex.

Having children and being modern parents, Claudette and I bought our kids a video game for our television. We play the games when the kids have gone to sleep and frequently play for the “Championship of the Universe.”

One evening my wife and I were sipping drinks and unwinding after the children had gone to bed. My wife asked if I wanted to play. I was tired, and so I said, “Make it worthwhile.” Claudette responded that we would play for whatever the winner wanted. She could tell immediately what I had in mind.

We played a game for almost and hour and Claudette lost. When she asked what I wanted, I said, “The best blowjob I’ve ever had.” Needless to say, she tried to back out of the bet and make it the best two out of three. I agreed, but only if a small wish were granted. She accepted, refilled our drinks and asked what my wish was. I said, “Get naked.” At first, she resisted, but then took all of her clothes off and our game began.

Unfortunately, her being naked was a tactical error on my part, since I lost the second game. It’s awfully hard to concentrate on a game when there’s a naked sexy lady sitting next to you. Claudette seized the opportunity of having won by demanding that I get naked and then serve her a fresh drink. By now, both of us were getting a bit tipsy and a bit goofy. I quickly complied, serving her wine in the buff. I asked her what her wish was to be. She said to use my imagination. So I suggested that should she win the match I would shave her pussy and eat her. This became the wager.

As the third game began, it was obvious that Claudette was distracted by my exposed hard on. She quickly lost the game and began making excuses. She agreed to pay off her bet, only if we could have another match.

Claudette began the next game by losing. As I began my turn, I felt her hand slowly massaging my hard on. I somehow managed to retain my concentration. In an effort to break my concentration, Claudette took my cock into her mouth and began to give me an expert blowjob. The feeling was indescribable. There I was, doing my two favorite activities at the same time. Unfortunately, the feeling was short lived, because I lost control of my joystick, and Claudette began her turn at the game.

When my turn finally came again, Claudette quickly found my cock and began slobbering all over it. The conflict of concentrating on the game or on my blowjob was killing me, but I stayed ahead. I made the offer that I would concede the game if she would continue the blowjob while I played the video game by myself. Claudette didn’t even miss a stroke while I reset the game. This was pure heaven getting blown and playing the game and not having to worry about either abruptly stopping. I came just as my third game was lost.

Claudette didn’t let me forget my part of the wager, either. We were soon in our king size bed with scissors, razor, soap and water. After baring her cunt of all that nasty hair, I began to go down on her. We got into a convenient 69 and frolicked for the longest time. It was obvious that we were both approaching orgasm. We exploded but continued our eating. As Claudette looked up with a small drop of come on the corner of her lip, she said, “Now that’s what I call coming together!”

Since that time I have often though back on the occasion and fantasized about becoming a professional video game player. I may not possess all of the skills required for the big leagues, but Claudette certainly does.

Mr. (Name and address withheld by request)