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My husband has three addictions: hunting, fishing and my pussy. And I’m always ready to give him all the pussy he wants. The only thing I’m addicted to is fucking. I like to have sex morning, noon and night, and I always squeeze in a few quickies during the day. Within weeks of our marriage, my husband  Brent knew he’d never be able to provide me with all the hard cock I needed. Rather than risk losing me because of my insatiable lust, he decided to share me, letting me discreetly take on lovers who would meet my needs and keep our relationships secret.

Take it from me: Married men make the best lovers, since they know that blabbing about our affairs will only get them in trouble. Younger guys, the ones who are afraid of my husband and think that he’ll go crazy if he finds out about us, are also ideal. They know they need to keep their mouths shut after getting some married pussy. The last lover I took was just such a young man, my neighbor’s son Billy.

I’d watched Billy grow up, and when he turned 19, I had a hard time ignoring what an attractive man he was. I found myself checking out his bulging package every time I saw him. Even though my husband has a nice six-inch cock, I just couldn’t help imagining what Billy’s dick would be like.
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This entry is part 7 of 19 in the series 2012 Nov

As soon as I saw my friend Amber’s car in the driveway, I knew she had a problem. She never stops by unannounced, and she certainly doesn’t sit in her car waiting for me to get home from work unless something’s wrong. It turned out that her husband had left her for his 20-year-old secretary. The second she told me, I gave her a reassuring hug and told her not to blame herself. Then I led her into the house where I poured her a stiff cocktail.

My husband was away on business, so Amber and I ended up drinking our dinner and talking until after midnight. I settled Amber in our guest room and then crawled into my own bed, crashing immediately and not waking until nine the next morning, when my stomach rumbled. I made coffee and had breakfast ready by the time Amber joined me in the kitchen. She was starving, and the two of us proceeded to stuff ourselves.

We continued our conversation from the night before as we ate, and Amber admitted that her husband, when he’d said he was leaving, told her she wasn’t sexy anymore and he wasn’t attracted to her. Hearing that gave me an idea, and after getting Amber settled down, I sent her off to take a shower and told her to get herself dressed so we could go out to the mall. I told her I had some urgent shopping to do, but I really had other things in mind. An hour later, I had Amber in the dressing room trying on some sexy new clothes.
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This entry is part 11 of 22 in the series 2012 Oct

Paula was one of my closest childhood friends, and we’d stayed friends even after growing up and going our separate ways. A few months ago, she called to ask if it was okay to set her wedding on the same day as my anniversary (I’ve been married five years now). I told her my husband, Josh, and I would be honored to share that special date with her and her husband. I was also delighted when she asked me to be her matron of honor. I accepted immediately, telling her I was ready to help any way I could.

A week before the wedding, I flew back to our old hometown for the final dress fittings and to help Paula with the last-minute arrangements. Paula was staying with her brother in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and I ended up staying there as well, though Josh and I planned to get our own room once he got into town.
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