Sexy Shoe Shine

I had a rather surprising experience the other day and I’d like to share it with your readers.

Recently I bought a pair of boots, black and made of very soft leather. I’ve been wearing them a good deal lately, and as they were very expensive and I therefore want to keep them in good condition, I decided to go into my neighborhood repair shop to have them shined. Usually I only have shoes and boots shined when I have them repaired, but this time, as the boots needed no repair, I sat down in one of the high chairs (used, I’ve noticed, always by men only), put my feet in the raised shoe holders, hitched my slacks above the knee high boots so they wouldn’t get stained by the polish, and prepared to have a shine then and there. What happened next was very surprising and very enjoyable!

As the shop owner (a man whom, by the way, I don’t find in the least attractive) began to apply a liquid soap to my boots and brushed it on up and down the leather which covered my calves, I felt a warm glow of excitement start up between my legs, which were held open by the placement of my feet in the footrests so I couldn’t close them even though I wanted to. As the shine continued, the saddle soap being followed by a rub down with a soft cloth, then with polish, a brushing and another rub down, the excitement stayed with me and I found it quite delicious. It was lovely to have my feet and calves massaged through the soft leather. (I should add here that I am not a leather fetishist and have never engaged in any sexual acts involving leather.)

I’d like to suggest to women who have always, like me, shined their own boots, that they consider letting someone else do it for a change. They may find, as I did, that it’s a lovely way to start the day!

C.G., Miami, Florida

New Lease on Life

I have been married for over 21 years, have five wonderful children and I’m still as in love with my husband as he is with me. However, it has not been all rosy.

I was a virgin when I met him, and I really mean a virgin! I had never even seen a penis before. While we were dating, he pulled out his penis and I found myself quickly and quite naturally giving him a beautiful blowjob, even though I had never done that before. Later he told me that he could have sworn that I had been sucking cocks for years. I was brought up religiously and had no interest in sex but I loved this man so much that our physical desire just had to be satisfied.

After we married, we had three children immediately. They were 18 and 15 months apart. If only The Pill had been allowed then. After a lapse of four years we had two more children. They were born only 18 months apart.

When the middle child was about two, I realized that things were just not right with my husband. After many tears and a long discussion, I found out that he had been seeing call girls on the side. Not only seeing them, but many times arranging for other friends to see them. When he asked me to have sex with another man, I thought he was completely crazy. He said it excited him to think of me having sex with someone else.

I could not stand the thought of living the way we were with him unhappy, and so l finally agreed. I tried to find someone to screw me but I didn’t know how to go about it. Even though I had three children, I was still young and attractive. Finally he asked me if he could arrange it for me. At the time he was the manager of a drive in restaurant that was part of a large, fine motel complex. Even though I was scared to death, I agreed. I don’t know why I was so frightened, but I was.

The first businessman with whom I had a date turned out to be very nice, gentle and loving. He didn’t know it but it turned out that I actually knew his wife, who came from my home state. He also paid well.

That launched a decade of call girl ing for me, all for the benefit of my husband. It was lucrative, but in the beginning at least, this was not why I did it. Later, when my husband was laid up for a time— he’s a disabled veteran— it actually took care of our family. My husband loved me more for every man I took. He was actually ecstatic when he was allowed to follow a customer. Again, I thought he was crazy.

Being a nice girl from a religious family, this bothered me quite a bit because although I had the satisfaction of pleasing my husband completely, I still had a terrible guilty feeling. Then one day one of my wealthiest customers said to me, “Look honey, as long as you’re not hurting anyone by what you’re doing, don’t ever let it bother you. Just think, you are really making so many people happy.” Of course, I knew he was right because my clients were men who were satisfying themselves out of the home where “it” was not available and after our “time,” always returned to their homes content with their wives, who never knew the difference. I believe they were actually better husbands for it.

However, during that time I discovered that my husband wanted to participate. I have always been very jealous and could not stand the thought of him having relations with someone else. But my most satisfying experience was fixing him up with a beautiful girl whom I had been working with and letting him take us both at once. That was really quite an accomplishment for me. So we started to “party” together. That is, he would arrange large “parties” and there would be a show put on by two girls. For me, it was acting. I had and have no interest in lesbian relationships, but the girls I worked with were sometimes true lesbians. I cannot actually say that I didn’t enjoy it. The parties and attention were fun and exciting. I soon made my own business contacts and, in fact, became quite professional.

My first strip show was really something. There must have been 50 men in one small room. I was a little scared because the men had all been drinking a lot and, of course, there was always the fear of the police breaking in. One consolation was that my “john” was always around somewhere watching and ready to step in if I needed him. In those days he was called my boyfriend.

So now I have told you about a man who loved sex and loved to participate. The thing about him that I found I was unable to accept was his desire to have sex with other men. Yes, he is a bisexual. This was hard to take. I really thought he was crazy or had turned “homo” and I was heartbroken. But I always accepted what he wanted to do and participated with him and he always ended up loving me all the more for it.

After ten years on The Pill, I began to enjoy sex less. I was tired of being interrupted by customers who knew me so well that they were interfering with my family life. I gave up everything including The Pill and returned to the business world, where I am now. My gynecologist agreed that I should go off The Pill. He said that if I didn’t I’d soon be in the funny farm.

My husband accepted this completely. I told him that I just didn’t care to have relations with anyone except him. He was satisfied. We had had many experiences together and we enjoyed talking about them. He still wanted to have occasional sex with other men though and he still wanted me to be with him. I did this reluctantly because I found that it was slowly driving me crazy. I thought he was either a sex maniac or nuts.

A year ago my boss gave me a copy of Forum and I will be eternally grateful to him, because it changed my whole life. At last I could accept the many things my husband wanted me to accept. He is not crazy after all. I can’t tell you how relieved it made me feel. It was as if someone had taken a huge burden from me. I now understand my husband completely, can participate without any bad feelings and it is wonderful. Your magazine has given me a new lease on life. It’s been three years since I left the business but I can truthfully say I enjoy sex more now than I ever enjoyed it before.

My whole family reads Forum. I even encourage my daughter to read it. I would rather she knows what it’s all about so she can ask me if she has any questions rather than have her find out by experiment. I know that she will grow up informed about sex and I know also that she will be discreet and careful.

I hope that my little story will help others and will let you know how deeply I appreciate your magazine and the counsel of your advisers. I read it faithfully from cover to cover.

T.L., Portland, Oregon

Obscene Phone Caller

Two weeks ago was in the middle of cleaning house when I received my first obscene phone call. Curiosity getting the better of me, I asked the caller to call back later when I had more time to talk. Not only did I shock myself, but I also blew his mind. He called back the next evening.

As he talked to me obscenely I kept telling myself that it was just a harmless voice over the phone, and that I was liberated enough to handle anything he had to say to me. I listened intently and let my imagination focus on what he was saying.

At first he seemed a little uptight himself, but soon he realized that I wasn’t going to hang up on him. Slowly, he seduced me with his words, describing exactly how he’d like to make love to me. I didn’t try to stop him— my ego just wouldn’t let me— and soon enough I was taken on an incredible journey through his fantasies. I found myself aroused, and with his gentle persuasion was able to reciprocate by verbally seducing him.

At first my mind went blank periodically, but he’d tell me to relax, that it was okay, and he’d encourage me to go on. His whispered descriptions of uninhibited love scenes drove me crazy, and after a while we masturbated ourselves through each other’s specific directions.

The next day I found it hard to concentrate on my daily chores. My mind constantly drifted back to his vivid, detailed descriptions of love scenes, and I was in a perpetual daze. Soon he was calling every day, and I looked forward to it. I confided to him my most secret sexual desires without fear of rejection or disapproval. He never made demands on me and explained that sexual taboos were only a state of mind. I could accept that, and soon we were making even more fantastic imaginary love, the two of us floating somewhere between now and then, between fantasy and reality.

We masturbated to our wildest fantasies, which we continued to share over the phone, whispering to each other intimately, privately projecting mental pictures of two beautiful people making love. Recently, he stopped calling, and I realized it’s futile to speculate on the reasons why. Now, because I have expanded my fantasies, masturbation has become immensely more pleasurable for me. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it took an obscene phone caller to help me get rid of my inhibitions.

D.S., Henderson, Nevada


I never would have written this five months ago but after reading your fine article in the April issue I feel comfortable about bringing S&M out into the open. My wife and I are both 28 years old. We’ve been married for five years and were already into S&M on our wedding night.

Gail and I shared an apartment during our senior year at college and, by the time we were married, we had experimented widely with bondage and discipline. Although it was nice when I was in charge, there were no fireworks. But when Gail took her turn as boss, wow! The whole world seemed to spin. She likes to dominate as much as I like to obey, so we stayed with B&D and tried many different variations. Gradually, we moved into S&M practices.

Over the years, Gail’s domination has expanded, and now I do things such as household chores because I am her slave. When I arrive home in the evening, she greets me with, “Get naked!” I must strip and help her finish preparing dinner. Sometimes I sit and eat dinner nude and at other times I serve her meals standing at attention while she eats and I always do the dishes. I am not allowed to wear anything at night, even when her close friends are present. When we are in bed, she commands me to perform cunnilingus on her before we have intercourse.

On Saturday morning, Gail and I run errands and go shopping. Upon our arrival home, she commands me to, “Get naked,” and I must strip before putting the groceries away. Then she permits me to clean the house while she relaxes. In the evening we usually see a movie, but once we’re home it’s “Get naked” again, and while I strip she informs me it’s discipline time. She makes me kneel, with knees spread wide, and ties each ankle to a board. In this position, my face is touching the floor, my ass is high in the air, and my hands are bound behind me. My mistress uses a flogger with four thongs. After a few light strokes, my penis becomes hard.

As a reward for getting an erection, she teases me some more and snaps a thick rubber band on my penis so that I cannot come. She slowly works a dildo into my rectum and it’s really wonderful, wanting desperately to shoot off but not being able to do so. After that, it’s ten more with the flogger, during which time I have to count them off. As she reaches between my legs and holds my balls, I’m permitted to thank her for being so kind. The entire routine is repeated over and over again and, although I am asking for release, she keeps on pleasing me.

Hours later, with hands still tied behind my back, I am taken into the bedroom to perform cunnilingus on her. Finally, she pulls off the rubber band and, in one swift motion, she mounts me. I erupt explosively into her vagina and, afterwards, I am allowed to lick her clean. I love it all! I’m looking forward to many more years of “slavery” and of giving pleasure to my mistress. For someone like me, it’s the only life.— T.S., Ames, Iowa

Attention Surfers

I have this great fantasy I would like to share with your readers. I live in Southern California, right near the more popular surfing beaches. These beaches are overflowing with virile surfers with shaggy blond hair and deeply tanned skin. I get so excited just lying there watching them that it almost kills me. However, the ones who really get to me are the ones who are around 18 or 19 years old. My fantasy is as follows:

I imagine I’m on the beach in my bikini with shining brown skin and I’m watching six young studs playing a game of volleyball nearby. At one point the ball falls out of bounds and rolls onto my towel. I throw it back to one of the boys, who is named Erik, and give him a seductive smile. They all play for another hour. Around four o’clock five of them leave the beach while Erik remains behind, wanting to play another set.

I get up and walk over to him, saying, “Hi. Looks like you still want to hit.” I tell him I’m not very good but I’m willing to try. He looks at me hesitantly, wondering who I am and how good I spike a ball. After a few seconds he squeaks out an “okay,” although he’s not too enthusiastic about his new partner. We hit the ball for around 15 to 20 minutes and discover we are both actually having fun because I was better at volleyball than he thought I’d be.

The sun is starting to set and we are beginning to tire. Erik thanks me and announces that he’s got to go get himself something to eat. I persuade him to come home with me for some steaks. After I reassure him that he can call his friends from my place, he finally agrees.

While I prepare dinner he tells me about his surfing experiences down in Baja with his brothers. I don’t even hear what he says. I’m busy thinking about what might happen if I play my cards right. Over dinner I ask him if he has a girlfriend. He says he has three, only they like him more than he does them. I love his cockiness! He confesses that sometimes he just doesn’t want to take them out, but he likes having them around, although none of them are really very good kissers. I say there’s a right way and a wrong way to kiss. I suggest that we pretend I’m one of his girlfriends, and that he kiss me so I can see if he likes how I do it.

At first he rejects the idea, but I soon get him to give in. He leans over and kisses me for about five minutes without ever opening his mouth. I have a lot of teaching to do! I tell him that was pretty good, but that there are other ways to kiss. I lean over and kiss him, parting his lips with my tongue, exploring his warm, moist mouth, which is just as wet as my vagina. As I do this, I run my hands over his neck, shoulders, and taut naked chest, which is the texture of silk. I glide them over his hip bones and his muscular thighs, but all I can think about is his cock, which is outlined beneath his swim trunks. That beautiful, shining, satiny cock! I can’t stand it any longer.

Before he can say anything, I stop kissing him and take his cock out of his trunks and begin sucking and licking him. I give him the best head I have ever given. He moans and whines, clutching the edges of his chair for dear life, thrusting his pelvis toward my mouth. Then he comes, and I continue to suck him, and it seems as if he will come forever. We are both in ecstasy. When finished, he gets up and runs out the door. I’m amused by this and have the biggest grin on my face that you can imagine. Here my fantasy ends.

Some people might call me a lecherous old woman, but that wouldn’t fit because I just turned 21. The fantasy provides me with no end of pleasure, and all I can say is: all you Southern California surfers, especially you young ones, watch out. The next time you see a blonde in a brown bikini giving you the eye, ask her if she subscribes to Forum!

C.T., San Diego, California