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I’m 28, and my sexy-as-hell wife, Leanne, is 26. Recently, we were driving from Maine to Georgia, where I was supposed to report for duty. We stopped for gas in Maryland, and before we got back on the road, we decided to grab a bite to eat.

While at the diner, we noticed a very sexy girl in her early 20s with a body that would make any guy howl. On top of that, she was wearing a tight-fitting, sleeveless blouse and a short denim miniskirt that showed off her tan. Damn, she was hot!
The girl was on her way out as we walked in, but we were only there for a quick bite, and when we left maybe 15 minutes later, my wife noticed the girl standing off to the side of the parking lot, almost like she was waiting for someone. I asked my wife if we should check on her, and she said we should.

The girl, whose name was Janet, happened to be on her way to Georgia, too, but she’d lost her money and ID somehow and said she’d have to hitchhike. My wife quickly offered her a ride, and Janet accepted.
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Scholarly Sextette

When my friend Howie and I first made the big move from our small town in Ohio to a large university, we had a look around at all the fraternity types and the jocks and the yuppies and the rednecks and what have you, and we felt so out of place that we were ready to turn around and head back home. Then we noticed (very quickly, I might add) the babes around campus. On the whole they turned out to be more gorgeous and sexy than anything back home, not to mention a lot friendlier. Let me give you an example.

Howie and I, along with another guy named Donald from Dallas, were on our way to a sorority party in hopes of scoring some good grass, if nothing else, when we came across three shapely coeds whose car had developed a flat tire. Being three college gentlemen— not to mention extremely horny— we decided to offer the girls a hand. They told us that they had just left the very party that we were headed for. They had found it pretty dead, and were on their way back to their apartment to begin their own party. When they invited us to join them, we naturally felt obliged to accept. Once there we were offered some high quality smoking stuff, along with a little coke. Needless to say, everyone was feeling quite good in a short time, and it was clear that the evening was just beginning.

Melanie, a well endowed blonde, seated herself next to me on the couch and began rubbing my thigh. She asked me if I was enjoying my studies, and I remarked that I hadn’t studied anything more interesting than her gorgeous body. As we were necking, I noticed that Donald had his hand down the blouse of Loretta, the redhead, while Edna, a voluptuous black chick, was sucking on Howie’s mem ber.

With my hand on Melanie’s crotch, I kissed and licked her face, ears and neck, and soon had her squirming around and humping my fingers. In a little while I had her clothes off and was going down on her. I slid my finger into her glistening box while I proceeded to lick her erect clitoris. Melanie’s moans and cries of passion mingled with those coming from Loretta and Edna. When I began to take my clothes off, Melanie told me to relax. She laid me back and proceeded to remove my clothing. Next she took my seven and a half inch love muscle into her soft mouth. Once down her throat, I exploded instantly. She got on her hands and knees and begged me to fuck her. I climbed onto her and slid my rod between her velvet lips. After that the room was filled with the sighs, groans, grunts and climactic screams of six frenziedly humping people. About four hours later, we were pretty well fucked out, and my friends and I returned to our dorm with some great memories, and even greater expectations for the near future.

L.K., Tucson, Arizona

Gyrating Gymnast

I am a twenty two year old senior on the gymnastics team at a western university. I have often found myself fantasizing while watching my female counterparts on the women’s team stretching their bodies into various inviting positions while practicing or warming up. But until recently I had never thought that my fantasies would come true.

One weekend, due to corresponding schedules, both the men’s and the women’s teams were required to travel together on an overnight road trip for a competition against a university some distance away. Once at the hotel, Lisa, the women’s captain, invited both teams up to her room for a game of cards.

After a few hands Andy, the men’s captain, began complaining of a stiff back. A girl named Sally, who was the sexiest of the bunch in my opinion, offered to give him a back rub. Andy quickly accepted. But It was soon apparent that Sally had more than a massage on her mind, as her hands started straying to the more intimate parts of Andy’s muscular body.

I almost flipped out of my seat when I felt another girl, Vivian, sliding her hand over my already swollen eight inch member. Looking around, I noticed the rest of the group getting into various sexual positions. Soon the floor was knee deep in discarded clothes. Vivian and I got on the bed and began fucking so aggressively, it was as if we were on a trampoline. Vivian’s muscular pussy was so tight, it wasn’t long before my burning jism came flooding out.

Sally’s moans soon turned into screams of ecstasy as Andy’s tongue danced on her clit. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I looked over to see Anna performing a full straddle split over Jimmy’s pulsating pillar of pleasure. Meanwhile, Marty rammed his gregarious shaft into Dottie’s sweating slit, and began pumping away like a well oiled pile driver, soon unloading his steaming hot spunk into her trembling twat.

Vivian wasted no time in engulfing my once again swollen member into her hungry mouth. She sucked with such perfect form that she could be scored at no less than a ten. It wasn’t long before she milked me of everything I had.

The girls really showed off their gymnastic training that evening, doing backward flips and aerial stunts and all kinds of tricks unknown to ordinary mortals. At last, totally exhausted, we all quickly threw on our clothes and returned to our rooms before the coaches came around for lights out. We may have lost the meet the next day, but we never scored so well as we did that weekend.

K.U., Los Angeles, California

New Year’s Nookie

A few months ago my roommate Dawn and I threw the most erotic party either of us had ever experienced. We had been planning a memorable New Year’s Eve party to bring in the new millennium, and had purchased the usual hats and party favors for our guests. One night as we sat around trying to think of ideas to make the party an outstanding one, Dawn turned to me and said laughingly, “Why don’t we make it a real bang?” At first I wasn’t sure just what she meant, but I soon got the idea, and I loved it. Next day we got rid of the hats and the favors, and we stocked up on things like vibrators and anal beads and warming oils. We decided on a select guest list of three people, and looked forward to bringing in the new century with a truly fantastic blowout.

As the time grew near we got more and more excited. On New Year’s Eve we filled the room with loud music, soft lights and a plentiful selection of drinks, and then went to our respective rooms to dress for the party.

Dawn and I both have big perky breasts with big hard nipples, and nice round voluptuous asses that anyone would love to fuck. Dawn put on a sleek black strapless dress, which accented her large breasts nicely as they peeked over a see through black lace bra. I chose a slinky little red silk number that clung tightly to my hips and made my ass look more fuckable than ever.

When we met in the living room we eyed each other erotically. Dawn looked good enough to eat, and I began to feel a tightness in my vagina as I gazed at her. I was ready to start the party early as my eyes trailed from her sleek ankles up over her thighs to her nice firm breasts. Dawn’s lips parted as she saw my reaction, and her eyes moved over me in turn. Then she moved closer, putting her hand over my aching breast and squeezing gently. “You look delicious,” she whispered as she placed her lips against mine, and we began to kiss passionately.

We parted when the first knock came on our door. For a moment I think we were both considering not letting anyone in and having the party all by ourselves but the thought of what lay ahead for us made me go to the door and open it.

Our first guest was a good friend of mine named Eli. Eli was nice package of tight muscles, long black hair that hung down to his broad shoulders and an exquisite eight inch cock, which I had personally experienced in the past. I greeted him with a small kiss and invited him in. Dawn greeted him more boldly, placing a friendly hand on his crotch. She made a sound of appreciation while Eli grinned foolishly. I then took his hand and led him to the sofa as Dawn poured him a stiff drink. As we sat and flirted a bit, another knock came at the door. Dawn rose to get it as I in my turn softly rubbed Eli’s crotch. I began to feel aroused at the thought of his hard dick deep in my wetness while I licked Dawn’s glistening pussy dry.

Dawn opened the door to let in the next guest, a neighbor of ours named Priscilla. I rose to welcome her and offered to pour her a drink. Eli watched in amazement as Dawn and Priscilla begin to kiss each other softly and rub one another’s ass. I noticed the big bulge in his pants as I passed Priscilla her drink.

As Priscilla and Dawn continued to greet each other affectionately, our third guest showed up. This was Barry, a thin blond guy with plenty of extras. I had heard from a few women that he had a cock that would make John Holmes’s dick look small. Dawn had told me she once tried to take it all, but couldn’t. I was thinking I was going to do more than try.

Barry closed the door behind him as I moved to the middle of the floor and began swaying to the music. Eli quickly put down his drink and got up to join me. My heart began to race as he placed his hands on my hips and swayed against me. I felt like I was ready to explode right there. My panties had become wet just from the thought of him sliding his cock deep inside me. I closed my eyes, and the room began to spin out of control when I felt a pair of arms slip around me from behind and a pair of hands rub my breasts. I tilted my head back in pleasure and smelled Dawn’s sweet perfume. Dawn began to plant a trail of kisses along my neck that sent shivers through me.

I opened my eyes to watch Eli move his hands along my thighs as he slowly slid to the floor. The music pounded into me, and my heart pounded too as he slid my soaked panties down to my ankles. I reached down to stroke his hair as I pulled him to me. I felt his tongue cascade along my thigh, teasing me, his breath against my hot flesh. Other hands were on me now Priscilla had come to join us. My body began to shake with pleasure. Eli ran his thick tongue against my clit as Priscilla parted my wet pussy lips and slid a thin finger inside me. My legs felt weak. I leaned back against Dawn and then slid slowly to the floor.

As I lay there, with Eli flicking his tongue against my swollen clit, and Priscilla’s fingers probing in and out of my wet hole, Dawn brought her tits close to my mouth and I began to suckle her big hard nipples. As I did this I saw that Barry had come up behind her and was slipping his massive cock in and out of her tight cunt. I slid my hand around to rub Dawn’s wetness and feel Barry’s hard balls as he fucked her hard and deep. The room began to fill with moans and sighs. Eli started to finger Priscilla’s cunt as she slipped a thick vibrator into me. As she wiggled against

Eli’s hand, she plunged the vibe deep in my pussy, sending me into fits of


Priscilla finally removed the vibrator from my dripping cunt to allow Eli to place his big cock inside me. He entered me slowly, then began to pick up his pace as Priscilla lubed up a smaller vibrator and inserted it into his pumping ass. Eli began to moan loudly as Priscilla slipped the thing in and out of his asshole.

This party was turning out well, and I was enjoying every moment of it. I had Dawn’s luscious breasts in my face and Barry’s balls in my hand, while my cunt was filled to bursting with Eli’s sweet cock. Eli was enjoying it too, for he suddenly pulled out of me and shot his hot come all over my stomach and Dawn’s breasts.

Eli moved off me now, and Priscilla eagerly licked his sticky come from my body, her satiny tongue dancing over my flesh as her fingers rubbed my wet, swollen clit. Then she began to moan loudly as Barry moved away from Dawn and buried his huge cock deep in her hole. Dawn now sat across my face, and I ran my tongue frenziedly up and down over her wetness. God, she tasted so good! I started flicking my tongue rapidly over her clit while I slid a thick dildo deep inside her. Dawn ground her round ass against my face, and soon I was rewarded with a hot stream of her sweet come running down my chin. At the same time I felt Priscilla thrashing in orgasm.

The New Year was almost upon us, and now I was about to get something I had wanted for a long time. As Priscilla and Dawn fell away from me, Barry took hold of my buttocks and pulled me to him.

This man was a hottie, and his every touch sent lustful chills through my body. Barry smiled at me, thrilling me still further by saying, “Mmmm, this is what I wanted,” as he slipped most of his massive cock deep inside me and began a slow rhythm. I felt like he was pushing my insides out, but I was enjoying every single thrust. Barry began to groan rhythmically as his pace quickened, and I found myself clutching at the shag carpet. He was filling me to bursting, but just when I felt I couldn’t take any more he asked me to get on my knees. I rolled onto all fours and stuck my tight ass up at him. He began to rub my buttocks while the tip of his cock rubbed against my clit. I moaned at every touch as I wriggled against him. I wanted him to fuck me that way, and fuck me hard!

Finally Barry positioned his huge cock and slid it into my wet cunt. He went slowly at first, afraid he might hurt me, but I pushed back hard against him, forcing his whole cock into me. Barry gave a hoarse grunt as he grabbed my hips and began pumping me with a vengeance. His cock felt so huge! The pleasure was making my head spin as he plunged into me harder and harder. He mumbled something about my sweet ass as his rhythm quickened, his powerful thrusts nearly shoving me to the floor. My screams of pleasure filled the room as I felt his huge balls bounce against my ass. The room started to spin as a wave of passion filled me, and I came harder than I ever had before. The tightening of my muscles sent Barry into a massive orgasm. He gave a loud yell, jamming every inch of his cock into my cunt, and then his juices were running down my thigh as he slid from me and lowered me to the floor.

I looked up to see everyone smiling down at us. I looked at the clock— one minute past midnight! I had rung in the new century with a big bang all right. Everyone started kissing each other, which led to a new round of erotic fun and games, which then went on until dawn.

Barry and I have vowed to see each other more often, and all of us have agreed to get together every New Year’s Eve from now on.

J.F., Detroit, Michigan

Babes in the Bathroom

For some reason, Ivy League colleges, although certainly more than reputable on the academic spectrum, have over the years developed a somewhat dim reputation as far as sex on campus goes.

Well, that’s all bullshit.

During my freshman orientation week, while most of my peers were out exploring new sights and activities of a scholarly or academic nature, my roommate and I were making some special discoveries of our own. Our particular dormitory is coeducational, much to our delight and our parents’ dismay. The only bathroom on the floor is also shared by both sexes. There are five double rooms on our floor, of which three are occupied by women. Of the remaining two, one is ours, and the other is occupied by a pair of guys who fit the typical engineering student mold”"in fact, they might have starred in Revenge of the Nerds II. In other words, we didn’t have to worry about them giving us much competition.

My roommate Ted and I knew each other from high school, and we were good friends. When we got to college we joked around a lot about how little sex we were going to get here, where all the girls had IQs greater than my social security number. How little we knew!

On our first night on campus, after we had moved all of our stuff into our rooms, we sat around for a while, downing a few cold brews. Finally we figured there had to be something better to do, and we decided to go out and see if the social life in the Ivys was as bad as we had heard.

We went to the bathroom to get a shower, and as we took off our clothes we talked about what we were going to do that night. All of a sudden the door opened and in walked two girls, Teresa and Angie, who occupied one of the rooms on our floor. They were dressed in robes, apparently having planned, like us, to take a shower. We had pegged them as winners the moment we saw them, but we figured that the senior guys would snap them up in an instant, so we had decided not to even try.

So anyway, there we were, standing naked while these two beautiful girls checked us out. Ted and I quickly grabbed towels and wrapped them around our waists, but not before the girls were able to get a good look at our beefy lovesticks. Feeling kind of embarrassed, I murmured something and started backing out of the room, with Ted following my lead. Teresa and Angie looked at us, then looked at each other and smiled. Angie walked up to me, grabbed my towel and pulled it off my body, saying, “No problem, honey, we can all share.”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Teresa drop her robe to the floor and move to Ted. His towel came off as she slithered down his body, until she was on her knees in front of him. I couldn’t help but notice that Ted was now sporting the largest erection I had ever seen. I heard loud slurping noises as Teresa slid her mouth over his cock, but at that point Angie took off her robe, and all my concentration was focused on the girl in front of me.

Angie told me later that she was from Florida, and in fact I might have figured that out as I stared at her naked body. Her skin was deeply tanned, and her tan lines were so defined that for a second I thought she was actually wearing a white bikini. Her breasts were gorgeously formed, perfect handfuls of toned flesh. Her nipples almost rivaled Ted’s erection. And as she put her arms around my neck and her naked coolness pressed against my throbbing heat, her jutting ass provided a welcome resting place for my anxious fingers.

But they didn’t stay there long. Angie fell to her knees and, like a starving tiger, began to devour my python of love. Now, I’ve gotten some great hummers in my time, but this young maiden could type a term paper with her tongue. Per fect ly.

She began by swirling that tongue around the huge purple head of my penis. The feeling was indescribable. While her talented tongue did its work, she fondled my balls with her free hand. I looked over and saw Ted getting the same treatment from Teresa. Much to my surprise, she seemed to be having very little trouble handling his immense organ. She had actually managed to down his whole rod. Ted just looked at me with a silly grin on his face as Teresa massaged him with her throat.

This spectacle must have given Angie some ideas, for now she started some deep throat action of her own. Well, I’m only human. Within moments, a tortured cry came from my lips as I shot gallons of hot cream down her eager throat. A minute later Ted was doing the same, and yelling so loud that I was afraid someone might hear him and discover our wet playland.

Ted and I slumped to the floor, exhausted and sporting satisfied grins. But it seemed that Angie and Teresa hadn’t had quite enough. We were all lying in a naked mass on the tile floor, so close together now that the girls were actually touching each other. Now, to my surprise, Angie began caressing Teresa’s upper thigh. Teresa just lay back and started emitting gasps of pleasure as Angie’s stroking continued. It occurred to me that Angie and Teresa would be having a very enjoyable year as roommates, for they seemed to really enjoy each other’s company.

As Angie went on caressing her friend, Teresa started to reciprocate, and before long the two of them were clasping each other in a steamy 69. Ted and I just sat back and stared. We couldn’t believe our eyes. At that moment it felt as though we had found heaven on that moldy tiled floor.

It was incredible! I had never witnessed this kind of stuff firsthand before, but my penis certainly appreciated it. After a few minutes the dyke duo decided to work on each other separately, so as to devote more attention to one another. Teresa was the first to receive. I already knew the magic powers of Angie’s tongue, but now Teresa was discovering them for herself. Looking at Angie’s beautiful face nestled in Teresa’s brown pubes did wonders for my stiffening prick, and soon it was standing at full attention. Not that the girls seemed to care. They were too involved with what they were doing. Ted and I were enjoying the show, but neither of us were having as much fun as Teresa. Soon she began to writhe and moan, squirming as Angie’s flexible tongue danced on her love nub. Then she came with a piercing scream that echoed through the dorm.

At this point Ted and I were both more than ready for more action. Teresa was kind of out of it, still moaning as she came down from her orgasm, but Angie was as hot as ever. She grabbed me by the balls and carefully guided me onto my back, as Ted knelt behind her. With the grace of a panther she slid my throbbing power tool into her tunnel of love and began to move up and down. Ted must have been inspired by the rhythmical pumping of her ass, because before I knew it he had slid all of his monument into her tight but obviously receptive anus, and we were both fucking her at once. This double pumping was another new experience for me. I watched Angie’s ecstatic face as we thrust into her from above and below, and thought about how lucky women are to be blessed with a pair of holes, so as to double their orgasmic pleasure.

Out of the corner of my eye, and through Angie’s loose strands of

wet hair, I managed to catch a glimpse of Teresa’s rejuvinated squeezbox. I use this term deliberately, because”"again, much to my surprise”"I noticed that the lips of her vulva were stretched around

a giant rubber dildo, with which she was pleasuring herself. My eyes

just about popped out as I watched the fake dick discover Teresa’s inner secrets.

As fascinating as this sight was, my attention was soon turned back to Angie, whose pleasure was now causing her body to gyrate frantically on our thrusting cocks. The sight of her straining face, the sound of her animalistic cries and the rhythmical pumping of our three bodies was just too much for me. I came in gushes, pulling out and spewing streams of creamy jism across her stomach. I don’t think she even noticed, as Ted continued to pump her butt. All I could do was back off and watch.

But before I knew it, I felt someone grab my balls from behind. It was Teresa. She was done with her “man toy,” and wanted some real cock. I just had to oblige. I leaned her against the shower wall and lifted her up, her beautifully formed legs wrapping themselves around my waist. If I needed any extra stimulation to revive my recently drained dick, the feeling of those smooth, soft, shapely thighs and calves clutching my body certainly did the trick. Teresa moaned deeply as my heat seeking missile plunged eagerly into her dripping hole. After what she’d been doing, it had to be the cleanest entryway I had ever breached.

The sensation of her slippery tits, with their hard protruding nipples, bumping and sliding against my chest as I moved in and out of her, had the blood boiling in my veins. I plastered my mouth against hers, and her moans reverberated down my throat as her eager tongue slid like a snake against mine, and then pushed on into my mouth, probing and twisting and driving me crazy. If I hadn’t already depleted myself so recently I wouldn’t have lasted ten seconds with this sweet wanton fucking machine and even as it was I didn’t think I could hold out another minute. My hands clutched at her soft squirmy ass as I went on pounding my dick into her clutching pussy.

Just then I heard a series of shrill orgasmic cries coming from behind me. I turned my head away from Teresa’s lips to see Angie and Ted wheelbarrowing it into the corner of the shower, with Ted’s huge dick still buried in her squirming ass, and both of them coming to beat the band.

The intensity of their orgasm must have gotten to Teresa, because I felt her smooth thighs begin to spasm. I accelerated my thrusts, rocking her against the wall at a furious pace, while she pushed back at me, that wet naked body twisting against me as she urged me on. After another minute of vigorous fucking, we came together in a blinding flash of ecstasy, and she clung to my spent body as we collapsed to the cold floor.

That was enough for one night. And we had the rest of the year still

in front of us.

J.S., New Haven, Connecticut