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I’m a very happily married mother of one beautiful baby girl. I secretly buy your magazine from time to time and hide them from my husband. I masturbate daily as I read all the exciting and depraved stories of other people’s sexual desires, some of which I share.

As a teenager, I loved making out with guys and even let a few finger-fuck me, but I managed to maintain my virginity for quite some time. Like most of the younger women, I had this thing for the building manager in the apartment complex where my mother and I lived. For two months we flirted and gave each other knowing looks, but nothing happened until the day after my 18th birthday—the day after my 18th birthday. Alex was a full 10 years my senior. He stood six-foot-three, and compared to my five-foot-four stature, he looked like a giant. His chest was solid, as was the rest of his body, his muscular arms were massive, and the bulge between his legs was big! When he was around, my heart fluttered and I felt butterflies like I’d never felt around any other man.
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Blow Me Away

Last year my girlfriend made a deal with me: If I got a Prince Albert piercing for her, she’d go down on me for an hour a day until it healed, and then for an extra week after it healed. Needless to say, I got pierced.

My gamble paid off, and my girlfriend was true to her word. For the first few weeks she had to go slow and use a dental dam, and I didn’t get off as easily, so she had to devote some extra time to the job. A couple weeks in, I had healed enough that she could blow me more vigorously, but it still wasn’t the greatest feeling ever for me. When five weeks had passed, my girlfriend asked how far along I was in the healing process. I told her that it was still healing, but she could make me forget how awkward the blowjobs felt if she sucked my cock a bit more. It worked, and for the next three days she doubled the amount of time she spent sucking my cock.

Part of the reason I wanted my girlfriend to suck my cock was because I have this theory that if you suck a guy’s cock for a few hours a day for several weeks straight, your cock will grow noticeably. I’d always had a nice, thick seven inches, but I swear after getting my cock pierced and having her suck me every day I’m an even thicker eight inches now. Even my girlfriend noticed that my cock had gotten bigger after I got it pierced and had her blow me, so I know I’m on to something here.

Now my girlfriend loves playing with my cock. She likes that it’s a little bigger, and she really loves the piercing. She says that she likes how it feels in her mouth when she sucks me, and she really loves the way it feels in her cunt when we fuck. My girlfriend also really enjoys when I come on her now. She used to swallow most of the time, or sometimes spit if she wasn’t in the mood, but now she likes when I jizz all over her face or her tits, because she likes watching my come shoot out of my pierced dick.

Now I’m getting laid and blown way more than ever before. I’m not sure if it’s because I got my cock pierced or because my dick seems bigger all of a sudden, but either way, I strongly recommend every guy give my system a try. I guarantee they won’t be disappointed— and neither will their girls!— C.T., Carrollton, Texas

School of Cock

My best friend was staying with my wife and I, and he was sleeping in our extra bedroom. One night we were fooling around, and my wife decided to go make sure my friend was asleep before we continued she didn’t want him to hear us. A minute later I could hear my wife grunting and groaning in the room next to ours.

“Oh, your dick feels so good!” I heard her moan. “I love your balls slapping my ass!”

What the hell? I wondered, and I snuck over to the door of the guest room and looked inside. There was a dim light on, and I could see my buddy fucking my wife, his hard cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. He was fucking her harder and deeper than she’d ever been fucked, and the sight of them was making my dick hard. I crept in closer to get a better look, and they were so busy fucking that they didn’t even notice me.

I watched as my friend’s big dick slid in and out of Linda’s pussy continually, and it was really hot. They fucked for a really long time, and after they both came, they just lay there talking for a while. Eventually Linda picked up my buddy’s dick, and she began to stroke his cock and squeeze his wet balls. His dick swelled up again, and this time he fucked my wife doggie style. I wondered how long they were going to fuck, because I really wanted to get some pussy myself.

The longer Linda and my pal fucked, the better her pussy smelled, and pretty soon I didn’t think I could wait for her to finish fucking. I just wanted to get in there and eat her cunt to an explosive orgasm— for the both of us.

When I couldn’t wait my turn anymore, I walked right up to the bed and got in with my wife and my buddy. I put my face right up to my wife’s crotch and started to lick her juices up while my friend continued to stretch her pussy. Sometimes I would pull his dick out and their juices would drip down on my lips, letting me taste them both. Sometimes I would even take about four inches of his dick in my mouth. He was covered with my wife’s juices, so I didn’t mind sucking his cock.

They fucked for about 30 minutes with me between them, sucking her pussy and his cock and drinking up both of their juices. My wife came several times, but my buddy didn’t come at all, and when they stopped fucking, my wife took his dick in her mouth to suck him off while I continued to eat her cunt. She sucked him for a minute or two and then took his dick out of her mouth and told me to finish sucking him off.

I had never done that before, so I asked my wife, “What do I do?”

“Just open your mouth and use your hands to play with his balls,” my wife instructed. “I’ll tell you what to do after that,” she assured me.

So I opened my mouth, took hold of his balls, and waited as he slid about half of his seven inch cock between my lips. My wife kept coaching me as I sucked his cock and swirled my tongue around the head of his dick. When she told me to, I took him deeper into my mouth, and I felt his cock start to grow fatter the more I sucked him.

Now he was fucking my face, and he started grunting as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. My wife was urging him on, telling him to “give his face a good fucking and shoot your come down his throat.” I had a feeling that he was going to do exactly as she said.

He started really pounding into my mouth, and then all of a sudden he shot five big spurts of come down my throat. After each shot, I swallowed his come, trying to take it all, just like my wife would do if she were the one sucking him to completion. He didn’t stop fucking my mouth until he’d finished coming and had made me swallow as much as I possibly could. Then he finally pulled out.

“Did you get enough?” my wife asked me, and I said I had.

“I took everything he gave me,” I told her, and she smiled proudly.

By that point, my wife and my buddy had both come, but my dick was still hard, and I really wanted a climax of my own. I didn’t have to wait long, and as a reward for sucking dick so well, my wife got in front of me and sucked mine. It didn’t take long for her to get me off, and within three minutes I’d filled her mouth to overflowing as I shot wad after wad of come.

Afterward, I went back to my bedroom and left my wife with my buddy so they could fuck and suck a little more without interruption. I figured it was the least I could do after the show they’d put on for me— and the dick sucking lessons they’d given me, too. Besides, sucking cock was exhausting, and I was ready to get some sleep.

I don’t plan on sucking dick again any time soon— my wife’s the expert, so I’ll leave it to her— but that was a night I’ll never forget.— Name and address withheld

Suck A What?!?

Ever since I turned 18 I’ve been blowing my older brother’s friends. Even now that I’m 24 and married, I still do it. Henry and Mitch were the first guys I blew, but there are others, too. Sometimes one or two of the guys will drop by to see me while my husband’s at work and the baby’s napping, even.

The first time I gave head I was pretty naive. When Henry shot his come, I nearly threw up because I didn’t know how much would come out or how it would taste. We’d been having a party to celebrate my 18th birthday and our folks were away. I ended up in my bedroom “fooling around” with first Henry and then Mitch, who’d stumbled in to use my bathroom and ended up making out with me instead. Henry wanted to fuck me, but I was still a virgin at the time, so I wouldn’t let him. Instead, I offered to blow him. Mitch wanted in on that deal, so I blew him, too.

After that, I was hooked. There were times when we’d get home from classes before our parents got home from work, and Henry or Mitch— or sometimes both— would stop by. I’d pull their pants down and give them head until they came, then switch to the other guy. They always begged to fuck me, but I denied them. Sometimes I’d let them finger me, and a couple times I had let them lick my pussy, but for the most part I just blew them.

There were times when I’d be watching TV and one of them would walk in and ask me to suck him off. One time I was naked and about to get in the shower when Mitch walked in, naked and with a huge, hard erection pointed at me. I was home alone, so I just sat on the side of the tub and began sucking him while I kneaded his ass cheeks. Then my brother’s friend Larry showed up out of nowhere, dropped his pants and jerked off as he watched us. When he moved close enough, I reached over and started stroking his dick for him. He got very excited and came all over my shoulder, hair and neck. As soon as he was done, he left and I continued sucking Mitch. Finally, Mitch came, and I swallowed his come. Then he left and I got to take my shower.

After my shower, I went to my bedroom and was surprised to see not only Mitch and Larry, but also Henry, Ray and Paul. I couldn’t believe they’d all come by for blowjobs! At first I was a little disgusted by their assumption that I’d be willing to blow them all, one after the other, but as I thought about it, I started getting turned on. I got so horny thinking about it that I couldn’t wait to get the first cock in my mouth.

The guys all got around me in a circle and I went from one to the other, sucking them each in turn. Then, as I continued going around the circle, they took turns crawling under me and eating my pussy and ass as I blew the others. I was terribly excited by then, and I had several climaxes, but I still wouldn’t let them fuck me. After I’d sucked them all for a while, though, I lay down on the floor and they stood around me and jerked off while I finger fucked my excited snatch. Then they came on me, like dominoes, one after the other. At the end of it all, I was covered in sperm practically from head to toe, and I had to take another shower.

Since then, I’ve had lots of special visits from those guys. I’ve sworn them all to secrecy, and they’ve done a good job of keeping quiet. And they’re the only guys I suck off, there’s no one else. Even after all this time, I still haven’t fucked a single one of them. I saved my virginity for my husband, the man who popped my cherry on my wedding night. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about losing my virginity. . . . — B.D., Westminster, Colorado

Oral Delights

My girlfriend has the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted, and I love eating her until she’s come several times.

One afternoon we were playing on the couch when something really exciting happened. She was naked on the couch and I sat on the floor beside her. We were fooling around and I was sucking and playing with her tits while I explored her pussy with my other hand. She came a couple times, and then I rolled her onto her side, spread her legs and began to lick and suck on the most wonderful snatch on the planet. She came several more times as I ate her. Her pussy juices were running from her like a river.

I always put one and then two fingers inside her when I eat her, that way I can taste more of her delicious juices. Usually, as I’m sucking her pussy, her pussy seems to suck my fingers in as I slide them around.

Anyway, on this particular day she was having one orgasm after another as I happily ate her. That’s not unusual, but for some reason, they seemed a little more intense, her breathing a little heavier and her movements somehow different. After making her come several times, it happened. She was coming again and again, her juices flowing freely out of her, when all of a sudden her pussy opened up, releasing its grip on my fingers, and her body just went rigid. She had a death grip on my head as she mashed it into her pussy, and I think her breathing actually stopped for a moment. I’d never felt anything like that, and I was a little bit confused. Then my girlfriend came like I’ve never seen her come before!

Her pussy exploded around my fingers and tongue, sending a wave of pussy juice flying from her body. It sprayed all over my face and coated the hand that was finger fucking her before dripping down onto the couch. She moaned and yelled, declaring her lust to me as she came.

I sucked her clit as hard as I could, clamping my mouth to her wonderful pussy and greedily accepting her delicious juices. She seemed to come for several minutes, and when she finally stopped, we were both astonished at how intense her climax had been. We couldn’t believe how much juice had run out of her, either it was all over the place! My face was shiny and slippery, and there was come smeared over her thighs and dripping onto the couch cushions. It covered my hand and wrist, and some of it had even run down my arm.

She told me that she had never come that hard in her life, and I can’t wait for her to come that hard again. We don’t know when we’ll be lucky enough to have it happen again, but we know it will.

And by the way, the best part of this whole experience is that we’re both in our 50s. Who says sex can’t get better as you get older?— O.F., Anderson, Indiana