Initiation Time

My wife Doris and I finally decided to join a sex club, after much convincing by a couple we knew, who told us it would revitalize our sex life and add some new excitement to our marriage. The first gathering we attended was simply a business meeting, which gave us the opportunity to meet some of the members. Pete, the club president, introduced us to the group, and we received a warm welcome. The next regular meeting was to be held at Pete’s house the following week, and Pete assured us that we would enjoy the “initiation.” I tried to find out more about this initiation, but the only information I could get was that it was a good way for new couples to break in and get to know the other members.

A week later we found ourselves pulling up in front of Pete’s large house, where many cars were already parked outside. We walked up to the front entrance and were greeted at the door by Pete’s wife Sheila, dressed in a maid’s outfit. She led us to a very large room, in which there was little furniture but a great many mattresses, pillows and cushions spread over the floor.

The group had certainly not waited for us. In one corner a pair of women were locked in a 69, enjoying each other slowly. Near them, another woman was dreamily munching on the cock of a man in front of her, while another man fucked her from behind. As we looked around we saw other couples in the middle of various sex acts. All of them seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

When Sheila announced our presence, many of the members stopped what they were doing to turn to us and applaud our arrival. We were then led to the middle of the room. Doris was quickly surrounded by three women, who removed her clothing and then took her over to a large pile of cushions, where she was placed in a comfortable position on her belly. The women then turned to me. I was soon naked under their hands, and they led me to a kind of recliner and sat me down. One of the women rubbed my cock, and giggled as I became hard. We were then told to relax and wait for the initiation to begin.

The couples mostly went back to doing their thing, as my wife and I took it all in. Directly in front of Doris a couple fucked in every conceivable position, until the man began to look like he was about to come. At that point, however, he stopped, kissed his partner and got off her. He walked to my wife, kissed her and moved around behind her. He then pushed his dick into her wet pussy and started fucking away. Doris cried out with a mixture of surprise and pleasure. The man pushed his dick all the way up her cunt and moaned as he spilled his come inside her. When his orgasm subsided he pulled out and went back to the woman he had left.

Doris looked confused, but she didn’t have long to think about it. Another man walked over and stuck his dick right in her face. As soon as she took his cock between her lips he shot his load into her mouth. As she moved away she found two other guys in front of her. They took turns fucking her willing mouth, while a third man filled her pussy from the rear.

As this was going on, a young blonde woman came up to me and started to suck my cock. After getting me really hard, she sat on my dick and told me to suck her tits while she fucked me. She had a great figure, and I was really enjoying the ride when she asked me if I liked watching her husband come inside my wife.

“He shoots a really big load,” she told me. “I bet you can see his come running down her legs.” She then moved so that I could see, and sure enough, the man who had been fucking her had come inside her, and a stream of jism ran from her pussy and down her thighs, making two small pools at her knees. Just then another guy positioned himself behind Doris and started to hump away. She barely seemed to notice as another dick filled her mouth. The woman on top of me resettled herself and said, “Now fill me with your come!” She started grinding her pussy into me, riding me faster and faster. She played with her clit as she humped me, and when she came she squirmed so hard that she brought me off, and I sprayed her insides with my sperm. She stayed where she was, riding me more slowly until my cock finally softened.

When she got off, another woman came over and started rubbing my dick. I watched my wife as the new woman played with me. Doris was taking another load in her cunt, and she appeared to be having a great time. As the man pulled his cock out of her, another guy asked her if she wanted more dick, and she nodded eagerly, panting and moaning.

Between the sight of my hot wife and the sensation of the woman stroking my dick, I was soon quite hard again. The woman got on and fucked me as I sucked on her tits till she came.

After that a succession of women took turns humping me and coming on my dick. The last one was Sheila, our hostess. After she had come, she explained the rules of the initiation. Whenever a new couple joined the club, they were fucked by each member in turn. Which was why I had been inside a dozen women that night, while the same number of men had enjoyed my wife— and vice versa. The guys, Sheila told me, were supposed to come once in the woman’s mouth and once in her pussy. “The guys must really like your wife’s cunt, though,” she said, “because I’ve seen a couple of them fuck her twice.”

At that point I saw Sheila’s husband Pete approaching my wife from behind. Sheila explained that he got to go last, since he was the host and the president of the club. “He’s got a huge dick,” she said. “Your wife’s going to like him.”

Pete pulled his shorts off and his dick jumped out. It must have been ten inches long, and it wasn’t yet fully erect. I lost my load deep inside Pete’s wife as I watched him prepare to fuck mine. Sheila then got down on he knees and started to suck on my cock, telling me to enjoy the show.

I watched Pete split my wife’s pussy lips with his cockhead, and then slowly push all the way in. Doris’s pussy was so full of come that it spilled out around his hard on, and the puddles at her knees grew larger. She came to orgasm over and over as Pete fucked her. He scooped the come from her knees and rubbed it into her ass as she fucked back at him wildly. Then he scooped up some more and fed it to her, and she lapped it up like a hungry kitten. Finally Pete grunted, pushed himself all the way inside her and emptied his balls in her spasming cunt.

At that point the room broke out into applause, and we were officially members of the club.

S.R., Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Lust at the Lake

My wife Cora and I are in our mid forties. Cora is a blonde sexpot, 125 pounds, 36D 25 36. We both read your magazine, which really turns us on. It had been about three years since our last swinging experience, so last summer we decided to find a younger guy to have some fun with. We picked up some swingers’ magazines and answered some ads. We got about ten responses, and decided on a guy named Buddy, who was twenty six, single, and wanted to meet a couple. We met one night for a drink and he seemed like a really nice guy, so we set up a meeting in the lake country. One Friday night we took off with the boat and headed north.

We checked in at the motel and got a room with a jacuzzi. On Saturday morning we met Buddy, who said he’d take us out on the lake and guide us to some good fishing spots. We fished for a couple of hours and caught a few, but threw most of them back. We were hitting it off really well, and Cora especially seemed to warm to his personality quickly. Around two o’clock I decided to go for a swim, so Buddy and I changed into our trunks, as Cora watched.

We swam for a while, and when we climbed back on board, Cora had changed into her bikini and was lying up in the front of the boat, getting some sun. Her bikini consisted of a thong bottom and a tiny top that was really too small for her gorgeous breasts to fit into. I noticed a growing bulge in Buddy’s trunks as he looked at her lying there. She must have noticed too, for she rolled over and put her beautiful ass on display.

Buddy and I got a couple of beers and sat down near Cora. I put my hand on her ass and saw Buddy smile as I massaged her buttocks. I asked her to roll over, and when she did, what a sight she was, lying back temptingly in that bikini! I slid my hand under the thong bottom, playing with her pussy. She just lay there and enjoyed it, no doubt watching our reaction through her dark sunglasses.

After a minute I untied the thong, knelt down and ran my tongue over her clit, then started licking. She began to moan. After a couple of minutes I motioned to Buddy to take over. He slid down there and started eating her, and her moans got louder. I slid my trunks off and put my cock up to her mouth, and she sucked it in like she hadn’t eaten in a week. As she sucked on me, Buddy continued to lick her until she had a crashing orgasm.

Now Cora got up on her knees and switched her mouth from my cock to Buddy’s. While she sucked on him I got behind her and plunged my dick into her juicy pussy. I worked her good and hard as I watched her suck him. It was really erotic to watch my wife swallowing a cock right down to the bottom. Before he could come she pulled off him and told me to sit next to him so she could suck us both. She went down on each of us about fifteen times, switching back and forth to keep us from coming.

Finally Cora asked Buddy if he wanted to come in her mouth. He didn’t have to think too long before saying yes. She sucked him up and down again, and all of a sudden his hips arched up and he just exploded. He must have pumped six or seven shots right down her throat. She turned to me with her mouth open, and I could see some of his come still in there. Then she grabbed my cock and sucked on it. After about a minute I blew everything I had, and she swallowed again. Finally she got up to get a drink of water. We all had big smiles on our faces.

At that point I suggested we head back before we got sunburned. We got back to the motel, washed up and sent out for a pizza. After that we all hopped into the jacuzzi and had a great bubble bath. Cora looked fantastic with soap all over her breasts, and she played with both of us, rubbing her boobs against our bodies. Then we got out and headed for the bed. Cora lay back and we took turns eating her pussy. Buddy brought her to orgasm first while I sucked her tits. Then we changed places and I made her come again. After that, Buddy lay back, and I filled her pussy from behind as she got on her knees and went down on his hard cock. Before he came we changed positions again, and he got his first chance to fuck her. He slid in and just started pumping her like crazy as she sucked on my dick. Man, that felt great! I could feel every thrust he made, because she sucked me hard and deep with each lunge. Then he lay down again and she got on top of him, riding up and down on his iron hard cock.

As I watched her fucking our new friend, I asked her if she wanted to try a double penetration, which was something we hadn’t done since our last swinging session. She agreed to try it, but cautioned me to take it easy.

I lubed up her butt with lotion as she continued to ride Buddy, pushing my finger into her ass to work it around. I lubed up my cock as well, and then started to slide it into her. She stopped and pulled herself off Buddy’s tool while I worked it in. I got about three inches in, then paused until she told me to keep going. I got almost all the way in, then gave her butt a few good strokes until she loosened up. I pulled out so she could sit back down on Buddy’s cock. Then I lined up again, slid it in, and bang! I was home. As he pushed into her, I pulled out. Between us we soon got a rhythm going, and Cora just went crazy. She was moaning and screaming, “Christ, you guys feel great! Fuck me!” We speeded up the pace, and she came within a minute. She was bucking like a bronco, and I knew she was having a good time. She kept saying, “Fuck, this is great!” I myself had never felt anything so fantastic in my whole life. I couldn’t hold out, and I soon came right up her ass, while Buddy came in her pussy. Then we pulled out and the three of us lay on the bed, laughing and kissing.

Cora said it was the best fuck she had ever had. Buddy slept over that night, and in the morning we woke up and did it all over again.

G.V., Green Bay, Wisconsin

From Saint to Swinger

For a long time my wife Lenore wouldn’t even discuss the subject of swapping. She and I are both in our early thirties, and have been married for eight years. Though she is a sexy brunette, with a body that won’t quit, she was raised in a very strict religious atmosphere and was brought up to believe that sex is a necessary evil. Needless to say, this left me with a very sexually repressed wife, and made the idea of mate swapping virtually impossible. I had resigned myself to just fantasizing about it, until I met Sabrina.

Sabrina was transferred into my office from another department in the company I work for. She had blonde hair and hazel eyes, and was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen. She appeared very conservative in her dress and manner, but I sensed a hidden sensuousness underneath the image. Although she was married, no one ever met her husband at any of the company’s social events. She would always come alone, stay awhile and then politely excuse herself for the evening.

Recently I overheard Sabrina on the phone, planning a getaway weekend with her husband. I immediately called Lenore and suggested a similar holiday. Then I managed to book the same hotel as Sabrina had at a local resort, with the intention of running into her there, as if accidentally.

On the way to the resort that weekend, I hinted to Lenore that this might be a good opportunity to experiment. As always, she just sighed and replied, “I wish you wouldn’t talk like that. I’m not sleeping with some strange man!” So I didn’t really expect anything to happen, but I figured it was worth the try.

Once at the hotel we changed and went out to the jacuzzi to relax. After about ten minutes Sabrina came along, wearing a very revealing bikini that barely contained her massive tits, and carrying a bottle of Champagne. When she saw me she got a surprised look on her face, and then sat down next to me with a big smile, saying, “Boy, is this a coincidence!” I immediately introduced her to Lenore, who seemed a bit nervous at her presence. I asked Sabrina if she was there alone, and she replied that her husband Patrick was with her, and would be along shortly.

We all drank some Champagne, and after a few minutes a very large black man approached the jacuzzi. He was about six feet five, and about 240 pounds of what looked like solid muscle. “Here he is now,” Sabrina said, as this big well built man got into the pool and sat down between Sabrina and my wife. Sabrina gave him a kiss and introduced him as her husband Patrick.

Lenore seemed more nervous than ever as Patrick smiled at her and slid a little closer. Sabrina, in turn, moved closer to me, and whispered in my ear that Patrick liked to “add spice” to their relationship. This sounded promising enough, but I still had great doubts about Lenore’s reaction, especially as I knew she had never really known a black man before. Still, she was drinking a lot more Champagne than she was used to, and after a while I thought I saw signs that it was getting to her a little.

Patrick leaned back against the wall of the jacuzzi and extended his arms around both women, then leaned down and began to whisper in Lenore’s ear. At some point his cock must have escaped his tight bathing suit, because I now saw that mammoth black serpent break the surface of the jacuzzi like a submarine periscope. Lenore’s eyes went wide, and for a minute I thought she was going to run away, but she didn’t move. She seemed mesmerized by the sight of that stiff cock, and she finally exclaimed in a raspy voice, “Oohh my God, it’s huge!”

Patrick just smiled at her, not bothering to try to hide that massive pole, and finally, to my great astonishment, Lenore asked him if she could touch it. Her voice was husky and her eyes looked fearful and fascinated at the same time. Patrick nodded, and my wife slowly reached down and cupped her petite hand around the top of his cock. Then she closed her eyes and stroked the full length of his shaft. “It’s magnificent,” she said breathlessly.

She did not let go of the ebony shaft, but let her hand rest at the base of it, its thickness making it impossible for her to grasp it fully. There was a lustful look in her eyes that I had never seen before, and she didn’t move away as Patrick leaned down to kiss her, slipping his tongue down her throat. She began to moan softly. Breaking this kiss, Patrick smiled at her again and suggested that they adjourn to his room for a nightcap.

All four of us rushed for the hotel, the thought of my petite wife with this perfect specimen making me hard as a rock. They had a small suite, and when we got there Patrick and Lenore went straight for the bedroom, while Sabrina and I remained in the living room area as Sabrina mixed us drinks.

Within minutes I heard my normally very controlled wife screaming in ecstasy. Sabrina and I, with one accord, moved to the bedroom door and pushed it open. Patrick was lying between Lenore’s legs, his tongue working her pussy over. She was bucking and writhing under his ministrations. Her eyes were half open slits, her long hair partially covering his massive hands as he massaged her tits, pulling and rubbing her taut nipples, while she squealed and rolled her head from side to side. Within minutes Lenore’s legs stiffened, her back arched and she screamed as he brought her to a mind blowing orgasm.

Patrick now rolled onto his back, displaying his huge ebony shaft for all of us to see. Lenore gazed lustfully at the large dark crown, at the thick shaft with its large veins running the length of either side, and her head moved toward it as if drawn by an invisible hand. Lenore had never been into cocksucking, but now she gripped that shaft and her lips parted as she stared into Patrick’s eyes. He nodded encouragingly, and she brought her mouth to his pole and began to suck the thing further and further down her throat.

It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, and I couldn’t get over my wife’s complete sexual abandonment as she struggled to get as much of that shaft as she could into her mouth. Patrick lifted her lower torso from the bed, and without disturbing the connection between her mouth and his cock, positioned her so that her pussy was over his mouth. He flicked his tongue ever so lightly over her clit as she squirmed and quivered above him. He inserted a finger into her pussy, and Lenore stiffened and flooded his face with her juices. His finger was almost as long as my cock, and he continued to work it in and out of her. Then he slowly slipped his thumb into her rectum. Lenore squealed loudly around his cock, which she was now sucking with total abandon, her nostrils flaring, her mouth coating his tool with thick saliva, her hand pumping furiously over the part of the shaft her mouth couldn’t reach. Patrick was now on the verge of coming, growling from deep in his throat. I wondered what her reaction would be to his coming in her mouth. Then, with a deep groan, he steadied her head over his massive pole and erupted into that waiting mouth, his jism exploding into her throat and then gushing from her lips. His cream dropped onto her heaving breasts, oozing down to her flat stomach. My cock throbbed as I watched her licking the remnants of his come from her lips while she rubbed the rest into her skin like body lotion.

Patrick, after a brief pause, laid my wife down on the bed and crouched above her. “I’m going to fill you good, baby,” he panted.

Lenore nodded, her eyes both eager and apprehensive. He started to reach for a condom, and my wife astounded me again. “No, no,” she panted. “I want to feel that veined snake inside me!”

Patrick now hunched closer to my wife, spreading her thighs wide as he began to insert that ebony shaft into her, an inch at a time. “Oh, you’re so big!” she cried, but she arched herself toward him as he continued to work his way into her pussy. She began to moan with uncontrollable lust as her cunt adjusted to his size, and soon she was begging him to give her more.

“You want more?” he asked, teasing her even as he slipped more of his shaft inside her.

“Yes, give me more, please!” my wife groaned. “I want all of that beautiful cock!”

Patrick kissed her then, slipping his thick tongue down her throat as he thrust forward with his hips, slamming that ebony shaft all the way into her, his massive balls slapping her ass. Lenore broke the kiss, throwing her head back and crying out with ecstasy at the sensation of his total penetration. Her body went stiff, her face contorted, and she clutched at the sheets with arms extended as his huge serpent pinned her to the bed. The sight of this huge man skewering my petite wife with that giant ebony dick as she writhed below him was another erotic sight such as I had almost given up hope of seeing.

Again Patrick paused to allow her stuffed pussy to adjust to his full size, and Lenore instinctively raised her legs, bringing her knees to her shoulders to give him full access to her. In another moment he began to move that black pole in and out of her. Their bodies glistened with sweat, the contrast between his smooth dark skin and her creamy whiteness adding to the eroticism of their coupling. Her full breasts rocked violently as he thrust at her, their erect nipples rubbing against his massive chest. Her eyes closed each time his shaft withdrew, only to open wide again as he re entered her with his full length. “Oooohh, yes!” she cried out as her body stiffened with climax. It was the first of a seemingly endless series of orgasms as that black veined snake pounded into her with unrelenting rhythm, again and again.

Finally Patrick was getting close to exploding. I could see his ass tighten, and he began to withdraw from her, but Lenore wrapped her legs and arms around him, holding him hard against her arching body, her breasts flat against his chest, pleading, “No, no, leave it in me, fill me deep!” She held on to him as another climax shook her body, but even as she collapsed below him she still begged him to stay inside her. I couldn’t believe she wanted to risk being impregnated by this man.

Patrick continued his relentless pounding, getting closer. “Are you sure, baby?” he panted.

“Yes!” Lenore shouted. “Oh yes, fill me lover, fill me good and hard with your seed!”

Instead of coming then, Patrick told Lenore to hang on, and effortlessly rolled them over, so that he was lying on his back with her on top of him. Her body was flushed and squirming, beads of perspiration running between her firm breasts as she straddled his straining hips, fully impaled on his huge ebony shaft. Her hair covered her face, falling onto his chest, until she swung her head back and began to fondle her own breasts as his massive hands closed around her tiny waist. He was masturbating himself with her body now, slamming her up and down the full length of his shaft, her juices lubricating his pole as cries of unholy joy spilled from her open mouth. Patrick quickened the pace, effortlessly moving her body up and down his long, slick tool, until with a deep growl he finally began to shoot his hot load. Lenore twisted and gyrated violently, grinding her lower torso into his pelvis. Her hips jerked back and forth as her pussy milked him, draining all of the molten liquid from his ebony shaft. It was more than her pussy could absorb, and it gushed out of her onto his balls, and soaked the bed below.

She collapsed on top of him, totally exhausted, and kissed him deeply, with her taut nippled breasts mashed into his chest. When the kiss ended she sprawled loosely on top of him, her head resting on his breast. Her hand moved down to his now limp cock and stroked it tenderly. She made a small sound of surprise as it began to twitch again, and soon her stroking became more purposeful, her hand working up and down the full length of his slick shaft, bringing it back to life. Soon she was kissing his nipples, chest and stomach while speeding up her caresses, obviously eager for the chance to feel that cock inside her again.

Then she paused for a moment, lifting her head form his chest to look directly at Sabrina and me standing in the doorway, the first time either of them had acknowledged our presence since entering the bedroom. “Can I spend the night with Patrick?” Lenore asked. And without waiting for a reply she returned to what she was doing, now licking and sucking his black cock back to life, tasting her own juices as her head bobbed up and down, trying to get as much of that pole into her mouth as possible.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby, suck it good,” Patrick moaned. “I’m going to fill you all night long, baby. All night long.”

“Do it, oh god, do it,” Lenore cried, falling back and spreading her legs wide. As Patrick arranged himself above her, Sabrina reached out and closed the bedroom door.

I started to protest, but as I turned to look at her I realized I had almost forgotten about this gorgeous blonde creature who now stood smiling at me, flushed with passion after what we had both witnessed, still wearing only a very skimpy bikini from which her abundant body spilled temptingly. Through the door I heard the sound of Lenore’s cry as Patrick drove his huge black cock into her, and my own cock leaped as Sabrina reached out and took my hand, leading me back into the living room. “Come on, lover boy,” she said breathlessly. “I’m going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before!”

And she did.

Name and address withheld

Swing, Swing, Swing!

My name is Lucy and I’m a 38 year old bisexual. For the past couple of years I’ve been in a relationship with another woman, but that hasn’t stopped my craving for cock. A few weeks ago, an opportunity arose for me to fuck a man again— and for my girlfriend Alice to get some action as well! Of course, we jumped on it.

Our friends, Anita and Michael, both long time swingers, had invited us to a small gathering of like minded revelers they found online, and it sounded like the perfect opportunity to get some outside action. Alice had always been attracted to Anita, and I had played with the couple many times in the past (we’re all veteran swingers), so I knew we would be getting lucky.

Alice and I got to Michael and Anita’s house around nine o’clock on Saturday night, and everyone was already there waiting for us. Three other couples had been invited, and a party of 10 seemed like the perfect size for a proper swing. I already knew who I wanted to play with, of course, but if time allowed, I was all for some spontaneous swapping, too.

After about half an hour of chatting over cake and coffee— we’re still your typical suburbanites, after all— the group started to splinter off until only four of us remained: me, Alice, Michael and Anita. Alice gave me a look that said, “Go get him!” and then grabbed Anita’s hand and dragged her away for some playtime of their own. Then it was just me and Michael, and suddenly I grew nervous. It had been months since I had last been with a man, and even though Alice and I love strap on play, it’s not the same.

I felt the light touch of a hand on my breast, sending shivers down my spine, and when I looked over at Michael he had a mischievous grin on his face. Before I could say or do anything, Michael was kissing me, his tongue wet and warm and wonderful in my mouth. As we kissed, I could feel the inner walls of my pussy contracting and the wetness dripping between my lips. But I needed more.

Sensing my eagerness to get into bed, Michael pulled back and hoisted me up onto the empty dining room table. He stripped my shirt off, hiked my skirt up (I hadn’t worn panties) and started running his hands all over my body. While I was lost in the feel of his touch, Michael stripped and hopped up on to the tabletop with me. When I opened my eyes, he was kneeling over me, his hard cock prepared to enter my waiting cunt.

The feel of his cock going in and out of my pussy, his skin pressed against mine as he thrust, was lovely! I couldn’t get enough. I was so caught up in the fucking that I didn’t notice Anita and Alice when they joined us in the dining room, both naked and glistening from their own sexual workout.

While Michael continued to fuck me, Anita started kissing me, touching me, grabbing me. I was in ecstasy! When I pulled back from Anita to take a breath, I saw my beautiful Alice with her head between my body and Michael’s, her mouth descending on the juncture between his cock and my pussy. When she started kissing my mound and Michael’s cock, all the sensations became too much.

Michael and I came together as if we’d planned it to the second. I felt him shoot off inside of me while my own juices flooded his cock. The second he pulled out, Alice dove in, her lips finding my clit and sucking. Her fingers, too, took part, and she separated my swollen lips and began thrusting her digits inside. She fucked and sucked me passionately, stopping only once, briefly, to tell Michael to please fuck her doggie style. He hadn’t yet gone soft, so he made his way behind my girlfriend and thrust into her pussy from the rear. Anita, meanwhile, had moved down my body and was now playing with my nipples, sucking and biting and pinching them.

Everything I’d fantasized about was actually happening— and more! I reached down and tried to fondle Anita’s pussy, not wanting her to feel left out when we all came, and I found her dripping wet. I rubbed her as best I could, and she was so aroused that she came before any of us, releasing my nipple to scream when she went off. It was incredible!

Then it was my turn to come again. Alice knew what she was doing, and it didn’t take long before I was moaning loudly and soaking my girlfriend’s hand with my come. Alice and Michael were next, coming only seconds apart, and when Alice groaned into my pussy, it only intensified my own climax. It was probably the most amazing thing I’d ever been a part of.

As I write this, I’m thinking all about Michael’s cock in my pussy. I can feel the wetness seep through my shorts, and I long to be fucked again. Hopefully I won’t have to wait long!

R.G., Houston, Texas


My wife of 20 years, Hilary, and I have been into swinging for the last three and a half years of our marriage, and I must say, it sure spices things up.

Hilary likes guys who are well hung. I’m seven inches and that’s good, but sometimes she wants more. Recently we made contact with a guy who said he was nine inches in length. His name was Brad. Normally, our first meeting with a new guy is just to break the ice and see if we’re compatible or not. Then we meet within the week so Hilary can actually have fun.

On the evening of Brad’s visit, Hilary wasn’t really dressed up, although she did wear a simple blouse, skirt, stockings and heels. She was nervous, as she always is on first meetings, but when Brad showed up, I could tell she was attracted to him from the moment she saw him.

We had some drinks as we all got acquainted. After about an hour, we were all pretty well relaxed. When Brad got up to use the bathroom, I asked Hilary what she thought and if she’d like to meet him again. She was keen on the idea, so when he returned, we talked for a few minutes about our next meeting and then Brad left. Hilary walked him out into the front hall, which she normally does, to give her future lover a quick kiss and feel before sending him on his way.

As they walked out, I cleaned up the living room a bit, which took a few minutes, and when I finished, I noticed Hilary hadn’t returned from seeing our guest off, so I snuck to the hallway entrance and listened. I could hear the sound of rustling and kissing and figured they were having a grope before he left. Then I heard Brad murmur, “It feels a lot better than just looking at it in your pictures.”

I suddenly realized that he must have been feeling my wife’s cunt, something she never allows on first dates. I got an instant erection imagining what they were up to in the dark hall. Then there was the sound of more rustling and kissing, followed by a giggle and the sound of change hitting the floor. My heart was pounding as I heard a gasp and a low moan.

I waited a few minutes and then peeked in closer and saw Brad with his back to me, his pants at his feet and Hilary’s red panties on the floor. I could just make out his ass muscles tensing and relaxing, and he appeared to be pumping into my wife. He was fucking her against the front door, and he had her left leg lifted in his arms as she held him around the neck, trying to accommodate him as she worked herself down on his cock.

I asked Brad if he was okay when I heard him grunt and he said yes. A few seconds later I asked if he was all the way inside of my wife, and he said that he wasn’t. I was impressed.

A moment later, Brad pulled out of her and we all went to the living room. Now I saw his cock for the first time, and though I’d seen some longer than his, I’d never seen any as long that were so damn thick. Hilary could barely even get her hand around it, and I saw that he was so big the last three inches or so were completely dry.

Hilary was very excited as Brad and I stripped her down to her stockings. We laid her on her back and she spread her legs. Brad knelt between her thighs and I knelt beside her on the floor. Brad’s cock extended above her belly and, worried over his size, I asked, “Should you give her a pre stretch fingering so she can take all that?”

“I’ve already done that in the hall,” he replied. “She’ll be fine.”

Then he placed his bulbous cockhead against her smooth cunt lips and pulled them apart, fully exposing her. “She’s beautiful,” he said as he began pushing into her.

I was mesmerized as I watched the broad head force its way into her. He was so big that I couldn’t see how she could take it all. Hilary moaned and gasped and gritted her teeth as he went in. Her face was flushed and beads of sweat were on her forehead. She smiled over at me, though, clearly enjoying the experience. We shared a kiss and I felt her tremble as his last inch stretched her even further.

“I’ve never been fucked by a cock this fat,” she said. “Is he all in yet?”

I said he was, and then Brad started thrusting, her cunt stretching around his shaft. Her lips gripped his shaft and turned inside out with each stroke. A ring of white cream formed around his shaft, created by Hilary’s excited cunt. Her body began a steady tremble as his pace picked up, and her moans and gasps filled the room. Brad’s hands roamed over her body, caressing her tits, pulling her nipples her whole body now took the pounding of his hips as he enjoyed her fully.

After a long time, he still hadn’t come, and I asked if he’d like Hilary to suck him. He said, “Sure, if she wants to,” and immediately my wife had him pull out and lay back on the couch. Then she knelt over him and took his huge knob between her lips.

As she sucked, I got behind her and guided my cock into her pussy. I slid in to the hilt with no trouble at all, and I could tell how wide Brad had stretched her out for me. I was so excited that it didn’t take long for me to come, and I flooded her insides with my load. I was gasping as I pulled out, and then I went to the kitchen for another drink. When I returned, Hilary was on her back, with her legs high in the air as Brad drove into her again.

Suddenly, through clenched teeth, he said, “Oh God, I’m coming!”

“Yes, fill me, fill me now!” Hilary responded, and with a loud groan, Brad shot a massive load into my wife’s receptive cunt.

When he finally pulled out, they both lay there panting for a long time. Brad finally sat up and got dressed. Hilary again walked him to the door, this time wearing only her stockings, and as they walked away from me, I could see a trail of come running down my wife’s inner thighs and soaking her sexy stocking tops.

As we snuggled in bed that night, I couldn’t resist playing with Hilary’s very sloppy cunt until we fell asleep.

And Brad? Well, he visits us almost every weekend.

Name and address withheld