A Walk in the Park

I’m a park ranger, and since it’s the off season, I have many long, boring days at work. Yesterday, however, I finally had some excitement to make up for all of that.

I was driving around the park, making my patrol rounds, when I saw a nice van and a small car parked side by side down one of the service roads. I eased toward them, then got out my binoculars to observe. That was when I saw a good looking woman, maybe in her 30s, standing naked by the back of the van. She was very well built, with nice legs and a great ass. She was talking to someone, but I couldn’t see who, so I hopped out of my car and snuck through the brush to see better.

I was shocked by what I saw. Not the naked man, but the size of his enormous cock! Well, that and the fact that he was at least in his late 50s or early 60s. Wow!

He was slight, and it didn’t look like that huge cock belonged on that small body of his. But it was clearly his. And he stood, hands on his hips, as the girl got on her knees to suck him. She kissed and stroked his cock for several minutes before he pulled her up and led her to the back of the van. With the back doors open, he positioned her on her belly facing the front of the vehicle, then got behind her and entered her from the rear.

He slid in and out of her slowly at first, but soon he picked up his pace. I was amazed at this old guy’s stamina! He drove into her so forcefully that I was surprised a woman could take a cock so hard and deep like that. She must have enjoyed it, though, because she started screaming in pleasure as he really hammered her pussy.

Somehow she got even louder when she climaxed, but the old guy just kept chugging away for another five or 10 minutes before he was finally done. They talked briefly after that as they got dressed, then left, going their separate ways, their affair over for the time being, apparently.

It was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen, and even I was exhausted from their fuck— and all I’d done was watch! But it definitely brightened up my day at work!— J.G., Billings, Montana

Revenge is Sexy!

My name is Ellen and I’m a married 35 year old mother of two. My husband Jeffrey is a businessman who works long hours. He’s often so tired that he doesn’t even have the energy for sex, so I’m left to satisfy myself.

I was feeling under the weather on New Year’s Eve, and my best friend’s husband had just flown out of town on urgent business, so it was all too easy for her to seduce my 40 year old husband at the party I’d insisted he accompany her to. I would have overlooked the indiscretion had Julienne, my so called friend, not boasted to our mutual friends that she and my husband had “done it.” She even bragged that she’d made my husband come three times in under an hour!

I began to plan my revenge on my “friend” and my cheating hubby. I took a lover who was black and bragged to Julienne about how good he was. I knew word would get back to my husband, but I also knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off my new lover, either. As expected, the news really piqued her interest, so I invited her to come over to sunbathe one day when I knew my lover would be there.

We took our bikini tops off and had a few margaritas, then lay by the pool relaxing. Larry, my lover, arrived a little while later, and I saw the horny son of a bitch eyeing up Julienne as well as me. He came over and introduced himself to my friend that’s when I noticed that she was giving him the once over, too. She was definitely interested in Larry, just like I knew she would be.

After a couple of minutes, I went inside saying that I needed to use the bathroom and told them I’d be back in a bit. Instead, I went upstairs where I knew I’d have a good view of the yard. I spied on them from one of the second floor windows and could see the horny fuck as he stripped naked and lay on the chair beside Julienne.

Larry’s cock was already hardening, well on its way to its impressive eight inch length. Julienne glanced over at him and noticed his long prick, and her mouth fell open when she saw just how big it was. She whispered something to him and he said something back before she reached over and took his cock in her hand and began stroking it slowly. Soon his hand was high up her thigh, and not much later they shared a quick kiss.

After that, Larry said something and the two of them proceeded to get into the pool— naked— where they began kissing and fondling each other under the water. It was obvious they both had their hands between each other’s legs, and they were moaning so loudly that I could hear them even inside the house, even on the second floor.

Larry turned Julienne around to face the side of the pool and held onto her breasts from behind as he kissed her neck seductively. This drove her wild and she loudly begged him to fuck her. She wiggled her ass at him until he reached under the water to grab his cock and guide it into her. Then, as he thrust in and out of her pussy under the water, I heard her say she hoped he would pull out before coming, because she wasn’t on the Pill. Larry didn’t say anything in response, just kept driving in and out of her. Soon he had all eight inches in her, and her screams of pleasure could have woken the dead.

Julienne was having her second climax when Larry’s butt cheeks clenched and he emptied himself into her unprotected womb. As much as I wanted to catch her cheating so that I could tell everyone what I’d seen, I was still turned on by the sight of their fucking. Without thinking, I moved my hand between my legs and started rubbing my pussy until I reached my climax.

Julienne let Larry fuck her once more before I went back downstairs. Not long after I returned poolside, my husband came home with the kids, so all the adult playtime was over.

I decided not to tell anyone about catching Julienne in the act with Larry, but I didn’t have to— he ended up getting her pregnant! Imagine her husband’s surprise when the baby turned out to be black!

I haven’t slept with Larry since he and Julienne got together— I’d already shared my husband, I wasn’t about to share my lover, too. But Julienne had stopped trying to get in my husband’s pants after she met Larry. It wasn’t exactly revenge that I got in the end, but at least I don’t have to share what’s rightfully mine anymore.— E.K., McAllen, Texas

The Midnight Show

Even with my door shut, my friends’ laughing and giggling woke me up. It was midnight according to my digital clock. I’m sure my friends didn’t even remember that I was there, otherwise I’m sure they wouldn’t have been so loud. I was about to turn over and try to go back to sleep, figuring a pillow over my head would block the noise, and then I heard a third voice. And they didn’t have kids or roommates.

I got out of bed, opened my bedroom door and peeked around the corner. Looking through the stair railings I could see my friends sitting next to each other on the couch. Whoever their guest was— another man, based on the voice— he was sitting across from them, out of sight. I could tell they’d been drinking from the way they were all giggling.

I was about to shut my bedroom door and go back to bed, letting the three continue their little party, when I saw my buddy Dan put his hand on Monica’s knee and then start to slowly push her skirt up, exposing more and more of her slim thigh. Even from where I was watching I could see Monica’s panties coming into view, and I knew the man sitting across the room had a better view under her skirt.

I couldn’t believe what Dan was doing, exposing his beautiful wife like that, allowing another man to look up her skirt! What was more shocking was that Monica was allowing herself to be put on display like that. She wasn’t even trying to stop Dan as he inched her skirt higher and higher on her legs. Soon her skirt was pushed right up to her crotch.

As I watched Monica’s skirt rise up her legs, I felt my cock twitch in my sweatpants. If that was my reaction and I was so far away, I could only imagine how much the guy sitting across from the amorous couple was enjoying the show.

I’d heard stories about guys who liked to see their wives have sex with other guys, and it seemed like that’s what Dan was aiming for, tempting their guest the way he was. But for as long as I’d known the couple, it had always seemed like Dan was the jealous type. I couldn’t picture him letting Monica hook up with another dude, let alone while he watched them. Personally, I’m not usually one for voyeurism— unless I’m watching a porno, but I don’t think of that as voyeurism— but I was dying to see what was going to happen with Dan, Monica and their mysterious guest.

Dan started rubbing Monica’s thigh then, and all of a sudden, and without anyone saying anything, the other person came into the scene and joined my friends on the couch. Their third partner was a stranger to me— not a surprise since I live 3,000 miles away— but I could tell he was much younger than my 47 year old friends. I would have guessed him to be in his early 20s, maybe even as young as 21.

Now Monica had two hands on her, one on her inner thigh (Dan’s) and the other (the stranger’s) rubbing her crotch through her panties. I couldn’t believe Monica was just sitting there while this young guy rubbed her pussy. In fact, I think she was actually enjoying it! And Dan, he was absolutely hypnotized by what was going on. He couldn’t take his eyes off the stranger’s hand nestled between his wife’s thighs. It was really wild!

Monica stopped giggling then and her eyes closed as she started to feel the pleasure being delivered by the stranger’s hand. I had a hard on as I watched the guy play with my friend’s pussy, and I couldn’t believe how much pleasure I was getting out of simply watching what was going on down in the living room. I could just barely see the dark shadow of Monica’s pussy hair beneath her panties, and even though I’d known her since college, I had never seen her so bare. I’d never even seen her in a bikini, that’s how conservative she and Dan were. Or that’s how it had always seemed to me. Now that I was watching them with this stranger, I had to wonder how conservative they really were. For all I knew, this could be their normal, secret Friday night behavior!

“Would you mind if I take your wife’s panties off?” the stranger asked as I pondered my friends’ kinks.

“Go ahead,” Dan proclaimed excitedly. “She’s all yours. Enjoy yourself!”

I watched in wonder as the guy now got on his knees in front of Monica and with both hands reached up under her skirt for the waistband of her panties. He peeled them off, sliding them down her smooth legs and then pulling them off from around her ankles. Now I was feasting my eyes on Monica’s thick brown pussy hair, and my cock started to swell almost painfully with arousal. From where I was kneeling, Monica looked beautiful, and I had no choice but to start stroking my dick to ease my arousal.

Monica was completely cooperative as she allowed the stranger to spread her legs, her pussy opening wide for him. Dan and I watched as the young guy began planting kisses on Monica’s legs, his mouth moving upward. I knew where he was headed, and I watched as Monica’s eyes popped open so she could take in the sight of the guy who was getting closer and closer to his hairy target. Both of her hands went to the back of the guy’s head, guiding him even closer and urging him to continue doing what he was doing. She wanted his mouth on her slit, and she wanted it now.

Within seconds, the guy’s mouth was on her pussy, and I could tell he was working feverishly to get her off. Soon Monica’s eyes were closed again and her head was thrown back against the couch, her mouth opening to let out little sounds of pleasure. Monica was experiencing pure ecstasy as the stranger worked her over with his lips and tongue. He was doing such a good job, in fact, that soon she was panting, “Oh my God!” over and over again, her body spasming. Even from the second floor it was clear the kid had brought her to an orgasm.

When Monica finally stopped jerking uncontrollably and calmed down (which took awhile), the stranger got to his feet and told Dan he needed the couch. My buddy got up and moved a few feet away, and we watched as the young stranger maneuvered Monica onto her back and hiked her skirt up high around her waist so that her pussy was now completely exposed to the three men looking at her.

The stranger began by kicking off his shoes, then removing his shirt, trousers and jockey shorts. His dick sprang forward as soon as his shorts were down, and I could see that it was six or seven inches long and very thick. I watched as he started to mount Monica, one of her legs hanging over the side of the couch, keeping her cunt wide open for the guy’s prick.

As the stranger leaned over Monica, she lifted her head and they kissed passionately. They were in the middle of their lip lock when the guy thrust his cock into her in the classic missionary position. They broke their kiss as soon as he had penetrated her, and then he started pounding away. He alternated his pumping with slowing down to grind his hips up against Monica’s. It seemed to be driving her wild.

With that technique, it didn’t take very long for them both to come, and I knew the exact moment the guy released his sperm into my buddy’s wife. His ass tightened and his whole body tensed, telling me he was filling Monica’s pussy up.

The second the guy pulled out of Monica’s cunt, his dick shining with her juices, Dan jumped to action. He didn’t waste any time, quickly pulling off his pants and climbing on top of his wife, his dick hanging inches from her face. She took his cock into her mouth while he dove in to suck the come from her slit. Monica sucked Dan’s dick hungrily, like it was a big fat straw and at the other end was a drink she really wanted. Meanwhile he ate her out like he’d never again get a chance to taste her pussy— or anyone’s.

Dan exploded quickly, flooding his wife’s mouth with his sperm, and she reciprocated, coming one more time and probably filling her husband’s mouth with her sweet juices.

I’d been jerking my dick lightly the whole time, and finally I came, too, shooting a load into my sweatpants. I crept over to the bathroom to wash up the mess, then went back to bed, letting the three downstairs continue to play without any witnesses.

I don’t know how long Dan and Monica have been fooling around the way they did that night, or how often, but I hope they do it again next time I visit. They put on one hell of a show!— Name and address withheld

The Watchman

I met Mike and Alice when we all moved into the same duplex. They had just moved to town, and I had rented the place while I looked for a house I wanted to buy. Mike was a truck driver, and I found out that he would be on the road for weeks at a time, traveling across the country.

The duplex we moved into was really just one older home that had been divided into two large apartments. The place wasn’t bad, but the bathroom had a lot of faulty pipes, and the only air conditioner in the place was a small window unit in the living room. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but we moved in in the middle of August, and it was one of the hottest summers I could remember.

Mike left for a couple of weeks about three days after we moved in, so he wouldn’t have to deal with the heat, but Alice was still around, and their apartment was no cooler than mine. She and I would bump into each other most nights on the small back porch, where we would escape the heat by sitting in the shade with cool drinks. Conversation came easy between us, and over the next couple of weeks, we got to know each other better than I thought we would.

The walls separating our apartments were paper thin, and I could hear Alice in her apartment washing dishes or running the water in the bathroom. I could always hear whatever shows she was watching on TV, too.

When Mike had been gone about two weeks, I began to hear Alice taking a shower every night at nine o’clock. One night I went out onto the back porch to try to get some relief from the heat, and when I felt the slight breeze, I decided to lay down on the porch. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was, but I soon realized I was directly under Alice’s kitchen window.

I closed my eyes, letting the breeze cool my body, but I opened them again when I heard movement from Alice’s house. The window was open and the blinds were up, and when I looked up, I saw Alice in the window, scraping food off a plate into the garbage. She was no more than a couple of feet away from me, and she was wearing nothing but a see through teddy.

Sheer panic took me, and I tried to become invisible by closing my eyes tight. I worried that I’d be in big trouble if she saw me laying beneath her window. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, simple as that, but I had no doubt that she’d panic, and think I was some sort of peeping Tom. Thankfully, she didn’t see me laying there, looking practically up her gown.

I stayed there, frozen, afraid she could even hear me breathe, but then she moved away from the window. She went to the sink to finish the dishes, and after a minute I decided I needed to get another look at her. I twisted so I could see better, and I looked in the window. I could easily see her in her pink nightie, and her body was clearly visible underneath. She had no panties, no bra, nothing. Just that sheer teddy.

From there she went to the living room, and because of the setup of the house, I could see straight to the couch. She began looking through some magazines that were sitting nearby, and then abruptly threw them aside. I thought I’d been caught, but then she went to the bedroom and came back with a bottle of lotion. She started rubbing the cream into her arms and legs, and I couldn’t help noticing how gorgeous she was. I thought of looking away and crawling back inside, but I simply couldn’t take my eyes off her.

When she was finished applying the lotion, she sat down on the couch, facing out toward the window, and began slowly, sexually caressing herself. I was turned on watching her, but I felt guilty for invading her privacy. There was nothing I could do, though, only watch. She rubbed her hands across her breasts and tummy, and then her hands went to gently stroke her thighs. Then she started to slowly take off her teddy. Oh my God!

Without hesitation, she lay down and began to stroke herself between her legs. My view was unobstructed as I watched her fingers glide between her folds, up then down, slightly entering her sex before moving to gently massage her clit. Her legs were spread so wide, and she was beginning to moan. Her free hand was fondling her breasts, pulling on her tiny nipples. I couldn’t look away.

She leaned over and pulled a box out from under the couch. She pulled out a bottle of lube and then grabbed a sizable dildo. I almost choked, I was so shocked to see that. She quickly lubed up the toy and pushed it into her sex. Slowly at first, and then faster, she pleasured herself, thrusting the toy in and out. She was moaning and sighing, and climbing to what I knew was going to be a fantastic orgasm.

When she screamed and climaxed, I went stiff as a board, and I shot a load of jizz into my pants without ever touching myself. It was the hottest thing I’d ever witnessed, and I wasn’t even supposed to be there!

As soon as Alice went into her bedroom for the night, I snuck back to my apartment and jerked off wildly, thinking about the show I’d just taken in.

I haven’t had the chance to watch Alice like that since, but every now and then I hear her pleasuring herself in the shower, and I always make sure to jump into my own shower and join in!— R.D., Scottsdale, Arizona

Girlfriends Get It On

My wife Nikki’s good friend Laura was over one evening enjoying some wine with us and watching a porn video. In the video there was a scene with two girls masturbating together. When Laura told Nikki that she thought masturbating with another girl would be hot, Nikki immediately looked over at me. My wife and I love masturbating together, and it has always been one of Nikki’s fantasies to masturbate with another girl.

I knew by the excitement in Nikki’s eyes what she was asking me, and I gave her a smile of approval. Then Nikki asked Laura if she would consider masturbating with her— and if she could record it. Laura was surprised by the request, but she didn’t hesitate to jump at the opportunity for this exciting first time experience.

In the bedroom, I had the camera in hand as Nikki and Laura stripped down to their panties. Both women are gorgeous blondes with knockout bodies, and I already had a rock hard erection in anticipation of seeing them playing around together.

Laying on the bed alongside each other, Nikki and Laura played with each other’s small tits and nipples while they also played with their own cunts.

“Did you ever think that someday you’d be masturbating with another girl, Nikki?” Laura asked.

“No, but it’s really exciting,” Nikki moaned. “You need to take your panties off, though, so I can watch you pleasuring yourself.”

As Laura removed her panties and Nikki took hers off, too, I zoomed in for close up shots of their silky blonde bushes and moist pink cunt lips. I kept the camera zoomed in as they both gently masturbated their stiff clits, their moans of pleasure getting louder. I had to unzip my fly and pull out my stiff cock so I could stroke my eight inch dick while I captured the exciting sights and wet sounds of the girls finger fucking themselves.

“Oh my god, Laura! Watching you is making me so hot!” Nikki cried. “I’m going to come!”

“Yeah, do it, Nikki!” Laura moaned. “Come on your fingers for me!”

Nikki reached orgasm a moment later, spilling her juices onto her fingers, and Laura murmured over and over how beautiful it was. Then it was her turn to come.

“Do it for me!” Nikki begged her. “Come for me, Laura!”

Thrusting her fingers hard and deep inside her cunt and arching her back, Laura cried out that she was coming. The sight of Laura releasing her big load of juice onto her fingers sent Nikki on the way to climax again.

“I loved watching you come!” Nikki gasped when she had calmed down. “And I’d love to eat your pretty pussy and make you come myself.”

Suddenly the exciting evening of videotaping Nikki and Laura masturbating got even more arousing. Laura guided Nikki’s face between her legs and told her that she’d love to have her pussy eaten. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I had it all on video. Nikki hungrily ate out Laura’s cunt until Laura released her juices onto Nikki’s waiting tongue. Then, after guiding Nikki up her body, Laura positioned my wife with her pussy over her face and ate her to a thunderous climax.

Taking the videocamera from me a moment later, Nikki ordered me to undress she wanted to film me fucking and sucking Laura.

I quickly undressed and buried my face between Laura’s legs, devouring the delicious cunt my wife had already sampled. After making her come with my tongue, I sat up and turned Laura over, propping her up on her knees. I drove my hard prick deep inside her cunt and then fucked her to two huge orgasms. As I was gearing up for my own climax, Laura surprised me by telling me to put my cock in her ass.

“Oh, yes!” she cried. “Fuck my ass. Fuck it good!”

I gave Laura’s ass a good, hard fucking, as she’d asked, and at the same moment she cried out that she was coming, I came, too. I shot a huge load of come deep inside Laura’s ass, and when I was done, my wife handed me the camera before getting on the bed behind Laura and licking up all of my come.

The three of us have gotten together many times since that first night, and each time it gets even more exciting. And we have it all captured on film!— O.Q., North Miami, Florida