Open Marriage

A few months ago, my husband and I had a discussion about sex. I guess we were, in effect, analyzing our marriage. We are both 30 and have been married for eight years. It was obvious to us that, although we were very happy, we were in a rut.

For the past two or three years, my husband has been suggesting swinging. I’ve told him that I couldn’t consider making love to a man I didn’t care about. He always felt that love and sex were two separate matters.

Although I was a little bit leery of the whole idea, I finally agreed that a little extramarital activity might spice up our marriage. He assured me that as long as we were sure of our love for each other, nothing could break us apart.

I told my husband that I had no idea how to go about finding a man because I had been out of circulation for so long. He suggested that I try seducing our neighbor’s nephew, Sandy, whom we both liked and who was a frequent guest in our home.

Sandy was very shy with girls and we were both sure that he had never been laid. He’s 19 years old and quite attractive, so the idea started to intrigue me. We decided that the next time Sandy came over, my husband would start a very sexual conversation with him and I would wear something very seductive.

The following evening, while I was in the shower, I could hear my husband talking to Sandy in the next room. I finished quickly and dressed in a tight pair of shorts and a tank top with no bra. As I entered the room I caught the gist of the conversation. My husband was telling Sandy about this porno movie we had seen. He was really laying it on and exaggerating every detail.

I joined them and got right into the discussion. I asked Sandy if he had ever seen a porno film and he said he had. We started naming different movies and, then, came across one we had all seen. It was an especially good one to talk about because it had some pretty explicit scenes and the actors and actresses were all young and good looking.

I told him the movie had particularly turned me on because of all the handsome boys with their slender, muscular bodies. I added that one especially good looker reminded me of him.

He started to blush as I asked him if he had tried any of the things that were depicted in the movie. He said he didn’t date much and that he was still a virgin. At that point, my husband chirped in and said that there were probably a lot of girls who would like to go to bed with him. Then I said that I wouldn’t mind going to bed with him myself.

He thought we were just trying to make him feel good so, to prove it, I untied my top, exposing my breasts to him. Poor Sandy looked shocked but my husband reassured him that he didn’t mind. In fact, at that point, my husband left the room.

I sat next to Sandy in all my topless glory and started to massage his crotch. He was very excited. I asked him if he would like me to do some of the things that he had seen in the movie. He said nothing as I unzipped his jeans and started playing with his cock. Then we stood up and got undressed. He had a huge erection which I couldn’t keep my eyes off and I started to get really hot. I told him I wanted to suck him off and he said he’d really like that. So I had him sit in a chair and knelt between his legs. It was so exciting to see that hard cock just inches from my face. I kissed it, gave it a few licks and then started sucking. He tasted great and I was very proud of myself for the expertise I was applying.

I imagined I was in the porno film and that I was giving Sandy the best blowjob a woman ever gave. When he started to move his hips and grab my head, I knew he was going to come. He shot off and my mouth was filled with that warm delicious taste. I swallowed and sucked for more.

After it was finally all over, Sandy thanked me and kissed me sweetly on the cheek. I told him that I would do it any time he wanted, and that we could try other things, too. I later described what had happened to my husband, who listened on the edge of his seat. He was elated that I’d had such a good time and then he and I made love like never before.

Sandy and I still see each other occasionally and my husband also has his kicks, My sex life with my husband has never been better. In fact, we’ve even gotten together in a threesome. I’m happy that we have an open marriage because I feel it’s enhanced our life together.

S.T., Somerset, New Jersey

Mile Highers

I had a great experience just a few months ago which I believe is uncommon enough to interest your readers, especially those who are private pilots.

Recently, I was having an affair with a young lady who turned 20 while we were going together. For a man of thirty nine, this was a very pleasant time in my life. My past experiences with women have not necessarily been quantitative but qualitative, and of all the women I have had sex with, sweet Jo was the best. Whatever she lacked in experience she made up for with her enthusiasm. She was a natural lover, very sensuous and eager to learn whatever I could teach her. She always wanted to please me as much as I wanted to please and satisfy her.

One of the things that made Jo a special love to me was that she was the first woman to eat me all the way that is, she swallowed my semen. Each time it happened was a special and tremendously erotic experience. It was so satisfying, and it always made me feel extra special. Besides being an expert at giving head, she truly enjoyed it as much as I loved going down on her sweet pussy.

However, the real story of my special lady lay in her eagerness to do something new and with a complete lack of inhibition. We tried many things, but the most memorable experience took place last summer. I had to go on a business trip to New Mexico for a few days, and she accompanied me. I am a pilot, and I decided to fly myself, so I rented a single engine, four seater Cherokee Arrow for our journey. The trip over was relatively uneventful. While in New Mexico, I was occupied with business, and as we were staying with relatives, we didn’t get a chance to engage in sex of any kind.

Several days later we began our return flight home, and after we took off, I climbed to our cruising altitude and trimmed the controls for our three and a half hour flight home. Alone for the first time in three days, we realized just how horny we were as we kissed in the complete privacy of the airplane.

Before long my Jo and I started feeling each other up, and in no time we were excited as hell. In her impetuous fashion she quickly undressed herself, and while I held the controls of the plane with one hand, I played with her clitoris with the other and leaned over to suck her breasts every once in a while. She soon had my tennis shorts unzipped and then began to masturbate me. A few moments later she leaned over and went down on me.

Fortunately, the weather was clear and smooth, and the plane was equipped with automatic pilot. I quickly set course, trimmed the controls and engaged the auto pilot as Jo kept her warm mouth around my cock. Then I took my shorts and shirt off, and we grabbed one another eagerly, drawing our now nude bodies together as best we could in the snug cockpit.

Embracing each other, we kissed and fondled, and I sucked her sensitive breasts, while I kept my finger busy in her tight, wet pussy. Then she pulled away, going down on me again. I don’t know how we managed to do everything we did, but I wanted to put my throbbing cock inside of her more than anything. I slid my seat all the way back, and in an instant that darling lady was on my lap with her back to the instrument panel and her breasts in my face. I sucked each breast alternately and I could feel the wet lips of her vagina on my leg while her hands caressed my cock. To say we were fired up is an understatement.

A few seconds of that was all we could stand, so she got up from my lap and guided my stiff cock into her fiery vagina. It was incredible. Here we were, 8,500 feet in the air, pumping away. We were in a highly excited state of mind and body trying to do all the erotic things our environment would allow.

We hugged and kissed and then I bent her back so I could kiss her beautiful, pink nipples while our bodies remained tightly locked together. We seemed to be at a peak of passion for a long time, and when we did come, we climaxed in lengthy, explosive, simultaneous orgasms, literally moaning and screaming our hearts out to the emptiness of the skies we soared through.

Slowly drawing apart, we smiled at each other and relished the fact that we had enjoyed a unique session of lovemaking. We also realized that we truly qualified as members of the exclusive Mile High Club!

Unfortunately, that love affair of mine ended a short time thereafter, but I will always remember my special day, making love to sweet Jo, 8,500 feet in the sky!

S.S., Encino, California

Secret Desire

I am 30 years old and have been married for 10 years. I am rather highly sexed and think I have a point which may be of interest to other readers of Forum. I have always been very hygienic, washing my pussy before sex and sometimes perfuming it a little. I know my husband gets a kick out of undressing me, so after washing I often put my panty hose and bikini panties back on under my nightie. But in spite of everything, about two years ago I noticed him beginning to lose some of his sex interest within a year, intercourse had dropped from three to four times a week to once a week, then to less than once per month. Whenever I mentioned it, all my husband said was that he was tired, preoccupied with work, etc. Actually he’s a little shy and does not talk easily about sex.

Then I noticed him paying a lot of attention, not to porno magazines, but to some catalogues of lingerie I had gotten. I also learned that he’d cut out several newspaper ads for ladies underwear. I asked him about this, but he got rather angry and refused to discuss it.

Then one night he became very aroused through watching a cabaret dancer who showed a lot of petticoat, stockings and very frilly panties. I got a tremendous fucking that night, and heard my husband moaning something about tight suspenders and “French knickers” just before he came. That made me think, because he showed no arousal during the next two weeks.

One night he asked me to meet him and a colleague for dinner out in a hotel where he had been attending a meeting, so I decided to try something new. Instead of my comfortable panty hose I put on a pair of dark regular nylons and a red velvet garter belt which I’d just bought. My husband is originally from England and on a visit there had bought me a revealing pink lace bra and a matching pair of ”French knickers,” which have short loose legs, scalloped lace around the hems and a kind of loose fitting crotch. I wore these, no girdle, and my most provocative dress.

The evening was okay, and I persuaded Roy to book us in at the hotel, telling him I felt romantic and that he would be nearer the office in the morning. When we got to our room he said how tired he was and started undressing. I didn’t undress and get in bed as usual, but sat on the bed with my knees up. When he came back I parted my legs a little and let my skirt fall back and he literally gaped. He asked me if I had regular hose on and I said “Yes, and those naughty knickers and bra you bought.” He was aroused at once, and began kissing me passionately and running his hand up and down my legs and touching my knickers. Then he forced my legs wide and began nuzzling my pussy through the crotch of the knickers! To cut a long story short, we had an incredible session of lovemaking.

Afterwards we had drinks sent up and we had a long talk. He told me he had always hated panty hose and that the contrast between dark nylons and white flesh was the sexiest thing he knew, and that bikini panties looked just like a bathing suit. He also told me he was terribly turned on by the scent of unwashed pussy and admitted he got thrills by smelling my dirty panties.

I know wearing nylon stockings and a garter belt is rather uncomfortable, and nowhere near as practical as panty hose and bikini panties. But I find the loose knickers make me feel a little provocative, almost like I’ve got none on at all. And if the results for me are a completely different husband, as far as sex is concerned, it’s well worthwhile on occasions.

If only husbands and wives could discuss their secret desires more freely, everyone would be a lot happier.

S.S., Red Bank, New Jersey

The Equality Trap

It seems to me most people are too hung up on achieving absolutely mutual sex, on making sure both partners are always equally satisfied. My current lover and I often have non mutual sex where only one of us is satisfied and this is one of the things that makes this relationship the freest and best I’ve ever had.

I too used to be a believer in mutual sex. In the past if I saw one of my lovers was horny and I wasn’t in the mood, we wouldn’t make love. I thought it would be wrong to have sex if I wasn’t excited, just to satisfy the man. I felt the opposite too, of course, if I wanted sex and my lover didn’t. I would never think of suggesting he masturbate or eat me just for my pleasure. The thought of non mutual sex seemed dirty’ to me, I guess because it wasn’t redeemed by a shared emotion.

However, my present lover freed me from all that. One night I came home from an evening meeting absolutely exhausted. I had been sleeping only about four hours each night that week and was tense and totally drained. I was much too tired to want sex— the thought of any unnecessary movement put me off— and I felt sort of limp, anything but sexy. However, I was also keyed up mentally and I was nervous. Had I been living alone, I probably would have masturbated just to clear off some of the mental tension and put myself to sleep. But I was embarrassed to touch myself with Jim around so I just got into bed and waited until I relaxed enough to sleep.

However, Jim came over to me and started stroking me. I told him I was too tired to make love and he said, “I know, you’re tense. Just let me eat you.” He did and it was lovely I fell asleep right away.

That cured me of a lot of my inhibitions about non mutual sex. Of course most of the time Jim and I want sex at the same time and have it together. But now we also give each other the more self contained private pleasure we used to get from masturbation. When one of us wants an orgasm and the other one isn’t in the mood or isn’t emotionally or physically up to it— or when there just isn’t enough time, then the other one still gives it to them.

It happens maybe once or twice a week. Say we are going to a party. I’ve just finished getting all dressed up and I can see Jim looking lustful. But my mind is on the party and I don’t really feel like getting undressed again and besides we will be late. I just give him a quick blowjob. Say I’m horny but Jim isn’t in the mood and doesn’t really even feel up to being persuaded. He just eats me.

Perhaps the nicest thing about our occasionally satisfying each other is that our real sex is always genuine. With my other lovers there used to be nights when one of us really didn’t have much heart in it, but screwed anyway, out of a sense of duty, and finally managed a piddling little orgasm. Now when Jim and I make love it’s always strong because it’s always what we both really want to do.

I think the feeling that all sex has to be mutual is one of the most common inhibitions of otherwise ”liberated” people. I know I feel more free sexually since I’ve gotten over it. I hope my experience will be of some use to other Forum readers.

R.V., White Plains, New York

Liberated Ladies

My friend and I are sexually liberated ladies who believe in acting out our fantasies whenever we get opportunity to do so.

The two of us are complete opposites in appearance. I am a petite brunette with small breasts and a nicely rounded ass my friend is a tall, leggy blond with a large, full breasts and a small, tight rear end. When we walked into a local nightclub one night we got more than our fair share of attention.

The minute we sat down, we received drinks, compliments of an attractive man sitting across from us. We smiled our thank yous and invited him over. After a few dances and some very revealing conversation, we learned that he had long fantasized “purchasing” the time of two attractive women such as ourselves. We couldn’t believe our ears. Although my friend and I both hold well paying jobs, we had often joked about selling our bodies. We agreed on the sum of $100 and hurried off to his suite.

I told him that in spite of my eight years of marriage, I had never seen a man masturbate. This wonderful man rose admirably at my request and massaged his lively cock, while my friend and I did a provocative striptease at the bedside. He pulled my friend down to nurse his swollen cock, while his mouth found my cunt. His tongue worked its way back and forth until I thought I was going to explode. I heard my friend moan her approval as an ample load gushed down her throat.

I stretched out, my friend at my head, while our man kneeled over my chest. As I wrapped my lips around his thickness, my friend began to suck his toes one by one, then all five at once. His throbbing cock was withdrawn from my mouth and aimed at my breasts. With one low growl, he shot another load of warm liquid onto my breasts.

Changing positions, our new found lover urged me to sample my friend’s pussy. I was hesitant, since this was something neither of us had done before, but I soon found myself enjoying my role to the fullest and I was determined to give her a mindbending orgasm. As he sensed that she was about to climax, he mounted me from the rear and began to fuck me violently. We came as one, writhing and moaning, no longer able to control our passion. It was the best sexual experience of my life!

No names were exchanged that evening, so it is doubtful that we we’ll ever see him again. But wherever he is, we thank him for making our fantasies real and for renewing our faith in the male animal. That was a night we’ll never forget.

S.K., Ann Arbor, Michigan