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Recently, my wife Kelly and I decided to go to a nudist resort for vacation. Kelly stands about five-feet-seven-inches tall, weighs 128 pounds, and has an athletic body that’s topped off with 38C breasts and beautiful, long brown hair. She gets plenty of looks every time she walks into a room, and I love watching men desire her.

We arrived, checked into the resort, and were led to our suite, which was on the first floor, by a hotel employee. The female employee pulled back the curtains in front of the patio doors to revel that our room was right next to the swimming pool as well as the beach. When she asked how we liked our room, Kelly, who was looking at all of the nude sunbathers, replied, “It’s wonderful.”
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There was only one other person in the waiting room at the fertility center along with Amelia and I, and I wondered what she was doing there. Was she having trouble conceiving? Was she a egg donor? Maybe she worked there and was on her break. Whatever her reason, I was glad she was there. She was good eye candy, and I knew that I’d be thinking about her and my wife while I worked on giving the doctor my sample.

Twenty minutes later, when the doctor was done with me, I found my wife talking to the woman—who was now joined by her own husband. Tasha’s husband Steve was a sperm donor, and she had come along so that they could go out after his appointment. As they talked with my wife, I couldn’t help fantasizing, again, about the two women hooking up. And then I had a brilliant idea: What if Amelia and Steve got together? He was a donor, and she needed more potent sperm in order to get pregnant. It seemed like the perfect plan. Apparently great minds think alike, because a split second after I thought it up, Tasha went ahead and proposed the very same plan.
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My wife Helen and I are veteran swingers, and we’ve been hooking up with other couples for almost 10 years. We even have regular swing parties with friends of ours who are also in the lifestyle. But when we had to cancel our last party because everyone else was going on vacation, we decided to venture out to one of the new local swing clubs. I’d read about it online, and it seemed like the kind of place where Helen and I would fit in just fine.

On Saturday night, Helen put on her sexiest lingerie—an orange lace bra-and-panty set with stockings and garters—and I wore slacks and a shirt with a pair of silk boxers. Then we threw on our coats and drove to the club. When we got there, the club was already alive with people, and there were at least three dozen couples that I could see from the entrance. I spotted a few couples who weren’t our type, but for the most part, everyone there seemed to live up to—or exceed—our expectations. Helen felt so comfortable that she shucked her coat immediately, and I was down to my boxers in no time. We mingled with some other couples and had some drinks. Then we met Janine and Roger.
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In the Swing of Things

Chuck and I had been married 12 years when we had the only serious fight of our relationship. Surprisingly, the fight was over my not having sex with a certain man. Chuck had seen this guy in the shower at the gym he was washing his nearly hard cock, which looked to be 10 inches long. The man in question had been hitting on me for months, but I found his cocky attitude to be a total turnoff. He was arrogant and thought he was God’s gift to women, an attitude I can’t stand. Just the thought of screwing him made me want to puke.

We got into it at the club on a Saturday night when Mr. Arrogance took another shot at getting into my panties and I shot him down. I was so annoyed at my husband’s reaction that I booked a flight to San Francisco for the next evening and decided to visit my best friend Julie and her husband Tim for a few days to cool off. Chuck and I hadn’t had sex for nearly a week at that point, because I’d been on my period, and I didn’t give him any ass before I split town, either.

Anyway, back to Julie and Tim. Julie had married my high school sweetheart, the first boy I’d ever necked and made out with. It was never serious, though, since we’d only been kids back then. She met my flight when I came in on Sunday night, and we had a ball on Monday, catching up and going shopping and doing girly things while Tim was at work. I’d seen Julie many times since Chuck and I had moved away, but I hadn’t seen Tim in several years. Like me, Julie hadn’t wanted children, and she still maintained her trim, youthful figure. We were both very petite and had similar bodies except for our breasts. Julie was a 32A, while I blossomed to a 34C (though my breasts appeared larger because of my very small frame).

That night, I couldn’t help but notice Tim’s admiring glances at my cleavage, and the fact that his eyes traveled to my hemline anytime there was a chance I would flash my flesh or undies. I wouldn’t have thought of doing anything sexual with my friend’s husband, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the eight and a half inch cock Julie claimed he had. My Chuck is just shy of seven inches, to be honest, but a little extra is always nice. Tim’s cock, however, was off limits.

I’d always led a very active sex life, seldom going more than 24 hours without some sort of sexual activity, so after nearly two weeks without having sex, I was horny as hell. I blame my overactive hormones for my response when Tim and Julie asked if I’d like to attend a party with them the following Saturday night. Julie described it as a simple get together with friends to play games, but when she said, “No one has to do anything they don’t want to,” I had a feeling there was more to it than she was letting on. She said there were seven couples in all, but anyone could bring a guest as long as they were married. Keeping singles out of the club helped the couples avoid problems. Anyway, when Tim went to fix drinks, I asked Julie if this was a wife swapping party. She told me it was, but that whatever happened at the party stayed there, and everyone went home with his or her spouse. Of course I agreed to accompany them.

Chuck called that night just as I was going to bed. I talked to him for half an hour while my hosts got ready too. We pretty much made up, and he begged me to come home as soon as I could, but I told him that I thought the time apart would do us good. I hung up without a word about the party. It was a long time before I could fall asleep, the distinct sound of Tim and Julie’s headboard knocking against my wall keeping me awake. I thought, My God, I need some cock plowing my horny pussy real soon!

Taking Julie’s advice, I wore a simple cotton sundress with nothing more than a pair of skimpy panties underneath when we went to the party on Saturday. The six other couples were all there when we arrived, and one of the couples had also brought an out of town guest, a man named Rick. Everyone was friendly and courteous, and the men were handsome and the ladies pretty. Everyone was in good physical condition.

For the first hour it was just like any other house party I’d ever been to, everybody sipping cocktails and moving around visiting with one another. The lights were then dimmed in the dining room, where the table was folded up against one wall to provide ample room to dance. Adam was the first to ask me to dance, and we danced to a slow, mellow song. He held me at a respectable distance, and as we danced he told me that the group was delighted that I’d decided to join them for the evening. He said that they were all friends and that I shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do, just as Julie had explained.

“You’re a beautiful and very desirable woman, and I can assure you every man here wants you, but you’re not obligated to do anything,” he said.

As the song ended, he pressed his loins to mine, allowing me to briefly feel his sizeable erection before walking me back to get my drink and asking Nina, another woman in the group, for a dance.

Just then I saw Julie going upstairs ahead of Lenny, while Tim headed for the basement with Fiona. I felt my panties getting wet knowing the sexual part of the night was just beginning. Calvin asked me to dance next, and I let my body melt against his. Soon his hands were cupping my ass and pulling me against his hard cock. I whispered that I’d heard about this kind of party before, but had never been invited to one, and I told him I was really enjoying myself. Calvin kissed my ear and quietly asked if I was feeling adventurous.

He led me upstairs where we found only one bedroom door open. Once behind the closed door, we embraced, kissing passionately as he unzipped my dress. He held it for me to step out of, then dropped to his knees to peel my panties down. Then he just stared at my snatch until I felt compelled to ask if something was wrong.

“God, no! There’s nothing’s wrong,” he told me. “I just can’t believe how lovely your pussy is. May I eat you?” he asked politely. I said yes.

I was so damn horny that his flicking tongue brought me to orgasm quickly, and I released a flood of hot, slippery cunt juice all over his face. He got me off once more before mounting me and trying to stick an unusually thick cock in my pussy. I tried to guide him in, and then I grabbed his ass and urged him to fuck me. He stroked rapidly between my long, puffy labia for about five minutes before blowing an unbelievably hot load of come all over my crotch.

He thanked me and I thanked him, then he pointed to a basin in the corner and said I could clean up there. Then he was gone. I couldn’t believe I’d danced with the man, gotten naked, had my pussy eaten, and fucked him all in under half an hour. Wow! I was about to get up and wash myself when there was a knock on the door and a man stepped into the room, asking if I’d like some company.

“You’re Dave, right?” I asked after inviting him inside. He nodded, and as he walked toward me I asked him to grab the washcloth and wet it for me so I could clean up after his friend. He just stripped and got into bed with me, telling me there wasn’t a single man at the party who didn’t like being with a fresh fucked pussy and that there was nothing wrong with a little semen between friends.

He didn’t waste any time and immediately began fingering my creamy cunt. Within a minute he had his six inch pole ramming in and out of my hungry snatch. It was nothing more than pure sex— he was getting a strange piece of ass, and I was getting the dicking I really needed. He had amazing control, too, and I came three times before he shot his load into me.

He stayed to watch as I cleaned up, helped me with my dress, and then took me down to the makeshift bar for a drink. Before I could finish my drink, I was being led to the basement by Ryan. He was hung a little bit better than Dave, and he gave me an exciting fuck. Ryan still had his spent cock in me when someone knocked on the door.

“It’s your friend Tim,” Ryan told me when he went over to see who it was. “Do you want him?”

I didn’t give myself any time to think it through before I said enthusiastically, “Yes, I want him! I want every man here!” This was turning out to be quite the exciting evening.

Tim came closer to making love to me than anyone else, and he was hung even better than Julie had said, with at least nine inches of wrist thick cock hanging between his legs. He did me doggie style, driving his meaty cock extremely deep into my cunt until we exploded together. He held me afterward, telling me he had wanted that since we’d dated back in high school. He quickly developed another erection, too, and he fucked me in the good old missionary position before leaving and sending in Adam, who had appeared at the door in the middle of our fuck and patiently waited his turn.

Adam was damn good, but I was fucked out by the time we were done, so I dressed and waited in the living room for Julie and Tim, turning down numerous invitations to go to one of the empty bedrooms. When Julie and Tim were ready to go, we headed back to their house, and I tumbled straight into bed. I woke up a few hours later dreaming about fucking Tim again, and when I went to go get myself a glass of water from the kitchen, I found him lurking outside my door, obviously wanting to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck him.

We climbed back into bed and got into the spoon position. He fucked my tender twat gently for about 20 minutes before depositing his delicious cream, and I fell asleep with his cock still inside me. When I woke up again about an hour later, my cunt lips were still clinging to his big cockhead. He woke up the moment I moved, and so did his cock. He entered my snatch as soon as he was erect, and he fucked me beautifully, giving me two wonderful orgasms before coming himself.

We were cuddling up when Julie knocked on the door. “You lovebirds can go back to bed later if you haven’t had enough, but right now breakfast is ready, and I’m sure you’re both starving,” she said with a smirk.

I was terribly embarrassed at being caught, but Julie was cool as could be, and while we ate breakfast she told me all about the first time she’d gone to a swing party.

The next week flew by, and I ended up sharing the bed with Tim and Julie each night. She and I would lay side by side while Tim alternated between fucking us, one then the other, for hours. But I was completely surprised when, while Tim was giving it to me doggie style, Julie slipped under me to lick my clitoris while her husband fucked me. It was an unbelievable experience, and an hour later I returned the favor, getting my first taste of another woman’s pussy.

I arrived home a day earlier than planned, and my husband was at work, giving me a chance to unpack and wash my soiled panties— which I knew my husband would have loved to have put his nose in. He’d been begging me for years to participate in a gang bang, and I knew he would’ve loved hearing about my West Coast adventures. Letting five men screw me in one night had to constitute being gang banged, but I was still a little bit mad at him, so I wasn’t going to share the story of my gang bang with him. To this day, that first gang bang remains my little secret from my husband.— A.B., Norfolk, Virginia

Promotional Fuck

I’m a 38 year old guy with a good paying job for a really successful company. My boss, Lyle, is 50 and a very dominating person at work— and no doubt at home, too. When a promotion came up last year, I decided to go for it. My chances were as good as anyone else’s, I thought, but the competition was really fierce.

During the time before the promotion was announced, Lyle invited me and Yvonne, my 34 year old wife, to attend a three day conference in Milwaukee with him and his wife, Julia. Julia is about 47 or 48, and still fairly attractive, with long flowing red hair and a curvy stature.

I wasn’t crazy about bringing my wife on the trip, but I did anyway. Yvonne didn’t understand why my boss wanted her to come along, but since it was a free trip, she was happy to tag along with me.

We decided to drive, since it wasn’t far, and on the way I kept glancing at my wife, noticing how nicely she was dressed. Although she wore a conservative top, her black skirt was short and showed off her awesome legs, which were encased in a pair of sheer black pantyhose. I got aroused looking at her, but I didn’t let her know how excited I was.

After checking into our hotel, we joined Lyle and Julia for dinner. I was uncomfortable, but a couple of rounds of drinks took the edge off me. Lyle quickly moved things along in the conversation, and we all seemed to relax. My wife, who’s not a drinker, had about three drinks with dinner, and she got very tipsy. She seemed to love Lyle’s stories more and more as the evening wore on.

After a while I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Lyle had a hand on Yvonne’s upper thigh, just underneath the hem of her skirt. This was shocking, but not as shocking as my wife not pushing his hand away. I should’ve been pissed, but I’d had a few drinks too, and I was curious to see what my boss did next.

He slid his hand higher on Yvonne’s thigh and began to rub her pussy through the crotch of her pantyhose. Yvonne looked at me quickly, but she didn’t stop Lyle from playing with her pussy and rubbing her leg. After maybe 15 minutes of this, Lyle stood up and without a word took my wife’s hand and led her up to his room. Julia and I just looked at each other for a moment, and then we quickly got up to follow them.

My wife gave me a quick, appreciative smile as she disappeared into Lyle’s room, and then my boss closed the door, leaving Julia and I out in the hall. But we weren’t there long. Julia cast a glance at me and then took my hand and led me to my room down the hall.

Inside the room, Julia sat on my bed and her skirt rode up, revealing her bare thighs. I turned to her curiously, and she quickly told me, “I’m not going to fuck you, if that’s what you think.”

I froze in my tracks and just stood there for a minute with my half hard cock in my pants. I couldn’t stop thinking about my wife and my boss down the hall, probably fucking, and that turned me on even more. In less than a minute I was fully hard and in need of a good, strong jerking.

Defiantly, I dropped my pants and started to boldly stroke my cock right in front of Julia, my boss’s wife. The more I stroked my cock, the more Julia looked at me, and soon I saw her squirming, obviously getting wet and aroused from watching me. I was still thinking about my boss and my wife down the hall, too, and I imagined he was buried deep in her pussy, giving her the fucking of her life right about then. And then I snapped.

I needed to get laid, and with another look at Julia, I saw that she was staring at my cock and practically salivating. She gestured me to the bed, and I pushed her onto her back as I spread her thighs and moved aside the crotch of her black panties. I’d never been so filled with lust, and when Julia looked at me and told me to “do it,” I couldn’t hold on anymore.

I was on her in a second, and I slid easily into her wet cunt. “Show me how a real man does it,” she begged, and I started to pump my cock in and out of her mature pussy.

The whole time I was fucking Julia, I couldn’t stop picturing my wife doing the same thing down the hall— with my boss! The more I thought about it, the more turned on I got, and I started really giving it to Julia. I pounded her so hard that I didn’t last long, and within less than five minutes, I was shooting my load into her pussy. Luckily, she was just as hot as I was, and she came within seconds of my climax.

We weren’t satisfied, though, and after a few minutes we decided to sneak down to Julia’s room to try to catch our spouses in the act. When we walked in the door, I was shocked to see my wife on her knees, naked, giving Lyle a blowjob. His cock was huge, and it barely fit in my wife’s small mouth, but she somehow managed to deep throat him all the same.

I stood transfixed as he pulled her off his cock and picked her up, throwing her facedown on the bed. She was begging him, loudly, to fuck her, and he obediently parted her legs and got on top of her, grunting as he impaled her with his monster shaft. I thought for sure he would split her in two, and when he started pounding into her, the bed shook violently.

I was so busy watching the two of them that I didn’t notice Julia leave my side until I saw her appear in front of me, joining the couple on the bed. She got behind her husband and massaged his ass before slipping her finger straight up his asshole. That seemed to send him over the edge, and with a yelp he came, shooting his potent sperm deep into my wife’s receptive cunt. She came with him, and when he pulled out, I saw her swollen pink cunt dripping juices onto the bed.

For the rest of the trip, my boss and my wife fucked like crazy, and Julia and I fucked more than a few times, too. It was the most wild weekend ever— and as it turned out, there was no conference after all. Just lots of fucking.

It should come as no surprise that I got the promotion when we got home. I don’t know if it’s because of the fucking or my impressive credentials, but either way, I definitely won a great prize!— H.W., Madison, Wisconsin