Auto Erotica

July was hot this year. The nights were long and humid, and the only way my wife and I could sleep was naked. It made for a lot of sexy nights, because Beth is a bodybuilder— not that she has huge, bulging muscles or anything, just long, steely arms and legs with great muscle tone. So having her lying naked beside me every night caused lots of fireworks. But there was one night that was special enough that I decided to write to you guys about it.

My wife’s friend Lee had been visiting from Canada. She’s about five feet six, with dark eyes, a sensuous mouth, medium size boobs and a look of sensual comfort about her. I had often checked her out on the sly when we were swimming in the pool. The curve of her boobs and the languorous look of her body caused a lot of problems with hard ons in the water.

One night I had to go out on some business. Beth and Lee had gone out shopping, and as I left the house I saw that they had returned, and were sitting in Beth’s car in the driveway, talking. I wondered what they were talking about. I greeted them as I walked by on the way to my own car.

“I’ve just been telling Lee about how nice your hard on is, Carl,” my wife said rather jokingly.

“Great,” I said, a bit taken aback. I didn’t really know what else to say, so I continued down the driveway to my car, got in and drove away.

Needless to say, over the next hour I had a hard time keeping my mind on business. Finally I was done, so I raced back home. I was relieved to see Beth and Lee still sitting in the car. My heart was pounding, but I decided that this was too good an opportunity to pass up. So I walked up to the car, looked in the window and said, “Can I come in and talk about sex with you ladies?”

“Sure, come on in, if you can stand to be with two horny women,” my wife said.

So I got into the back seat of the car, and we started to talk. It was kind of like when we were kids, talking about sex. We talked about our first climaxes, making love, playing with ourselves, what we liked and so on. The air was getting warmer by the minute, but not as warm as we were. I almost thought I could smell those women creaming as we talked. I kept on thinking about those warm, juicy pussies resting on the seat in front of me. And those four luscious boobs, just waiting to be caressed. My hard on was throbbing. My whole body felt like it was on fire.

Finally I felt that I had to do something. So I said, “I’m going to change the rules here.” And I reached over the seat and cupped one hand around Beth’s right breast, and the other around Lee’s left one. For an instant I was worried, but neither woman pulled back, so I just settled in with a nice warm breast in each hand. Both nipples were hard under my palm, and as I slowly started to stroke them, they poked out further.

Beth chuckled and Lee gave a little contented sigh. “I like these new rules,” she said.

So we talked some more, not about the past this time, but about what was happening right now. I told them how I liked stroking their nipples, feeling the warm fullness of their breasts lying softly against my hands. They both said they were getting turned on, which turned me on more. My hard on was straining at my pants. I wondered what we could do next. All sorts of fantasy possibilities ran through my head, but none were too practical in a cramped little car in an open driveway in a quiet neighborhood. Yet I knew that if we decided to get out and go inside, the spell would be broken and the mood would evaporate, along with the erotic possibilities.

After a little thought, I decided that no plan would be best. Just play it out and see what happens, I thought to myself. So I turned off the brain in my head and abandoned myself to the brain between my legs. “Time for another rule change,” I said.

Lee asked innocently, “But Carl, what are we going to play now?”

“This,” I said. And I let go of their breasts and slowly slid my hands down in smooth circles over their bellies, over their pants, and into their crotches.

“But I can’t feel that,” Beth said. “My jeans are too thick.”

“Well, I’ll fix that,” I said, and I rather awkwardly popped open the snaps on each pair of jeans. I slid my hands down into their soft silky panties, under the elastic, over warm pubic hair and down into two delicious wet pussies, which welcomed me with open lips. Just the feel of that warm wetness almost made me come. With the index finger of each hand, I started to roll and tease their clits, first slowly, then a little faster. Both women let out a quiet little groan, and each of them pushed her clit up against my moving fingers.

“But Carl, what about you?” asked my always considerate wife.

By this time I knew that all inhibitions were momentarily suspended, so I said, “Well, here I am.” With that, I rather reluctantly let go of their soaking pussies and opened up my zipper. My hard on burst loose, firm and pulsing. Both Beth and Lee turned to face me, then reached out to stroke my cock. I was in heaven, having two hot, horny women caressing my throbbing pole. I moved my hands into their panties again, and the smell of sex filled the car. Everyone was groaning.

Then Lee spoke up. “Carl,” she said, “this is great, but where can it lead, unless we are going to have sex, and I don’t think we can in this little car.”

She had a point, but at this juncture there was no way I was quitting. I kept playing with their pussies as I considered the possibilities.

“Well, I’ve got an idea,” I said. “Why don’t we all just play with ourselves? Then there’s no fuss, no muss and no worries, and we all get to have fun. And no performance anxiety.”

For a moment I thought this suggestion wasn’t going over. So I just let go of Lee’s warm pussy and reached down to start playing with myself. Lee watched me quietly for a few moments, and then slowly let her hand wander down into her pants. I could hear the squishy sound of her pussy as her finger started to do its work. Meanwhile my wife Beth, who has never been shy, began to work on herself with a fury.

For a few moments, we all sat there in the dark, playing with ourselves. It was great. I pumped my iron hard rod harder and faster, and Lee kept watching me avidly, as if my actions were giving her inspiration for what she was doing to herself. Suddenly Beth said impatiently, “Oh, these damn pants are too much for me.” And with that she raised her hips, pulled her pants and panties down, arched her pussy up into the air and began strumming it like nothing else mattered in the world. She was practically pushing her cunt into the steering wheel. I could see her juices glistening in the moonlight. Then Lee also pulled down her pants, and continued playing with herself.

I was pumping away at my hard on, feeling ready to blast off at any moment. Suddenly, Lee let out a ragged moan. Then she gave a little sigh and lay back with her legs stretched wide. “I came,” she said. “Oh God, my cunt is pulsing, like it’s going to blow off. I have to keep stroking here.” Which she did, and in less than ten seconds she exploded into another climax. I started coming at about the same time, jets of sperm erupting from my cock as I pounded away on it. Beth was writhing in the driver’s seat, groaning and moaning, and then she let out a shriek, and the bucking of her body as she climaxed shook the whole car.

After that we all sat quietly for a few moments. It was a strangely comfortable silence, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Everyone was pleased. We had all come, no one had had to perform, and we all felt fine about it. After a few minutes we got out of the car, went inside and went to bed.— C.S., Jackson, Mississippi

Fitting In

My wife Veronica and I are regular readers of Penthouse Forum. Each month we read the new issue, and mark passages with descriptions of sexual activities we are interested in trying out. I am a very fortunate guy, because I have a very beautiful wife who is into everything when it comes to sex.

Recently Veronica marked off a letter about anal sex. Actually, we had been attempting to have anal sex for months, but every time we tried it, Veronica would call it off, saying that my dick was too thick for her. Every time I ate her pussy, I would put two fingers in her ass and fuck her with them. She always had great orgasms that way, and my hope was that, with repeated sessions, her ass would get used to being opened up and we would be able to have satisfactory anal sex.

Veronica and I are into threesomes, which we participate in regularly with a friend of mine from work named Craig. Once, after another unsuccessful attempt to take my dick in her ass, Veronica said, “You know, I bet I could take Craig’s dick in there. It’s shorter than yours, and thinner.”

“Yes,” I said. “I noticed that whenever you gave him a blowjob, you can always take his dick in all the way down to his balls.”

“Would it be okay with you if we had Craig try to fuck my ass?” she asked anxiously.

“Sure, why not? Anything that gives you pleasure, babe. And I’d like to see it too.”

Craig came over the following week, and I explained to him what Veronica wanted him to do. He couldn’t believe it. Craig had often commented on what a great ass Veronica had, and now he said he’d like nothing more than to fuck it.

Veronica went in to take a shower, and when she returned she was wearing a sheer baby doll nightie that really showed off her big tits and shapely ass.

I kissed her as Craig began to fondle her tits. As we ran our tongues up and down her body, Veronica started to pant with desire. I unsnapped the front of her nightie, and Craig pulled it down over her shoulders. As her breasts came into view, Craig immediately began tonguing them. My tongue was busy as well, licking her pussy and asshole.

Veronica was soon very close to orgasm. We stopped and placed her on the couch on all fours. Our cocks were already rock hard, but Veronica expertly sucked our dicks to make us as ready as possible.

Craig got behind her, and I spread her ass cheeks apart and told Craig to fuck her. His dick slipped easily into my wife’s asshole. She let out a gasp and begged him to go further. He plunged his cock deeper into her anus. She humped her ass back onto his pole as he fucked her harder.

I moved around to Veronica’s face so she could suck my hard prick again. She was moaning and saying that it felt so good to have a hard cock in her ass. I stuck my dick in her mouth, and she sucked it as she never had before. I had my prong so far down her throat that my balls were resting on her chin. The harder Craig fucked her ass, the deeper she sucked my dick. Her voice was muffled by my rod as she gasped out that she was coming. As her ass rotated on Craig’s prick, he tensed and shot a load of come up inside her, while at the same time I shot my wad down her throat.

What a great threesome! Veronica told us she loved it and wanted to do it again very soon. I told her that just as she had become excited enough to take my whole cock down her throat, I was hoping that eventually she would also be able to take it in her ass. We will definitely keep trying.— F.C., Camden, New Jersey

Biracial Birthday

I am a thirty eight year old widow with four children. When my husband passed away six years ago I was forced to go back to work. Since then I have worked myself up to the position of administrative assistant at a fairly large manufacturing plant.

Between working and raising my children, I don’t have much leisure time. I do enjoy bowling, and I belong to the company bowling team. It was through the team that I met Tim, a tall black man who works in the shipping department. We slowly developed a friendship, but though I did sleep with him once after a party, we did not become lovers.

My birthday is in January, and this year when it came around I felt the need to celebrate in a special way, one that would assuage my unsatisfied physical needs. So, throwing caution to the winds, I decided to visit Tim.

I rang his doorbell, and I could see the surprised look on his face when he answered the door. He obviously wasn’t expecting anyone, as he did not have on a shirt or socks but he invited me in without hesitation. He took my coat and we went into the living room and began some small talk.

Finally, I just blurted it out. “Tim, it’s my birthday and I want you to do me.”

He didn’t need a second invitation. He took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom saying, “So the white lady has finally decided to let the black man do her again. Well, all right!”

In the bedroom he didn’t make a move, but stood by the door watching me as I undressed, placing my clothes on a chair. I began to feel self conscious, but I wanted him badly, and however he wanted to play it was okay with me.

When I was naked he still didn’t move. I walked over to where he was standing and knelt in front of him, then opened his pants and took out his semi hard penis.

“That’s good, white lady,” he said. “Taste the black man. Lick me.”

I was wild about his big black member. I put it in my mouth and began flicking my tongue around the head. Then I lifted his penis and licked his testicles. I felt him stiffen, but his face remained expressionless, so I put him back in my mouth and began moving him in and out. I was not surprised to feel myself getting moist. My breathing was becoming rapid and I actually started to get off on the feeling of his cock moving in and out of my mouth.

“It’s my turn now, white lady,” Tim said finally. He took my hand and motioned me up and onto the bed. He gently pushed my legs open and inserted a finger inside me. After moving it back and forth a few times, he withdrew it and put it into my mouth. “Lick it off, baby,” he said. “Taste yourself for me.” I had never tasted myself before, and the thought of what I was doing made me even more excited.

Opening my legs wider, Tim put his two hands under my bottom and placed his thumbs between my thighs. With his thumbs he spread my vulva, then leaned down to place his tongue on my clitoris. As he flicked his tongue back and forth I could feel vaginal fluids begin to run down my thighs. He began licking the fluid from my legs, making long passes with his tongue from my thighs across my vaginal opening, ending just above my clitoris. I moaned and spread my legs apart even more. He began to probe my vagina with his tongue, until I felt I couldn’t wait any longer. “Please come inside me now,” I said.

Instead he rolled his tongue like a straw and placed it around my clitoris, moving it back and forth as though my stiff little nubbin was fucking it. I couldn’t hold back any more my body stiffened and I cried out as I climaxed.

“You’re ready to feel the black man inside you now,” Tim said. He reached over to his nightstand and removed something from the drawer. It was a tube of K Y jelly. He put some on his fingers and then proceeded to apply it to my fanny. He also put some on his penis.

My heart began to race. I had never had anal intercourse. I had heard that it was wild, but I wondered if it would be painful. I also wondered how he would enter me, as I was still lying on my back. I didn’t have to wait long. He took hold of my ankles and, seemingly without effort, rolled me onto my stomach. “Pull your knees up under your belly,” he said, “but leave your shoulders down on the bed.”

He knelt between my legs and I felt his penis begin to push against the opening of my fanny. I tried to relax as I felt his stiffness probing my rectum. It felt good. Gradually he pushed harder, and I moaned with a new pleasure as the full length of him slowly filled my back tunnel. Then he began to move out, and I thought he was going to take it away, but instead he rammed himself back in, causing me to gasp with delight. I was more relaxed now, and I could really feel all of his fullness inside me.

Now he began to move out and in with a regular rhythm. I pushed back at him, meeting his thrusts, and again I could feel the vaginal fluid running down my legs. I was going to climax! When I did, my muscles tightened and Tim emptied his seed into me. With each ejaculation, I could feel his penis pumping his sperm into my clutching behind.

When he pulled himself out I thought we were done, but he put his hand on the small of my back to indicate that he wanted me to stay in position. I felt him slide his cock back and forth over the cheeks of my ass, and to my astonishment it soon started to get hard again. A moment later I felt him mount me once more, but this time he slid himself into my vagina, which was wet, open and ready. He pushed himself all the way inside me, and then paused as he spoke into my ear.

“Happy birthday, white lady,” he breathed. “This is a special birthday fuck, and I’m gonna give you a stroke for every year.” He pulled his hips back slowly and then shoved that iron hard dick all the way inside me again. “One,” he said.

I couldn’t believe this. He held himself still again for a moment while I squirmed with anticipation, then pulled himself out and rammed back in again. “Two,” he said. I was already panting and moaning. Then, “Three” and “Four.” My breasts shuddered with the force of his thrusts, and I knew I would come long before he got to thirty eight!

At twelve I climaxed. At nineteen I climaxed again! At twenty three, I was crying with joy, and by the time he got to thirty I was coming almost continuously, unable to control the waves of passion suffusing my twisting body.

“Thirty eight!” he said finally, and pulled out of me, his still hard ebony flagpole standing tall. I slid my knees out from under me and lay there exhausted on my stomach, panting and moaning with bliss. If I had ever climaxed as many times in one sex session, I couldn’t remember when.

As I began to dress, Tim took my panties and said he’d keep them until I told the world about how good the black man was. He gave me a copy of Forum and told me that when he saw a letter in there about us, he would give me back my panties.

So I hope you will print this letter, because I’d really like to get my panties back!— L.I., Mason City, Iowa

New Girl in Town

I met Jenna over a year ago, and our physical relationship has been like fireworks ever since our first night in bed together. It was as if we had just discovered sex. This lady’s performance in bed, or on the floor, or wherever we get the urge, can only be described as outstanding.

One of the things we explored early in our relationship was anal sex, and it became a regular part of our sexual repertoire. We usually indulge in ass fucking at least once a day. Jenna’s wild response to having my cock up her rear passage causes me to get even harder. She can fuck me for hours that way and stay continually turned on. Her favorite method is to have me lie on my back while she eases my dick up her ass.

After seeing how turned on Jenna got when I fucked her ass, I began to wonder what it was like. After all, I have an ass too. So after one of our great sex bouts, I asked her if it really felt that good. She said that it was her greatest turn on. Well, I reasoned, if she can come that way, I should be able to also. Jenna just smiled and said that we should investigate that. After all, she said, there is a bit of the other sex in all of us, whether we admit it or not.

It was then that I confessed that several years ago I had gone in drag to a Halloween party, and had enjoyed it a lot. The next Friday, Jenna came home from work with a new outfit and some makeup for me to wear. She had bought a leather skirt, a red silk blouse, a garter belt, some black hose and a wicked pair of black five inch heels. First she sent me to shave everything. Off came my mustache, and the hair on my legs and for good measure I shaved my crotch. After I showered, she went to work on my face. When that was done, I donned a curly dark wig. When I looked in the mirror, I was shocked. I looked so good, I would have asked myself out! Jenna helped me put on one her bras, with water balloons inside for breasts, and the garters and hose. I then slipped into the skirt and blouse. For the first time in my life I felt really dressed up. I felt sexier than I ever had in men’s clothes.

Jenna now suggested that we go out, so she could show off her new “girlfriend.” She drove us to a topless bar. I was worried, but Jenna said that this was the perfect place to go. It was dark, and the guys there would think we were hookers, so I should get lots of attention.

It took me a few drinks to feel comfortable in my new role. Finally I decided to go play a little pinball. While I was on the machine, a tall, good looking guy came up and began fondling my ass. On the one hand I enjoyed the attention, but I was also a little scared that he might discover my secret. He started nibbling my ear, and then invited me to leave with him. I responded in my best imitation female voice that my girlfriend and I had other plans for the evening. Then I left him and headed for the ladies’ room to cool off. When I returned to our table he was gone, and Jenna said that we should go home before I got into trouble. On the drive home, she said, “Now you know what we girls have to put up with all the time!”

When we got home, Jenna told me to sit down and let her fix me a drink. I was calming down a bit with my scotch and water when the doorbell rang. She told me to stay seated while she answered the door. I almost panicked when I saw that the caller was our friend from the bar! I couldn’t believe it. How had this happened? Jenna invited him in and offered him a drink. I did my best to remain calm, and excused myself to go to the bathroom. Jenna joined me in a moment, smiling from ear to ear, and told me that this was her way of fulfilling my fantasy. She said, “You wanted to know how good it felt to be ass fucked. Well, you are about to find out!” And she was right, I did want to find out, but I had kind of expected a strap on dildo or something, not a real live cock!

“Let’s go get him ready,” she said, and I followed her back to the living room. After we sat down, our visitor told us his name was Paul. Jenna asked him if he had ever made it with two girls at once. He was delighted with the idea. She grabbed my hand and we took our places on either side of him on the couch. As she went to work on one ear, I did the other. Jenna began to unzip his fly as I unbuttoned his shirt. She soon had his hard eight inch dick in her hand and was slowly masturbating him as I slipped his jeans off. Jenna held his hard dick upright and motioned for me to go down on it. I began to suck his cock in the same way I like to have mine sucked.

While I was doing this, Jenna was getting undressed. When she was naked she took off my skirt, leaving my panties on. Luckily she had strapped me down well. We then laid Paul on the couch, and as he watched, Jenna grabbed me and kissed me deeply. I realized that this guy still thought we were both women, and that he was getting a lesbian show. While Jenna explored my mouth with her tongue, he started feeling my ass. Jenna broke off our kiss and asked him if he wanted to eat her pussy. When he said yes she climbed onto the couch and settled herself over his face, her body now blocking his view of me. I quickly pulled off my panties and swung myself over his crotch. His hard dick was slick with pre come. Jenna smiled as I eased his cock into my ass. I could hear him groaning as I felt his dick slide up inside my rear passage. After I became accustomed to the feeling, I began to move slowly up and down on his cock. I was so turned on by then that I was ready to come at any moment. Jenna grabbed my dick and began to stroke it rapidly. I was now experiencing the kind of tremendous turn on that she knew so well, the feeling of a good hard dick inside me, and she could tell that I understood. Soon I began to come, but it was a different kind of orgasm, the kind that I supposed a woman feels. It washed over me, and lasted for a long time.

When I looked into Jenna’s eyes as she rode Paul’s face, I could tell that she was coming too. Paul kept driving deeper into me, and I was loving it. When he came, I could feel his come splashing into my bowels, and I came again.

As his dick shrank, I uncoupled myself form him and quickly put on my panties before Jenna got up. He lay there, totally fucked out. Finally he sat up and said it had been great, but he really couldn’t take any more. He got dressed and we both kissed him at the door.

After he left, Jenna and I had a good laugh. But it had been a great evening. I had explored a side of my sexuality that not too many men ever get a chance to discover. I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I now knew what it was like to be fucked in the ass.— G.L., Saginaw, Michigan

Outdoor Orgy

Ever since college, I have been labeled a come slut. Which fits me perfectly, because that’s what I am. I met my husband, Joe, during one of my few gang bangs in college. He loved slutty women, and I was the sluttiest around, so of course we were perfect together. We’ve been married for more than 20 years now, but that hasn’t slowed us down one bit.

Not long ago, Joe and I were invited to a party thrown by an old friend. We hadn’t kept in touch, but we decided to make an appearance, more for the experience of the party than anything else. Shortly after we arrived, we were approached by two young men who asked if we’d like a drink. I asked for a beer and Joe asked for whatever bourbon they had on the rocks. They gave a look around and then said they’d be right back.

They returned and introduced themselves as Matt and Ryan. Both guys were quite handsome and couldn’t seem to keep their eyes off my 38D tits. Of course I just pretended I didn’t notice their ogling, but I started flirting with them, casually moving my hands along my chest as if I was wiping something away and constantly getting them to focus on my chest. It worked, and it kept their attention on my tits while my juices got flowing in my crotch. Joe was smiling because he knew what I was up to, but the guys were clueless.

When Ryan asked if we’d like to take a walk outside to check out the backyard and see the stream and the bit of woods behind the cabin, we said sure, knowing the whole time I was about to get my fill of cock for the day. It took about 20 minutes to get to the part of the field they claimed had “the best view of the mountains,” so we knew we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else coming along. Matt and Ryan stopped in a really nice spot that had been cleared and seemed to be well maintained. Joe stood next to them and asked what I was going to do with the three of them, all alone out there in the woods.

I smiled and knelt in front of them, and then, as if on cue, they all undid their pants and pulled out their cocks. Now, Joe has a very nice eight and a half inch cock, but when Matt and Ryan pulled out their tools, I almost came right there. Matt’s had to be at least an inch longer and slightly thinner, while Ryan’s was about two inches shorter but thick as could be.

I wasted no time after that. I had to get Matt’s cock in my mouth! It was a little more than I was used to handling, but I was determined to get him down my throat. While working Matt with my mouth and tongue, I grabbed Joe and Ryan with my hands and started rubbing them until they were hard.

Matt knelt down in front of me so I could get on my hands and knees, and then Ryan got behind me and slid his fat cock into my now steaming cunt. He filled me like I’d never been filled before, and it felt fantastic! There I was, skewered on two beautiful cocks with my husband watching and jerking himself off.

Joe told Matt to come in my mouth when he was ready since I like to eat come, and as soon as Ryan commented on how hot that was, I started to come on his cock. He was so tight inside me that my juices were squirting all over and dripping out along his shaft— I could feel it. My moaning and writhing set off Matt, and he started to come down my throat. His come was delicious! No sooner had he finished filling my belly with his come than Ryan announced that he was about to blow, and I quickly pulled away from him and turned around to take his fat head in my mouth. I sucked him for all I was worth, and it felt like he fed me a gallon of come. But I drank it all, swallowing every drop.

A minute later, Matt plowed his cock into my stretched out pussy and got to depths that had never been reached before. As soon as Matt bottomed out in me, Joe said he was going to come, and he and Ryan switched positions. I gobbled my husband’s cock, and as Matt worked my cunt, I deep throated him. I could feel my own orgasm building, but before I came, I wanted to be absolutely filled with dick.

Joe knew exactly what I wanted, and as soon as I pulled away from his cock, he ordered Ryan to lie down on his back and had Matt get behind me. I slid down onto Ryan’s dick and then let Matt slip into my ass— his cock was already lubed from being in my pussy earlier. Then Joe bent down in front of me and fed me his cock once more. It wasn’t the easiest position for fucking, but we made it work.

It only took a few minutes and then I was coming all over Matt and Ryan. My moaning sent Joe over the edge next, and he filled my mouth with his come. I thought the guys might need a break after that, but even after they’d all come a couple of times, they were still begging for more!

Ryan asked me if he could fuck my ass next, and my response was, “Hell, yes!” so the guys switched positions again for another round of screwing. This time Matt was on his back beneath me, Ryan was behind me and Joe was back in my mouth. I rode Matt hard, getting his cock as deep as I could, and Ryan was able to get his monster up my ass with ease, as it was completely soaked from our earlier fucking. He stretched my ass more than it had ever been stretched— and I’ve had some pretty big toys up there!

The guys came inside me one more time— and I came at least three times from that last fucking— and then we called it a night and went back to rejoin the party. I needed to clean up!

A lot of people were staring at us when we got back to the house, but I ignored them and pushed through to get to the restroom so I could freshen up. When I came out, though, many of them were smiling and nodding knowingly, almost approvingly. I took a quick bow and then rushed out to the car where Joe was waiting for me.

We’ve been invited back for parties just about every weekend since then. I guess the hosts liked our style of fun! And every time we go, I end up fucking someone new— at Joe’s request, of course. Damn, that man loves to see me get fucked!— Name and address withheld