Taken for a Ride

A couple years ago, I was on my way to Dallas to meet my girlfriend after spending three months at my mom’s house for the summer holidays. At the time my girlfriend was 19 years old and a real daddy’s girl. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She’s five foot seven and weighs 105 pounds. She has long blonde hair and a beautiful pair of small, perky breasts that I could suck on for days. At the time, she could do things with her small, shaved pussy that I never imagined a 19 year old even knew. Even now her pussy is so tight that every time I fuck her it feels like I’m taking her virginity all over again.

Anyway, I couldn’t wait for her to come pick me up at the bus depot. When she finally showed up, she was wearing a pair of white jeans that showed off her magnificent ass, and a thin pink sweater that hugged her tits and showed off her hard nipples. After a long, passionate kiss hello, we went to get my luggage from the bus and start going to her place.

Amy didn’t drive, so her uncle had driven her to the depot. When we got in the car with him, he said that while we were in Dallas, he needed to stop in and see his optometrist. So while he drove to the doctor’s office, my girlfriend and I sat in the back seat, exploring each other’s body as discreetly as we could.

Her uncle finally pulled into a lighted parking garage that seemed pretty busy. He backed his car into a spot right by the elevators and told us he’d be back in about an hour. “If you need anything, there’s a bathroom and a soda machine inside,” he told us as he got out of the car.

As soon as her uncle was gone, Amy and I were all over each other. One of my hands was under her sweater, playing with a hard nipple, while the other one was rubbing the wet spot between her legs. She was grinding her hips against my hand while moaning and looking at me with sex crazed eyes. I unbuttoned her jeans and tried to snake a hand into them, but they were too tight and I couldn’t gain access to her pussy no matter how hard I tried. It didn’t really matter, though, because before I knew what was happening, she tore her pants off and started rubbing her pussy through her soaking wet panties herself.

My eyes were glued to her beautiful pussy as she pulled her panties to the side and slid two fingers in. She closed her eyes as her hand moved faster and faster, her cunt making a loud slurping sound as she slammed her fingers in and out of her dripping wet hole. Her legs began to shake as her orgasm reached its peak, and then her fingers slowed as her climax subsided.

I grabbed her hand and sucked the come soaked fingers into my mouth, tasting the best pussy juice ever. Amy shuddered as another small orgasm raced through her, and more of her juices flowed from her.

“Did you enjoy the show, hon?” she asked. I grabbed her hand and placed it on my rock hard dick to answer her question.

A big smile spread across her face as she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my swollen eight inch member. She began slurping on my dick with intense vigor as I watched men and women walk back and forth from the elevators. I was on the brink of filling her mouth with come when I pulled her off my swollen dick.

I slid her panties off and sat her on my lap, rubbing the head of my shaft between her wet pussy lips and getting it slick and shiny with her juices. Then I put my hands under her ass and lifted her up onto my dick. The head easily slipped into her wet hole and she slid down quickly, taking my hard dick all the way in to the hilt. I was moaning and sucking her hard pink nipples as she rocked back and forth on my stiff cock. I could feel her juices running down my dick and balls, and it excited me more.

I was looking out over her shoulder when I saw two women and a man exiting the elevator and coming our way. When I told my girlfriend, she responded by turning to face the trio, never missing a beat of her fucking. She started to ride my dick hard and fast as she watched them advance. I can’t imagine what they must have been thinking when they saw my girlfriend bouncing up and down on my dick, in the back seat, her perky tits jiggling in plain sight.

My girlfriend seemed to get more aroused when she realized we were being watched. A stream of her juice ran down my dick as she once again reached orgasm. The excitement of being watched had made her climax that much harder.

I let her know I was going to come, too, and she slipped off my dick and started pumping it with both hands while still in my lap. As she pumped my cock from between her legs, come began to squirt all over her tits and stomach. I moaned as she continued to stroke my cock while little streams of come ran down its length and onto my balls. She started to rub the come onto her breasts and stomach as the strangers outside continued to watch her actions.

By the time we regained our composure, the trio was gone and we were rushing to get dressed. Amy slipped on her pants and sweater just as her uncle stepped out of the elevator. We’d finished just in time!

I always wondered if he smelled the sweat and the sex in his car when he returned, or if he could imagine what his sweet little niece had been doing with me while he was at the doctor’s. I guess we’ll never know.— L.T., Shreveport, Louisiana

Caught in the Act

It was early evening and I was sitting in the sand on a deserted part of the beach, stroking my cock. I’d been fantasizing all day about Anna, and I’d ducked out of the party to get some privacy and jerk off to calm my raging hard on. I sure didn’t want to run into her— she was supposed to come by later that night— with my dick making a tent in my shorts.

I was sitting in the sand, jerking off, when Anna approached quietly from behind. I hadn’t heard her coming over the sound of the waves and the distraction of my fantasy, but she certainly made herself known. “Naughty boy!” she said, giggling when she caught me with my dick out.

I jumped up in surprise. “What the fuck. . . ” I gasped, not sure who was sneaking up on me. Then I saw Anna.

For a solid minute, all I could do was sputter and stare, my eyes wide. I tried to apologize, but as I was mumbling my excuse for sitting on the beach with my dick in my hand, Anna asked, “Why are you wasting that on a poor imitation when you could be fucking the real thing?”

Huh? I wasn’t expecting her to say that. I didn’t even know what she was saying, to be honest. Was she suggesting that we . . .

Before I could finish that thought, she was on her knees in front of me. She took my dick in her soft hand and pumped it slowly while leaning in to give my exposed balls a warm tongue bath. Then she took me into her wet mouth and began sliding up and down the shaft with a steady rhythm. She moaned as she sucked, and it seemed like she was trying to savor the taste of my salty cock. While she continued to suck me, I moaned and ran my hand through her hair, taking a second to look up and down the beach to make sure no one was coming our way. I didn’t want to be caught in the act twice in one night.

After I was sure we were completely alone, I looked down and watched as Anna performed fellatio on me with great skill. When she deep throated me, I could feel her lips press against the hairy base of my cock. With my body pumped full of adrenaline, I was feeling hot and dizzy with excitement. I knew that I’d be fucking the shit out of Anna for most of the night, and I was definitely ready for it.

I gasped as she released my sloppy, wet cock and stroked it with her hand again, the night air on my wet dick giving me a chill. Then Anna focused her attention on my balls again, greedily licking, sucking and fondling them. I couldn’t take it anymore, though, and while she sucked me, I reached down and found the ties for her bikini bra. I pulled the strings until her top fell away from her, and then I reached down and cupped her breasts in my hands. As Anna continued to work on my cock, I started rubbing and squeezing her erect nipples, my desire to fuck her growing.

I gasped when I felt my come boiling over in my balls before starting up my long shaft to explode in Anna’s warm mouth. “I’m coming!” I said, and only a second later I was groaning as I came in her mouth. A funny little noise escaped her nostrils as she tried to suck up every ounce of my come, and I grunted as my cock twitched and jerked as I released my load. Anna swallowed every drop before finally releasing my dick from the warm vacuum of her mouth.

Anna wiped her mouth on the back of her hand, whisking away the dew drop of white cream that clung to the edge of her lip. “Are you going to fuck me now, or do I have to get myself off?” she asked when she stood up, her knees covered in pale sand.

I had no self control left, so I jumped up and pulled her down the beach, to an even more secluded spot. I kissed her on the lips and then moved down her body, stopping to suck on her hard pink nipples and then to kiss her soft belly. I tugged on her bikini bottoms and slid them down her legs so she could kick them off. Then she lay down in the sand and I got down on top of her. I continued to kiss and lick her body, and when I’d covered every flawless inch of skin, I turned her over and started again. I moved down her back and caressed her firm ass before kissing each one softly. Every inch of her skin was soft and smooth and flawless, and I made sure I tasted each and every part of her.

After I’d kissed all down her backside, Anna rolled over and spread her legs wide, inviting me to bury my face in her almost clean shaven pussy. I reached between her legs to touch her moist pink cunt lips with my fingers, and then I leaned in and touched her with my lips. I had barely kissed her pussy and already she was grabbing my head and pulling me tight against her so I won’t stop.

I hungrily munched away at her pussy, flicking my tongue on her clit and moving my fingers between her cunt lips. I licked up the thin strip of hair above her cunt, and blew on the trail of hair, making her shiver. I did it again and again, alternating between actually finger and tongue fucking her cunt and teasing her to keep her on edge. When she was sick of the teasing, she knotted her fingers in my hair and pushed my nose right into her pussy, forcing me to stop playing games and eat her till she came.

When I made her come, her body bucked wildly and her legs squeezed my head in a viselike grip, the orgasmic tremors rocking her body. When she calmed down, she lay on her back, panting, and I quickly mounted her. I held my cock at her cunt’s slippery entrance and slowly pushed inside her. Anna shifted as she felt my long, thick cock stretching her pussy, and I started to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. She reacted to my thrusts by matching my movements, and she leaned up to kiss me as I slowly pumped in and out of her cunt.

After we’d built up a bit of a rhythm, Anna pushed against me, rolling us over so that I was on my back and she was on top of me. This change of position forced my cock all the way inside her wet walls, and we both moaned as she sank down on my dick. Then Anna threw her head back and started riding my cock wildly. I bucked beneath her, like a stallion who needed to be broken, and begged her to fuck me.

“Oh yeah, Anna!” I cried. “Ride me! Fuck me hard!”

While she continued to bounce up and down on my dick, I reached to cup her tits in my hands. I played with her nipples and massaged her mammaries as she rode me for what seemed like an eternity. It had to be the longest and sweatiest fuck I’d ever had, and we were still going strong.

Eventually I wanted to take charge again, and I rolled Anna over onto her back once more. Now she was the one begging me to fuck her, and I happily obliged, plunging my dick into her with increasing force. After a few strokes, she spread her legs wider and pulled her knees up toward her chest, making her pussy seem wider and allowing me to drive deeper into her.

We kissed as I rammed deeply into her, my long, smooth strokes reaching Anna’s innermost depths. She wrapped her legs around me then, her heels digging into my thighs as she tried to get me to fuck her deeper, harder, faster. I, of course, complied.

She started gasping soon, and she wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pulling me closer. “Oh God,” she cried. “Fuck me harder and give me your seed!” I couldn’t say no, and I cut loose, throwing my head back and filling her cunt with a hot load of come.

My come rushed out of my cock and went straight into Anna’s welcoming womb, filling her up so much that I started to feel my come sloshing against my dick as I kept fucking her. Her pussy started clenching my dick as I spilled my seed into her, and I knew she was coming, too.

Our orgasms lasted at least 10 or 15 minutes, they were that strong, and then we sunk into the sand, and each other, completely exhausted by our animalistic coupling.

I must have dozed off on the beach, because when I came to an hour or so later, I was alone. Anna was nowhere in sight. I wondered if the whole thing had been a dream, but when I looked down, I was still naked and my cock was wet. It was real after all.— Name and address withheld

Roadside Erotica

A few years ago I went to a nude beach with my girlfriend and a bunch of our friends. We were swimming and drinking and smoking pot all day, and it was like a huge outdoor party. But, as always when you’re having fun, it had to end sometime, and eventually we all packed up to head back to the house we’d rented.

We all loaded up our cars and started driving back to the house. Just outside the park, the road curved to get onto the freeway. I was at the front of the line, and as I turned up the road, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw one of my friends spinning out of control. I immediately pulled over and waited for everyone else to do the same. When my friend managed to get his car to the side of the road, we all climbed out of our own cars to see what the problem was, and it turned out he had a flat tire. Unfortunately, he had no spare, so my girl and I took him and one of the other guys to find a garage and pick up a tire he could use until he got home and could get the car to a repair shop.

When we got back, I parked behind him and left my safety flashers on while a couple of other guys replaced the blown tire.

My girl and I were still feeling a little buzz from the day’s activities, and we started talking about the nude beach and all the crazy things we’d seen and done while there.

Chloe was saying something, and all of a sudden she asked me, “How would you like me to suck you off while those guys are working on the car up there?”

It took me only a second to decide, and I said sure, but that we had to be careful so no one would catch us. I didn’t really want my friends to see my girl and I in the act, not even after going to the nude beach with them.

I had a big old SUV with a bench seat in the front, so Chloe just reached over from her seat and pulled my cock out of my swim trunks. Then she lowered her head to my lap and sucked my cock all the way into her mouth in one big gulp. She has no trouble deep throating me because my cock is long and thin, which she likes. Anyway, I was sitting back and enjoying the attention I was getting while cars were zooming by right next to us. Big trucks and all were going by without a clue as to what was going on in the SUV on the side of the road.

I was watching the guys work on the wheel, which seemed to be taking a long time, and Chloe’s head was bobbing up and down on my hard shaft. She had both hands wrapped around me and was running her mouth up and down my cock while twisting her hands around it, the wetness from her mouth making her hands slide effortlessly along my dick. Eventually Chloe stopped what she was doing to ask me what was going on with the guys fixing the other car. I focused my attention on the action outside the SUV and saw that they’d all moved further off the road and were passing around a joint. As soon as I told Chloe, though, they all started walking back to the other car to finish fixing the flat tire.

Chloe started sucking on me even harder then, and when I looked down at her, I realized that she’d taken off her bikini and shorts, and she was now naked. Her ass was sticking out against the window, so anyone coming onto the freeway would be able to get a glimpse of her bare butt, though the car was at just the right angle that the guys in front of us wouldn’t be able to see anything.

She started licking my nut sack and cock, getting it wet with her saliva. The next thing I knew, she stopped sucking, straddled me and stuck my hard pole all the way into that sweet pussy of hers. God, it was blowing my mind! She had one arm across the back of the seat and she was riding me as fast as she could, like it was the last thing she would ever do.

I put my hand between our bodies and started fingering her clit. I love to make my girlfriend come first, and I didn’t want that to change because of our location. She’d taken me so deep and was riding me so hard, though, that I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer unless things changed.

I quickly had Chloe get back on the passenger’s side, and then I laid down on the bench seat and had her put her hot, juicy snatch right on my tongue. I love running my tongue softly up and down her pussy lips before sucking her clit into my mouth and licking her sensitive little button. She knew that I was going to do all that right there on the side of the road, and she spread her legs and let herself go. I got busy and started sucking and licking her clit right away. Between that and my fingers pumping inside her, it wasn’t very long before she came, moaning so loudly I thought we’d get caught.

As soon as she came, she climbed off me and gave me a second to sit up again before she hopped right back on my cock. She started to fuck me hard and deep, grinding her pussy against me. It wasn’t long after that when I lost control and soaked her pussy with a blast of my come.

We stayed like that for a few minutes more, laughing at the fact that we’d just fucked with our friends only a few feet away, yet no one had any idea what we’d done. Finally she pulled her bikini and shorts back on and I pulled up my shorts. Then I got out of the car and walked over to the other guys to see what was taking so long. Not a single one of them seemed to know a thing about what had just happened a few yards away!— J.D., Taunton, Massachusetts

Someone’s Watching

My wife Lydia likes to watch people have sex. She’s known this since she was younger, when she first started looking at porn magazines and watching porn videos. One time while she was in college she walked in on her roommate and her boyfriend having sex, and she hid in the hall and watched the whole thing happen. She confessed to me after we were married that had been the biggest turn on she’d ever experienced.

Eventually, just so we could try to satisfy this desire of hers, we worked out a plan to make it possible for her to watch me having sex with some other women. What I found I liked best about this plan of ours, though, wasn’t the part where I got to have sex with other women, even though I obviously liked that. No, what I liked best was being watched. Being watched, I found out, really turned me on. Exhibitionism got me so excited that I just couldn’t stand it.

Ultimately, because of my wife’s and my mutual excitement after these little hide and seek excursions, we always end up having more sex than we would have had if we hadn’t gone through with them in the first place.

Last weekend was the perfect example of our plan. We went out, separately, to a local restaurant that has an attached bar. After we arrived, my wife walked over to the bar, took a seat that gave her a clear view of the place and ordered a drink. I didn’t follow her, instead stopping at the front of the restaurant to look over the room and see if there might be someone I’d be able to pick up. And not long after I stopped, I saw her.

My wife and I had been to the restaurant before, so I recognized the woman from one of those visits. I’d wanted to hook up with her then, but I’d never had the chance. I decided as I stood there, though, that this was going to be the night that I would get together with her.

Her name was Reagan and she was the bar waitress, so I took one of the open tables in her area and waited for her to come to me. While I sat there waiting, I checked her out. She was hot! She had long black hair that was pulled back with a black Scrunchie. She was about average height, and she had a tight body. She dressed to show off her shape, too, wearing tight jeans and a T shirt that was tucked in and stretched tight so that it showed off her big titties. Her face was cute and friendly, like her smile, but her manner was more flirtatious.

I found this out when she walked up to me, stood close and asked, “What? Are you by yourself tonight?” After I answered yes, she sat down in the booth next to me, nudged me over a bit with her hip and asked, “Then can I join you?” I knew that the night was off to a good start.

The hottest part wasn’t just that Reagan was flirting and touching me. That turned me on, for sure, but what really got me going was that my wife was sitting only a few feet away watching all of this. I mean, just thinking about Lydia watching Reagan sit down next to me and touch me on the arm while I joked with her really turned me on. It was like I was in a porn movie of my own making. Just the thought of how turned on Lydia was getting by watching us gave me the biggest hard on. I know Reagan felt how excited I was, because she put her hand under the table once and rubbed up my thigh all the way to my stiff cock. She even rubbed her hand back and forth over it and made it even stiffer. And the only thing I could think about right then was that I hoped Lydia had a clear view of everything going on.

After a few drinks, a few jokes and a few more under the table rubs, it was almost time for the restaurant to close, so when I got the chance, I looked up to check in with Lydia. She was still watching everything that was happening, and when I gave her a look, silently asking her whether it was okay to bring Reagan home, she smiled and nodded yes, letting me know that she was more than okay with it. I smiled back and then Lydia stood up and left the bar, heading home.

When the moment presented itself, I invited Reagan to come home with me. As I suspected, especially considering how she’d been rubbing on my leg, she accepted. So after she finished her shift, we met outside at my car and I drove back to the house.

During the ride, Reagan was all over me. I mean, I had to drive, but she did just about anything she could to excite me. She leaned in close to me, kept her hand on my leg. Once, she leaned over and kissed me on the neck and at the same time grabbed my stiff cock and rubbed it. I thought she was going to take my cock out right there and start sucking it. But she didn’t she waited. The whole time that this was happening, I was secretly wishing that Lydia was in the back seat watching us, getting more and more turned on by everything going on.

After we got to the house, Reagan couldn’t keep her hands off me. She reached over and kissed me hard on the mouth before we even got out of the car. And then, after we actually got out of the car, she walked over to me and kissed me again and tried to undress me. And if I hadn’t been thinking about how turned on I would get once we got to the bedroom, where I knew Lydia was hidden, waiting for us, then I would’ve taken off all my clothes, bent Reagan over the car and fucked her right there. Instead, knowing my wife was waiting for us, I turned and led Reagan into the house.

As soon as we walked into the bedroom, Reagan dropped to her knees and started going down on me. It was like she couldn’t wait to get my cock in her mouth. So I moved to a part of the room where I knew Lydia would be able to see us from her hiding place in the closet, and then I let Reagan take my cock out. And oh, how soft her lips felt wrapped around it. She took me into her mouth and I could feel her lipstick sliding over my shaft as her lips descended all the way down to the base. And I was immediately impressed by this, because I’m pretty big. Even Lydia has a hard time taking me all the way into her mouth, but not Reagan. She shoved my cock into her mouth and slid back and forth on it. The moment I felt my dick touch the back of her throat, I wanted to shoot a load of come. But I resisted the urge, because I wanted this to last a bit so I could get even more excited— and so Lydia could get excited, too.

I took off all my clothes, and Reagan did the same, finally giving me a look at her naked body. She was even hotter out of her clothes than she was in them. She had the biggest, fullest tits you could imagine, and the roundest ass I’d ever seen. The hair between her legs was trimmed into a small patch. After looking at her for a moment, I immediately laid her down on the bed and went down on her.

I spread Reagan’s legs so I could get a good view— and so Lydia could see from where she was hidden— and then I took her clit in my mouth and began to suck it and lick it. I spread her open and slipped two fingers into her while I licked her. She began to moan and she started squirming, too, lifting her hips toward my face, rubbing her pussy against my mouth. She was getting more and more excited, and so was I. And just seeing Reagan get excited, and knowing my wife was watching us and probably playing with herself, it made me want to shoot my load. And I hadn’t even fucked yet!

I got up on my knees, pulled Reagan close to me and slowly shoved my cock into her. And, oh man, was she wet. My cock slid right in. Her pussy felt so soft and so good. Reagan obviously thought it felt good, too, because right then she said, “Fuck me! I want you to fuck me!”

I shoved hard into her and used my hand to play with her clit at the same time. Pretty soon, she couldn’t take any more. With her legs spread wide and my cock slipping in and out of her, she grabbed onto the bedspread and yelled, “I’m coming!”

Just as Reagan’s body tightened up, I thought again about how Lydia was watching all of this from the closet. I thought of her eyes transfixed on our every move and wondered what she was doing to herself in there. I imagined her fingers down between her legs, rubbing hard at her clit.

And then I came, too. I couldn’t hold back any longer, I was that excited. I felt that familiar, tell tale tingle in my cock, and then it spread all over my legs and back. My balls tensed and I shot my load of come deep inside Reagan and kept pumping until we were both finished. Afterward, I pulled out and lay down beside her.

If Lydia hadn’t been waiting for me in the closet, I probably would have invited Reagan to spend the night with me and had sex with her again. Instead, I made up an excuse about having to get up early for work. Reagan didn’t seem too put out by this, so after we got dressed, I drove her back to the restaurant to get her car.

But the whole time we were in the car, all I could think about was Lydia, turned on and waiting for me at home. And again I wished my wife were in the car, watching me get Reagan’s phone number and kiss her good night. For if she had been, Lydia and I could have started fooling around as soon as the other girl drove off. But she wasn’t there, so I had to wait until I got home to see my wife.

Once I got home, I found just what I expected: a horny wife with a dripping wet pussy. Lydia and I had sex twice that night. And both times, I fantasized that there was a roomful of other people, strangers and folks we knew, standing around our bed watching us, staring at us, unable to look away. . . .

Name and address withheld

Video Sex Part Two: Sher’s Letter

After we made the famous videotape that Jeff promised no one else would ever see, we watched it several times, before and during our lovemaking. Jeff couldn’t get enough of it, and I must admit, it was terribly exciting for me as well. I often thought how stunned my colleagues at the office would be if they could see that tape.

At work I’m regarded as a very cool “no nonsense” lady, yet burning deep within me is the desire to break out and do something really shocking, something deliciously decadent. I’ve heard country songs tell about women like me, who occasionally feel the need to escape from a world of gray and navy suits, chart presentations and corporate policies to a place where the only thing that matters is how good you can fuck.

One evening, as we were again watching our tape and making love, Jeff said it was almost a sin to keep such an incredibly erotic performance to ourselves. I asked him what he meant, and he said he wished he could share the tape with some of his friends.

“Do you have any idea how hot Jimmy would get watching this?” he asked. Jimmy went to high school with us, where he played quarterback on the football team and was the star jock of our class. After high school, he went on to play a little college ball, banged up his knee and ended up tending bar in his father’s pub, eventually taking over the place. I’ve always had a fantasy about going to bed with Jimmy, and the thought of him seeing my videotape really excited me.

“Would you really want him to see it?” I asked. Jeff said he’d love to show Mr. Superjock what he’s missing out on, adding how proud he would be when Jimmy saw how sexy I really was.

Maybe it was because we were fucking and I was very hot, or maybe it was just because I liked the idea of showing Jimmy what he’d missed out on as much as Jeff did, but in any event, I found myself telling Jeff to go ahead and show the tape to Jimmy.

“I’d like to see his face when he sees it, too,” I added.

After that, Jeff could talk of nothing else. Jeff is a sales rep with flexible hours, so it was easy to arrange for Jimmy to come over the next day late in the afternoon. I was tremendously excited and made secret plans to come home from work early while the two of them were watching my tape.

The next day at the office I pretended to feel ill all morning, which wasn’t all that hard. I was so excited my face was constantly flushed and a few of my coworkers even asked if I was okay. Finally, around 3:30, I left the office. At home, I pulled silently into the driveway, then sneaked into the house. Taking my shoes off, I tiptoed down the hallway toward the den, carefully peeking around the corner and into the room. The two of them were staring at the TV monitor, watching me suck off my husband.

“Holy fucking shit!” I heard Jimmy exclaim, obviously stunned by my performance. I saw a huge bulge in his jeans that filled me with an immense feeling of pride. The excitement was intense, and I reached beneath my skirt and began masturbating, pleased with the obvious frustration my tape was causing Jimmy. He shifted several times on the sofa, finally reaching down to adjust his hard cock in his pants.

When the tape ended, Jimmy asked if he could see it again. Jeff agreed and got up to rewind the tape, saying, “Didn’t I tell you she’s a hot lady?” Jimmy agreed, saying he’d love to have seen my performance in person. To my delight, Jeff said, “Who knows, maybe that can be arranged. I’ve dreamed about seeing Sher with another guy. That would really turn me on.”

Hearing my husband’s admission made my pussy so wet, I soon felt my juices trickling down the insides of my thighs. Then, as Jeff started playing the tape again, he asked Jimmy if he wanted to masturbate while he watched. Jimmy said that sounded good, and they both took their cocks out. I was so hot I came as soon as I saw Jimmy’s cock it was all I could do to keep from screaming out my pleasure.

By the time the tape had progressed to the point where I was in my underwear, Jimmy’s cock had grown to what had to be its full length. Suddenly I knew I had to have that cock inside me. I simply had to fuck Jimmy. I took off everything but my stockings and garter belt, then brazenly walked into the room. Jeff and Jimmy couldn’t believe their eyes. I walked right over to Jimmy, knelt down in front of him and started sucking his cock.

“Oh, yeah, baby, do it, suck him, oh, baby, I love it,” I heard Jeff say from behind me as he left the room. At that point all I wanted was to suck Jimmy’s cock. I hadn’t even thought about my husband, and hearing Jeff give me his approval made it all the more better.

Jimmy moaned and ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked him, my naked breasts pressed against his thighs. His cock was pulsating, and I wondered if he would come in my mouth.

“Oh, yeah, that’s perfect,” I heard Jeff say. “Sher, look this way but don’t stop sucking him.” With Jimmy’s cock still in my mouth, I turned my head to look at my husband aiming the camcorder.

He was taping us! He had gone after the camcorder and now he was recording us, capturing, for our viewing enjoyment, his wife sucking off one of his friends. I loved it! I reached down to rub my pussy while Jimmy pumped his cock into my mouth. I knew he might come soon if I continued sucking him, so I took my mouth off him and quickly got to my feet.

“Oh, baby, no, don’t stop, you got me all wound up!” Jimmy said.

“I have no intention of leaving you, or me, without coming,” I said. Then, turning to my photographer husband, I said, “Capture this on your videotape, darling.”

I turned back to Jimmy, spread my legs and straddled him on the sofa, my knees squeezed against his thighs. When I had him positioned the way I wanted, with the tip of his cock touching my pussy, I pulled my cunt lips apart and lowered myself onto him.

“Oh, my God!” I screamed, so loudly I wondered later if anyone outside might have heard me. At the time, I really didn’t care. All I cared about was getting fucked by this huge, hard cock. I bounced up and down on Jimmy, grinding my pussy down onto his cock, fucking him as fast as I could.

In a matter of seconds we were coming. I felt his cock expand inside me, and I pressed down on him as hard as I could, driving him deep inside me. Then I felt him coming. My own orgasm shook me with tremors of pleasure.

Later, after Jimmy had left, Jeff and I watched the tape. I was a bit embarrassed, but incredibly excited. I asked Jeff if he minded what I’d done. He said he has dreamed of me fucking another man or woman for a long time, and asked if I would do it with a woman. I’d try anything once. A threesome with Jeff and another woman sounded great.

All this erotic behavior from a simple decision to buy a camcorder. I guess what they say is true wonders really do never cease.

Sher R., Florida