Into the Woods

I’m a 40 year old married mother of three. My family and I live in the country and enjoy our privacy.

One day, about a month ago, I was walking our dog and let him off the leash. As he went deeper into the woods along the road, I heard some loud moaning and went to investigate. I snuck up on a young couple, probably in their early 20s, fooling around. I was quiet, so they never heard me, and I watched them fuck.

As the flushed girl panted through their foreplay, I found myself getting excited, and I stuck my hand down my pants and began rubbing myself off. I watched as the nude young man rolled off the girl, who was in her bra and panties. His erection was two inches bigger than my husband’s, which I’ve always thought of as pretty big. He got on his knees and pulled her panties down, then ran his hands up her legs and back to her butt.

He spread her legs, and her thighs trembled— as did mine— when his mouth latched onto her vagina. He ate her with such expertise that I felt my own ass clench and release each time I caught a glimpse of his tongue diving into her. I just couldn’t stop playing with myself as I watched the two of them go at it!

When he then slid a finger into her, she purred like a kitten. I was sure she was going to come, and when she did, she cried out and shook, filled with ecstasy. I was almost there myself, and I hoped they didn’t stop until I could get myself off, too.

It seemed like that was my lucky day, because the girl was barely through the last shudder of her climax when her lover climbed on top of her. She gasped like crazy as he entered her, and I had to bite my tongue not to echo her sounds. He was big, and it looked like she needed to be warmed up before she could accommodate him. She spread her legs wider and clawed at his shoulders as he rammed his huge cock into her, and he sucked and bit her nipples as they tried to find a rhythm. I strummed my clit rapidly while I watched them. I wanted to get off, and soon.

They fucked for maybe 10 minutes before his movements became erratic. He started gasping loudly, and then announced, “Oh fuck, I’m going to come!” He fucked her for another minute, during which time she came, loudly. Then he withdrew and came, coating her pussy and mound with his sperm. As he finished, he rubbed his dickhead all over her pussy, spreading his semen all over her. Then he shoved his dick back into her and fucked her for another five minutes, making her come again.

When they were finally finished fucking, the girl pulled him up her body and took his dick in her mouth, sucking him clean and getting him hard again. He fucked her one more time after that, and they came together this time, with him shooting his load inside her cunt.

I came then, too, and as soon as I was finished, I straightened up and left. I haven’t seen that couple since that lucky day, but I keep my eyes open and I’m always on the lookout!— U.H., Tallahassee, Florida

A Real Roll in the Hay

It was still only 30 degrees when I finished my riding lesson I could see my breath even in the barn. It was quiet, and I took my time grooming my horse and putting away my tack. Everyone else had gone home for the afternoon, and I was enjoying the time alone, just me and my horse JT.

The stillness was broken by the slam of a door at the back of the barn. I just sighed softly. My quiet reprieve from the hustle and hassle of life was over way too soon. I was forced to deal with reality once again.

The barn manager, Kevin, sauntered down the aisle. Maybe this interruption wasn’t too bad. Kevin was a quiet man, preferring to work alone rather than chew the fat with the rich people who boarded horses at his ranch. He was never intrusive or nosy, which I liked. Not to mention, he was pretty easy on the eyes in his tight Wranglers, boots and hat. Every female rider melted when his soft brown eyes turned to focus on them. Hell, even the mares seemed to flirt with him as he tossed the morning grain into each stall. I was sure he wasn’t a lonely man. He could have his pick of conquests, especially among the young women who took riding lessons at his facility.

He nodded to me as he passed the cross ties where I was grooming JT, then continued on to muck the stalls at the far end of the barn. I hurried my work so I could put my horse out with the other geldings before it was time to bring him in for the night. After I’d let JT out to pasture, I returned to the relative warmth of the barn to find Kevin filling the water buckets near JT’s stall. It was a very pleasant sight!

I’d been coming to the stables long enough to know the routine. Once all the stalls were cleaned, each horse got fresh water, hay and grain. Everyone helps out when they can, and so as soon as I put my tack away, I pulled the hay cart around so I could do my part. Someone had already taken the easy to reach bales that morning, so I had to climb up the stack to get fresh hay from the top of the pile. Cursing softly, I pulled myself up, my inner thighs sore from my hour long ride.

As I began to tug on the topmost bale, I felt myself losing my balance. The bale fell off to the side, but I felt a set of strong hands on my hips, steadying me. My breath was shaky as I leapt back off the stack, the hands never leaving my hips. For a moment, I stood with Kevin pressed against me from behind. He lowered his head and his warm breath caressed my neck as he whispered, “You okay?”

I leaned back into him. I could only nod, unable to speak with him so close. I could hardly breathe.

His head lowered a fraction more and his lips found my weak spot behind my ear. His rough hands encircled my waist underneath my clothes. My legs trembled weakly as his mouth wandered down along my neck, pushing aside my jacket and finding the hollow gap just above my shoulder. Gasping, I turned around to face him. He plunged one hand into my hair, the other going to the small of my back. I was crushed back into the bales of hay as his lips found mine. It tasted like peppermint when his tongue slid into my mouth, asking mine to play. It didn’t need to ask twice. . . .

My hand found his head to pull him closer, connecting every inch of our bodies. I moaned in disappointment when he pulled back, but I wasn’t disappointed for long. He unzipped my jacket, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and in one motion unsnapped it up to my throat. The cold air and excitement had my nipples at full attention, even through my pink lace bra.

Growling under his breath, Kevin buried his head in my full breasts. He used his teeth and his hands to roughly free them from the soft, lacy cups. His mouth plunged over one nipple and then the other, teasing the peaks with his teeth and tongue.

I fumbled with the zipper on his coat and the buttons on his shirt. I was anxious to see the effects his long hours of hard labor had on his body. I was not disappointed when I uncovered his well muscled chest. My mouth roamed over his skin and followed the trail of hair further down until I was stopped by fabric. I unfastened each button of his jeans, tasting every inch of hot flesh that was revealed.

His skin was warm as my fingers slid his jeans off his hips and down to his knees. His hard cock was pulsing as it awaited my attention. I licked and nibbled up one side and down the other, never taking him fully in my mouth. My hair slid against his hot member as I dipped to give full service to each side of his scrotum before returning my attention to his glorious cock. My hand gripped the base as my tongue circled the head, but I knew the teasing was over when he grabbed the hair at the base of my neck. We paused, enjoying the moment, when my mouth plunged down, warm and wet, over his cock.

My teeth grazed his shaft on each up stroke, and my tongue slid over the head of his rod before I dove down again. His hips began to thrust with excitement, and I could feel myself getting hot and wet, too.

It was getting hard to concentrate on the job at hand with my pussy throbbing for attention. Kevin must have sensed my agitation. He lifted me up on a bale of hay and pressed me onto my back. He had my jeans around my ankles in a flash. Without hesitation, his head was between my legs. His tongue licked my pussy with a skill that was unmatched up to that point. My legs shook as he paid special attention to my clit, his tongue occasionally dipping past my lips to taste the honey within. His mouth settled on my clit as he slid two fingers into my muff.

My hips bucked wildly, and I came not long after he had penetrated me. I thrashed on the hay as he continued to work his magic on my spasming pussy. I lost track of time as he brought me to the peak over and over. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any more, he untangled himself from my legs and came up smiling. He placed a hand on one hip and rolled me over onto my stomach. Then, with my legs dangling over the edge of the bale, he nudged my thighs apart to receive him.

My hands clutched the twine holding the bale together as he entered me, hot and hard. I groaned with pleasure as he grabbed my hips and thrust inside. He slowly began to slide in and out, driving me crazy with his deliberate strokes. I turned my head to meet his eyes, silently pleading with him to speed things up. I wanted it now!

Kevin gave a light chuckle, but in a minute the bale of hay began to rock as he complied with my request. His hands moved from my hips to circle my waist and dip between my legs. He fingered my clit as his strokes grew harder and faster.

Just as I was about to come again, I heard a door slam at the other end of the barn. I bit my lip and grabbed fistfuls of hay to stop from screaming as I started to reach the peak of orgasm. Kevin matched my wild bucking and his cock began spasming in ecstasy.

As he collapsed against my back, I heard one of the other boarders call his name. He sighed into my jacket and gave my hips a final squeeze. I turned and noticed his skin was steaming as he pulled his clothes together. He leaned in and kissed my neck, walking outside to find the other rider before he found us.

After I got my stuff together, I finished putting hay in the stalls. Kevin and the other man were down in one of the other pastures looking at the fence when I left. The entire encounter took place with only two words spoken between us.

I’ve seen Kevin since, but we haven’t had any similar opportunities. I can tell by the looks he gives me when I’m riding, though, that I won’t have to wait much longer to be with him again.— W.Y., Lawton, Oklahoma

Beach Party

I would like to share an experience that took place a couple of weeks ago that will store in my fantasy jar forever. I am a 26 year old female with a strong sense of adventure.

I was spending my vacation at a rented beach house about an hour from my home. One afternoon, my old lover, now “turned gay,” dropped by with his latest conquest, Bruce. Steve and I have remained the closest of friends, even after his newfound sexuality.

This particular hot and steamy afternoon, much to my surprise and delight, Steve and Bruce displayed very heterosexual tendencies. The first part of the afternoon was spent rehashing old times and getting very drunk. At Steve’s insistence, I joined them in a wrestling match on the bed. No woman could imagine this gorgeous tag team— Steve with his golden, all American looks, and Bruce, a dark, sensuous Italian. Steve’s taste in lovers has always been exceptional.

Rules were laid out. Wrestling attire would be underwear, and the winner of the match would be the first to remove the other’s underwear. Wrestling was never my strong suit, but luckily modesty was never one of my traits. So I lost the match.

As a consolation prize, my two champions displayed their proud trophies with no hesitation. As Steve took me into his arms, my worries about having Bruce as an extra partner were placed to rest. Bruce’s tongue traveled the length of my body.

Steve eagerly nibbled my breasts as Bruce worked his well trained tongue up my thigh and tenderly sucked on me. I forcefully placed my middle finger up Steve’s ass, and lovingly massaged Bruce’s balls. I felt as though I was in a dream, and what I was about to experience was beyond my wildest fantasies. Bruce and Steve began to make love, and as Bruce fucked Steve from behind, Steve plowed into me. Attempts at working out a rhythm were hilarious but pleasurable. I felt like I couldn’t get enough.

When the three of us were well spent, a midnight swim was in order. It’s amazing what an ocean breeze and a starlit night will do to a soft cock. On the shore we once again got down to the nitty gritty, and concluded our marathon session as we watched the sun rise.

Ms. J.R., Florida

Summer Lovin’

When my husband, Bill, booked us a vacation in the Caribbean, I couldn’t wait to pack my bags and head for the beach. A nice, relaxing week playing in the sun and sand was just what the doctor ordered. But Bill had other ideas, so relaxing by the beach was soon forgotten as some other, more exciting activities captured our attention.

It all started when we were wandering the beach after dinner our first night there. We were the only ones out on the beach so late, so Bill didn’t waste any time getting frisky. As we were walking along the water, he grabbed me around the waist and pulled me to him, kissing me soundly. It felt like we were teenagers again, and I loved it!

Soon we were making out, our hands trailing all over each other’s body and our tongues battling for control of the kiss. Before long Bill was pulling me down onto the sand. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but I sank down with him and we continued our play, rolling around on the beach.

I could feel the sand creeping into my shorts and tank top, and when I tried to roll Bill off me and stand up, he asked what I thought I was doing. When I started to tell him that I was getting sand in my clothes and didn’t like the way it felt, his solution was very simple.

“Take them off,” he said with a smirk.

I tried to protest, telling him that I didn’t want to be naked in public, even if we were somewhere on vacation and no one knew us. The last thing I wanted was for some stranger to find me naked on the beach.

“There’s no one around,” Bill said. “There’s nothing to worry about. C’mon, it’ll be fun,” he persuaded me.

That was all it took, and after one more solid kiss from my husband, I started stripping off my clothes right there on the beach. My shirt and tank top came off in no time, and my bikini was right behind, the skimpy articles collecting on a pile of sand next to us.

While I was busy getting undressed, Bill was obviously doing the same, and when I turned my attention back to him, he was bare assed naked, just like me. Then things picked up and the fun really started.

We were rolling in the sand again in seconds, but this time the lack of clothing allowed us to get a lot closer and have a lot more fun. While I slowly jerked Bill’s cock, he reached between my legs and started finger fucking my pussy. I could still feel the sand against my body, too, but this time it was more enjoyable than uncomfortable and it added something to our late night, outdoor activities.

A minute or two later, after I’d let go of Bill’s nice hard cock, I could feel him nudging the tip against my pussy, his fingers still busy between my legs. I spread my thighs wider and moaned loudly as he pushed into me, no longer caring about anyone finding out what we were doing.

Bill started thrusting in and out of me almost immediately, his body moving rapidly above mine. I was thrusting up against him, too, trying to get him in as deep as possible. We were outright fucking now, and as our bodies slapped together in the dark heat, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

We were sweating and the sand was clinging to our bodies, but it didn’t matter to either of us as we worked ourselves into a frenzy, trying to climax as soon as we could. After a few more minutes of furious humping, I came. I shouted out in ecstasy as my pussy flooded and spasmed, and a moment later, Bill pumped me full of his cream and collapsed on top of me, pushing me further into the sand.

We lay there for a moment, enjoying the sound of the waves crashing nearby and the smell of the fresh air and salt water. The moon was shining down on us, highlighting our sweat slick bodies and giving the beach an even more romantic feel.

Eventually we got up, dusted ourselves off, put our clothes on and headed back to our room. But for the rest of the trip, we managed to spend most of our nights on the deserted beach. It was a great vacation!

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Love in the Outdoors

A few weeks ago my husband and I had an experience, and he suggested I write in about it. It was the first week into summer and it was a scorcher of a day. We decided to head down to the river and cool off. It was a Monday and we figured we’d have the beach all to ourselves. Well, after swimming and lazing in the sun for a while, we started feeling pretty frisky.

Since we were the only people there, I didn’t hesitate to reach over and give his hard on a squeeze. I kept on stroking his balls and prick, holding back the temptation to pull down his shorts. Then the head of his cock forced its way out of the side of the leg of his pants, and I decided to give it the release he craved. But before I went down on him, I grabbed my towel and covered us with it. Then I eased his pants off and stroked his groin with one hand while I teased his hardening nipples with my other. The towel was in the way, so I flung it off us and bent down and kissed the head of his prick. As I worked my way down to his balls, I could tell by his sharp intake of breath that my hot little kisses were making him want more.

I gave in to passion and began circling the head of his cock with my tongue. Then I pulled back and rammed his dick as far as it would go down my throat. I kept on licking his prick while stroking his balls and then I heard him moan and felt his hot sperm spurt into my mouth. I licked up every drop.

Afterward we lazed around the beach for a bit more and then got ready to go home. As we were hiking up the path, we saw a Fish and Wildlife officer. He said he’d seen our car and had wondered if we were stuck. I wonder what else he saw.

Ms. G.B.,
British Columbia