What a Show!

My wife and I love your magazine, and we’re thrilled to finally have a story to share with your readers. I love to show off my wife’s five foot four, 125 pound figure. She has a 36B bust size and short blonde hair, and she loves to dress up and show off her legs. She’s very sexy for a 45 year old. She doesn’t look a day over 30.

Not long ago we drove into the city to see a play and stay overnight. My wife was dressed to thrill: black bra, thong, garters, stockings and dress, plus five inch ankle strap pumps.

At the play she got many admiring looks, and she even flashed her stocking tops a few times. Afterwards, back at our hotel, she said she wanted to go to the lounge for a nightcap. As she sat down, two guys sitting nearby were in line for a great view of her gorgeous thighs. My wife noticed and said that no one else had a view of her but them. Showing a little more thigh, she caught their attention.

I got up to go to the bathroom then, and on the way back I saw what a view they had. They could see all the way to her bare thighs above her stocking tops. Wow!

After 30 minutes of her flashing combined with the effects of the wine, she was horny as hell and wanted to go to our room for some hot sex. As we left we walked by the two guys she’d been flashing, and one of them stopped us and said that my wife was very sexy and had really great legs. She thanked them and said she hoped they’d liked the show. She then went on to say that they should think of her in 20 minutes because she would be talking about them while we fucked. I was stunned by her statement, and so were the guys.

Once we were back in the room, my wife wanted another drink, so I went for ice. I couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d said to those two guys. Deciding to go for it, I went down to ask them to join us in our room. When I came back, my wife was on the bed with her skirt around her waist, eyes closed, playing with her pussy. I told her I had a surprise, and when she opened her eyes and saw the men, she smiled. She got up from the bed and began a striptease. Then she laid down, spread her legs and told me to fuck her in front of our audience.

As I fucked her, she asked if the men liked the show.

“Hell yeah!” they said.

Soon the men had their cocks out and, with a nod from my wife, one guy stood on either side of her and she began sucking them off.

I couldn’t stand it and shot my come into her pussy. After I pulled out, she asked which of the two men was next. Quickly one of them mounted her and fucked her fast. Soon he came in her pussy and was replaced by the other guy, who also fucked her and came inside her. After that they thanked us and left because their wives were going to meet them downstairs soon.

M.M., Garrison, New York


I’m 25 and my wife, Edie, is 24. This summer we went on vacation to the Caribbean, and we spent a lot of time on a secluded beach that allowed nude sunbathing.

One afternoon we were laying on the beach when I noticed two men in their 30s watching us while they relaxed nearby. When I told Edie, she seemed to get excited. She soon began parting her legs to give them a really good view, and they didn’t miss it, that’s for sure. After 20 minutes they got up the courage to approach us and strike up a conversation.

As we talked I noticed that both men had raging hard ons. Edie noticed, too, and when she looked at me and smiled, I merely nodded and smiled back I knew exactly what was about to happen. Reaching up, she put her hand on one guy’s cock while continuing their casual conversation. No one said a word or acted any different as she stroked him, and it was as if nothing was happening at all. Several minutes later he followed suit, putting his hand between her legs to rub her wet cunt while we talked.

The other man was now openly stroking his cock as he watched the events transpiring. Then, the guy who was rubbing Edie moved between her spread legs and, after looking at me for a reaction, he started rubbing his cock up and down her slit. After doing this for a minute or so, he slid smoothly into her, and a long purring moan escaped my wife’s lips. The first guy began fucking Edie, and his friend moved so she could suck his cock, which she did eagerly. I stroked my own cock as I watched.

Only a few minutes passed before Edie’s head stopped bobbing back and forth and I saw come running out the sides of her mouth and dripping off her chin. Then his friend moaned and pulled his cock out of Edie’s pussy to shoot his load all over her pubic area and her tummy. I came then, too, harder, in fact, than I could remember. The two guys then casually walked away, telling us to have a nice vacation. Edie then got up and went into the water to wash off.

Later in the week we saw the men again. This time, however, they were both with their wives and kids. We just smiled and nodded as we passed. I don’t think their wives would’ve been happy to find out how we knew them.

West Corina, California


My wife Janie and I like to spice things up in our marriage by “going parking” once in a while.
Not long ago we were at a secluded spot and were just getting into a hot lovemaking session when Janie saw a guy staring at us. He scared the shit out of her, but once she got over the initial shock, she wanted to keep going, our audience being an added thrill. I thrust away as she had me tell her what the man, who was in his 50s or early 60s at least, was doing. As I told her, I realized she was getting even more excited, so I got really graphic with my descriptions. It worked, and she came like never before. In the meantime, the old perv was busy stroking himself and he wound up coming and shooting his sticky mess all over the ground just a few feet away.
About two weeks after that thrilling event, we rented a cabin in the country. The owner lived nearby, and I noticed that the old fella seemed to swing by a lot to check on us. I teased Janie and told her that he was really stopping by just to check her out. She laughed it off, but I saw the excitement in her eyes.
Janie, who’s 21, has a lovely little figure and full, firm breasts, and she loves sunbathing nude. Of course, that was part of her plan on that vacation.
I was in the kitchen one day when I heard the old fella show up. Janie was still laying out back nude, so I hurried to see what was going on. The fella was talking to her as if she were fully dressed, but his lecherous eyes were roaming all over her body.
Janie sat with her arms back to support herself. Her knees were slightly bent and her legs were spread. She looked very sexy and smiled when he told her to call him Arnold.
It was exciting to hear Arnold telling Janie how nice it was to see her so relaxed and how he hoped the weather would cooperate with her sunbathing. He made a few comments about how lovely her tanned body was and how it must be nice to make love in the outdoors. At this last statement, Janie laughed loudly and called him a naughty man. He reached over and put a hand on her upper thigh and gazed between her legs, saying he could get a lot naughtier. Arnold then moved his hand slightly higher and Janie let her legs fall further apart. She glanced quickly at me just as Arnold moved between her legs.
“What are you doing?” she asked. Arnold simply smiled and lowered his head between her legs. As he began to eagerly feast on her young pussy, Janie looked at me and held my gaze, unbridled lust in her eyes. Her lips pouted in pleasure and she ran her tongue over them sensuously.
The dirty old bastard reduced her to jelly in minutes and she came uncontrollably, grabbing hold of his head and screaming in climax.
Before her orgasm had even subsided, he was climbing on top of her while pushing his pants down. He quickly entered her and she gasped as her hips thrust to meet his. He urgently fucked her and Janie got very vocal. In about two minutes, Arnold began panting and groaning just before shooting his sperm inside her.
Janie shuddered in climax and he rolled off her, gasping for breath. Having watched the whole thing, I was so horny that Janie didn’t have a chance to catch her breath. I mounted her in a flash and shot my load into her within 10 strokes.
Arnold enjoyed Janie every way he could every day for the rest of the week. He even invited us to stay for free next year. We’ve already made the reservation! F.P. Raleigh, North Carolina


My wife, Jan, and I love to fuck in public. There’s no turn on like it for us. We’ve done it at concerts, on subways, in parks, on airplanes, trains and cars.
One night we were barhopping and were both drunk. We were in New York City near 42nd Street, and it was late. We were tempted to get it on in the crisp fall air, so we went for it. We found an almost empty lot near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It was dark and deserted. In other words, perfect.
We slipped through the entrance and a security guy yelled, “Hey, you can’t go in there.” My 30 year old wife gave him a sexy smile and, with her tits practically falling out of her low cut top, said she couldn’t hold out long enough to get to a bathroom. He waved us on, shaking his head.
Three guys were at the other end of the lot, but I didn’t think they’d notice us since they seemed to be caught up in their own thing.
Jan gave me a grope. Then, as we made out, I lifted her skirt and slid her bikini panties down. She stepped out of them and unbuttoned her blouse but didn’t remove it. With one hand busy underneath her skirt, I kissed her eagerly.
Jan pulled at my cock and began jerking me off. Now aware of our presence, the three guys were approaching us. I leaned against a parked car and Jan dropped to her knees. She took my shaft and popped the whole thing in her mouth. She began sucking and sliding her head back and forth. I helped by holding the sides of her head and fucking her face.
When I looked over at the guys, I saw they each had their cocks out and were stroking themselves as they watched Jan suck me off.
I stopped Jan and told her she had an audience. “Yeah honey, I know,” she smiled, then turned and pulled her skirt up as she leaned over the hood of the car. She looked over her shoulder at me as I got behind her. I parted her pussy lips and entered her tight cunt. Her whimpers and moans also enticed the onlookers.
They mumbled amongst themselves as they watched, and they took a few steps closer. Now they were only about two feet away from me and my horny wife. I lost it then, and just as I shot into her, the three men groaned and shot their come all over the dirty ground.
We were all snapped back to reality by a security guard yelling, “What the fuck is going on back there?”
The three guys left in a hurry, and by the time Jan had her panties back on, they were gone.
As the guard approached, she called out to him, “Thanks, I couldn’t have waited a second longer.”
“Yeah, right,” he said, obviously not buying her act.
Jan and I hurried by him and hailed ourselves a cab, my thick juices running down her inner thighs. R.S.
Brooklyn, New York


My wife, Jessie, is very shy at home, but on vacation she’s much different.We’re both 31 years old and well respected in our town, so we need to be discreet.
Last year we went to Greece for vacation. While at the hotel, we got talking to the bartender in the lounge. His name was Christos. He flirted with Jessie a lot and got more confident as the days went by. One time he offered to show us one of the less visited beaches in the area and we accepted. We arranged to meet him the next day, and he drove us down to the secluded beach.
We spread out our beach blanket on the golden sand and had a swim and a picnic. As we lounged in the sand, I noticed Jessie checking out Christos’s cock, its outline becoming obvious when his suit got wet.
After some time I decided to make myself scarce and see what would happen. I went off toward Christos’s jeep, seemingly leaving the two of them behind, though I quickly doubled back to catch the action.
Jessie had already untied her bikini, showing off her lovely 32 25 36 figure before leaning back and slightly parting her legs. Christos crouched down between them, sinking his tongue into her pussy to pleasure her orally. Jessie came quickly and Christos stood and stripped totally naked, revealing an impressive cock.
Sitting up slightly, Jessie’s eyes widened. She moved to him, opened her mouth wide and began stroking him. Christos obviously wanted to fuck her though, so he pushed her back, then positioned himself between her wide open thighs. He looked her in the eye as he slowly sank his solid cock into her poor little cunt, and Jessie gasped and squirmed. Then Christos began stroking in and out of her as their moans filled the air and echoed off the rocks.
Christos pushed Jessie’s legs further apart, his thrusts getting faster as Jessie came loudly. He soon came too, shooting a huge load into her pussy. She was in ecstasy, and as they got dressed, her legs could barely support her. Then they went swimming.
I walked back to join them just as they were coming out of the water, and we all sat on the blanket, no one mentioning a word about what happened. When Jessie and I got back to our room, we went at it like sex starved teens as we relived the afternoon’s erotic events. It was one of the hottest things that ever happened to us!
When Jessie and I talked about our trip to the beach with Christos, I agreed to let her have more fun like that whenever we’re on vacation, and it made our trip very exciting.
This year we’re going to Jamaica. I’ll tell you how we do.
C.J. Portland, Maine