My Gypsy Rose

Her name was Jasmine. She was the daughter of modern day gypsies. Her eyes were as green as emeralds and her thick, dark hair flowed down past the cheeks of the most succulent ass I had ever laid eyes on. She was nearly six feet tall, and her long, luxurious legs seemed to go on forever. Never in my life had I ever laid eyes on a more beautiful woman. Her large breasts sat high on her chest, and her nipples were swollen and carved out lusciously. I wanted her the moment I laid eyes on her. She was with her boyfriend, however, and they were in my pawnshop buying hundreds of dollars worth of gold rings, bracelets and necklaces. I’ve seen this with gypsies in the past. One would be rich one week, and the very next week they’d be pawning back what they’d purchased, getting only pennies on the dollar.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Jasmine as I cashed them out. Later that evening, as I made love to my wife, in my mind I fucked Jasmine. I made love to her in my mind every night for three weeks— and then Jasmine showed up at my shop, crying. She said the guy I’d thought was her boyfriend (who I soon found out was actually her cousin) was in jail and she was there to pawn her jewelry. I gave her face value for it and offered to take her for a bite to eat at the local diner. She said yes, so I locked up the shop and we left.

We talked about everything as we sat there, and we had a generally good time. I was sure as we chatted that she could tell, by the look in my eyes, how much I wanted her.

I walked her to her car and told her to stop by the shop the next day. I bent down and kissed her soft cheek and assured her she had a friend she could depend on in me.

The next day Jasmine arrived with coffee and donuts. “I know you want me, Ryan,” she told me bluntly.

I smiled and let my eyes take in her long, lithe body and that beautiful face. “What man wouldn’t want you, Jasmine?” I asked.

“Why don’t you close up early for lunch,” she suggested. I thought she was changing the subject, but I did as she said and locked the door. Then she took me by the hand and led me into my office in the back. “Do you like my tits?” she asked as she raised her shirt over her head. “They’re 36Ds.”

“My god, yes! They’re magnificent!” I wailed. Her coned nipples were a deep coral, and they were no bigger than small raisins.

Her tummy was flat, and when she wiggled out of her jeans and panties, I saw a thin landing strip of pubic hair and the tiny lips of her slit already glistening. Her slit was as pink as her nipples. I began stripping quickly. I may be 10 years older than Jasmine (she’s 26 and I’m 36), but I’ve kept myself in perfect condition, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was impressed with my physique. When I slipped off my pants, her big green eyes widened. I’d exposed my thick, nine inch prick. “Oh god, you’ve got a big one!” she out cried excitedly.

I moved her over to my desk and we kissed as we hungrily explored each other’s mouth and body. I sucked, bit and nibbled on her breasts before sitting her on my desk so I could eat her pussy. I sat in my desk chair, rolled closer to her, and methodically ate out her sweet, juicy cunt. She ground against my face as she climaxed, and I sucked down all the delicious juices she gave me. When I stood up from between her thighs, she kissed me and licked the wetness from my lips.

I positioned my cock at her opening and slid into her snug, smoldering pussy. Her long legs wrapped around me tightly as I moved back and forth inside her tight cunt. “Yes, fuck me!” she hissed, her long fingernails raking down my back. I kissed her deeply and our tongues entwined as I felt the hot sperm churning from deep within my balls. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I gave in and come erupted out of my cockhead.

I grunted as her pussy convulsed around my girth. Her body shook visibly. “That’s it! Come deep inside me! I want to feel it all!” she screamed. She jerked and spasmed as I spurted in her pussy. I continued to fuck my gypsy princess through both our orgasms and into a second climax for each of us. After emptying myself inside her a second time, my cock softened and slipped out of her.

Jasmine dropped down to her knees and then took my dick in her mouth. I watched as her thick, luscious lips worked my cock back to a raging erection. She then stood up and bent over my desk. “I need you inside me again,” she said as she wiggled that beautiful bubble ass in my direction.

I mounted her from behind and started fucking her with an animalistic passion. I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to me, her back flush against my chest. “I’m going to come!” she yelled as I felt her pussy squeeze hard around my cock and release in an involuntary spasm. It happened over and over again, and it was more than I could take. I sprayed my third load of come into her womb as she climaxed, filling her completely.

I’ve been with Jasmine ever since. I have a wife and children, so we’ll never be exclusive in that fashion, but we’re together in every other sense. I couldn’t be any happier than I am now, with my beautiful gypsy princess.— R.V., Baltimore, Maryland

A Night of Passion

After a delightful dinner we arrived back at our room to find a chilled bottle of bubbly waiting for us. I offered to pour you a glass, and you moved to the window to gaze at the lights across the harbor. The room was only dimly lit, and I couldn’t help but think how beautiful you were as I filled your glass and watched your reflection in the big picture window.

Your hair was up, your eyes sparkled in the night light and a string of pearls draped around the contours of your neck, appearing to glow against your succulent, tanned skin. The black dress you were wearing was elegant yet sexy, and it perfectly accentuated your ample cleavage, small waist and shapely legs. A pair of matching black stiletto shoes and a glossy black clutch bag finished the ensemble perfectly. You looked absolutely radiant.

I took off my jacket, picked up the glasses and walked toward you, stopping immediately behind you and offering you a glass. As we gazed out into the night sky, I gently kissed you on the nape of your neck, taking in the sensuous fragrance of your hair and perfume. “A toast to us,” I proclaimed, then swallowed the contents of my glass. Turning away, I placed my glass on the sideboard and then moved back to where you were standing.

You turned to face me and we embraced each other passionately. Moments later I pulled away slightly, cupped your beautiful face with both hands and leaned in to peck you on the lips. Then I whispered in your ear, “Now it’s time to make you come,” and with that, I reached behind you and lowered the zipper of your dress. In the reflection in the window, I could make out the lines of the contrasting colored lingerie against your skin.

Being careful not to spill your Champagne, I eased the dress’s straps off your shoulders and let the garment fall to the floor. I stepped back to admire your natural beauty. “You are absolutely gorgeous,” I said, letting my eyes wander all over your immaculate body. Before my eyes was a goddess oozing sex appeal. Your beautiful, soft, tanned skin was clad only in a pure white silk and lace half cup bra and matching panties, a wonderful pearl necklace and high heeled shoes. I asked you to spin around for me, and you complied, slowly and seductively turning, allowing me to feast my eyes on your unbelievably beautiful body.

I moved toward you eagerly, pushing you slightly so that your back was against the window. Then, without hesitating, I told you I loved you and kissed your lips, your neck and your breasts as I sank to my knees in front of you. With my hands on your hips, I kissed your stomach, belly button and the top edge of your panties. A little sigh of pleasure escaped from your lips. Looking up, you smiled lovingly at me and took a sip from your glass. Then you said, “I have a surprise for you, my darling, but you will have to wait to find out what it is.”

Not knowing what this was, I looked back down and kissed your pubic mound through your silky panties. I moved in closer and lower, and I ran my tongue over your crotch, making your body jolt in pleasure. I went to do it again, this time inhaling first, the musky scent of your womanhood intoxicating me. Surely I have died and gone to heaven, I thought to myself as I hurriedly nuzzled your labia. I needed better access, so with my right hand I reached out and lifted your left leg, placing it over my shoulder. I helped support you by putting my hand under your shapely buttock, as well. Eagerly, I pushed my face into your groin and started to try to eat you. The flimsy fabric of your panties got in the way at first, but with my tongue I managed to slide the crotch to one side so that I could truly taste and feel the warmth of your pussy.

It was then that I discovered, to my surprise, you were soft and smooth. . . not a hair to be found! Realizing my discovery, you asked, “Like it?”

Not wanting to stop licking, kissing and munching on your pussy, I quickly replied, “Love it.”

By now you were getting extremely turned on, your hips gyrating in time with my tongue’s deep thrusts. You lifted your right foot from the floor and placed your leg on my shoulder, your left hand on the back of my head, trying to force my face deeper into your pussy while your right hand was still holding your glass and trying to keep you steady against the wall.

You started to become more vocal, your moans of pleasure coming more regularly. “Yes, that’s it. Don’t stop.” Your breathing got heavier, and your movements were more rapid, more urgent. So eager to please, I continued to eat you, darting my tongue as deep into you as I could and then licking along your pussy until I found your little bud of joy and flicked it gently. Suddenly and without warning, your whole body tensed, your breathing stopped momentarily, and you came all over my face. Quickly I darted my tongue back into your pussy, savoring the taste of your passion. As the tension gradually dissipated from your body, I eased you back onto your feet and picked you up, carrying you over to the bed and laying you down. Then I took the Champagne flute from your hand to put it on the bedside table.

You watched me intently as I started to undress, and your left hand moved inside your panties where my tongue had been only moments before. As you played with yourself, the intensity of your passion started to rise again, and soon you were pinching your nipples with your right hand.

Now naked, I climbed on the bed beside you and we began to kiss and embrace passionately. You reached down and grabbed my penis then, saying, “I want it now.”

“Soon,” I said in reply, “but not quite yet, my love.”

With you still laying on your back, I moved to the foot of the bed, facing you, and told you to put your hand back in your panties and play some more. You did as I asked immediately. While you were doing this, I was watching intently as your hand disappeared under the now wet material, how your hips started to move in rhythm, how your nipples enlarged as you pinched them. There was a look of absolute pleasure on your face, your eyes closed while you intermittently bit your lower lip. I lifted your leg and gently removed your shoe, resting the back of your leg against my torso. I softly ran my fingers down both the inside and outside of your leg and thigh at the same time, teasing you.

Leaving your leg in the air, I lifted your right leg and repeated the process, making sure to pay particular attention to the sensitive areas near the back of your knee. Telling you I wanted a better look, I quickly reached down to grab the lacy sides of your panties, tugged them toward me and removed them. Now you were only in your bra and necklace, and I told you to keep playing with yourself. I lowered your right leg, then bent your knee gently so I could suck on your toes. The moment I ran my tongue between your toes, you let out a loud sigh. I took my right hand and ran it down the inside of your thigh, gently caressing your hand and the folds of pink flesh your fingers were covering.

Again you moaned with pleasure and anticipation, and I slowly inserted one finger and then two into your tight, wet pussy, stroking slowly in the rhythm of your hips while I continued to suck your toes.

I could tell by your breathing and thrusting that you were getting close to orgasm again. You looked at me anxiously. “I have to have you inside me now,” you insisted.

“Not until you come again,” was my hurried response before I went back to sucking your toes.

Your eyes closed and your back arched as your body convulsed uncontrollably, your second intense orgasm engulfing your body as I sucked your toes and stroked your pussy.

“Happy with yourself, aren’t you?” you asked me.

“Delighted,” I said.

Your body was still moving slowly as the final waves of orgasm subsided, and I supported myself above you, my penis at the opening of your pussy. I inched forward gingerly as I felt the tight, warm, silky soft folds of your pussy begin to engulf me. The sensation was so indescribably fantastic that I couldn’t stop. I kept entering your glorious body until I couldn’t go any further. Now fully inside you, I felt like we were one and the same, and I was overcome by my love for you.

We kissed passionately, and our bodies began moving in rhythm with each other. We moved slowly at first, and I pulled out most of the way before diving back in, your hips pushing against mine. Then suddenly you took control of the situation, rolling us over so that I was on my back and you were straddling me. You sat upright, still slowly moving up and down, and I could see my cock entering your bald pussy over and over. Next you reached up to release your hair from its clip, letting it fall down to your shoulders. I reached up to caress your face and you kissed my hands. I grabbed the shoulder straps of your bra and eased them down along your arms, giving me perfect access to your breasts and allowing me to pinch and tease your nipples without interference.

I could feel that I was getting close to orgasm, and I told you, “We had better slow down,” to which you just smiled mischievously.

You started grinding yourself harder on me, and I grabbed hold of your hips so I could push myself as far into you as possible. Then I erupted deep inside you, filling you with my come.

I lay there breathless, convinced that I was in heaven as you kept slowly grinding yourself against me. I could see my come starting to drip from you, and I closed my eyes for a moment to catch my breath.

You leaned forward then and whispered, “You can’t sleep yet, I haven’t finished with you.” Then you sat back up and started slowly sliding your pussy up my torso. You held onto the headboard and stopped about three inches from my face. “Eat my hot, bald pussy,” you demanded.

Who was I to argue? I put my hands behind your buttocks and slid you onto my face. You were obviously enjoying the attention from my lips and tongue, and it wasn’t long before your body started moving to the rhythm I have come to know and love. I moved my hands to your breasts, caressing them firmly and pinching your erect nipples. You became more vocal, more frenzied. “Oh, that’s so good!” you cried. “That’s it, don’t stop!”

Within minutes, your whole body was engulfed by another intense and glorious orgasm, and you cried out in pleasure as you exploded, your juices getting everywhere. Your body now moved gently as I tried drinking the last drops of your delicious love nectar.

“So, you want it rough, do you?” I asked playfully. Without waiting for a response, I pushed you to the side of the bed, rolled you onto your stomach, grabbed your hands and put them against the headboard. “Don’t let go,” I ordered.

I was at your side, your whole gorgeous body stretched out in front of me. Your skin was still glowing from before, with tiny beads of sweat now forming on your back. I ran my hands over your neck and across your shoulders, my touch getting firmer as I moved down your back to your shapely backside. I looked over my shoulder and saw that your left hand was no longer against the headboard, so I lightly spanked your right buttock. You moaned in pleasure, but I pretended to scold you, telling you to keep your hands on the headboard, “or else.”

I straddled your legs, leaned forward, tangled my hand in your silky hair and pulled back slightly. My hard dick was nuzzling the entrance of your dripping pussy as I demanded, “Tell me what you really want!”

You growled, “Fuck me! Fuck my tight pussy! And fuck it hard!”

With that, I thrust myself as deeply as I could into your glorious, waiting body. I pulled out slowly and then hurriedly thrust back in. As the tempo increased, you started to tilt your pelvis and push back against me, forcing me even deeper into your perfect pussy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to slow down, but then you shouted, “I’m coming!” You begged me to come with you and fill your cunt.

That took me over the edge, and I withdrew before plunging back into your pussy and grunting blissfully as I came deep inside you. I collapsed momentarily on top of you, holding you tenderly, and I kissed the side of your face before rolling off you and onto my back.

You slid up to me, rested your head on my shoulder and draped your left leg over my waist. I rested my left hand on the small of your back. We fit together perfectly.

With a blissful yet tired smile, you looked at me and said, “Thank you, darling.” I reached up to turn off the light, then placed a light kiss on your forehead before drifting off to a content and undisturbed sleep. I truly do love you, my special lady.— S.G., San Angelo, Texas

The Fires of Passion Rage Out of Control in Sweet Anticipation of Her Man’s Return

It has been seven months since I have felt your seasoned cock deep inside my pussy. The phone sex we have shared has readied me for the fucking that is about to take place between us.

I am so hot when I pick you up at the airport. For months I have been coming from the sound of your voice on the other end of the line. My mind is consumed by thoughts of the sex we are about to share and the orgasms we will savor. My pussy is soaking with anticipation. We both know it is going to be the hottest fuck either of us has experienced.

I search you out among the many people and immediately feel your eyes on me. I let my eyes roam the length of your body, stopping at your crotch. Just knowing your beautiful cock is so close to me is making me crazy. I’ve really missed you and the intensity of our sex. I want to stroke, lick and suck you to the point of no return. We look deeply into each other’s eyes, and I feel you pulling me into a state of mind where only you and I exist, there is no turning back. No words describe the power you have over me. I have never been made to surrender to submit will be to receive the ultimate orgasm.

We reach my apartment and I unlock the door. I feel a melting sensation between my legs that I’ve never felt before. My pussy aches for you. You pull me tightly into your arm and your lips find mine. I want so badly to feel your hot mouth on my pussy. I press my body against yours and feel the hardness of your cock. You reach your hand under my shirt and pinch my nipples, asking me if I want more. Before I can answer, your other hand is forcing its way into my jeans. You find your way to my pussy and separate the folds, slipping your finger inside. You want me to squirm, and I do.

You ask if I want to feel your hard cock. I can hear the control in your voice as you insist I tell you what I want. You have my body pinned up against the wall. I am burning. My juices are flowing as you continue to probe my inner walls with your fingers. You take your hand away and move it to my mouth, making me lick my own juices form your fingers. My body is twitching for the attention of your hot mouth. Knowing this, you remove my shirt.

At first, your mouth is very gentle. You work my nipples until they are as hard as they can get. You haven’t allowed me freedom of movement— if you did, I’d be stroking your cock by now. You want me to show you the things I did to myself during our phone talks. You say you have been aching to watch me get my pussy ready to take every bit of your big cock. You tell me that only when you are convinced I am ready to take you will you allow me my freedom. I want you so badly I will do anything you ask.

You pin me to the floor and force my hand to my pussy. You watch my finger slide in and out. My body is aching. I want you to fuck me hard. With my other hand, I begin rubbing my swollen clit. You pull on my nipples as you bend over to take my tits in your mouth. You nibble and suck each one. You begin to lick your way down to my hot, wet pussy. I am begging for you to suck my pussy, my clit. I scream out that I am ready. You are so close I can feel your breath.

I reach out and try to direct your mouth to my pussy, but you grab my hands and pull them tightly above my head. I beg you to take your cock out of your pants so I can suck it. In one hand you hold my wrists and with your free hand, you reach down to rub my aching clit. You tell me not to move as you unzip your pants and pull out your big, beautiful cock. I can’t take my eyes off it.

You bring your cock to my lips, telling me to suck it good, to take it all the way down my throat. You grab the back of my head and urge me to take every inch as you slowly fuck my mouth. Your hand reaches down to rub my pussy. We are both so hot. You demand that I suck your cock hard, like I have never sucked before.

I am ready now to take you inside my pussy. You roll me over and raise my ass high in the air. Slowly, you insert the head and then pull it out as you again ask me to tell you what I want. I say to please fuck me, fuck me hard. You dip the head in again and I try to force myself onto your cock, but you put your hand on my back and force me down. I tell you how much I missed you, your cock, your tongue, your touch. I tell you that you feel so wonderful inside my pussy.

Your hips pick up the rhythm as you shove your stiff cock as deep as it will go inside me. My pussy muscles pull you in deeper. I am moaning. You ram every bit of your cock into me and drench my hot pussy with your creamy seed. I explode with the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced. Slowly you pull your cock out of me and roll me onto my back. The wait is finally over.

Priscilla C., Virginia

First Class Office Affair Sealed with Passion in Mailroom

I had just started working for this prestigious law firm in Mississippi when I noticed this very big, attractive black man in the same office. I hadn’t been employed for more than a month and I already felt the sexual attraction between us. It started out as a flirtation and finally erupted into one of the most exciting sexual relationships I’ve encountered.

Every day we would flirt with each other and make gestures to see what the other would do. One day, when the both of us were alone together in the mailroom, Calvin rubbed up against me. Nothing was said, but our glances spoke volumes. Neither of us seemed shocked. We caught each other’s smile and so it went a little further. He shut and locked the door to the outside office. My heart started pounding with excitement, though I was also nervous knowing my coworkers were right outside the door.

Calvin put his big hands on my face and slowly put his lips on mine. It felt so good when his tongue entered my mouth. Our tongues entwined with such excitement. He lifted me up and put me on top of a counter and slowly ran his hands up my thighs. All I could hear was my heart beating and our breath getting heavier and heavier.

I was wearing a dress with panties and thigh high hose. Calvin pulled down my soaked panties, taking them off one leg at a time. He started kissing my thighs, making me quiver. I felt like I was in a fantasy watching this dark skinned man against my white skin. It really turned me on!

Calvin ran his tongue along the inside of my legs until he reached my dripping pussy. Then I felt his tongue touch me it felt like fire. He moved his tongue up and down like he was a cat licking around. I thought he was going to devour me. His tongue fluttered in and out of my pussy and then came up on my clitoris. I was almost ready to explode.

I started playing with my breasts, rubbing my nipples back and forth. Calvin then inserted a finger into my sopping pussy and another finger into my puckered back hole. I couldn’t take it any longer and exploded right there on his face.

He licked up all of my juices, then stood up and unzipped his pants. He slid his suspenders off his broad shoulders and took down his pants, exposing the most beautiful black cock, in fact, the first, I had ever seen. I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth.

I licked up his pre come and then gently slid my mouth around him. Amazingly, I was able to swallow his whole cock. Placing his hands on the back of my head, he pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I grabbed his balls and started massaging them as my other hand grabbed his smooth, firm ass. I heard him moaning as my lips and tongue ran up and down his swollen shaft.

All of a sudden Calvin stiffened and shot his come down my throat. I swallowed every bit of it, wanting more. After I finished licking him clean, we quickly got dressed and tried to regain our composure. Together we walked out of the mailroom.

I was so nervous the rest of the day wondering if someone had heard our moans of pleasure. We both had a wonderful time and have been back to the mailroom on several occasions. God, I love this job!

Carol A., Mississippi

Married 20 Years and Still Crazy in Love— and Lust

I must confess I feel somewhat guilty when I read about women who either have never had an orgasm or have had so few that they hardly remember them. I am just the opposite, very orgasmic and very much into coming whenever and wherever I can. Thanks to a very loving, highly sexual and imaginative husband, I “get off” frequently. My best times are when we are in an environment where there are no distractions and where I can become very vocal as I’m increasingly aroused.

Some of our best sessions occur on lazy Saturday afternoons. Although the routine isn’t really the same all the time, Greg usually starts by giving me a light massage and then slowly begins to finger fuck me with his KY covered or saliva covered fingers. As he plays with my clit and slides his fingers along the length of my cunt lips, he’ll talk dirty to me by saying what a great fuck I am and describing what he intends to do to me. Other times he’ll tell me about fucking sessions with old girlfriends, real or imaginary. Within a short time I’ll have my first orgasm.

At this point, Greg knows he has me on a sexual rollercoaster and he continues on. He will move down on me so that he can comfortably begin eating my pussy. A small pillow under my ass gives him a great angle to lash away at my cunt. Greg has a tongue that is astonishingly nubile. He flicks and licks and twirls his tongue with abandon. It isn’t long before I feel an intense orgasm building, and by now I’m moaning with absolute joy.

The orgasm from this type of stimulation is extremely intense and there are times when I think I’m going to pass out. Occasionally when I’m in that state, Greg will unexpectedly slide a lubricated finger up my ass as I’m about to come. That really puts me over the top, so much so that I practically throw him off the bed with the violence of my body thrust.

Once I’ve come down from that event, Greg will start fucking me with his beautiful, thick, massive cock. I love watching it enter me, especially in the mirror on the wall opposite our bed. Greg’s heavy, athletic thighs look like they belong on a Greek god as he thrust in and out. His balls swell and his cock glistens with my pussy juice. Sometimes he is on top, other times on the bottom. I especially like it doggie style because of the depth he reaches in my pussy.

I guess you can tell we’re very much in love with each other and have been for the past 20 years. The great side benefit of all this fucking has been the visible improvement of my skin tone. There is nothing like a good orgasm to smooth the wrinkles from aging and take away the tensions of the world. It’s a lot less expensive than joining an aerobics class— and most certainly a lot more fun.

Tandy Y., Idaho