Slave for a Day

My girlfriend Susan and I always read Forum, and because of your magazine I just had an incredible experience. Susan and I read a certain letter in the Open Forum section, and she noticed how hard my cock was. She started joking about my cock being larger than normal. I got embarrassed a little by being so turned on by such a kinky letter, and Susan saw that and she just kidded me even more. After that she put her red lips around my cock and gave me the best head she has ever— that indicated to me that she was just as turned on by this letter as I was. When I came in her mouth she greedily sucked down every drop.

A couple of days had passed and I figured that everything had been forgotten about the letter. Friday night came and Susan told me that she was too tired to fool around that night but if I came over to her apartment early Saturday, she would make it up to me. I was over at her place at an early hour Saturday morning.

Susan answered the door wearing nothing but a robe that was slightly open at the top, exposing most of her luscious tits. On closing the door she turned around and opened her robe to expose her lovely body. When I came forward to kiss her, she slapped me and said if I wanted to kiss her I must first kneel in front of her and ask her permission. This surprised me a little but excited me even more. I knelt down before her and asked for permission to kiss her. She replied that I may only kiss her feet. I bent over and kissed and sucked her painted toes.

Susan then told me to get up and go into her bedroom, undress and wait for her on my knees in the middle of her floor. I quickly responded and went into her bedroom and undressed. I noticed that my cock was at full attention, sticking straight out form my dark patch. After I was kneeling there for about five minutes, Susan came in carrying her dog’s collar and leash. This was the first time that I realized that her golden retriever was not there. When I asked Susan where her dog was she said that her brother was dog sitting today so we would not be disturbed.

She placed the collar and leash around my neck and pulled the leash through her legs, pulling my face up to her blonde bush, which I greedily started to lick and suck. After a couple of minutes she said that there was plenty of time for that and she pushed my head away. Leaving me in the middle of the floor, Susan walked over to her dresser and opened up one of the drawers. She removed a pile of clothes that she already had set aside. She then turned to me and said that since I like to wear her silky panties on occasion when we are fooling around, and since I was so turned on by that letter the other night, that she had decided today I would be her sex slave in drag, her maid Michelle.

Susan then set the clothes on the corner of her bed and ordered me to get dressed. I knew that there wouldn’t be any problems with fit since we both wear about the same size clothes. I started by putting on the front hook black bra, then the red garter belt. Sitting down, I carefully pulled on the seamed black stockings that she had worn so many times to turn me on. Now I was wearing them to turn us both on. After I fastened the stockings to the garter belt, I put on her black silk panties. I had a little problem with the panties since my cock was so hard.

Susan then came over to me, apparently pleased with what she saw. She handed me a long, sheer black nightgown that I’d bought her a couple of years ago and I put it over my new black ensemble. She then took the leash and led me over to her dressing table, sitting me down in the chair. She apologized for not having a nice pair of high heels for me to wear, and then started to apply a dark blue eye shadow to my eyelids, followed by mascara, eyeliner and bright red blush to my cheeks. She applied bright red lip gloss to my mouth, saying that she should shave off my mustache but she loved the way it tickled her clit when I ate her.

After she finished my face, Susan applied false fingernails to my hand, saying that a proper maid has a well manicured appearance. Once the nails were applied and painted a bright red, she took a pair of big gold dangling earrings and clipped them on me.

With the transformation complete, Susan stepped back to admire her work. I could tell she was pleased by the way she was fingering her cunt. I too was pleased and excited, and I thought my cock was going to split the panties at the seam. She then told me to go into the kitchen and start to do the dishes. I couldn’t wait any longer, and I stated to rub my cock through my new clothes. That’s when I felt a sharp crack on my ass. I turned around to see Susan standing behind me with a belt in her hand. She said that I was not to touch myself unless told to do so.

She grabbed my leash and took me into the living room, sitting down on the chair and pulling up the skirt. She propped her legs up on the coffee table to give me better access. I greedily started to lick her wet cunt with long strokes, starting from her lovely asshole and going to her enlarged clit. After a few moments of this, she pulled my head in tightly to her cunt. I thought I was going to suffocate, but I kept right on licking and sticking my tongue all the way into her. Of all the times I have eaten her, this was the first time she actually squirted.

When Susan recovered she led me to the bedroom, telling me that I was such a good slave that I deserved a reward. She then told me to lie down on the bed on my back and to pull my gown up and my panties down just far enough to expose my cock and balls. I quickly did so, expecting the fuck of a lifetime. I expected the wrong thing. Susan sat down across from me on the chair and said that I had her permission to masturbate. This was not what I had in mind, but at this time, any relief for my aching cock was appreciated. I started to rub and pump my cock with long strokes while she played with herself using a vibrator. She just watched me, and timed her climax with my own, so we both came with a shudder.

After a minute or so, Susan looked at the globs of semen all over my stomach and yelled at me, calling me a cheap whore, and ordered me to clean myself off.

All of this took place before noon. We spent the rest of the day in much the same way. That day I fucked her in the ass and had a golden shower— we had never done these things before. Since that day Susan has been reading all about domination and becoming quite good at it. Her dominatrice wardrobe has grown and so has my female attire. We are now thinking about adding another person. Perhaps a dominant transvestite from one of those swinging magazines could be my new master. I can only hope so.

Mr. R.P., Pennsylvania

Cheeky Gal Loves a Good Hard Spanking from Her Boyfriend

Several months ago, my boyfriend and I were fooling around in bed and I was being a total tease. I was giving him a blowjob, and when I sensed he was close to coming, I would just stop sucking him and leave him like that, with a bad case of blue balls.

After doing this several times Frankie warned me not to let it happen again. But I did. He grabbed me by the shoulders, lifted me up and put me across his lap. The next thing I felt was his hand as he delivered the first of about a dozen hard, stinging swats to my bare behind.

Then he dumped me off his lap onto the floor and ordered me to finish sucking him off. My poor buns were bright red and hot where his swift smacks had left their mark. He put his hands on the back of my head and pushed down, forcing his cock into my mouth. I wasted no time and immediately went to work sucking him dry.

A couple of weeks later, we were fooling around in bed again and Frankie asked me to give him another blowjob. “Don’t I get a spanking first?” I asked teasingly. The words were no sooner out of my mouth than I suddenly found myself lying across his lap, head down, ass up, on the receiving end of an old fashioned, bare bottom spanking.

I was expecting only a few playful slaps, but to my surprise and delight, he gave me a good, sound spanking of about two dozen swats, alternating cheeks so that each one got 12 smacks. I was so turned on that I couldn’t wait to go down on him. I slid off his lap, knelt between his legs, and ran my tongue up the full length of his cock, from the base to the tip, and then swirled my tongue around the head before taking the shaft into my hungry mouth. I was playfully fondling his balls while my lips and tongue quickly worked him to a frenzy and he spilled his come across my tongue. I swallowed every drop, then licked him clean.

My rear end was so sore that I couldn’t sit down for the rest of the day, but it was worth it. I had never seen my boyfriend so horny, and I was so turned on that I gave him the best blowjob he had ever had.

About a month later, we were over my place watching TV while my roommate got ready for a date. My boyfriend leaned over and whispered, “As soon as she leaves, I’m going to put you over my knee and give you the spanking of your life, and the more you kick, and the more you squirm, the more I’m going to enjoy it.”

My roommate’s date showed up, but my roommate was still fooling around in the bathroom, getting ready. I sat on the couch next to my boyfriend, wiggling nervously, aching in eager anticipation. “I wish she’d hurry up,” I whispered to him, “I can’t wait.”

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my roommate and her date left for the evening, leaving my boyfriend and I alone together at last. Their car had no sooner pulled out of the driveway when Frankie pulled out a straight chair and ordered me to take down my pants. I realized that he was going to give it to me right there in the living room. I undid the snap and zipper of my jeans and pulled them down to my knees.

“Pull them all the way down,” Frankie ordered. I did and my jeans dropped down to my ankles, but I kept my panties on. Then I shuffled over to where my boyfriend was sitting. “Bend over,” he ordered. I did. I felt his hand on my back as he slid my shirt up and then roughly pulled my panties down to my knees. I felt him flip his right leg up over both of mine, pinning me down. His hand moved caressingly across my backside, teasing me.

With his left hand, he pushed down on the back of my neck. As my head was pushed down, my rear end popped straight up in the air. His hand came down on my bare bottom with a resounding smack. The second swat was just as hard as the first, and the third was even harder than that. I couldn’t hold out any longer and let out a yell.

That just spurred him on and he really laid it on. I lost count of how many swats I’d taken. I lay across his lap, kicking and squirming, as his hand rose and fell on my completely exposed backside.

Just as quickly as it started, it stopped. My ass was so hot it felt like it was on fire. Frankie lifted me up and carried me over to the couch, putting me facedown over the arm of the couch. The next thing I felt was his cock as he entered me from the rear. I gasped. He quickly worked up a rhythm, and with every thrust, my clit rubbed against the arm of the couch. I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and then I came with a mind shattering intensity.

Frankie pulled out and told me to kneel in front of him and take his cock into my mouth. I followed his instructions obediently, tasting myself on him as his cock slid back and forth across my lips. He pulled my head into his crotch, flexing his ass, and I began sucking on him in earnest, bobbing my head hard and fast as I could, until he shot his load down my throat. I kept licking and sucking as his cock shrank inside me.

My butt was so sore I could barely stand up. Frankie carried me into my bedroom and rubbed cooling lotion on my sore buns, complimenting me on my enthusiastic dick worshipping.

On my birthday, Frankie promised me a special treat. For a long time I had this great fantasy about being tied to a bed and soundly screwed. We discussed it and he agreed to give me what I wanted. We showered together so that we were squeaky clean. Then we went straight to my bedroom. We had the apartment to ourselves for the night. I put on an old nightie and waited alone in my room, with the lights out, anxious to experience this fantasy. My boyfriend opened the door, and entered the room stark naked.

He grabbed the belt off my robe and tied my hands together in front of me. Then he had me bend over the side of the bed and flipped my nightgown up over my head. He went to my closet and got out a leather belt. As I was bent over the bed with my nightie covering my face, I couldn’t tell where my boyfriend was— until he stepped up behind me and laid that belt across my bare bottom. The second swat was a “love tap,” but the third was a real stinger. He gave me a dozen swats, some light, some hard. Then he tied my hands to the headboard of my bed with the robe belt and tied my legs to the bedframe with some clothesline that he “found” on my dresser.

He ripped off my nightgown and began to lick and suck on my nipples. First left, then right, he gave them quick little bites. Then he moved down my stomach, until he got to my crotch. He was torturing me, tracing his tongue around and around my hot pussy, paying no attention at all to my pleading. Finally, his mouth made contact with my stiff clit and, seconds later, a powerful orgasm shook me.

Then, he was on top of me, and in me. He fucked me as fast and as hard as he could, the headboard slamming against the wall, and I came again. I was using the leverage of my restrained wrists to buck with him, giving him the ride of his life. After a few more of his strong, hard thrusts I climaxed again. He continued fucking me, banging away until he came, so deep inside me. Then he collapsed, exhausted, on my chest and we both dozed off.

It was the most intense sexual experience that I have ever had. And I can’t wait to do it again.

Melanie K., New Jersey

Curious Couple Unexpectedly Discovers S&M in Sexy French Film

My boyfriend and I had been taking French lessons for a few months and we decided that renting a few French films might help us with our accents. I fought the Friday evening crowd and chose a few movies off the shelves at the video store. I’ve always been a Gerard Depardieu fan, so naturally I grabbed three movies starring the sexy, bearish Frenchman: Cyrano, Maitresse and Return of Martin Guerre.

After hours of hearing so much French, the two of us were feeling quite continental. We were nibbling on soft brie and a baguette and enjoying une bouteille de vin as I pushed our third feature, Maitresse, into the VCR. As it turned out, Mike and I learned more than mere French from this particular film.

When the character played by Depardieu and his accomplice break into an apartment with the intent of burglary, they discover the dungeon of an accomplished dominatrice. When she catches the two men red handed, she allows them to go free, provided Depardieu join her in an act of domination. This certainly was not what Mike and I had expected!

As the movie progressed, the acts of domination became increasingly explicit. During one particularly rough scene where a young woman tied to a chair was receiving slaps to her bare bottom, I glanced over and noticed a prominent erection poking out of my boyfriend’s boxers. I couldn’t resist reaching over and giving it a firm squeeze. He groaned softly and closed his eyes. When he blindly fumbled under my silk nightie to caress my damp pussy, it was evident that these strange, new scenes of S&M were having quite an erotic effect on Mike and me.

We spent the rest of the movie groping each other, occasionally kissing passionately before returning our lust filled gazes to the titillating video. By the time the credits started rolling, we were frantically pulling at each other’s clothes— what little we had on. When we were free of them, Mike mounted me and we fucked wildly, both of us climaxing in seconds. Afterward, in a state of breathless, sweaty release, Mike said sheepishly, “Sorry I came so quickly. Guess that movie got me kind of turned on.”

“There’s no way I could have held out any longer myself,” I answered.

As we lay in a heap on the couch, Mike said that his favorite part was definitely the spanking scene. As he enthused over the redness of the woman’s buttocks and the apparent ardor with which Depardieu’s character delivered the blows, his cock sprang back to life. I had especially enjoyed the scene in which the dominatrice had ridden around the room on the back of one of her “clients.”

My nipples stiffened as I envisioned myself riding Mike around our living room. We agreed that given the physical evidence of our state of arousal from merely talking about the scenes, perhaps we should take things one step further and act them out.

I eagerly draped my damp body across Mike’s lap. “Be gentle with me,” I said teasingly. “It’s my first time.” His first slap was practically a caress. He said he didn’t want to hurt me, but with each light smack of his palm I asked for another, and as I cried out “Yes, yes!” the severity of the slaps increased. Mike’s cock got harder with each smack, poking stiffly against my side as he delivered each swat. Mike’s breathing was getting heavier, too.

I quickly slid off his lap and enveloped his erection with my mouth, my ass smarting warmly from my first “spanking.” I fondled his balls as I ran my tongue up and down his shaft. He only lasted a few minutes before he was unloading, giving me a hot mouthful of his come. I couldn’t believe the amount, especially since he’d ejaculated only a half hour earlier. Even I was ready to come again.

I released his shrinking cock from the grip of my lips and asked him if he would mind helping me enact my favorite scene. He immediately got down on all fours and I mounted him, the juices from my hot pussy glossing the small of his back. As he crawled across the carpet, I kicked my heels into his thighs and squealed “Faster!” With each movement, my pussy slid across the slick skin of his back.

I leaned forward a bit so that my clit was rubbing against Mike’s back. As he crawled, I ground my pelvis in to his back, and my commands turned to grunts as I neared orgasm. Finally, Mike stopped in his tracks and just shook until I was crying out in a giddy climax. I had never come by just rubbing against anything like that before! That movie had really done a number on me!

Since then we have rented more S&M videos, enacting our favorite scenes from each one. I feel that we’ve learned enough from all these movies to experiment on our own. Who would have thought that a few French lessons would awaken our deep, hidden sexual desires?
Kelly A., New Hampshire

Breakfast Time

I have been a regular reader of Forum, and I have always enjoyed the magazine. I am 23 years old, five foot nine, muscular and of dark complexion. I love to suck pussy, especially when I am forced to do it. I wonder what has happened to the concept of sex slaves. I mean, I hardly ever hear about these things.

Being forced to suck a woman’s juicy pussy and then having intercourse with her has got to be the greatest. I make a very talented sex slave. I love to be on all fours and kicked in the ass. I also enjoy sucking pussy while my mistress is using the toilet or making love to another man.

I once ate breakfast straight out of my mistress’s soaking pussy. My mistress went on the table and spread her legs wide. She then placed some eggs on top of her pussy and I had to eat them off her like a dog. I then got a mouthful of her hot come for my tea. I really did enjoy it. I want to find a mistress with a nice pink asshole and a big, juicy pussy so I can give her all the goodies she desires.

Mr. R.S., West Indies

Mr. Macho

Playing mistress/slave can be a very rewarding pastime, especially when shared between a wronged wife and her cheating husband. Mr. Macho, my sneaky spouse, soon learned to wear a collar and a leash as he began earning his diploma in canine obedience.

One night I left him hog tied in the bedroom closet while my girlfriend and I went out dancing. Feeling in a particularly get even mood, I finished off the night by getting laid by the ultimate muscle bound stud.

Still, I needed another idea for the long haul, and my girlfriend came up with the perfect solution: petticoats. Since my spouse was so enamored with chasing them, why not make him wear one? The idea really appealed to me.

To begin with, my husband Jim is cute. He’s five seven and slim but evenly built, with a shock of blond hair hanging over his brow. I began to realize that, with a little help, he might easily pass for a female. So one night I led him by his collar into the bathroom, shaved off all his body hair (and I do mean all), powdered him and made him slip into a pair of pink, see through panties. When I stepped back to get a good look, I liked it. I could tell, and he sensed it, too, that his girl chasing days were over.

Months of lessons and discipline, flattery, threats and encouragement followed as I fostered a totally new self image in my hubby. He now wears bras and panties, garter belts and skirts, wigs and makeup, and he loves it. He’s so girlish that he even wiggles and giggles, flutters his eyes and walks with his hands dancing at about shoulder height. Even my girlfriend is amazed at how good he’s gotten at it, and, like me, she thinks it’s great. I’m really in control now. He’s positive proof that the mannerisms and attitudes attributed to women are really shtick. A man can easily be made to learn them by a woman.

Along with his new identity as a closet female, my spouse has acquired some new duties: all the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing. He’s also my personal maid, attending to my nails and the like. In a way he’s now every man’s fantasy in reverse, being an easily dominated, female sex slave. It serves him right.

I’ve even gotten him into bed with another man, fulfilling a fantasy I’d had for some time. I invited my friend the stud over for an all night party. Jim (or should I call him by his new name, Jill?) was allowed to wear men’s clothes, but was told to sit and watch while I made out with my guest. Finally, I told Jim to strip and get in bed. I fondled my friend’s manhood, then gave my spouse a lingering kiss before slipping the purple end of that long, slick dick between his pouting lips. I had never seen a man do that before, and I told him how I wanted him to proceed. He soon got the hang of it, undoubtedly due more to his fear of displeasing me than to his interest in another male. Then, changing positions, I knelt over Jim’s face, facing his legs, and invited my stud to stick it in me from behind. He set right to it, pounding deep into my pussy.

I’ve never been so turned on in my life as when seeing my spouse’s head jerk back and forth to the rhythm of our fucking as he sucked on my stud’s plump, red, dangling balls. I kept hollering, “Suck on them. Suck!” I was in a frenzy just watching him, looking between my legs, my ass held up, feeling that thick dick sliding in and out. Before long my stud was grunting in ecstasy, and I was coming in waves of delicious, multiple orgasms. Wow!

My girlfriend, Carrie, came over the next day and was all excited when I told her about it. She came up with a great idea: Make Jim write my stud a sweet little thank you note.

After he wrote it, we drove him to the post office and made him mail it. Driving home, Jill sat between us. Carrie made him take off his pants, which she tossed onto the back seat. Poor Mr. Girl chaser had to sit there in his panties, embarrassed to death each time we stopped at a light.

Carrie is a sexy lady who thinks panties are just perfect for men, especially married ones. When she visits, she usually treats Jill like one of the girls, but never lets him forget he is one, being very supportive of me. She loves to make Jill stand before her, wiggling and licking his lips. She thinks it’s time we got Jill all prettied up and took him to the shopping mall. I’m thinking about it.

Last night, Jill and I went out for some dinner and then dancing. He was very attentive, and looked quite handsome in a blue serge suit. Because he now signs his paychecks over to me, I paid the bill. You see, he has to make due on the allowance I give him, which, unfortunately, isn’t sufficient for him to entertain other women. But why would a cute little cunt who is happy at home have to worry about things like that, anyway?

Actually, Jill is happy being a woman. His machismo was always an act. Now he doesn’t have to pretend to be the boss, and that’s why he’s happier. I’m much better suited for that role, and I’m sure the thousands of wives who also have their men in panties know exactly what I mean. It’s as if both sexes have an entire keyboard at their disposal, but, due to tradition and taboo, only the females can play the high notes. Yet when males are conditioned to feel and act feminine, they grow to like it. There’s nothing more fragile than machismo it’s like an eggshell. To become a man’s mistress, a woman need only crack it open with a touch of bondage. Having stripped him of his one defense, he’ll submit to her every command, even to putting on a housedress. I wish I had known all this years ago!

The macho infidelities of my spouse nearly wrecked our marriage. Thanks to Carrie and Forum, I found a solution. At his job, Jim can be as macho as he likes. But at home, I want to see a sexy female in attractive wigs, makeup, bras and skirts. In a marriage where the roles have been reversed, a wife has every right to expect her spouse to dress the way she wants. I like seeing a lot of limp wristed expressiveness, girlish wiggling and flashing eyes. Men have always demanded that of their women, and that’s what I want of Jill. It’s a turn on for me to see him hike his stockings up to his thighs, or demurely sit with his legs crossed. I always watch when he does a little touching up on his mascara or his lipstick. Why not? He’s the bitch in the family now, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. Sometimes I sneak a hand up under his dress just to watch him blush and stammer. I find it really tantalizing to peek at his out of control erection amid the crotchless panties, net stockings and lacy garter belt. In fact, just seeing him wiggling around doing housework gives me a sense of power that gets my juices flowing. Want to bet women can’t get turned on by the same things as men?

It’s especially terrific to come home from work and be waited on. And no arguments. Poor Mr. Macho, drowned in a sea of panties, now lives only for me. I wouldn’t do anything to change it. I’m spoiled rotten. The surprise is that not only is Jill a great little female, but we are closer now than ever before. We have girl talk, you see.

Ms. L.G., Michigan