When I was a freshman in college, I’d just turned 19 and I’d taken a job helping an older man who lived near campus. Phil was 64 and full of life, but his eyesight was faltering, so he needed someone around who could help keep the house clean and run errands.

One day I went by Phil’s bathroom and saw the door was open, but as I got closer, I realized Phil was in there. He’d just finished taking a piss, and as he turned around to zip up his pants, I saw his prick in his hand. It was very large, especially for a man his age, and I was impressed. Really, it was only the third dick I’d ever seen, and the first two had belonged to ex boyfriends.

I didn’t want to embarrass him, but I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock. I walked into the bathroom and he was still, waiting to see what I would do next. I moved to walk past him, further into the bathroom, and as I did, I accidentally brushed up against his cock. I watched in amazement as he got hard instantly, and his cock grew even bigger. In spite of my good intentions, I felt a wicked tingle between my legs.

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Beer, Burgers & Banging

I was exhausted by the time I checked into my hotel in downtown Nashville. I was there to meet with the board of a potential new customer of the manufacturing business my husband and I own and operate together. I’d left home that morning dressed like the businesswoman I like to present myself as, but I looked like hell due to problems at the plant that had required me to change into jeans and an old cotton blouse so I could help in the workshop. I didn’t really mind all the looks I got, though. All I was concerned with was getting something to eat and crashing in my bed.

I decided to get a beer and a burger in the bar off the lobby before going up to my room. I drew a lot of attention when I entered, since everyone else was wearing suits and dresses, but I just ignored their stares and took a stool near the end of the bar. I ordered a cold one and my food and paid little attention to the gentleman who took the stool beside me. My only thought was the presentation I had to make the next morning at 10.

Our burgers arrived at the same time, and we started to chat. I accepted his offer of another beer after we finished eating, and stuck around a little longer. He was the hottest man I’d ever met, and his name was Jimmy. I told him my name and that I was 25. He said he was 10 years older. Nothing was said about the subject of sex, but there was something very arousing about him, and I quickly began to get some crazy ideas.

When he ordered a second round, I excused myself and went to the ladies’ room. I discovered that my white cotton panties were soaked, and my pussy was slicked up like I’d just received an hour’s worth of good head. When I returned to the bar Jimmy and I talked about our spouses and our kids, but there was definitely an underlying air of attraction I knew something was going to happen, even if we didn’t say so out loud. When I finished my second beer, I looked directly into his eyes and then stood up to leave. I didn’t have to look back to know that he was right behind me.

We entered the elevator with another couple and I pushed the button to go to the seventh floor. When we reached our destination, I stepped off first with Jimmy following right after me, and moments later we were alone in my room. I walked to the far side of the bed and turned it down before we once again made eye contact. I unbuttoned my blouse and let it drop to the floor at the same time my new friend’s shirt and tie were landing on the chair in the corner. He broke eye contact as my right hand released the front clasp of my bra, revealing my 34Cs. His eyes dropped even further as I opened the fly of my jeans. I watched him fumble to undo his own pants, distracted as he was. It was funny in a very sexy way.

I kicked off my sneakers and pushed my jeans to my knees, wiggling my legs out of them until I was left only in my panties. Not very far from me, Jimmy was down to his underwear, too. My panties had slipped low enough to reveal a good portion of my bright blonde bush, and I watched wide eyed as his cock grew in his shorts at the sight. If he hadn’t been hard already, that certainly did the trick. I gasped as the large purple head of his cock poked above the waistband of his shorts. It was time to take off our last remaining garments, and we watched each other intently as we finally stripped off our last bits of clothing.

He was the first to get into bed, stretching out on his back, his cock so hard it stood out from his body. The sight of that hard thick cock dripping with pre come was one of the most erotic things I’d ever laid eyes on. I felt like a bitch in heat as I knelt beside him and took hold of that throbbing hunk of meat with my right hand as I moved to straddle his torso.

I guided him between my slippery lips to the mouth of my cunt, then slowly lowered my body, embedding his cock in the furthest reaches of my snatch. We gazed intently into one another’s eyes as I began to fuck him, pumping up and down on his gleaming nine inch pleasure pole. I felt an orgasm approaching quickly as my cunt stretched to receive the cock of a man I had yet to kiss. It hit suddenly, like a wall of water washing over us both, and my pussy spasmed tightly around his spurting cock. My pussy’s orgasmic contractions forced his semen to overflow from my cunt, but I continued to rock gently on his cock until it started to soften.

For the first time since entering the room, Jimmy spoke. “Is that what you had in mind when we came up here?” he asked.

“That was definitely a great start,” I told him, “but I’m like a bitch in heat. I want your cock in me all night.”

He was like a kid in a candy store after that, and he fucked me repeatedly, pumping three more massive loads of his semen into my welcoming pussy before we cuddled together to get some rest.

As we cuddled and talked he told me he’d never been with anyone but his wife. He said they’d been together for 17 years and had gotten married when they were 19 because she got pregnant. Those words sent a chill up my spine. My husband and I were trying to have a child, so I was off the Pill and had been relying on condoms or a diaphragm whenever my uncontrollable urge to cheat struck. I’d done well for the past six months, always protecting myself when I took on a lover, but in the heat of the moment I’d completely forgotten about protection, and Jimmy and I hadn’t used a single condom. My cunt was now filled with his sperm. Shit!

I forgot all about that, though, when Jimmy got hard again and rolled me over to take me doggie style. What a fantastic fuck that was! He put it to me for nearly 20 minutes before flipping me over into the missionary position and making me come. Wow!

After that we went to sleep, but we woke up several times throughout the night, totally horny and needing to fuck. It was crazy how much we fucked that night— and we didn’t even know each other’s last name!

I returned home the following morning with Jimmy’s semen still dripping out of me and soaking my panty crotch. I showered, douched and washed my wet panties while I debated whether I should tell my husband about my latest indiscretion.

When my husband came home, we had dinner, watched a little TV and then went to bed. Rick’s right hand went straight to my pussy when we got into bed, and I knew he was in the mood. I don’t like a lot of foreplay, so I soon urged him to mount me. His cock slid into me easily, but my pussy still seemed to grip him tightly, and I marveled at how my pussy could get stretched so much one night and then tighten up by the next day. At least that would let me keep my fling with Jimmy a secret until I found out if I was pregnant or not!

Rick fucked me hard, and it only took him a few minutes before he was painting my inner walls with his “baby batter,” as we jokingly called it. Afterward, Rick went to sleep, but I went to the bathroom and tried to decide what to do if I found out I was pregnant.

Lucky for me I got my period a week later. It wasn’t until the following month that I finally got pregnant— and I knew it was my husband who’d hit the bull’s eye and knocked me up, because I hadn’t strayed since Jimmy. Now that I’m pregnant, though, I can have all the new cock I want, since there’s no risk of me getting pregnant a second time. And I can’t wait to find my next lover!— P.W., Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Spanish Flirtation

My 41 year old wife Sam and I went on vacation to Spain this past summer. One day while shopping we were approached by a man who asked if we were Americans. Almost reluctantly, we said we were. (You can’t be too safe overseas nowadays, and there are a lot of people who don’t like Americans.) He said he loved Americans, and I noticed that he was checking out my wife as he said this. Sam was wearing a tight T shirt and cutoff jean shorts, and she flushed when she noticed his appreciative glance.

We hadn’t been talking to the guy for no more than a minute or two when I noticed my wife freeze and then saw that he was boldly stroking her shapely bottom through her shorts. He even had the nerve to try to push his fingers between her legs!

Not wanting to cause a scene, I told the guy we had an appointment to get to, and then my wife and I hurried back to our hotel. As soon as we were in our room, we discussed what had happened, and I was surprised to find out that my wife was as turned on by the event as I was. We were so aroused by the scene, in fact, that we had a really great fuck session right in the middle of our discussion.

The man had told us that he worked at a small shop down the street from where we had run into him, and we decided to go over to his shop the next day and see what would happen. Sam decided to dress up for him. She wore a bikini top and a white miniskirt that showed off her lovely tanned legs. She didn’t wear any panties.

When we got to the shop, the man recognized us immediately and started walking over to greet us. Sam mumbled, “Here we go,” then turned her back to him, parted her legs, and bent down as if looking for something she’d dropped on the floor. Her skirt rode up over her round ass, giving him a brief view of her wide open pussy. She stood up as he reached us, but as he spoke to us in broken English, he again put his hand on Sam’s butt. This time, though, he took it step further, working his hand under my wife’s short skirt and stroking her bare ass.

Sam opened her legs slowly, and the man boldly fingered her as I stood watching, acting as if nothing unusual was happening. Sam had a quick climax, and as soon as she finished shuddering in release, the man removed his fingers from her pussy and licked the juices from them. Just then some customers walked in, so he had to get back to work, but he invited us to come back after the shop closed for the day. We said we’d return that evening.

Once again, Sam dressed in a sexy outfit. She wore a white see through blouse with no bra, and a short black skirt, again without any panties. When we got to the store, the man was very pleased to see us, and he sent us into the back of the store to wait for him while he locked up.

My wife was in no mood to play hard to get, and while the man locked up, she stripped out of her top and skirt. Then, wearing only her heels, she bent over the sofa that was in his back room, spread her legs, arched her back so her ass stuck out, looked over her shoulder and waited. When he came back and saw this awesome sight, the man began to ramble excitedly in Spanish. He then walked over and started stroking my wife’s ass, thighs and legs.

Sam moaned loudly, encouraging him, and he started stroking her pussy, smiling broadly. He wasn’t going to stop at just fingering her cunt this time, though, and after I nodded my head in approval, he undressed. He knelt on the floor behind my wife and started to lick her pussy and asshole, and he did such a good job that it actually made her climax.

A moment later the man stood up and started rubbing his hard cock all over my wife’s juicy pussy before pushing it inside her. He held her hips as he started to fuck her, going slowly at first and then speeding up. He alternated speed for a while, going faster, then slower, then faster again, and it made Sam climax several times. Then, when he was ready, he slammed his cock all the way into her and emptied his seed into her womb.

I took his place as soon as he pulled out, and then I fucked my wife hard. I’d never fucked her after someone else had, and it was such a turn on to know she’d just been fucked that I was soon adding my own seed to her already sloppy cunt. We each fucked Sam once more before she and I left, my wife’s pussy full of spunk.

We went back to that shop every night for the remainder of our vacation. It was a truly memorable trip, and Sam came home with some really gorgeous souvenirs courtesy of one very grateful shop owner.— F.A., Elizabeth, New Jersey

Riding in Cars with Boys

I’d never met her before, but that was part of the thrill. She’d posted a two line ad on an online personals site, and I’ll never forget what it said: “I’ll meet you in an empty parking lot, you with your cock out, condom on, and me in a skirt. I’ll climb on top of you and ride you until you explode, then stand up, straighten my skirt, and leave without saying a word.”

I’ll never know why a 20 something beauty queen like the one walking to my door would post an ad like that, but I was thrilled. The small airport didn’t do night flights very often, and the full moon out that evening gave off just enough light so I could see her as she approached. I was in the backseat of my car, shorts undone and a condom in place as requested. I’d put a small blanket on my lap just in case, but as she got to the door, I pushed it aside. My pulse was speeding, and she was getting more and more beautiful as I was able to see more of her.

She paused when she reached the car, her hand resting on the door handle. She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear with a single finger.

I’d replied to her saying that I’d enjoy helping her live out this fantasy, and seeing her hesitate, I wondered if I was the first guy she’d met since posting it.

I heard the door open and felt the warm night air as she released the tension of that long moment. The smell of her perfume filled my nostrils as she ducked and climbed into the backseat, then turned to close the door. She was here now, her knees on the seat, skirt brushing my legs, dark eyes searching mine. I reached out and brushed my fingers along her cheeks, feeling the warmth of her. Her breath was hot on my face, and I could tell she was enjoying the moment as much as I was.

My hand moved under her hair to the back of her neck, and I pulled her lips to mine. Our first kiss was soft and almost tender, but as our bodies moved together, she took my cock in her hand and our kisses became more heated. Our tongues touched tentatively, and our breaths came in gasps.

Her hand gently squeezed my cock, helping it grow to its full length— not that it needed too much help with a gorgeous lady kissing me. She moved closer to me and rubbed the material of her skirt against my dick, the thin fabric and the latex of the condom the only things that separated us.

I pulled our lips apart and started to kiss my way to her ear, then nibbled on her earlobe. She started panting now, and I sucked harder on her earlobe as my hand reached for her skirt. I pulled the hem up and put my hand underneath, feeling the heat coming off her sex. I touched her thigh first, rubbing it teasingly, and she grabbed my shirt, pulling me closer until our foreheads were resting against each other and we were staring into each other’s eyes.

But I wanted to tease her even more, so I planted my hand on her thigh and slid it as slowly as I possibly could up to her pussy. She was hot and wet to the touch, and I traced my fingertip around her pussy lips several times before moving up to rub her clit a bit. Then I dove in, thrusting my finger into her ready and grateful sex.

She responded by kissing me again, pushing her tongue into my mouth and fisting her hands in my shirt to pull me closer. She started humping my finger, moving up and down along the small digit until she couldn’t take it anymore. She broke our kiss and took my cock in her hand once again. She squeezed it, making sure it was still hard enough to drive nails, and then she moved up off of my finger and positioned my dick to take its place. She rubbed the head against her wetness once, twice, three times, and then I took over, pointing my hard torpedo right at the entrance to her slit.

I kissed her for all I was worth as I slid in to the root of my dick on the first push. We both stilled, my weapon deep inside her, and kissed each other passionately, enjoying the sensations we were experiencing. That moment could have gone on forever as far as I was concerned, but this girl had other ideas. She started to raise herself up slowly until only the head of my cock was still inside her. Then she plunged back down hard, taking me all the way inside again. I held her like that for another second before giving in and humping her back.

We fell into a rhythm like we’d been fucking for years. She was so tight, so warm. Fucking her was more enjoyable than it had been with any of the other women I’d experienced. It was like her twat was tailor made for my dick!

The condom helped me last longer than I would have without it, but far too soon I started to get that “party’s almost over” feeling in my balls. Not wanting to let this beauty go just yet, I slowed down. She smiled knowingly at me, making it obvious that she knew what I was up to.

It dawned on me then that, although I was able to feel almost all of this girl, I hadn’t actually seen her gorgeous body yet. So as we continued to fuck each other slowly, I kissed her hard, then started to move my lips down her body. I moved my mouth to the open neckline of her deliciously thin blouse. Her first button was undone, and she made no move to stop me as I opened the second, tasting the first beads of sweat on her tanned skin. I kissed down until I encountered another button, this one right between her breasts. I undid it slowly, deliberately, and continued to kiss her flesh until I reached the next button, and then the next. I wasn’t able to bend over any further, and I let my fingers do the work alone.

I pushed the shirt open and buried my face between her exposed breasts just as my dick was buried deep inside her pussy. I kissed my way over to her left nipple and took it in my mouth. I sucked gently at first, then pulled on it, then went back to only softly brushing it with my lips. She started to hump me faster again as I made love to her tits. When I leaned back to blow on her wet nipple, she let out a gasp and visibly shuddered.

She clamped her mouth onto my shoulder, giving me the biggest hickey of my life. Then her body started to shake, and she bit down lightly as her orgasm consumed her. Between the biting and the convulsions of her pussy, I was on my way, and waves of pleasure washed over me until I shot, filling my latex sheath with the good stuff.

She kissed me as she buttoned her blouse up and fixed her hair. Then, true to her word, she got up and exited the car. She stopped twice to look back at me as I got dressed. I thought that she might come back or say something, but she just smiled and climbed into her own car before driving off.

I thought that would be the last I’d see of her, but I just got an e mail telling me to meet her in a different parking lot just after dusk tonight. I can’t wait to see what happens!— Name and address withheld

Dine and Dash— To Bed!

I really don’t know why people have hang ups about women dining alone in restaurants. I was alone not long ago on a business trip, and I went to dinner at one of the better restaurants in the city. When I walked inside after a quick call to my husband, the maitre d’ asked if I was joining someone or waiting for someone. I told him I was alone, and he looked surprised. After he led me to a table along the back wall, the waiter came by and asked if I wanted a drink while I waited for my date. Indignant, I told him I was alone and wanted a bottle of Champagne. Then the busboy came over and started to fill the second water glass on the table. That was the last straw. I totally snapped at him. Jesus Christ, can’t a woman eat alone in this town?” I cried. “What’s the problem here?”

I guess I was a little loud, because I drew some stares from the diners at the nearby tables. Undaunted, I crossed my legs, which hiked up my short black skirt just enough to show off my stocking covered legs all the way to my lace wrapped thighs. Then I pushed the chair back to improve the view for all of the gawking husbands who couldn’t take their eyes off me.

I drank my first glass of Champagne and then had another. That’s when I noticed three seated men at a table not far away. They were also enjoying what I had put on display. I crossed and uncrossed my legs a few more times, which drew looks from every male in the place. My sheer nylon blouse was unbuttoned just enough to show off my ample breasts, and I’m sure the men appreciated that as much as the rest of what I was exhibiting.

The three gentlemen who were sitting nearby me seemed very amused by my antics, and one of them really caught my eye. He was quite handsome, although he was probably close to 50. I’m 43 myself— which I consider the prime age for great sex— but I look younger. At one point, emboldened by my actions, I smiled in his direction and ran the tip of my tongue seductively across my lips. I even went so far as to uncross and actually spread my legs slightly to show him my black lace panties. Then I raised my glass in a toast and winked. Finally, he could take no more and came over to me, introducing himself as Ben. I invited him to sit and I found out he was also married and in town on business. He was 51.

In less than 15 minutes, the two of us were in my hotel room and I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth, giving him some great head. I sucked his dick for a while, but he stopped me before he could come. He said I was great at blowjobs, but he wasn’t interested in coming in my mouth. Then he helped me stand up, grabbed me by the hips and turned me around, bending me over. He pushed my skirt to my waist and tugged my panties down past my knees to my ankles. While I gripped the nightstand, he plunged his cock deep inside me in one long thrust, making me cry out.

I felt his balls banging against me as he plunged in and out, having his way with me. My bald pussy had adjusted to his size as he fucked me harder and deeper with each thrust, and he fucked me nonstop until I came. As I shook in climax, he pulled me to a chair and sat me on his lap for more hard fucking. But as I raised and lowered my pussy on his shaft, he decided he wanted something tighter. So, using my juices as lube, he readjusted our position and slipped his cock into my ass. He slipped in easily, and I moaned as he started to lift me up and down on his cock.

When his breathing got more erratic, I knew he was about to come, and a few strokes later I felt his hot sperm shooting into my twitching ass. When we were done, I pulled off him with a loud plop and limped to the bed to lay down. I quickly fell asleep, and when I finally woke up a little while later, Ben was gone. All I had to remember what had happened was a swollen cunt and a slightly sore asshole.

I finished my business and returned home the next day, but I’ll never forget the great ending to an evening that had started out looking really crappy, in my opinion.— Y.B., Vancouver, Washington