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It had been nine months since my husband had been deployed to Iraq, and I couldn’t wait to see him. Our daughter was nearly two years old by then, and I’d finally lost all the baby weight I’d put on while I was pregnant with her. I was excited to show him my new body and the new wardrobe I’d bought to help show it off. He’d seen a few pictures that I’d emailed to him while he was away, but I’d made sure not to send too many. I wanted him to really see me and appreciate my body first-hand when I saw him in person.

On the day I was finally able to pick Rick up at the base and bring him back home, I was wearing my sexiest sundress, something that would show off my figure but not be inappropriate to wear in public. It was hard to find my husband in the crowd of other men and women who were finally coming home, but when I finally spotted him, I could feel my heart start to race with incredible excitement. I zigzagged my way through the crowd to get to him, and I remember exactly the moment he spotted me. His eyes got wide and his mouth opened in shock. It was clear he was pleased with the changes I’d made while he was away.
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When Jeff and I bought our house, I couldn’t wait to move in. We’d both been in cramped apartments for so long, and finally moving into our own house was something we’d both fantasized about for years. All the added closet space, the big living room, the back yard, the fireplace . . . I’d wanted them all for so long. But most of all, I was excited about the kitchen.

I love to cook and bake, and having a full kitchen with ample counter space and cabinets was a dream come true. Jeff liked to joke that I was more in love with the kitchen than him, and sometimes, he wasn’t that far off. It was an amazing setup, and whenever I had spare time, I was in the kitchen, working on new recipes or just enjoying all the space I now had to work in.
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I’ve known Nate for more than a year, but I had never thought about getting involved with him because of our work relationship. Nate works for a law firm that handles all of the legal matters that come up with the small business I run. He began asking me out shortly after he got divorced six months ago, but I had always brushed him off, saying that I couldn’t do it. It wasn’t until I overheard two women talking about him in the ladies’ room at his office building that I decided to reconsider. One of them said she’d do anything to get Nathan to ask her out so she could find out if he was as well hung as his ex-wife had claimed he was. Being a woman who loves a big cock, I couldn’t get what I’d heard out of my mind. When he asked me out again later that day, I finally said yes.

I had agreed to meet him at a restaurant in the city, and we had a wonderful meal before moving into the lounge where a small band was playing. As we talked, he asked why I had suddenly changed my mind when he asked me out this time. I looked down for a moment before answering, telling him that I’d heard some good things about him from some of the women in his office. It wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t exactly the truth. Still, it seemed to do the trick, and as expected, he decided this gave him the perfect opening to try to get into my panties.
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When my girlfriend Cassandra took me home to meet her parents, I expected an interrogation and all the usual meet-the-parents stuff you have to do. What I wasn’t expecting was to have to sleep in her frilly pink childhood bedroom.

Cassandra’s folks were nice enough, and things seemed to be going well, but by the third night of our four-night stay, I was horny as hell and dying to get some action, and the only things standing in my way were Cassandra’s parents. I know we were visiting them, but they were always around. And they weren’t the kind of parents who went to bed early, either. Her father was up until at least two every night. It was really cramping my style. They’d been nice enough to let us share a room, but with them always nearby, there was no way for us to get in the mood. Then her dad was invited to a business dinner that he couldn’t get out of. We were finally getting time alone!

As soon as her parents left for dinner at eight, Cassandra and I were on each other. We started making out on the couch, but things between us got hot really fast, and we quickly moved to her bedroom. For the first time that weekend, I didn’t notice the bright pink walls or lacy comforter and curtains when we entered. I was too distracted by my hot girlfriend to notice any of it.

We started taking our clothes off as soon as her door was closed, our jeans and T-shirts piling up on the floor. It took only a few moments to go from standing and stripping to being horizontal on her pink bed. Cassandra took control immediately, kissing me and rubbing her body against mine, making me want her even more.

She didn’t waste any time once she had me in bed. After only a minute of grinding against me, she positioned herself over my hips and slid my shaft right up into her cunt. She was tight and wet, and as she slid down onto my dick, I felt my cock start to throb with pleasure. Before she’d even sat all the way down, I started to thrust into her, filling her with my dick.

My girlfriend was a lot more aggressive than her cute pink bedroom would suggest, and she started to fuck me passionately as I continued to thrust inside her. She rode me furiously, her hips moving up and down and in figure-eight patterns as she fucked herself closer to orgasm.

We hadn’t had sex in days, the longest we’d gone without getting off since we first got together, and it didn’t take us long to work ourselves into a frenzy. When it wasn’t enough for Cassandra to ride me, we quickly swapped places so I could pound into her. In our new position, it was even easier for us to get all worked up, and we were on the verge of climaxing within minutes.

I banged Cassandra as long and as hard as I could, and she bucked her hips in time with me. When we finally came, Cassandra cried out loudly, begging me not to stop. I did exactly what she asked, and I just pounded into her relentlessly, not stopping until we were both satisfied and spent.

When we finally stopped and rolled over to get some sleep, I realized once again how unbearably pink the room was. But after having some of the best sex I could’ve hoped for, it seemed just a little more bearable.

Boston, Massachusetts


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It was a cold, blustery evening, and my boyfriend Jason and I had decided that instead of braving the elements to go out for our date night we’d stay indoors and enjoy a hot, sexy bath while drinking a bottle of wine. I filled the bathroom with candles, making the steamy walls shimmer and glow.

At one point while we reclined in the tub facing each other, Jason took my wine glass and placed it between my breasts, then got me to keep it in place by clasping my hands tightly over my tits and pushing them lightly together. He then leaned back and assessed the look, deciding that one day it would make a great photo. It was at that time that I had a revelation. All this time I had been dating a professional photographer and it had never dawned on me that I should be taking advantage of the chance to pose for some racy candid photographs.

The next day I hatched a plan for an exciting evening with Jason and his camera and set about to get ready. The first stop was a local beauty salon for a mani-pedi and a nice bikini wax. I then headed home to pack my duffel bag with a few expensive bottles of red wine and a collection of sexy lingerie, in addition to some sultry music and candles. I got to Jason’s place and said  I thought it would be interesting to take some arty photos, as well as some more suggestive ones.
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