Vacation Wife Swap

We crawled into our car and headed for one of the restaurants we usually try to hit every year. It’s one of those places that sits by the water with a big marina full of beautiful yachts. The food is really outstanding, even though we usually have to wait for a table. And tonight was no exception. But we were shown to the bar by a very pretty hostess, so we didn’t mind the wait.

I was beginning to get excited about what Shawna and I had cooked up for the night. In a way I was relieved after all of these years of flirting and kidding around, we were finally going to do it!

I knew Jake had always had the hots for me, and I guess, in a way, I felt the same way about him— though I like to think that he wore me down instead. But no matter how I tried to justify it in my mind, the bottom line was that I was about to swap husbands with my best friend.

As I climbed up on the bar stool and thought about what was going to happen, I felt a little tingle between my legs. The bartender knew us from previous visits and had our drinks in front of us before we really got settled. I caught Jake checking me out, so I “accidentally” let my dress ride up before crossing my legs. He got a full view of my white panties, and since I’d shaved my pussy earlier that day, it wouldn’t surprise me if he could see my smooth pussy lips through the thin material. I put my hand on his arm as I leaned over to say something to Shawna and Rick, and I gave a little squeeze. I could feel his muscles tense as my fingers slid down his arm and covered his hand. It would look innocent to a casual observer, but Jake got the message.

Shawna was working on my husband at the same time, giving him his share of leg shots— enough, I noticed, to create a rise in his shorts. Not a full blown hard on, but if we didn’t eat soon, he wouldn’t be able to walk away from the table without advertising what we were up to. He had his hand on Shawna’s knee and was casually stroking it up and down as we talked. I could tell she was getting as worked up as I was. My panties were getting moist just talking to Jake.

The guys knew by now that what they’d been wanting for years was about to become a reality.

“Shawna, let’s go hit the restroom before we’re seated,” I suggested. My girlfriend nodded in agreement and grabbed her purse off the bar.

We climbed down from our stools, and since the guys were standing, we slid our asses across them as we moved away. I can’t say I was surprised to feel a little something poking me as I leaned into Jake, and I pushed back against him for good measure. Shawna was giving my husband the same special, erotic treatment.

“You know, Diane, if we don’t eat soon I’m going to have a fit,” she told me. “All this fooling around has me horny as hell. Between watching you with Jake and playing with Rick, shit! I’m ready!”

I laughed. “Yeah, I know what you mean. All those years of fooling around have finally come to an end. As much as I’m enjoying it, though, we need a distraction or we’re going to screw up the plan. Plus, my damn panties are getting wet.”

Shawna laughed and slid her hand under my dress, letting her fingers press into my crotch. When she pulled back, she held them up for inspection, saying, “Damn, Diane! You’re as ready as I am!”

I reached into her panties to do to her what she’d just done to me. When I removed my fingers, we both laughed at how wet they were and headed back to the bar. To our great relief, our waitress was waiting for us, our drinks on a tray, ready to lead us to our table. By the time we were ready for our bill a couple hours later, the four of us had put away two bottles of red wine and two bottles of white.

After dinner, Shawna and I suggested going to a club near our hotel. They had a live band playing, and we wanted to do some dancing. We were pleasantly surprised at the restraint the guys were showing. We were sure they’d want to race back to the hotel, rip off our clothes and ravish us. We liked the idea of being ravished, but we wanted it to be at least a little romantic, or as romantic as you can be when you’re swapping spouses.

We’d already paired off when we left the hotel earlier, so when we found an open booth, I slid in next to Jake while Shawna and Rick sat next to each other. It seemed normal, as we’d sat like this before— even though I was usually fighting off Jake’s wandering hands. Not tonight, though.

After ordering drinks, which I’m sure none of us needed, we went out onto the dance floor. I slid into Jake’s arms and pressed against him. My lips were close to his ear, so I whispered, “Well, Jake, you’ve been after me for years, and I know you’ve told Shawna all about the fantasies you’ve had about me. So, now that the time has come, what are you thinking?”

He didn’t say anything for a minute, but I felt his cock growing as our bodies moved together, and I adjusted my stance until his hard on was nestled comfortably between my legs. We both let out a low moan, and then Jake finally got his voice back.

“I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever make love,” Jake confessed. “All those years watching you had me so fucking hot I could come in my pants right now. Now that I have you, I want to taste your sweet pussy. I want you to come in my mouth so I can drink your nectar before I slide my hard prick deep inside you.”

With his cock rubbing between my legs and him talking like that, shit, I almost lost it right there. Truthfully, I’m not big on oral sex, but I was getting excited at the prospect of him making me climax with his tongue.

Jake’s hands slid down my back and were almost cupping my ass, and to be honest, I was so fucking hot, I wouldn’t have given a damn if he’d run his fingers under my dress and played with my tight little ass right then and there on the dance floor.

We’d slowed to a grind by the time the music ended, so I knew the games were over. The band started up again and Jake looked at me for a sign. I just shook my head, took his hand and guided him, hard on and all, back to the table.

Rick and Shawna were engaged in one hell of a kiss when we got back to the table. She had her hands full, and his fingers had disappeared under her short dress. We stood watching for a second, which made us even hornier, before I said, “I guess I don’t have to ask if you guys want to head back to the hotel. . . . ”

The guys threw some money on the table and off we went. I sat close to Jake in the cab, my hand stroking him through his shorts while his fingers slowly rubbed my pussy through my panties. Then I slid my fingers up the leg of his shorts and past his boxers until I had him in my hand. His prick felt wonderful in my hand as I slowly jerked him off. Meanwhile, his own fingers were sliding my panties aside and searching for the entrance to my soaked cunt. I pulled my hand from Jake’s shorts and was reaching for his zipper when we pulled up to the hotel. He slowly let his fingers slip from my aching cunt and held them up, letting his tongue lick the dripping moisture from his fingertips.

“Diane, you’re delicious,” he mumbled. “I love your taste!”

Feeling bold, I replied, “Get your ass out of the car and I’ll let you have the real thing.”

I figured we were past being coy, so I gave him a good squeeze and jumped out onto the sidewalk, with Jake close behind. When he pulled me close, I was facing away from him and his big, wonderful prick poked into me from behind. I just leaned back more, letting it push harder against my backside. He gave a little grunt and I hoped he wasn’t getting any ideas. (I don’t particularly like anal sex.)

Back in our hotel room, the only light came from a small lamp by the bed. I walked over to the sink to get a drink of water, and Jake followed me. As soon as I finished, he pulled me to him and covered my lips with his, his tongue found mine and we took turns exploring the depths of each other’s mouth. Without realizing what I was doing, I undid his shorts and let them slide to the floor before pulling his shirt over his head. Then his lips went to my neck and began licking and nuzzling. My pussy instantly got 10 degrees hotter as his lips played up and down my neck, and my fingers found his hard on and slid it out of his boxers. I moved closer and guided it between my legs. I rubbed the head on the silk guarding my pussy until I almost lost it. I wanted him inside me now. Playtime was over. I wanted to be fucked, and I wanted to be fucked hard!

My dress hit the floor and I kicked it away. Now we were in our underwear, and I was rubbing his prick against my pussy lips through my panties. My free hand was on Jake’s neck, pulling him to me, and he was driving me absolutely crazy as he nibbled on my neck and shoulders.

I snuck a peek across the room at my husband and Shawna, who had arrived right after we did. They were completely naked, and Shawna was sitting on the edge of the bed while Rick ate her for all he was worth. Her eyes were on me as she enjoyed the tongue lashing my husband was giving her. Her mouth was wide open, but no sound was coming out. I saw her grab Rick’s head and pull him hard against her, letting her legs fall over his shoulders as she began to hump his face. I watched her whole body shudder as she had an impressive orgasm. Her fine little pussy was humping Rick’s face, and he was taking every drop she so willingly gave him. I could see his hard on standing straight out as he continued to feast on Shawna’s snatch, and I was still mesmerized when she pushed him away and crawled up on the bed, pulling him along after her.

I was having a hard time watching what happened next, though, because Jake was driving me up the wall. My poor pussy was screaming to be filled, but I wanted to see my husband finally get what he’d been fantasizing about for years.

Shawna grabbed hold of Rick’s prick and guided it to her cunt. As the head disappeared into her pussy, her eyes glazed over and she impaled herself in one mighty thrust. The last thing I saw was Rick’s balls slapping her ass, and then I returned my attention to what Jake was doing to me.

He’d moved from my neck to one of my nipples as my fingers slowly jerked him off. I loved the feeling of my fingertips moving across the smooth head of his prick. I was leaning back on the sink as he continued to massage my nipples with his lips and tongue, and my fingers were in his hair, pulling him as close as I possibly could, but my poor pussy was still aching for attention. When I felt Jake moving lower and lower, I knew what he was up to, and I knew my pussy would be getting the attention it craved. I really wanted him to fuck me, of course, but I remembered Shawna telling me how much Jake loved to eat pussy, and I decided to give him a taste. But he sure as hell had better make it quick, I thought, or I was going to lose it before he ever slid his wonderful prick between my thick, meaty pussy lips.

I stole one more look at the bed and saw Shawna and Rick going at it like animals. Every time Shawna slid down his cock, Rick pushed up to meet her, and I knew from experience that this was the best way to get my husband’s big cock deep inside. She was sitting straight up as they fucked the hell out of each other. Their moans and groans only made me hotter.

I tore my eyes from them and looked down at Jake again. By now he was on his knees, kissing my thighs around the edges of my dripping wet panties. I watched as he put his face to my crotch and sniffed. He let out a low moan and used his fingers to pull my panties to the side. I felt his tongue slip past the material and under the hood that was guarding my engorged clit. Oh fuck! I thought. I’m going to lose it right now if he doesn’t stop!

His tongue found my clit and he began licking and sucking. “Shit, Jake, eat me!” I screamed. “I want to come! Make me come!”

I didn’t care if they heard me on the bed or not. My pussy was already flowing, my juices pouring into Jake’s hungry mouth. I was coming! My legs gave out and I had to grab the sink for support. Then I threw one leg over Jake’s shoulder and let his tongue bring me to new heights.

Before I climaxed for a second time, I wanted to be fucked, so I pushed Jake away and yanked him up to his feet. I smashed my lips to his, tasting my own sweet nectar, and it got me excited. I hopped up onto the counter by the sink and pulled Jake to me. I had his prick in one hand and I used my other hand to slide my panties aside I was too hot to take them off. I pulled him close and felt the head of his cock slide into me. “Oh yeah, fuck me, baby!” I screamed. “Fuck me hard!”

I tried to pull him closer, and he grabbed my ass to hoist me up and against him. His cock went all the way in to his balls in just one thrust. Neither of us was in any mood for taking it slow. We needed to fuck like there was no tomorrow!

As we screwed in the bathroom, I glanced over his shoulder and saw that Shawna and Rick had moved over to a chair in the corner of the room. She was sitting on his lap with his dick in her ass as they watched me and Jake. I was so hot that all I could do was look at them with what I imagine was a wild look in my eyes.

Jake and I were going at it so hard that I nearly fell off the counter. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and my heels were digging into his ass while we fucked as hard as we could. I heard him moan and knew he was going to come. I only needed a little extra push before I was ready, too, and I really wanted us to come together. When I felt him getting closer, I leaned in to him and whispered in his ear, “Oh God, Jake, I’m almost there. I want to come with you, baby!”

He slowed a little bit, and I thought how wonderful it was that he was going to wait for me. But he was too far gone and began pounding into me even harder after only a minute.

I looked over at Rick and Shawna, and they were going at it like a couple of rabbits. I watched her pull up, letting me see all but the pink head of my husband’s dick before jamming herself back down.

All of a sudden I felt Jake’s finger sliding into me, above his big prick, and when he found my stiff clit and began to rub it, I exploded. My juices flowed from me and mixed with Jake’s as he shot his hot load deep inside me. I grabbed his head and mashed my lips to his as my entire body shuddered in sexual bliss. Our tongues fought each other as he pulled my ass hard to him and held on for dear life.

Without warning we heard a loud “Oh shit!” come from across the room. Shawna had spun herself around and was fucking Rick like crazy as she straddled him. His ass came clean out of the chair and then she reached down and grabbed him, pulling herself hard onto him. The looks on their faces went from wild to pure pleasure as he filled her with his sweet come and she covered his prick with hers.

Jake was starting to go soft, and my ass was killing me from sitting on the edge of the counter. He slid out and headed into the bathroom, leaving me to watch my husband and best friend fucking like a pair of beasts. I thought it would be awkward to watch, but instead I was enjoying watching them as they came down from their orgasmic highs, too.

Shawna got up slowly, letting Rick’s semi hard prick slip from her dripping cunt. The come glistened on him as she moved over to where I was standing. For some reason it seemed like Shawna and I should hug each other, so we did.

When Jake came out of the bathroom, Shawna dove right in, leaving me with two naked men. I found my panties and slipped them on, though God knows why, since they hid almost nothing. When Shawna came out of the bathroom, I took my turn, and by the time I came out, everyone was in some sort of clothing and had a drink in their hand.

“So, is anyone up for a swim?” Rick asked. We all just shrugged and went to grab our suits.

As we walked down to the pool, I asked, “Anyone have any regrets?”

“I have one,” Jake said. “What the hell took us so long?”

We all laughed, and I had a feeling that we’d all have a wonderful new relationship from now on.— K.E., Dallas, Texas

Surprise Swap

It had been a long week, and we were both looking forward to having a nice meal with our friends Tara and Bobby. We’ve been friends for years, and we all try to get together at least once a month for a night out. Tara’s a blonde, same as me, but she’s a little bit shorter than me, at five foot nine. She’s a really fine package.

Dinner was excellent and the booze was flowing at a pretty good pace. The usual friendly flirting was going on, too. Nothing serious, just a pat on the ass every once in a while. We danced a bit after that, even swapping partners for a few songs.

When I was dancing with Bobby at one point, he looked me in the eyes and said, “You know, Denise, I kind of like this whole swapping wives thing.” Then he pressed a little harder against me, letting me feel his semi erect cock through his pants.

“Yeah, I bet you do, you pervert,” I laughed, not taking him seriously.

When the song ended, Bobby went to the men’s room, my husband Charlie not far behind, and I went back to our table with Tara. As soon as the guys were out of earshot, I told Tara what her husband said to me. She listened and laughed.

“Denise, I’m going to tell you something, but you have to promise to keep it to yourself.” I said I would, so she began. “All these years we’ve been friends have taken a toll on Bobby,” she told me. “He’s seen you half naked one too many times, and lately you’re all he talks about. I think he secretly fantasizes about you when we’re making love.”

At first I thought she was kidding, but the look on her pretty face told me otherwise. “Doesn’t it bother you that he’s thinking about me?”

“Well no, not really,” she said. “To tell the truth, I like it. We’ve been married so long that we could use a little spice in our sex life.”

I just sat there looking at her. This was a side of Tara I never would have expected. Her hand was on my leg as we talked, and I have to admit, I liked the feel of her fingers softly stroking me up and down. I’d wanted to blame it on the booze, but I knew there was more to it than that.

“You know, maybe I have noticed Bobby being a little bit friendlier than usual, and to be honest, I might have been encouraging him without really thinking about it,” I said. “But I don’t know. What do you think would happen to our friendship if we did something like that?”

Before she could answer, two shots of tequila arrived at our table. The waitress pointed to the bar, where our husbands were talking with a couple of other guys, probably about the ball game playing on the TVs over the bar. We waved and drank our shots, and then Tara answered my question.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time,” she finally said. “I just kind of look at it as taking our friendship to the next level.”

Her fingers had traveled up my leg and they were now near the hem of my skirt. She was looking down at my legs every few moments, and when I checked to see what had caught her attention, I saw that my skirt had ridden up and my bikini panties were visible. Then I felt her finger move a little more, until it was touching the silk covering my crotch.

My mind was racing, and I couldn’t decide if I should push her away, get up or see where this was going. It was a combination of the booze and my natural curiosity, not to mention my smart mouth, that led me to say, “Be careful with that finger, you don’t want me to get excited, do you?”

So much for my smart mouth. She pushed harder and the silk slid between my pussy lips. I slowly squeezed my legs together, holding her hand tight between them. I was still shocked, but I quickly recovered and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “If we’re going to take this any further, then I think that we should go somewhere a little more private,” I said.

I thought she was going to kiss me right there in the lounge, but instead she stood and headed for the bar, with me in close pursuit. She got Bobby’s and Charlie’s attention for a second and told them, “Denise and I are going back to the house. We’ve had enough for one night. You guys should stay, though. Just call before you head home. We might want you to pick up some snacks.”

The ride home went fast, and soon we were standing in the living room with Tara gazing at my breasts. I looked down and saw that my nipples were pressed against the material of my top. I started to say something, but before I could get even one word out, Tara cut me off by pressing her lips against mine. Her tongue slid in between my slightly parted lips, searching for mine. When I pushed my tongue out to meet hers and probe her mouth, she tasted like a sweet mix of lipstick and tequila. Delicious!

I closed my eyes and inhaled the faint scent of her perfume. Our tongues played together as we pressed our bodies tight against each other. By now my shock had passed, and I let my hands travel down her back and under her miniskirt. Her bare flesh seemed to burn my fingers as I pushed myself forward, grinding myself against her. The thin string of her thong did nothing to hinder my exploration of her tight, perfect ass, either.

I felt her fingers unzipping my skirt, and I stepped away from her just long enough to let it fall to the floor. Then I pressed myself back against her while taking off her skirt, too. When hers fell, I could feel her pushing her pelvis into me. My pussy was getting wet, and I knew hers was, too. We were about to go down a very new road, and there was no turning back.

She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. As I stood next to the bed, she slowly took my top and bra off, then waited for me to do the same for her. When I dropped her bra, I was greeted by the hardest nipples I’d ever seen. I didn’t hesitate to lower my head and slip my lips around one of them. It was wild! I would have never thought something like this could be so erotic, but it was.

Tara ran her fingers through my hair, pulling gently and cooing, “That’s it, Denise, suck on that tit! See how hard you’ve made my nipple?”

Her hand slid down my tummy, and when it reached the silk covering my mound, we both gasped. My panties were soaked! I pulled my lips from her breast and looked up at her. She smiled, feeling the desire I had for her, and I whimpered with embarrassment and lust. She took that as a sign and immediately sank to her knees, pressing her face against my crotch. I felt her inhaling my scent, my desire. My fingers entwined in her long blonde hair. She pressed her lips against me, making me groan, and then she used her teeth to nip at my panty covered pussy lips. All I could do was moan and beg her to hurry.

Her teeth began pulling my panties down until they could fall to my ankles on their own. Then I pushed myself against her, her tongue tantalizing as it slipped between the folds of my pussy, searching for my button. I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter as she located my clit. Her fingers were digging into my ass as she pulled me to her, and my clit began to throb as that feeling deep inside let me know that I was about to have the orgasm of my life. I couldn’t wait.

Her tongue was flicking my clit furiously when I flooded her mouth with my juice.

“Now! Oh yeah, now! I’m coming! Make me come hard!” I cried.

She eagerly drank my juices as they flowed into her waiting mouth, and my legs went so weak that I sank onto the bed with her still licking and sucking my clit. She pushed my legs open wide and, just when my orgasm was about to subside, she thrust two fingers inside me. I went stiff and then climaxed a second time. My entire body shook as her tongue laved my pussy, and I had to push her away, my clit was so sensitive.

I pulled her to me and tasted myself on her lips. I was just moving down her body, taking her thong with me, when the phone rang. We both groaned, and I kissed her thigh quickly while she answered the phone.

“They’ll be home soon,” she sighed after she hung up.

“Okay,” I said, equally disappointed. Then a light went on. “What if we give Bobby and Charlie a little surprise?” I suggested.

Tara smiled. “That sounds perfect!”

And it was. But that’s another story.— S.L., Fort Smith, Arkansas

Old Times Not Forgotten

I hadn’t planned to introduce my wife to my old college buddy, Lou, until he and his wife knocked on our door last weekend. It’s not that I didn’t like Lou, but we’d had some wild times back at college, and since then we had kind of gone our separate ways, he to New York, me to Los Angeles.

Now here he was. Not only was I surprised to see him, I was also kind of speechless when he introduced me to his wife, Fay, because I remembered her from college too. Fay was about five feet six inches tall, with long blonde hair that reached to her apple shaped bottom. I had met her at a party and had taken her back to my room for a full night of sex. The next morning Lou had come over, and I had introduced him to Fay. I knew they had gone out afterwards, but I never knew they had married. Now Fay smiled awkwardly at me, but Lou didn’t seem to recall that I had introduced them to each other years ago.

We went out to dinner that evening and talked about old times. At the restaurant I sat next to Fay, and Lou sat with my wife, Joyce. Joyce looked distracted for much of the evening. I figured she wasn’t really interested in hearing about the old days and all our tall tales. At one point she even appeared to be squirming in her seat.

Afterwards I apologized to her for such a boring evening, and assured her that Lou and Fay were only in town for a week. But she said she was fine with them.

Lou and Fay came over to our house each evening for the rest of the week and watched TV with us. I could have sworn I caught Lou flirting with Joyce a few times, but figured he was just being Lou.

On the day before Lou and Fay were to leave for home, our phone rang. Joyce and I picked up at the same time, she in the kitchen and I in the living room. Since she answered first, I kept quiet and listened. “Hello?” Joyce said.

“Hi baby, it’s Lou!”

“Hi, Lou!”

“Tonight is the night, baby,” Lou said.

“Yeah sure, but how are we going to do it?” my wife asked.

“Don’t worry, baby. Remember how I played with your pussy at dinner last week?”

“Of course.”

“I made you come on my hand, right? And even licked your cunt juice off my fingers, and Ben never noticed a thing. I can’t wait to have you tonight.”

“You’ve got balls, Lou, but I don’t see how we are ever going to get away with it.”

“Trust me. You and Ben come on over to our hotel for dinner tonight, I’ll set up the rest.”

As they hung up I thought about confronting Joyce, but for some reason I was intrigued by their game.

At dinner that night I excused myself from the table after Fay had gone to the ladies’ room. I knew that this would give Joyce and Lou time to plot, but I had my own plot.

I followed Fay into the ladies’ room and surprised her in the stall, shutting the door behind me.

“What are you doing?” Fay asked.

“Your husband’s been hitting on my wife, and they are planning to fuck tonight,” I blurted out.

“I know,” Fay said. “Lou is trying to get back at you because you and I fucked in college.”

“How does he know that?”

“I told him.”

“Well, I say if they can cheat on us, we can do the same thing.”

“I think you’re right,” Fay smiled.

I unbuckled my jeans and lowered my fly. Fay sat on the toilet and took my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around my dick as I grew between her moist lips. She had me ready to shoot in no time. I held onto the sides of the stall as Fay purred around my swollen member, and I shot my first creamy shot against her tonsils. Fay smiled up at me as three or four more spurts went down her gulping throat.

Fay and I rejoined Lou and Joyce, and my first words shattered whatever plans they had made. “Listen, Fay and I know what you are up to. If you really want to screw that’s okay with us, but we are going to do it too, right next to you.”

Lou and Joyce tried to pretend they didn’t understand, but I had caught them and they knew it.

“Do you want to do it, honey?” I asked Joyce.

Joyce looked at me, then at Lou, and said, “Yeah, honey, it seems like it might be fun.”

“Let’s go then,” I replied.

We paid our bill and went up to Lou and Fay’s room. We sat and talked for a few minutes about what we were about to do. Then Lou moved over next to Joyce and started to explore her body with his hands. Soon they were lying on the bed, locking lips and unbuttoning each other’s clothing.

Fay got between my legs and released me from my pants. I got her blouse and pants off, and she wasted no time going down on me again like a pro. I pulled her bra straps off her shoulders. Her tits fell free, and she rubbed my legs with them as she took my cock down her throat. I glanced over and saw Joyce lying spread eagle on the bed as Lou hammered at her cunt. I told Fay to get on her hands and knees, and as she happily did so I mounted her and screwed away doggie style, until she began to shudder through one orgasm after another.

Just then Lou yelled out, “Hey, buddy, watch this!” He was pounding away at Joyce up to his balls, and she moaned out her climax as he shook with his own orgasm. “Yeah, that’s nice!” he said as he collapsed onto her.

“Hey, watch this one, dude!” I responded as I pumped into Fay. Fay screamed with another orgasm and I filled her honeypot with my spunk. “Check this out, dude,” I said as I slipped out of her, and I turned her ass to Lou so he could see the stream of come running down her leg.

Lou and I have always been very competitive. We spent the rest of the night taking turns with the girls, trying to outdo each other.

Joyce and I are now planning a visit to New York to continue the competition.

B.R., Los Angeles

Munching the Muff

My husband and I have been married for six years, and we are true soul mates. We have always had an amazing sex life, and have always looked for ways to make it even more amazing. We often fantasized about having another woman join us, and last month we finally decided to take the plunge. We made a date for dinner with a woman named Sarah, who I had met on the Internet, in one of those “women seeking women” chat rooms. We had exchanged pictures, and both my husband and I were turned on by her looks.

Bill and I had incredible sex for a week before the meeting, in anticipation of the upcoming tryst but when the day came I was so incredibly nervous that I thought I was going to throw up. To calm my nerves, I started drinking at about one o’clock. Later I realized it wasn’t so much to calm myself down as to work up the courage for something I had never thought I would actually do.

We got to the restaurant early, and I kept glancing at the door, eager yet apprehensive as I awaited her arrival. Then suddenly there she was— five feet seven, 140 pounds and beautiful, with long blonde hair, a coy smile and blue eyes that hid no secrets. She also exuded sex. I couldn’t wait to taste her.

All through dinner I caught her looking at me. I was used to passionate looks from my husband, but to have a virtual stranger, and one of my own sex, stare at me with such desire was very arousing. As we finished dinner my husband asked if we were ready. Sarah answered with a definite yes, and I smiled nervously in assent.

We went to her house, and I used the bathroom to freshen up and stall for a little time. When I came out Sarah had shed most of her clothes, and was wearing only a sexy little black thong. I wasn’t sure what to do. I realized that this was the first time I had seen a grown up naked woman in person.

Sarah took me by the hand and led me to her couch. We sat down, and she leaned over and kissed me gently. She slowly touched my long brown hair and rubbed my back. As she reached over to feel my breast I almost lost my breath. It was incredible. Here was this beautiful blonde, whose last name I didn’t even know, feeling me up. When she kissed me I returned the kiss, hesitantly at first and then more boldly. After we had kissed for a few moments she began to undress me, peeling me down to my black stockings and garter belt.

I looked over to see my husband sitting and watching, with his digital camera in his hand. He was in heaven, and he was going to capture every Kodak moment. This was to be my night of experimentation, but he knew he would benefit from it when we returned home.

Sarah slowly took my nipple in her mouth, and I almost came. She smiled as she looked me in the eyes, and then started trailing light kisses down my belly, all the way to my snatch. At the first touch of her tongue I exploded. She paid no attention, but continued using her tongue to bring me to another body wrenching orgasm. Then it was my turn.

I had been nervous enough the past few days to have asked my husband for cunnilingus lessons, and I was glad now that I had. First I took her nipples into my mouth, feeling them grow hard against my tongue. Wow, this was great! It was arousing my mind as well as my body. As I grew bolder, I decided to make my move into the land of the unknown. I took a deep breath and put my wet tongue right against her clit. I gave it a little flick, and she was mine.

After running my tongue lightly over her clit, I proceeded to ignore it temporarily while concentrating on her clean shaven snatch. It was so wet, and it tasted so good! I was hooked. I slid my finger into her and began to fuck her with it as I ate her. Sarah was moaning and calling my name. As I licked her I grabbed her breasts and rubbed her nipples. She was pushing herself against my mouth, and I was loving it. When she came I eagerly slurped up as much of her juice as I could get.

I was not nervous any more. As soon as we recovered we went into a 69 and brought each other to orgasm again, this time simultaneously. My husband got all the pictures he wanted, and for days after that he got some of the greatest sex I was capable of giving him. We intend to meet with Sarah again, and also to look into the possibilities of getting together with another man. This time I don’t think I’ll have to get drunk beforehand!

J.H., Walla Walla, Washington

The Wildest Weekend

Last year my wife Polly and I went to a fancy hotel resort in Aruba for a long weekend. Once we got there, we settled in and then went down to the poolside bar for a drink. We soon got a little buzzed. I had my eye on one of the waitresses, a very pretty black girl. I pointed her out to my wife and jokingly asked her if she’d ever thought about having a lesbian experience. Polly said she had thought about it, but only as a fantasy. I said I bet she would like to make that fantasy come true, but she didn’t answer me. We finally went up to the room to take a shower before dinner.

When I came out of the bathroom after my shower I found Polly naked and spread eagled on the bed. I quickly joined her and we went into a 69. I ate her sweet pussy and rammed my tongue into it. It didn’t take long for her to climax. Then she rolled me over and gave me the best blowjob ever. She really knows how to work a cock in her mouth, and she loves to swallow come. Next I got on top of her and pounded her pussy. I told her I wanted to come up her ass. Polly loves it that way also. I rolled her over, lubed her tight ass and worked my cock in. I fucked her slowly, then faster, until I blew my wad up her backside.

We cleaned up and I called room service to send up some beer and wine. When it came, I noticed the bellboy staring at my wife, who was wrapped in a white thigh high robe. His obvious interest gave me some idea, but I didn’t say anything then.

The next day we went down to the bar again, and our waitress was the same girl I had noticed before. When Polly left to use the ladies’ room I started to make small talk with her. She told me her name was Sylvia. I paid for the drinks and gave her a twenty dollar tip, and she couldn’t stop thanking me.

When Polly came back we went down to the beach and swam for a good part of the afternoon. On our way back we stopped at the bar for another drink. Sylvia was still there, and I tipped her another twenty. She told me if I needed anything at all, just to ask for her. When Polly went up to get ready for dinner, I asked Sylvia if she could do me a favor. I said if she didn’t want to I would understand, but I was dying to watch her have sex with my wife. Sylvia was surprised, but not upset. She said she had never done that, but my wife was very beautiful, and it might be interesting. I told her to come up to our room in an hour. I said she could start by giving my wife a massage, and we could go on from there.

When I got upstairs, Polly had showered and was wrapped in a towel. I told her I had ordered her a massage before dinner. She thanked me and we drank some more. I showered and put on shorts. When Sylvia knocked at the door I let her in, and as soon as Polly saw that it was the pretty waitress, she knew something more than a massage was on my mind, but she didn’t say anything.

Polly lay facedown on the bed, and Sylvia began to massage her shoulders. Even with my wife’s tan, the contrast of those black hands against her skin was wild. Those hands moved down, and then Sylvia asked if she could lower the towel. Polly said okay. Sylvia rubbed her back and legs, then asked her to roll over. She covered her front with the towel, massaging her arms and shoulders. Then she moved to her legs. As her hands moved upward, she lifted the towel just enough to expose Polly’s trimmed pussy. She massaged her inner thighs, her fingers brushing lightly across my wife’s pussy lips. Polly stiffened a little, and then her eyes closed as Sylvia lowered her head and began to lick my wife’s pussy.

Though Sylvia had said she was new to this, she went about licking Polly’s now wet cunt like a lollipop. My wife opened her legs wider, and now both of them were obviously getting into it. Polly asked the black girl to turn around, and they moved into a 69. Polly started eating Sylvia’s pussy eagerly. My wife was the first to climax, followed closely by the waitress.

Watching my horny wife eating out this black girl was too much. I dropped my shorts, got behind her and shoved my cock in her pussy, and a minute later I came like an erupting volcano. I then moved up and fed my dick to her mouth as Sylvia went down on her again. She sucked on it like mad while the black girl licked my come out of her pussy.

Now Sylvia asked Polly if she could fuck me. Polly had no objection, and the pretty waitress got onto my lap and fucked the shit out of me. When I was ready to come she jumped off, and she and Polly took turns drinking my sperm as it shot out of my dick.

When Sylvia left I called room service for some more liquor. The spectacle of my wife with the black girl had been so erotic that I was still horny.

Polly was in the shower when the room service waiter knocked on the door. It was the same waiter who had served us the day before, a well built black youth of about nineteen. His name was Barry. I asked him if he remembered my wife, and he said yes. Then I asked him when he got off duty, and he said it would be another hour. I asked him if he could come back then, and with a grin he said he would be glad to.

When Polly came out I laid her on her the bed and started eating her pussy slowly. I kept stopping and then starting again, driving her crazy. In between I sucked her tits and fingered her clit. By the time Barry came back she was so hot she could have fucked the bedpost. When he knocked on the door she wondered who it was, and I told her it was the waiter, and that I had asked him to come back. As she looked at me with wide eyes, I asked her if she wanted to cover herself up before I let him in. She hesitated for only a second, and then shook her head no.

When Barry saw my wife lying there naked, he stared at her for a moment and then looked at me. I gave him a nod, and that was all the encouragement he needed. He went over to the bed and put his hands on her tits. Polly moaned. I got on the bed and started to eat her pussy again as Barry massaged her breasts. Then he moved up and put his cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and took him in, slurping at his black cock. He fucked her face with that cock, sliding back and forth in her mouth. It was so exciting! I kept my eyes on that sight as I ate Polly out until she climaxed. Then I put a pillow under her ass and began to fuck her pussy. Polly was squirming and emitting muffled moans around Barry’s cock. As she sucked him faster I couldn’t take any more and I blew a big load up her pussy.

Barry was getting close, too, and he asked me breathlessly if he could come on her tits. I said sure. He pulled out of her mouth, and Polly grabbed that cock and jerked him off all over her chest, then rubbed his come into her flesh.

I always carry rubbers in case my wife forgets her birth control. As soon as Barry was hard again I handed one to him, and he put it on and sat in a chair. Polly got up and straddled his lap, taking his dick deep in her pussy and clutching at his thighs with her strong legs. She rode him up and down until he exploded. She then got off him, removed the rubber and emptied it onto her tits. Then she lay back on the bed and put on a show for us, finger fucking herself to a shattering orgasm. The sight made us both ready again, which was probably what she intended.

I handed Barry another rubber and we both lay on the bed. I stuck my cock in Polly’s ass and Barry mounted her pussy. I could feel his cock rubbing against mine through her pussy wall. I came quickly in her ass, and Barry filled her cunt soon after. My hot wife then moved down and cleaned off each of our cocks with her mouth.

Polly went to wash up, and I offered Barry a beer. As we sat there, there was another knock at the door. It was another room service waiter, with complimentary fruit from the management. This guy was older than Barry, and he told me his name was Sam. He was looking strangely at the two of us sitting around more or less naked, so I explained to him what was going on with my wife, and I asked him if he would like to join in. Sam’s eyes went wide, and he said he never got lucky like that. I told him to strip down, and when he did I was looking at the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was about nine inches long, and very thick.

I asked Sam to wait on the balcony, because I wanted to surprise Polly. The anticipation made our cocks hard again, and when my wife came out she was pleased to find that we were ready. I lay down so she could sit on my cock and take it up her ass, while Barry moved up to her face to stick his cock in her mouth. At this point I told Polly that we had one more cock for her, and I waved for Sam to come in. Polly’s eyes widened when she saw that huge cock, but she smiled at him and let him stick it in her pussy.

With three cocks inside her, Polly was squirming and moaning like crazy. I held on as long as I could before shooting another load up her ass. Then I eased out from under her and watched those two black cocks fucking my wife’s mouth and cunt. Barry was the first to come, shooting his jism down her throat as she swallowed hungrily. Sam then moved up to straddle her tits and began fucking them, until that huge dick exploded and he shot about a gallon of come over her hard nippled breasts.

Sam was still on duty, so he quickly dressed and left. Barry thought he was fucked out, but Polly licked and sucked his cock until she brought it to life once more, then sat on it and rode him until they both came one final time.

On the flight home the next day, my wife thanked me for a great weekend, and then asked me when we could do it again.

R.W., Muncie, Indiana