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I’m a slim white man with a fat uncut cock. My dick is 10 inches long and is capped by a large head, and I have big balls, too.
I discovered that I was bisexual in my late 20s, when I went camping with my sister and her boyfriend. One night, my sister went to sleep in their tent pretty early, saying she was tired from our hike that afternoon, but her boyfriend Matthew and I stayed up late, drinking beer and bullshitting as we sat by the fire. Well, one thing led to another, and somehow Matthew ended up in my tent with me. He said he wanted to lay down, but he wasn’t ready to go to sleep and he didn’t want to disturb my sister. Fair enough. But as we lay there talking about ex-girlfriends, I started to get turned on.
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Polyamorous Pursuits

It took awhile to find a woman who shared my sense of fantasy and eroticism, but once I did, I never looked back. My secret? I’m polyamorous. For me, this means that anything goes. Most people have a hard time understanding this, since for me it means all genders are welcome to play with me. I’m not gay, not straight, just open.

I met my primary partner, Kristin, at a swingers function in New York, the city where you can get anything and everything. She’s a 40 year old leggy, slender brunette who’s open, flirtatious, engaging, and full of laughter and bright ideas. In our little social circle, she’s the sun and everyone orbits around her. She’s also a voyeur, which makes our relationship especially interesting and arousing.

Kristin told me early on that one of her challenges with other partners was that they were always seeking closed, committed relationships that involved no more than two people. And while she enjoys spending time with a primary lover, she also confessed a great curiosity about how other people fulfilled their fantasies, and she found this voyeurism to be a great personal turn on. As for me, I enjoy being urged to try new things, providing they don’t involve pain. I’ve always imagined the ideal partner as a woman who is spontaneous, who lives in the moment, who says what she wants and is willing to try new things with me. For the right woman, I’d be willing to try just about anything she suggested.

When I hooked up with Kristin, one of her wishes was to watch me get a massage. She especially wanted to watch me getting a four handed massage— obviously given by two people. Since we’re open to anything, there were a lot of choices, so Kristin and I searched online until we found two effeminate men who promised to give us an experience that would blow my mind— and Kristin’s.

When the Saturday of our appointment rolled around, Kristin, who’d made the arrangements with the guys, still hadn’t told me what the full plans were. But she said she had to get me ready. She insisted that I be shaved from head to toe so that I could feel every possible sensation during the massage. She lathered me up and shaved away, then washed me off and dressed me, making sure I was ready for my massage. Then she led the way to a cab and we took off to meet the guys for my appointment.

The two slender young men were very charming and greeted us with some warm hugs when we arrived. They showed us to the room where the massage would take place, asked me to undress, then showed Kristin where she could sit to watch.

I stripped and lay facedown on the bed. I looked to my left and saw that Kristin had made herself comfortable in a large chair. She removed her top and jeans to get in the mood as well, and then the young men turned on some music and began to stroke me, one working at my feet and the other at my shoulders. It was a great massage, even without the erotic tension that permeated the room. But at one point, the man at my shoulders slipped a mask over my eyes, and the man at my feet tied my ankles to the end of the bed, spreading my legs apart.

Next, I felt a large, soft feather wander between my legs and brush against my cock and balls. I also felt the lips and tongue of one of the masseurs on my earlobe, whispering that I should breathe and try to relax a little more and enjoy myself.

I heard Kristin gasp, and then things went from light, erotic touches to the intense massage, moving from getting me hard to making me soft. For the longest time I could feel so many fingers on me, and I was being touched in so many ways, but I couldn’t see who was doing what. Eventually they moved back to the erotic touches, and I felt lube being applied to my asshole before a finger penetrated me, making me cry out with pleasure. When I begged for more, it was followed by a slim dildo and then a strong vibrator. It was incredible. When I felt one of the young men position himself between my legs, I really wanted to pull up my blindfold and check out who was getting in position to fuck me, but I knew the mystery was all part of the fun, and I was willing to let things play out.

While his partner rubbed my shoulders and caressed my back, the guy between my legs entered me, telling me to let go and enjoy myself. And I really, really did!

Eventually they untied my ankles and turned me over, the mask still covering my eyes. I heard Kristin tell them that I would enjoy some nipple clamps and a cockring. I wasn’t sure where she’d gotten that idea, but it was clear she was now directing the action from her comfortable seat in the corner.

They propped me up a bit so I was partially sitting up, and I could feel the men on either side of me. I felt something press against my mouth, and I opened my mouth a bit, allowing one of their cocks to slip between my lips. Kristin came over next to me and told me how sexy this was, and how she was about to come from watching me submit to these two young men. That turned me on even more, her arousal, and I started to suck the cock that was in my mouth with enthusiasm.

Eventually, the guy whose cock I was sucking pulled out of my mouth and they slid me down on my back again. Now my legs were lifted over the shoulders of one of the men, and he entered my ass from below while his buddy stroked my dick and pinched my nipples. I’d never had a full body orgasm until then. I exploded with such intensity that I thought I was going to pass out! It was amazing!

Later, Kristin told me that it was one of the most intense erotic experiences she had ever witnessed. I promised her that soon I would reciprocate and let her experience something as mind blowing for herself!— Name and address withheld

Always a Bridesmaid?

Six months ago I received a wedding announcement from an old girlfriend, Lindsay. We were pretty serious for several years, but my career in the Air Force was priority. Still, I hadn’t been home in several years, so I figured I’d go to the wedding and visit my parents at the same time.

I arrived several days before the wedding and, after seeing my parents, I went out to meet up with some friends at our old stomping grounds. There I ran into Lindsay, my old girlfriend and the bride to be. She introduced me to some of her new friends, and then she also introduced me to one of the bridesmaids— her sister, Maria. I didn’t remember Lindsay having a sister when we were dating, but I fell instantly in lust. Maria was five foot five with a tight hourglass shaped body. She had long brown hair that fell down to her waist, firm 36C breasts, and a nice round ass. When she smiled and said hello, I fell in love.

Maria and I talked, drank and danced for hours, until Lindsay and her other friends were ready to call it a night. Maria wasn’t ready to go, though, so I told Lindsay I’d give her sister a ride home. She said okay, then told Maria, “Be careful. Dave will show you a good time, but he’ll always break your heart in the end.”

Lindsay looked at me with a wicked grin and said, “You know, it’s too bad I’m getting married or you might’ve gotten lucky with both sisters tonight.” Then she laughed and left with the rest of her girlfriends.

Later that night, not only did I wind up making out with Maria, but I also sucked her beautiful size C tits and she sucked on my cock and played with my balls. I came hard in her mouth because of her cocksucking skill, and she swallowed my entire load, sucking me dry. Afterward, she reapplied her lipstick as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened, and she had me drop her off at her hotel. As she got out of the car, Maria gave me a good night kiss and whispered in my ear that she was pretty sure she had a crush on me.

That night I tossed and turned. I couldn’t get Maria out of my mind. All I wanted to do was have her suck my dick again, and then fuck her.

On the day of the wedding, Maria was in her bridesmaid gown. It was a long purple halter dress that showed off her breasts perfectly. Lindsay was beautiful in her wedding gown, of course, but I was awestruck by Maria.

At the wedding reception, I danced with Maria several times. I became intoxicated with her beauty and her scent. When she pushed her breasts up against me and suggested we go somewhere, I was incapable of saying no. She lightly stroked the bulge in my pants as we walked out of the reception hall, and when we found a hidden corner she quickly started to kneel down. I grabbed her arms and stopped her, telling her I wanted to make love to her instead. She seemed nervous and started to pull away, but I held onto her arms and said, “I want to be with you, Matt.”

She looked shocked, but I told her that I remembered that Lindsay hadn’t had a sister— she’d had a brother, one who was always spying on us. And, honestly, I didn’t care that Maria was really Matt. I still wanted to fuck her. Him. Whoever.

I kissed Maria then, and the next thing I knew she was bent over a chair that was in the hallway where we were hiding. She had her long gown pulled up around her waist, and I got behind her to pump my cock into her ass. I fucked her as hard as she’d let me (which was really hard), and she moaned in pleasure as I pounded her ass. She came first, and then I came, filling her ass with my seed.

When we were finally finished, Maria straightened her dress, reapplied her lipstick and took my hand, leading me back to the reception. We got there just in time to say good bye to Lindsay and her husband. I pulled Lindsay close to me and whispered in her ear, “I took your brother, I mean your sister, to the moon.” Then I gave her a peck on the cheek before turning to Maria and giving her a long, passionate kiss on the mouth. Lindsay just smiled and waved as she walked out of the building to the waiting limo.

I spent the next three nights fucking and making love to Maria. I wasn’t turned off by the sight of her cock at all— in fact, Maria’s dick was kind of a turn on for me!

End of the story? Not quite! About a month after meeting, Maria moved into my apartment off base, and I gave her an engagement ring. Like they say in the military, don’t ask, don’t tell. Maria and I are happy, so the rest of it isn’t really an issue.— Name and address withheld

Boys Will Be Boys

I don’t consider myself gay or bi or any of that crap. But when my girlfriend went home to take care of her ailing father, my options were pretty limited. I was watching the game with my friend Jason one night when one thing led to another. . . .

I’d been in a rut since Lily left, and my friends kept telling me I needed to get out more. My buddy Jason figured I wouldn’t follow anyone’s advice, so he invited me to his place one night to watch the game and have a few drinks. I figured I’d be doing the same thing at home, and maybe it was time I started hanging out with everyone again. What could it hurt, really? So I grabbed a six pack and headed to Jay’s place after work.

The game only lasted about an hour before it was rained out. I was about to get up to go back to my own place, but Jay said I should hang. He had a new video game he thought I’d like, some mafia thing, so I figured what the hell. I settled down on the couch, grabbed another beer and took the controller Jay handed me, ready to kick his ass at yet another game.

We played for a couple of hours, then Jay wanted to run to the store for more beer. We paused the game and I hung out watching TV until he came back. There wasn’t really anything on at midnight on Friday, but I flipped through the channels until I landed on some soft core porn show where this chick was fucking some long haired hippie looking dude. It wasn’t the best action I’d ever seen filmed, but it was still porn, and that was good enough for me. I looked at the clock and saw that Jay had only been gone about five minutes— he’d be another 15 or 20 at least, since he’d taken the car because of the rain and it would take awhile to get in and out of the apartment building’s garage. So I unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and started jerking off to the fake ass sex scene playing on the TV.

I was really getting into it, stroking my dick in time with the on screen couple’s fucking, when all of a sudden the door flung open and Jay walked in, a six pack held triumphantly over his head. “Dude, I didn’t even have to go to the store, there was a six pack still in the trunk,” he said, not seeing me yet.

I tried to button up really fast, but Jay was faster and he caught sight of what I’d been doing before I had a chance to cover up. I freaked and tried to come up with some story on the spot, but even I knew it wouldn’t help my case. There wasn’t much else that could explain the position I was in except for jerking off.

“Fuck!” I shouted as I tried again to pull my zipper up.

“Want to?” Jay asked.


“Fuck,” Jay said. “Do you want to?”

What the hell is he talking about? I wondered. His words didn’t make any sense, and while I stared at him, confused, I tried to zip my pants, again without success.

“You need to get some ass,” Jay clarified, “and you don’t seem to be doing too well on your own. But if we hooked up, you’d be all Zen and shit, and maybe you’d stop being such a depressing asshole.”

“You want us to fuck? Each other?” This was making no sense.

“We don’t have to fuck,” he said. “We could just blow each other.” I squinted at him and tried to figure out what the hell he was suggesting. “It’s not gay, dude,” he said at my look. “It’s just two friends helping each other out. No one needs to know. It’ll be our little secret.”

If no one had to know, it might not be such a bad idea. I did need to get laid. So I stopped trying to stuff my cock in my pants and zip them up and instead pulled my prick out again and made sure the zipper was all the way down once more. I wasn’t sure if this was really going to help me, but Jay was right about one thing: I needed to get some action or I’d go crazy.

Jay put down the six pack on the table and came over to the couch. He sat down next to me and told me to stand up. I hesitated, but he said it again and this time I got up, my pants drooping and my dick standing straight up out of my zipper. Then Jay directed me to stand close in front of him, and as soon as I was in position, he leaned forward and took my limp dick in between his lips.

Having another guy’s mouth on my dick was a little weird at first, but when he started sucking, I forgot pretty quickly that it was a guy and not some hot chick who had a mouthful of my cock. He was pretty good at giving head, and it seemed like he knew what he was doing. I started to think about who else he’d practiced on, but when the thoughts started to freak me out, I stopped and realized it didn’t matter anyway. I didn’t care how he learned to suck dick, as long as he was good at it. And he was.

Jay took a little more than half my cock into his mouth and really gave it to me. He licked the head and swirled his tongue like my girlfriend would, licking off the precome and teasing me a bit to get me more aroused. Then he started sucking for real, bobbing his head back and forth from the tip of my prick then closer to the base and back again. He couldn’t deep throat me like Lily could, but he was good enough at what he was doing that the couple of inches he couldn’t take didn’t really make that much of a difference.

I was still getting used to the idea of having Jay sucking me off when I felt myself start to tip over the edge I was going to come. For barely a split second I tried to stop myself from coming, but I couldn’t do it and I let myself go. “Shit!” I shouted. “I’m coming!” And then I did, shooting off in Jay’s mouth. I wasn’t sure if he’d spit or swallow— I figured he’d spit, actually— so I was surprised when he started to swallow my come it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting.

Jay didn’t stop sucking after I came. Instead, he kept going, keeping me hard and horny. After a while, I was on the edge again, and then I came a second time. It was insane! I’d come twice in one session before, but never so quickly, and I was impressed that Jay was able to make something like that happen.

Finally done shooting loads of come into my buddy’s mouth, I figured it was my turn to suck Jay, but he said he wanted to wait. I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t want to have his cock sucked after how good a job he did on my dick, but he was in charge, so I let it go for the moment. The next day when I came back for a rematch on the video game, I returned the favor. I’m not a very good cocksucker— at least not in my opinion— but Jay seemed to get pretty hot from my mouthwork, and I even managed to make my buddy come once.

I don’t think Jay and I will be fucking around again now that Lily’s home, but it’s good to know that if I ever need to get a little action, I have a friend who’s willing to help out. That’s what I call a real friend with benefits!— M.L., Chicopee, Massachusetts

Foreign Exchange

I’m a 23 year old male medical student. I was born in France, raised in England and now live in the United States. Upon being accepted into medical school, the admissions office arranged for a place for me to live through a foreign student exchange program. I moved in with a very wealthy black couple on an exclusive, plush estate.

Their 25 year old son James is a student at the same medical school, through which he’d arranged my stay with his family. We soon became good friends. James and I were sort of the campus studs. Every weekend we’d double date— he’d have a different girl each time we went out, whereas I was somewhat taken with this gorgeous, blonde, blue eyed bombshell in class. We were both quite active, socially and sexually.

About three weeks ago, on one of these double dates, we ended up in a very crowded bar. After hours of dancing and drinking, we were all feeling quite good. At midnight, the owner announced that they were going to have a male “best buns” contest, and he asked for volunteers from the crowd. Right away our dates were daring James and me to volunteer. Now, I’m proud of my muscular body and tiny buns, but I’m naturally a little shy about parading around on a stage in front of a crowd of strangers, dressed only in briefs, showing off my butt. But after James had volunteered, I shocked myself by doing so as well.

The owner took us and the five other volunteers aside and told us all to go into the men’s room and strip down to our briefs. We were to remain there until our names were called one by one, then we were to dance and show off our buns onstage. Realizing that I was not wearing any briefs that night, I took the owner aside and explained my problem to him. He smiled and told me not to worry, he had several extras that I could choose from. So I followed him to his office and selected a black bikini brief from his cabinet drawer. Then I joined the others in the men’s room.

As James and I waited for our names to be called, he remarked that my costume was a bit revealing. Being a little nervous about the whole thing, I quickly looked into the mirror to see what he was talking about. The briefs were so small and tight that the outline of my nine inch circumcised cock— looking like a large hose— was visible along one side of my hip, and my muscular buttocks were totally bare except for a thin line of material encased in the hairy crack of my ass! I was about to change my mind about the contest when James asked me where I got them from— he liked them and wanted to wear a pair himself. I told him about the owner’s cabinet, and he quickly dressed and left to get himself a pair. He soon returned with a red silk pair very similar to the pair I was wearing.

As he slid the briefs on, I couldn’t help but notice his muscular, trim, dark skinned body, and managed to catch my first glimpse of his large, circumcised cock and big, chunky balls. I had never seen a black man’s penis before, and I was strangely excited by it. I turned away when I noticed that he caught me looking. His briefs were as revealing as mine.

After about a 20 minute wait, the show started. James was the second person called onto the stage I was sixth in line. When my turn came our dates cheered loudly, along with the large crowd. I was soon dancing to “Me So Horny” by The 2 Live Crew. As I strutted my stuff, several girls ran over and reached up to feel my bare buttocks and grope my crotch. I couldn’t believe how wild the crowd was. One girl even tried to pull the skimpy briefs off me, but one of the bar’s bouncers quickly pulled her away from the stage as I continued to dance and flex my ass cheeks. I loved all the attention I was getting, which made me get even wilder onstage. Before I finished I slid the back of my briefs down and mooned the crowd, bringing a loud cheer from the audience.

After the last guy was done dancing, the owner had us line up onstage, walk by the judge’s table— which consisted of five girls— one by one and present our buns for the judging. We then lined up again and waited for the owner to announce the judge’s choice.

To my surprise, I won the damn contest! James came in second. I think we had an advantage over the other men because of the briefs we borrowed. All the other guys only wore their normal white cotton or colored nylon briefs, nothing as revealing or sexy as the ones James and I wore. First prize was only a $100, but the thrill and excitement of actually winning was worth it. James’s second place prize was 50 bucks. After accepting our prize money and getting dressed, we returned the borrowed briefs, joined our dates and excitedly celebrated all that night.

When the bar closed for the night, we went to the apartment of James’s date. There, after a few more drinks and a couple of lines of coke, we each took our date into a separate bedroom. My girl was so horny from watching me dance that she rode my cock like a crazed woman. I relaxed on the bed as she sat on my prick and fucked me until I was drained then we went into a 69. My tongue fucked her delicious cunt, her hot, blonde, juicy pussy soaking my entire face, while she deep throated my cock and played with my hairy balls. Finally, we both came again, and after a brief rest I climbed on top of her and fucked her heavenly cunt once more. She was an expert fuck, and we were both drained and contented when done.

After we cleaned up and dressed we went out into the living room to wait for James to drive us home. We did another line of coke as we waited. Soon James came out with his date they, too, looked exhausted. They did a line, then the three of us left. We drove my date home, then went directly back to the estate.

In the morning, as I showered in my private bath, James came in to discuss the contest and our wild evening with the girls. As we joked about the way we looked in the revealing silk briefs, I looked through the glass shower door to see James absentmindedly fondling his cock through his white cotton briefs. He was sitting on the edge of the counter with his legs spread wide apart, his fingers rubbing and squeezing his growing bulge as we talked. My dick began to stir as I suddenly recalled my quick glimpse of his exciting penis as he changed in the men’s room at the bar. I found myself strangely attracted to him, and my blood began to rush with excitement. I turned my back to him and began to gently soap my throbbing cock, stroking it slowly. But I felt nervous about James catching me, so I stopped and quickly finished showering.

I walked out of the shower, grabbed a towel and dried myself as James continued to stare. When I walked over to the mirror near where James sat, to blow dry and style my hair, I noticed his eyes were on my semi erect cock again several times. I was really hot for him by now, and I was trying to control my desires so they wouldn’t become obvious. His cock formed a tent in the front of his briefs as his fingers continued to tease it.

I couldn’t take it anymore! Without a word I leaned over and rubbed his cock through his briefs. He froze, but his huge tool throbbed against my grasping palm. I slid my hand into his briefs and grabbed his pulsing, dark skinned cock, gently stroking it along the stiffening shaft. He looked surprised but didn’t seem to mind. I quickly yanked his briefs off and squatted down in front of him. His big, beautiful, black, straining rod— which was at least the size of mine if not larger— was fully erect and vibrating in my hand. I leaned forward between his legs and, still without a word between us, immediately engulfed the bloated, purplish colored knob in my cock hungry mouth. I polished the entire head with my anxious tongue and sucked hard on it, feeling him suddenly quiver. A deep moan escaped from his throat as I ran the tip of my tongue under the ridge of his mushroom shaped glans and into the tiny slit at the very tip.

I wanted more of his delicious cock! I swallowed most of it down my throat, enjoying the way it jerked and throbbed. Soon he began to slowly fuck my mouth as I deep throated his hard tool with fast in and out motions. My hand played with his black haired balls as I slid my mouth along his great tasting, musky smelling cock. His hoarse moans and groans filled the bathroom as I worked him over. His hand found its way to the back of my head and guided it on his prick, adjusting its movements to suit his pleasure. He spread his thighs farther apart and fucked my face with a force that I was afraid might knock me down!

Soon I could feel the tension knot in the muscles of his thighs, and I knew he was going to shoot his tasty wad soon. He grunted loudly, pushed hard on the back of my head, then blew his large load down my throat. As his cock jerked and jumped in orgasm, his thrusts slowed while I swallowed every delicious gob of his huge, hot, creamy load.

He lay back on the counter and I licked away any lingering drops off his spent dick. I ran my mouth over every inch of his crotch, tonguing and sucking his balls, thighs, stomach and cock. His dick softened, forming a large, wet arc on his thigh. I gave it a few last quick sucks and licks before I finally stood back and looked at it. It glistened wetly, like an enormous stick of black licorice, as it rested on his thigh. It had a very unique look to it. The purplish or bluish tint of a black man’s meat makes it look very different than a white guy’s pale rod.

After a short period of rest, James slid off the counter and quickly knelt before me. He smiled up at me and hoarsely said, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this, or how bad I’ve wanted and wished this would happen. . . . God, I can’t believe it’s finally happening!”

With that, he took my throbbing cock in his hands and stroked it, kneading and squeezing it excitedly. He gently pushed my foreskin back, exposing my red, swollen knob, and touched it with the tip of his tongue. He licked it first, then sucked it into his eager mouth. As he blew me, he would gently bite, tongue and “vacuum” my entire rod. I was beside myself with pleasure. His slithering tongue and stroking mouth felt fantastic on my extremely horny organ. I spread my legs apart and guided his head on my prick, trying to get my whole erection down into his hot, clasping throat. As his mouth moved back and forth on my rod, his hand gently caressed my balls. He was quickly driving me to the borderline. I tried to control myself, but it was a loosing battle. Groaning uncontrollably, I shot my load. He swallowed it all as he used his hand at the base of my prick to pump my load into his mouth.

The next thing I knew, James stood, grabbed my shoulders, pulled me close to him and began to passionately kiss me. His masculine kiss crushed my lips. I responded quickly, running my hands all over his dark, muscular body. I could taste my semen on his dancing tongue and sucked it all the more.

After relaxing for about half an hour, James suggested that we wash up. We dashed for the shower, and once inside we soaped each other’s body from head to toe. He grabbed my dick and stroked and soaped it. I, in turn, took hold of his and did the same. As we played with each other under the warm spray, we began to kiss again and talk about the events that had just passed. We told each other how much we had enjoyed sex with one another and that we should do it on a regular basis. We concluded that we were probably both bisexual. He told me that he had wanted to make it with me since the first day I moved into his home and looking back, I have to admit that I’d secretly wished for the same. I had never desired sex with another man until I’d met James but it wasn’t until I actually saw his cock for the first time that I really knew I wanted him.

We still double date on weekends with the beautiful girls on campus, but sometimes during the week we sneak into each other’s bedroom and suck up a storm! Now that we’ve had each other, we’re considering swapping dates as well. For now, it’s just a thought. We’re too busy enjoying each other to think that far ahead.

Mr. (Name and address withheld by request)