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I’m a 23-year-old male and I’ve been in the Army for three years. I’m six feet tall and weigh 175 pounds. I have light-brown hair and green eyes, and I’m blessed with a thick nine-inch cock.

I had just finished my second combat tour as a helicopter crew chief and had been assigned to a base in Georgia. I had never been to Georgia and had no idea what it would be like. I had five days travel time to get there, and I drove straight through. I got into town around noon on a Saturday, but I couldn’t check in at the base until Monday, so I found a motel about 10 miles away to crash for the weekend. I noticed a small bar next to the motel, so after I checked in and dropped my bags in my room, I headed next door to check it out.
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This entry is part 11 of 25 in the series 2013 Mar

A bitter cold wind was blowing the snow that had fallen throughout the morning across the road, making travel very dangerous. I was delighted when I saw a sign indicating that I was just a few miles outside the city. I was traveling to visit my family for the holidays, and I’d opted to drive, looking forward to a nice, quiet road trip. Unfortunately, a sudden storm had made what should have been a fairly easy drive kind of difficult, and I didn’t think I could continue driving. I needed to get off the road and wait out the storm.

I was thankful to see a vacancy sign on the first motel I passed as I drove toward the city, and I pulled in and made my way to the desk to get a room. My room was on the second floor of the small motel, and accessible from inside the main building. I was glad I wouldn’t have to go back out into the cold to get lunch.
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Flash & Fuck

Jamie and I were having a good time, and we were getting pretty tipsy. Mid drink, she told me her panties were in her ass crack. She got up, stood behind me, raised her skirt and slid her panties down her long, slim legs before placing them in the middle of our table. As soon as I saw her panties in front of me, I dared her to go over and to flash our friends Tyler and Joe.

Our friends were sitting at the table next to ours, and Jamie walked over to them. She chatted them up for a minute and then quickly pulled up her skirt to flash them. She did that a few times then returned to our table, Tyler and Joe not far behind.

When they reached our table, they sat down and then Tyler picked up Jamie’s pink, lacy panties and sniffed them. “They smell real good,” he said, directing his comment at Jamie.

The compliment seemed to turn my girlfriend on, and she spread her legs under the table and told Tyler to reach out and cop a feel. I saw his hand slide underneath the table, and a second later I saw Jamie’s eyes roll back in her head. She was obviously getting pretty horny. I could tell things were going to get wild, and I suggested we all go back to my place.

Back at my house, Jamie hurried to get herself naked, taking off her blouse and bra but leaving her short skirt in place. The men stripped, too, Tyler and Joe getting down to their boxers and then going over to join Jamie by the couch while I watched.

The guys started playing with her breasts and rubbing her ass while she took a dick in each hand. I saw our digital camera sitting out from our last trip, and I grabbed it and turned it on, figuring this would be a good memory to capture.

While I filmed, Tyler and Jamie got into a 69 with Jamie on top, and then Joe stuck his cock balls deep inside my girlfriend’s pussy.

Joe was fucking Jamie as hard and deep as he could, and she was crying out and begging for more no matter how hard he went. When he finally came, he emptied his balls in her cunt, filling her up. When he pulled out, he lay down on the floor next to the 69 ing couple and waited for them to finish so Jamie could suck his dick clean.

Before either of them could reach their climax, Tyler and Jamie separated, and Jamie got on her hands and knees and knelt over Joe so she could suck his cock. Meanwhile, Tyler got behind her and took his turn fucking her tight pussy. He went deeper and deeper into her until his balls touched her asshole, and then he started taking her in long, slow strokes, making her moan around Joe’s dick.

I started directing the action, telling Tyler to fuck my girl faster and telling Jamie to give Joe a sloppier blowjob. While I was directing them, Tyler blew his load, giving my girlfriend her second serving of come that night.

Jamie was still sucking Joe’s dick, and it seemed that she’d gotten him hard again as she cleaned him off. I could tell from the noises he was making that he was ready to come again, and Jamie kept sucking until I saw Joe’s hips lift off the floor and then watched his come dribble out of my girlfriend’s mouth. I zoomed in to catch it on camera and felt my own dick getting hard as I watched the action up close.

The two guys kept at it, taking turns fucking and sucking and being blown for almost an hour before they were done. Joe even took a turn fucking my girl’s ass, which I hadn’t expected at all. It was really hot seeing that!

We went right to sleep after the guys left, but the next day we watched the short movie I’d made, and we both got really turned on. I asked my wife what she wanted to do that day, and then I noticed how wet her pussy was.

“Let’s fuck!” she suggested, and I didn’t have to be told twice.

We ended up fucking like crazy all morning, and we even set up the camera on the nightstand to film ourselves like I had filmed her the night before. Now we have two movies that we can watch whenever we want. We have plans to invite Joe and Tyler over soon to make a sequel!— M.V., Inglewood, California

The Sexy Se orita

Last year I was on a six month job assignment in Mexico, and I spent two weeks in a motel while I looked for an apartment to rent for the rest of my stay. I returned to my room mid morning one day to find my maid, an awesomely hot 20 something local babe, cleaning. She was gorgeous, with long black hair and a nice curvy body with medium sized tits. She wore a short blue maid’s uniform that accentuated her thick, juicy thighs and nice butt. I startled her when I walked in, but she calmed when I said, “Hola.” Her English, although stilted, was good enough to converse, though.

After several minutes of conversation, I learned her name was Marisol and she had grown up only a couple of miles from the motel. She still lived at home with her parents and her four younger brothers and sisters. After chatting a little while, she went back to work— with me ogling her the whole time. When she was finished, she left.

The next day I returned around the same time, and I snuck into my room only to find Marisol watching a Spanish language soap opera. There was a passionate love scene showing, and although it didn’t show hardcore sex, and there was no real nudity, it was enough to get the young maid excited. She was sitting on my bed, rubbing her pussy under her skirt. Her little pussy looked quite hairy, and she had thick cunt lips. I was captivated.

When she finally noticed me, she froze momentarily before boldly continuing on. She smiled and slowly ran her tongue over her lips in a seductive manner. Seizing the opportunity, I went to her and she spread her legs wide. I dropped down to my knees and inhaled her musky scent, then kissed her inner thighs, working my way to her wet panty crotch. More deep inhalations followed before I slid a finger past the leg band of her panties to first rub and then to penetrate her excited young pussy. After a couple minutes of that, I held her panty crotch aside and lightly kissed and licked her sweet, tangy pussy.

Her breathing got heavier until, with a loud gasp and moan, she trembled in climax. I continued what I was doing, then pushed her back on the bed. I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear, revealing my hard cock. She opened her eyes wide and her jaw dropped when she realized I was going to fuck her. I hastily got on top of her and worked my cock into her while I held her panty crotch aside. She cried out as I penetrated her with one hard shove, and then I began banging away at her very tight cunt.

She moaned with each thrust, and her vaginal muscles clamped down on my cock, forcing me to shoot a massive stream of come into her. I slammed her small body almost halfway across the bed as I shot all that love juice into her tight little crevice.

I could feel her pussy stretch as if attempting to take me deep into her womb. She came then, too, shaking violently and biting her lower lip to keep from screaming.

Our orgasms continued for several minutes until we slowed down. Then I felt her cunt muscles start to milk my cock. As the seconds ticked by, her pussy muscles got more active, and her actions increased. I undid her top and began sucking her nipples, my tongue lapping the dark areolae.

As she undulated her hips, she deliberately rubbed her clit on my pubic bone and I thought I felt her clit throbbing as it extended beyond its fleshy hood. Her movements became erratic, then her body tensed and she came again. Her pussy muscles clamped onto my cock so hard it felt like they’d rip my dick right off! Her pussy was like a suction cup and felt like it was practically sucking the come right out of me when I exploded into her again. What a great feeling, my hot come gushing out into that tight little cunt. That triggered yet another climax in her, and this time she screamed in pleasure.

After a long pause, we were done, at least for the time being. I pulled out with a loud suction noise and rolled off her. Her legs shaking, she got up and quietly dressed and used the bathroom. We talked for a few minutes and I told her I’d found a place in town to rent. I offered her a job as my maid, and she happily accepted.

For the rest of my stay, I had a live in maid who was quite eager to fulfill my every desire. I liked it so much that I even brought my pregnant little Marisol back to the U.S.— as my wife! It was well worth it. I couldn’t be happier!— R.W., Syracuse, New York

An All Nighter

My girlfriend and I were just coming back from a baseball game and we had a couple of beers in us. We weren’t quite ready to call it a night yet, and my friend suggested we go find some boys to play with. I was wearing a cute pair of cutoff denim shorts, a nice little white tank top and had my hair in pigtails, so I thought I looked good. We stopped in at a local Irish pub where I’d seen some good looking guys before and went straight to the bar to order a couple of drinks.

My girlfriend and I had been at the bar for about 20 minutes when two tall, attractive guys, one with brown hair and one with blond, walked in and sat down at a table about 10 feet away from us. I made eye contact with the guy who had brown hair. He was wearing a T shirt that showed he was obviously in good shape, and he had slightly baggy jeans that left just enough to the imagination. I was definitely interested and from the look in his eyes and the sly smile he gave me I knew he was interested in me, too.

Sure enough, he made a beeline for the bar and ended up right next to me, his bicep just barely brushing my arm. I reached out and grabbed the muscle and said, “Wow, do you work out?”

He immediately turned around and faced me, and we had an intense conversation, our faces barely three inches apart. I found myself sneaking glances at his crotch often to see the outline of his cock, and I started to fantasize about what it would feel like with him laying on top of me. I felt really naughty for thinking that. . . .

After a while we decided to split off from our friends and go to another bar for a little more privacy. As soon as we stepped outside, he grabbed me with both hands and backed me up against the wall and attacked my mouth, giving me the most amazing kiss. I felt the tingles from my tongue down to my breasts and all the way down to my clit, that’s how intense his kiss was. At the same time, I knew the blood was rushing down to his cock, because I felt his bulge growing as his body pressed firmly against mine.

Right then, I knew it was on. I played it cool, though, and softly pushed him away and started walking toward the next bar. There was something intriguing about his primal instinct and the way he didn’t hesitate taking me, but I wasn’t going to make it that easy. So after some sexy making out at the bar, we walked out, leaving everyone else jealous that the two best looking people had just left!

I hadn’t been with anyone in a while, and I decided then that I wanted to get physical. I invited him back to my place, which was only a few blocks away, and he eagerly accepted. I warned him that I wasn’t going to be sleeping with him, and he gave me a smirk and look that said, “We’ll just see about that.” I knew I was full of shit, but he had no reason to think I was lying about not wanting to screw him. Men!

Anyway, we entered my apartment with our hands all over each other. Then he basically picked me up, threw me down on the bed and ripped off his T shirt to reveal his amazingly carved pecs and abs. He got on top of me and with one hand gently tugged my hair while the other hand had a firm grip on my ass. Then he rubbed his dick on my pussy through our pants.

He peeled his pants and boxers off to reveal his big, throbbing cock, and I knew he wanted release. My willpower was strong, though, and I told him to slide his dick between my perky 36C tits instead. I reached over and grabbed a bottle of baby oil, pouring it on his dick to make the process more comfortable for us both. I told him, “You’re gonna come hard,” and I knew it was true. Not even a minute after I said that, he exploded a huge load that shot out of his cock like a cannonball, landing on my tits and neck. I milked the rest of the sperm out of him and saw a huge smile cross his face.

I woke up late in the afternoon, and I expected my new friend to be gone, but as it turns out he was the reason I’d woken up. He was there rubbing his hard cock against me, and as soon as I woke up I stripped out of my clothes. He quickly followed my lead. When I reached over to feel his cock, it was really hard again— or maybe it was still hard— and I knew that I had to have him inside me.

He started to feel up my breasts, and he sucked on my nipples. He used one hand to play with my clit, too, until it was swollen, and then he started to trail his mouth down my stomach until he reached my smooth shaven pussy. He spread my meaty pussy lips and started to swipe my slit with his wet tongue. All I could do as he pleasured me was drop my head back onto the pillow and enjoy the amazing sensations he was responsible for. He licked slowly for a little, then sped up, then slowed down again. Then I felt one finger ease into me, and he started to finger fuck me while he licked me, driving me wild. When he sat up, his cock was standing at full attention, and I knew exactly what to do.

I went down on him, slobbering on his cock and driving it back until I felt it slip past the ridge of my tongue and hit the back of my throat. He was very assertive, and he helped guide my head until I was sucking his dick at the tempo he preferred. After sucking him for a little while, he threw me down on my back and mounted me, spreading my knees as he positioned himself between my legs. With one deliberate motion, he slid his cock inside me and just started thrusting away, grabbing the headboard with one big hand to get some leverage. As the headboard smacked against the wall, I thought to myself how lucky it was that my roommate was spending the weekend at her boyfriend’s place.

I was so damn horny that a minute after he’d started fucking me, I told the dude, “You’re going to make me come so hard!” A minute after that, he actually did. I let out a huge moan and my eyes rolled backward in my head as he fucked me even harder, all through my orgasm. I felt the sensations from my climax wash through my entire body, and when I had finally calmed down, he told me to flip over. I was so turned on by his confident, commanding manner that I did just what he said.

He bent me over and quickly stuck it in. With one hand he played with my clit while the other stayed firmly on the headboard.

“I want to feel you shoot your load inside me,” I told him.

He replied, “Oh, you’re not getting off that easy.” But he’d already made sure that I got off. . . .

His head was now right behind mine, so close that I could feel his hot breath on my neck and smell his sweat. His pelvis was perfectly matched to my ass cheeks too, so every time I moaned he pounded into me, making my ass cheeks jiggle. I felt wonderfully naughty as I backed up against him, taking it even harder.

I turned around then to get a good look at this horny guy who was in my bed, and I saw a look of lust on his face and sweat dripping off his body. It was so fucking hot!

I knew I was about to come again, and he rubbed my clit faster and faster, as if reading my mind. I lost it then, and I screamed out with pleasure. Hearing me scream really got him going, and he started to totally pound my pussy. Then I felt his dick pulsate as his come shot up out of his shaft and explode from his thick head into my cunt.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming! I’m coming!” he cried. My pussy squeezed him as hard as it could until I’d milked him dry. Then we rested a bit as we came down from our climaxes.

All I could think was, “Wow!”

Later, after the guy finally left my place, I called my girlfriend up and said, “You are never going to believe what happened. . . . ” — A.N., New York, New York