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I work as a bartender, and I meet a lot of hot guys during my shifts. Sometimes the guys stick around until closing and I get to go home with them, but once in a while the guy who catches my attention can’t stick around and I end up going home alone. Last Saturday was one of those nights.

I’d been flirting with a guy who came in early in my shift, but he was there for a friend’s bachelor party and had to split when his buddies decided to move on to the next bar. He’d taken my number, and I knew he’d call, but that wasn’t really what I was concerned about. Our flirtations had been pretty intense, and I was really hot and bothered. There was no way I was going to get through the rest of the night without getting off.
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The Sex Hotline

When I got promoted in the marketing firm I work for, I had no idea how much travel would be involved. Soon I was spending at least two weeks a month on the road, and being away from my wife so much was making me horny as hell. I was talking about the problem with one of the guys I work with, and he said he calls a phone sex number whenever he gets horny and doesn’t have the time to pick up any of the local girls (he’s single).

He gave me the number he likes to call, 1 800 274 WETT, and I gave them a call. The woman on the other end had a great voice and really knew how to turn me on. I’d never done anything like that before and I have to admit it was an interesting experience. In fact I liked doing phone sex so much that I decided to see if my wife would consider having some phone sex with me the next time I was on the road and was getting a little horny.

A few weeks later I was on another trip, and one night I called Tiffany later than usual. “I’m so hard, honey,” I told her when she picked up the receiver. “I wish you were here and that we were fucking like crazy.”

Tiff seemed a bit put off at first, and I could practically hear her blushing over the phone. “What the hell are you going on about?” she asked once she was able to get some words out.

“I miss you, babe,” I told her, “and I really miss fucking you when I’m traveling. I thought we could, you know, do it over the phone.”

My wife took a few minutes to think about my proposition, and when she next spoke, I was surprised to hear her speaking in a very seductive voice. “So, do you wanna know what I’m wearing right now, baby?” she asked.

I nodded my head vigorously before I realized she couldn’t see me, and then I told her I’d love to know what she was wearing.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, starting to get more into our sexy experience. “I’m wearing that little black nightie you like. You know, the sheer one that barely covers my ass.” I groaned and could feel my prick grow, knowing exactly what she was talking about. “I’m not wearing the thong that goes with it, though. It’s too hot, and the air conditioner is broken, so I’m only wearing the babydoll top.”

I had to unzip my pants at that point and start stroking my cock. For a first time dirty talker, my wife was doing a great job!

“It’s so hot that the sheer material is clinging to me,” she continued. “It’s sticking to my back and my tits, and my pussy and ass aren’t covered at all.”

I told her how hot that sounded, and then asked her what she was doing wearing such a sexy nightie when she was all alone. She was silent then, and I knew she was waiting for me to talk dirty myself. “I had to take my pants off while you described that outfit of yours,” I told her. “I couldn’t listen to you talking about your sexy little nightie without stroking my dick. I’m so hard now, but my hand isn’t doing a good enough job. I wish you were here to get me off.”

That seemed to spur her on, and she started to talk again.

“I get really lonely when you’re out on the road,” she told me, “so I have to masturbate. I was just about to take out my vibrator when you called. I’ve been horny all day, but I was so busy I didn’t have any time to myself. But now that I’m home alone, I was planning to take out my toy and pretend you were here to pleasure me.”

Tiffany had never been quite so open with me before, and I wondered if she was more comfortable talking dirty over the phone since I couldn’t see her. Whatever it was, she was really getting me hot, and I started jerking my hard cock even faster now.

“Tell me more,” I begged. “Take out your vibrator and tell me how you’re using it,” I suggested.

This time Tiff didn’t hesitate before she started talking again.

“I just turned the vibrator on. Can you hear it?” She held the phone next to the vibrator, and I heard the faint buzzing sound. “I’m so wet just from talking to you, and I’m using the head of my toy to spread my juices around. I’m rubbing the toy up and down all between my pussy lips, and it’s making me sloppy with my come. If you were here, I’d let you lick it all up and tell me how good I taste.”

“Mmmm,” I moaned, imagining her taste on my tongue as I continued to jack my hard dick.

“Now I’m pushing the vibrator deep inside my pussy. I want to feel it buzzing hard up against my G spot,” Tiffany said. Then she moaned loudly, and I knew she’d hit the spot. “Oh God!” she cried. “It feels so good! I’ve never gotten so turned on so fast!”

It’s true, it usually takes her a lot longer to get warmed up and ready to climax. But it seemed the dirty talk was having the same effect on her it was having on me. We were both horny as hell and jerking off furiously on opposite ends of the phone— and opposite ends of the country.

“Oh God!” she cried again. “Oooh! Fuck!” I knew she had climaxed then, and I was surprised at how fast she came when dirty talk was involved. I was impressed.

“Oh my God, Tiff!” I replied, barely gasping out the words as I tried to pump my dick as I talked to her. “Did you just come? That’s so fuckin’ hot! I can’t believe you came already!”

Still catching her breath, Tiff gasped, “Did you come yet, baby? I want you to come, too.”

“Not yet,” I told her. “Tell me more about how you’re pleasuring yourself. That’ll help me come,” I promised her. “I’m really close.”

“I’m fucking myself with my vibrator now,” she told me. “I’m pretending it’s your big, fat cock. I’m fucking myself really hard. It feels so good, too! It really feels like you’re here with me, fucking my super wet pussy. Mmmm, would you like that, baby? Would you like to be with me fucking my tight little pussy right now?”

“Ugh!” I grunted. “Fuck yes!”

“I’m all wet and ready,” Tiff continued. “If you were here, you’d see my legs spread wide and my pussy lips parted, my juices flowing just for you. I’d even take my nightie off and let you lick my hard nipples. I know how much you love sucking on my tits,” she said. “And maybe, if you gave me enough orgasms, I’d let you fuck my ass. Oooh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? You’d love to fuck my ass, right, baby?”

“Fuck!” I cried as I came. Tiffany’s dirty talk had me so hot that I shot the biggest load I could remember shooting. It got all over my hands and the bedspread, but the mess was worth it. Hearing my wife talk dirty was the hottest thing I’d ever experienced.

Now that Tiff has gotten into the idea of dirty talk, I call her almost every night I’m away. We have smokin’ hot phone sex. I still get horny when I travel, and nothing compares to being able to thrust my dick into my wife’s sweet pussy, but thanks to my buddy’s suggestion, Tiff and I have discovered the next best thing.— B.G., Tampa, Florida

The Sex Tape

After 10 years of marriage, the passion that we’d once felt for one another had really dwindled, and my husband and I seemed to have put love making on the back burner.

One day I was doing laundry, and when I went to put Roger’s things in his dresser, I stumbled across an old, X rated home video we’d made many years ago. I decided to take a look at it, and I slipped the dusty tape into the equally dusty VCR and settled back on the bed to watch.

We’d made the video after a really fun Halloween party, and I was still in my costume as I lay on the bed talking to Roger, who was setting up the camera. I’d been feeling frisky— and full of vodka and orange juice— so I decided to give my husband a little show. At first I was embarrassed— about both making the video all those years ago, and watching it now. I was about to turn off the television, but I started to get horny thinking about all the things we’d done.

There were plenty of close ups of my pussy, and lots of shots of me fingering myself. Then there was some shakiness as Roger handed me the camera and nestled between my legs. As soon as he started to eat my pussy, I knew I was ready for anything. When the videotaped version of me was as hot as she could be, the Roger I saw on film started to tell her, tell me, about his biggest fantasy: a threesome. And I was really into the idea at the time, too, especially because of the fantastic pussy licking he was giving me.

The longer I watched, the hornier I got. I slipped off my panties and got a vibrator from the nightstand. As the me on the screen started to tell my husband how much she wanted to lick another woman’s pussy, I came. My entire body shook as I continued working my toy in and out of my pussy and up against my clit.

I wasn’t finished, and as I watched more of the video, I got hot and bothered again. After having a second orgasm, I stopped the tape and took a cold shower. Even as I dressed, though, I couldn’t get the fantasy out of my mind, and I wondered what had happened that had made us give up our search for the perfect third.

Then and there I made a promise to myself I was going to renew our sex life, even if I had to do things I had not previously considered. I started the next morning by making reservations at our favorite restaurant, then called Roger and told him to hurry home because we were going on a date. I spent the rest of the day working on my plan. I got my hair done and went for a manicure. I bought a new dress. I went to the lingerie shop in the mall.

I was already feeling sexy while I browsed, and when the salesgirl, Jane, introduced herself to me and offered her assistance, I took her up on it. Jane was a brunette with a petite body but large, firm breasts. She was easy to talk to and before I knew it I told her everything about the special evening I was planning. Well, maybe I hadn’t told her everything. . . .

At one point she held up a very sexy purple bra and a pair of matching bikini panties. They were so sheer I could see her right through them as she held them to the light. The image of her wearing the outfit flashed through my mind. She definitely had the body for it. I quickly dismissed the idea, but not before thinking to myself, Wow, when I turn over a new leaf, I sure don’t fuck around!

Her voice brought me back. “Karen, I’ll bet this would look fabulous on you. I can almost see you standing there in this and heels.”

There was a time when I would have been a little insulted or embarrassed by her suggestion, but not this time. I decided to test my new feeling of boldness, so I smiled and said, “You know, Jane, I was thinking the same thing about you.”

She smiled shyly, and we shared a look. But before I got too bold, I told her I’d take the outfit and followed her to the register. I couldn’t believe that I’d been so forward with the woman who was now ringing up my outfit, but I couldn’t stop imagining her in the skimpy purple ensemble.

When she handed me my purchase, she also gave me a slip of paper. I’d watched her put the receipt in the bag, so I knew that wasn’t it. When I got to the car, I saw that she’d written down her name and phone number with a short note: “Call me and maybe we can grab drinks some time.” Damn! All it took was a slight change of attitude and my sex life was already starting to heat up again.

While I was getting ready that night, all I could think about was Jane. Was I misreading her, or were my suspicions right on the money? I had a feeling it was the latter.

When Roger arrived, I slowly dressed for him, giving him a little show. The purple panties and bra were a big hit, but when I slipped on a garter belt and stockings, I thought he was going to die. I could see he was having a hard time keeping his hands to himself. I felt pretty fantastic, too. The silk caressing my body heightened my sexual desire, and for the life of me, I couldn’t shake Jane from my mind. I decided I had to somehow introduce the subject of the sexy salesgirl to my husband later that evening.

Dinner was wonderful, and I spent the better part of the evening trying to give my husband little peeks of my lingerie. Needless to say, he was eating it right up!

While we were dancing, I decided to get the ball rolling. “You know, honey, we haven’t played your favorite game in a long time. Do you want to give it a try?” I swear, I have never seen him get hard that fast.

I pressed harder against him, loving the feel of his prick pressing into me, and started my story. “While I was at the lingerie store today, I met this salesgirl, Jane. Honey, she was a real doll, and she came on to me.” I told him all about her and how she’d wanted to see me in my new undies. I even told him how I’d told her I wanted to see her in my lingerie, too.

By the time we got home, we were so worked up that clothes ended up strewn from the front door to the bedroom. Roger got into bed and started stroking his prick while I stood in front of him, still wearing my new bra and panty set, and told him all about the salesgirl again.

“If Jane were here, she would be standing next to me wearing an identical outfit,” I said. “Her fingers would be moving up and down along my body, stroking me. Then she would kiss me, slipping her tongue deep into my mouth. . . . ”

I couldn’t go on, I was so damn hot. I crawled up the bed, stripping out of my lingerie as I went, and knelt over my husband. I guided his rock hard prick to my pussy and rubbed the head back and forth over my soaked pussy lips, getting it nice and wet for him. Then, without giving him any warning, I impaled myself on his shaft in one quick downward move, and his prick filled me completely, stretching my pussy walls.

“Fuck me, honey! Fuck me hard!” I screamed.

We quickly worked up a rhythm, and his balls slapped my ass every time I forced myself down on him. When I leaned forward, he sucked a nipple into his mouth. As his tongue traced circles around my nipple, I increased my speed until we were fucking as hard and fast as we could.

“That’s it, baby! Fuck me hard! Go! Make me come all over your wonderful prick!” I cried.

I felt it building deep inside me, and I knew I was in for one hell of a massive orgasm. Roger had drank a lot of wine, and I knew he would last forever, so I needed to do something to get him off faster. I whispered, “Hey baby, pretend Jane is here with us.”

He grunted, grabbed my hips and pulled me hard to him. I felt his hot come shoot into me just as I exploded in my own orgasm. “Oh yes, baby! I’m coming! Fuck me hard!” I cried.

My entire body shook as that wonderful feeling I had missed for so long continued. We stayed that way for a long time, but eventually my knees grew weak and I slowly rose, feeling his half hard dick slip out of me. When we finally caught our breath, I looked over at him and smiled. “I guess Jane did it for you, huh?”

He gave me a sheepish grin. “Yeah, but it was you who brought her up,” he said. “Thanks.”

I leaned over, kissed him and said, “Who knows, maybe you’ll get to meet her one day.” He laughed, but I was already planning another trip to the mall in my mind.

I spent the entire week trying to figure out how to best pull this off. I was determined to move our sex life to the next level. As much fun as it was to fantasize, I knew it was time to take the next step. But I was scared as hell. How was I going to do this? You can’t just ask some girl if she wants to have a threesome with you and your husband . . . can you?

All week at work I was checking out my female coworkers. To be honest, a few of them were exactly what Roger and I were looking for, but I was too scared to bring it up. By Thursday I was frustrated, and I was about to give up the idea. Then I went out for after work drinks with a girlfriend and things changed. After a couple of drinks, my friend dropped me off at the mall to catch the bus, but instead of heading home, I freshened up my makeup and made my way inside.

I headed straight back to the lingerie shop and spotted Jane right away. She was just finishing up with a customer and she didn’t see me at first. By the time she spotted me, I was browsing through some sexy teddies, and she broke into a broad smile and waved before walking over. “Hey Karen! I’m so glad to see you. How did your husband like your new outfit?” she asked.

I smiled, held up a teddy and said, “You wouldn’t believe how much he liked it.” She moved closer and took the teddy, holding it in front of me. She was so close I could smell her perfume, and inhaling the sweet scent made me light headed with desire. Then I felt the cool satin material gently caressing my arm as she pressed the teddy against me.

“You know, Karen, I’ll bet this would look really sexy on you. Do you want to try it on?”

I wanted to. I wanted to so bad, and I wanted her to see me in it. She could tell I was hesitating, and she quickly grabbed a few more items from the rack. She locked the door, told me she was about to close anyway, and then led me back to the dressing room. I was totally under her spell.

Her voice was soft and confident as she took my pocketbook and began to unbutton my blouse. “Let’s try the pink one first,” she suggested. “Does your husband like you in pink?”

I just shook my head as I watched Jane’s slim fingers work the last few buttons on my blouse. She easily slid it off, hanging it on a hook, and then I felt her eyes on my bra. My nipples were hard and poking out through the thin material, giving away my arousal. When Jane looked up at me, she smiled. She turned me around, and her fingers quickly had my skirt on the floor next to my blouse. I was in only a bra and panties now, and I could see that her nipples were poking through her sweater. It was clear that she was as turned on as I was.

I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror, and the sight was so hot! I wished Jane was in her undies, too, and I had almost worked up the nerve to tell her that when she moved even closer and whispered, “This will look much sexier without the bra.”

My bra joined the rest of my clothes on the bench, and then Jane held the teddy up and pulled it over my head, letting it fall. It hung just below my pussy and fit me perfectly. Jane’s fingers moved over the thin material, pretending to smooth it out, and when they slid over my ass, I gasped. Her fingers lingered there for a while before moving around front. She cupped my breasts, again pretending to smooth the teddy. When her fingers slowly glided along my hard nipples, my pussy started to throb. Jane stepped back and pretended to check out the fit of the teddy.

“Something’s not right,” she said. “Turn around, Karen. Let me figure out what it is.”

I obeyed her and turned around, but I was getting hotter by the second. When Jane took off her sweater, claiming it was too warm in the store, I watched her pull it over her head, her perfect breasts springing free. Her skin was tan and she wore no bra. When her sweater was off, she stepped up close behind me and let her nipples press into my back. “Oh, I know what’s wrong,” she finally whispered. “It’s the panties. They have to go.”

She turned me around and slid to her knees, quickly pulling my panties down. My heart fluttered when I felt her breath on my mound. “Oh, Karen,” she said, “you smell wonderful! I have to have you!”

I didn’t say a word, just slid my fingers into her soft hair and guided her mouth to my pussy. Her mouth covered my pussy lips and her tongue slid into me, and I almost lost it right then. I wanted her closer, so I lowered myself to the clothing covered bench behind me. Jane nudged my legs open wide and dug deep into me with her wonderful tongue. It was delightful. And then, when she found my clit, my God! Her tongue licked all around the hard bud before she sucked it between her lips and trapped it with her teeth.

My hands found the back of her head and I pulled her hard against me as I exploded. My juices flooded from my pussy and into her waiting mouth, and my entire body shook until my orgasm started to subside. She stayed down there, too, licking and purring like a kitten at a saucer of milk, until I gently pushed her away. After catching my breath, I pulled her up a little and covered her soft lips with my own, thanking her. I tasted myself on her lips, and it sent me reeling. I couldn’t wait to take her home to Roger, but first I had to have her again. I couldn’t get enough!— K.L., El Paso, Texas

Lunchtime Lust

On Friday morning I was running late, and as I squeezed out of the elevator to get to my office, I slid too close to one of the doors and a button on my skirt got caught, ripping off as I tried to exit. I didn’t want to spend the whole day worrying about my skirt opening, so when my coworker Andrea and I went out for lunch at noon, we took a quick detour to my apartment so I could change.

My husband, Kyle, had the day off, so when we entered the house I called out to announce that I was home. When he didn’t answer, I figured he was out in the backyard. Then I saw an opened box on the dining room table. The XXX videos we’d ordered had come. I knew where Kyle was— and what he was doing, too!

Putting my finger to my lips for Andrea to be quiet, I whispered that I had something beautiful to show her. Leading her to the partially opened bedroom door, we could see a video playing on the large flat screen television. Across from it, lying naked on the bed, was my handsome, muscular husband, one hand cupping and squeezing his big, clean shaven balls, his other hand stroking his thick, beautiful eight inch cock.

“That’s gorgeous!” Andrea whispered excitedly.

She soon told me that she’d never watched a guy jack off before, nor had she ever masturbated with anyone. Then she boldly asked if I thought Kyle would like it if we joined him for some three way masturbation. Kyle and I enjoy masturbating together, and for us to have someone else, especially another girl, masturbating with us, was just too exciting to pass up.

Andrea and I quickly took off our clothes and walked into the bedroom. Kyle was startled, but his eyes filled with excitement when he saw Andrea, and I told him that we were going to join him for a little fun.

Andrea and I each grabbed a vibrator from my dresser drawer and, laying down next to Kyle, brought our fingers to our clits while my husband again took his cock in his hand and started stroking. As we all played with ourselves, none of our eyes were on the porn playing on the TV screen we were all watching each other. Kyle and I had our eyes on the beautiful blonde who was rubbing her clit beside us, while Andrea’s eyes were glued excitedly on Kyle’s cock.

Soon the quiet moans coming from Andrea and myself turned to soft cries of pleasure when our fingers found their way inside our pussies. The room quickly filled with our scents— and the sounds of the finger fuckings we were giving our wet pussies. I moved to prop a pillow behind me so I could get a better look at Andrea. I always enjoyed watching girls in videos fingering themselves, so seeing it live for the first time was very thrilling.

When Andrea replaced her fingers with her vibrator and started really fucking herself, Kyle became fixated on her. He couldn’t look away, and his groans became louder, his movements faster. I knew he was close to coming, and so did Andrea.

“Jack it off for me, Kyle! Give me a big come shot!” she panted.

Kyle didn’t disappoint, and his cock erupted a moment later, spurting a huge load of white cream all over his chest and hand.

“Wow!” Andrea squealed. “That was fucking beautiful!”

The sight of Kyle ejaculating sent Andrea over the edge, and she called out that she was coming, too. I watched with rapt attention, the sight of my friend climaxing around the vibrator so incredibly exciting.

As soon as she came, Andrea leaned over and started licking Kyle’s come from his chest. I continued fingering myself, frustrated that I hadn’t reached climax like the other two. Sensing my frustration, Andrea told Kyle I needed some help in getting off. I couldn’t believe it when a moment later she was kneeling between my legs, pulling my fingers out of my pussy and pressing her own fingers inside me. It was a fantasy come true!

“Andrea! Oh my God!” I cried as she fingered me and rubbed her thumb over my throbbing clit.

Kyle was kneading my stiff nipples with his rough fingers and asked if I’d ever thought, in my wildest fantasies, that someday a girl would be masturbating me instead of him.

“No, baby, but she’s really making me come!” I screamed.

I was barely finished speaking when I came all over Andrea’s fingers and hand. Then, filled with an incredible desire to try something new, I told Andrea to sit on my face. As she made her way up my body, I could see the excitement in my husband’s eyes. As Andrea straddled my face, I gripped her ass cheeks and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth.

“Oh, yes! Suck it, Sarah! Suck my cunt!” Andrea cried.

The aroma, texture and taste of her pussy was more arousing and delicious than I had ever imagined. I ate Andrea’s pussy hungrily, not stopping until she pressed hard against my mouth and cried out that she was coming. She filled my mouth with her hot juices, and it was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted. Eventually Kyle lifted Andrea from my wet face and buried his cock deep in her pussy from behind. As he fucked her, I positioned myself in front of her and pulled her pretty face to my twat. Within minutes she had me coming on her tongue, at the same time she was coming on Kyle’s cock. I didn’t know where it would end.

When Andrea cried out for Kyle to put his cock in her ass, I moved quickly to get beside them so I could watch my husband press all eight inches of his cock inside her beautiful bottom. And as Kyle fucked her ass, Andrea howled with joy. I was so turned on by the sight that I thrust three fingers up my quivering pussy and then with my other hand reached beneath Andrea and rubbed her clit until she started to come. When Kyle came inside her ass, I came as well.

Andrea and I were late getting back to work, but we both agreed that it was the most delicious and satisfying lunch we’d ever had. More than worth staying late for.

Since then, Andrea and I have been going home for lunch a couple times a week. Whenever Kyle has a day off or can meet us, we get together for a delicious lunchtime threesome. Going out to eat has definitely taken on a new meaning for us!— S.K., Boynton Beach, Florida

The Wandering Wanker

I am in my early forties, six feet tall, one hundred eighty pounds. I am in good physical condition and am considered attractive. I work as a troubleshooter for a multinational company, an exciting and gratifying job that takes me to as many as five or six different countries a month.

Traveling as much as I do, I’ve had an opportunity to sample many varieties of sex, in many countries, with males and females of all ages and descriptions. Yet the pressures of my job all too frequently leave me inadequate time to pursue the luxury of finding a partner. Luckily, I thoroughly enjoy masturbation, and have actively practiced it for as long as I can remember.

In my frequent travels, I’ve found certain places where I’d prefer to stay for a variety of reasons, one of which is the opportunity to indulge my voyeuristic tendencies. Many of these places are top flight hotels in which certain rooms offer excellent views, across narrow streets or courtyards, into private bedrooms. I make it a point to reserve these rooms, and as a result I am often treated to an uninhibited sexual exhibition, without the knowledge of the participants. Needless to say, such scenes add spice to my frequent masturbation sessions.

One night in Berlin I watched a threesome, two girls and a man. While the man and one of the women did a 69, the other woman tongued their asses, and then butt fucked each of them in turn with a large dildo.

A few weeks later, in Stockholm, I came into my darkened room after working late, and walking out to my terrace, looked across a small courtyard into a bedroom. A young, handsome chap was just stepping out of his shorts, and as he turned to face me he revealed the largest cock I’d ever seen. Hanging between his thighs, the massive, circumcised head was at least ten inches from the base of the shaft. He spread a towel on the bed, lay down with his legs spread and began to rub oil over that monstrous cock, as well as his balls and ass.

By this time, I was pulling off my own clothes, without taking my eyes off his rapidly stiffening prick. Now he began sliding one finger in and out of his well oiled asshole as he slowly stroked his now fully erect cock. His hand could only go about halfway around its massive shaft. I stroked my own ordinary six inch tool as I watched. Slipping his finger from his asshole, he reached over and picked up a long, tapered, ridged butt plug, and oiling it up, raised his hips and began to slide it up into his ass. With his hips pushed up, his mammoth cock thrust proudly into the air, appearing even bigger. When he had the plug fully inserted, he grasped his cock in both hands and began stroking again.

Soon his body stiffened and that great big cockhead began to spurt jets of come, which flew into the air and fell back in long, slow arcs. Just as I was about to shoot my own load, I reached back and thrust one finger in my ass. I was surprised at how wonderful it felt, and at the intensity it lent to my orgasm. I decided then to try a butt plug as well as a dildo.

My traveling companions became a bottle of baby oil, two sizes of butt plugs, and eventually a large electric dildo. I must admit, I got some strange looks from various customs inspectors during my travels.

A short time ago, in London, after finishing my work early one Friday, I stopped in at the hotel bar for a well deserved drink. Taking the only available stool at the bar, I found myself sitting next to a very attractive woman, whom I judged to be in her early thirties. By our second drink, the bar had emptied out and we were chatting. Her name was Elaine and she was in the travel business, so we discussed various cities, their pros and cons. We got to talking about the nude beaches of Europe, and from there we went on to discuss the availability of sex in the many locations we had visited.

By the start of our third drink, we were recounting some of our escapades to one another, such as our first bisexual experience, our first threesome and so on, and the details kept getting more and more explicit.

Suddenly, though, Elaine let me know that all that as behind her. She went on to explain that a couple of her friends had come down with sexually transmitted diseases, and she had developed a horrible fear of becoming infected. Then, looking straight at me, she asked if I ever masturbated. I told her that I did indeed, very often. Then she asked if I’d do it in front of her. I damn near fell off the bar stool, thinking she meant then and there.

Laughing, she told me she was serious. If I was willing to go back to her place and jerk off in front of her, she would masturbate for me as well— but there would be no sex between us. I had never jerked off in front of a woman, but the idea of it, and of watching her do it, turned me on. I told her to wait while I went to my room to get some things.

Moments later I returned with a briefcase filled with my toys, and we were soon at her apartment. Elaine went into the bedroom, while I undressed in the living room. Just as I was peeling off my briefs, she appeared in the doorway, nude.

She had a much more attractive figure than I expected. Her breasts were very full, firm and thrusting, with small but very long nipples and tiny pink areolae. Though she was a blonde, you couldn’t tell by looking at her very prominent, pouting mons, since it was as smooth and hairless as her tits. Running her fingers over its smooth surface, she said that since she had taken to masturbation as her sole sexual outlet, she found a smooth, hair free cunt was far more sensual. Then, turning and bending over, she spread her ass cheeks, revealing an equally hair free crack and a pink, puckered anus.

By this time I was sporting an erection, and when she suggested that I’d enjoy masturbating a lot more if I were hairless there too, I figured what the hell. Taking me into the bath, she gave me a jar of depilatory cream, told me what to do and said she would have everything organized by the time I finished.

Some twenty minutes later, when I slid my hands over my hairless cock, balls and ass crack, I had to admit it really turned me on. When I returned to the living room, Elaine had two large rubber sheets spread out next to the coffee table, on which fresh drinks were sitting. She was kneeling on one of the sheets, slowly spreading baby oil over her breasts and pulling on her long nipples. A dildo, a butt plug and a vibrator were spread out before her.

I quickly got out my own toys, and soon my fingers were coating my newly bald cock and balls with warm oil. I lay back on the sheet, keeping my eyes on her, while my fingers ran the length of my ass crack. The slick, smooth feeling of it soon had my cock pulsing and jerking.

Elaine sat back on her heels and her fingers slid over her own crotch as she watched me. Seeing her oily hand caressing the pouting lips of that nude, hair free cunt, then slipping back to her equally smooth ass crack, was too much. I slowly began to stroke my cock. She turned around then, kneeling with her upthrust ass facing me, and began to slowly insert a well oiled butt plug into her crinkly, puckered asshole. When she had it all the way in, she turned back, sat down gingerly on the sheet and spread her cunt lip as she stared at me.

Following her lead, I turned my ass to her, and with knees spread, balls dangling and cock waving, I slipped a butt plug into my asshole, pushing it in as far as it would go. Then I turned back and we smiled at each other, both of us breathing hard, both of us in obvious heat.

Then our hands began to move. I stroked my cock with one hand while rubbing my balls and fingering my ass with the other. Elaine’s fingers moved in and out of her pussy, diddled her swollen clit, caressed her labia and her inner thighs. I wasn’t going to last long in this situation, and I told her so. She panted out that she too was almost there. When I saw her legs stiffen and her fingers beating a tattoo on her clit, I said, “Here it comes!” and started spurting come all over my chest, hands and belly, while Elaine shivered and moaned as she orgasmed once, and then again.

Elaine then asked me to scoop up my come with my fingers and lick them clean, which I did while she squatted and did the same with her own pussy juices. Then we washed up, had a drink and rested for a while, after which we went at it again, more slowly this time, and in a more sensual fashion, each of us trying to arouse the other by his actions, and each of us telling the other what we were feeling at each stage of the proceedings.

Elaine invited me back the next evening, and when I arrived I found another couple with her. Over cocktails she explained that the three of them often masturbated in front of one another. It didn’t take much coaxing for me to agree to join them. Watching three other nude, smooth skinned, hairless crotches and asses being caressed by their owners was a voyeur’s dream come true, and I truly enjoyed performing for them as well. Since then, London has become my favorite destination, and I try to stop off there as often as I possibly can.— F.G., New York, New York