For my wife Elaine’s birthday, we decided we’d take a well deserved vacation by the beach. As soon as we got to the resort, we checked in and were taken to a small villa that contained two adjoining suites, each with its own small hot tub.
As we were leaving our room for dinner that first night, we noticed our next door neighbor, a very striking brunette, entering her room. We said a quick hello and then went off to the dining room after dinner, we decided to get a drink at the poolside bar. A few minutes after we sat down, our gorgeous brunette neighbor entered the bar as well. She took a seat next to Elaine, introduced herself as Carrie, and made some small talk while we shared a few drinks. Carrie was a lawyer who was there on business, and since her husband couldn’t get time off, she’d come alone.
After several martinis, which are Elaine’s favorite, we were feeling pretty tipsy and excused ourselves to head back to our room. Elaine and I decided to take a quick dip in the hot tub, so we stripped naked and went onto the patio. While we were standing there, about to get into the water, we noticed Carrie on the path back to the villa. Several minutes later, one of the bartenders came up the path, too. He was carrying a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses, and he went right in through Carrie’s door. My wife and I tried to figure out what was going on. Was our neighbor sleeping with the bartender, or was he just delivering the wine and glasses for her and someone else? We went over every possible scenario together, but eventually we gave up and decided to just enjoy the rest of our soak.
Not long after that, Elaine and I headed to bed. Elaine fell asleep the minute she laid down, but I stayed awake for a while, washing up before hitting the sheets. I was just about to turn on the TV, hoping there was something good on late night television, when I heard voices and laughter coming through the wall from Carrie’s room. Forgetting about the TV, I concentrated on the sounds they were making. It got quiet for a while, but then I heard the unmistakable sound of moaning coming from the adjoining room. At first I thought I was imagining things, but then it got louder and I had no doubt Carrie was having some fun with the bartender. When I heard the bed start to creak and rattle, I knew I had to wake Elaine.
It took my wife a minute to fully wake up, but when she did, she seemed as excited as I was by the sex noises coming from the next room.
“Sounds like she’s enjoying herself,” Elaine gasped, clearly aroused after hearing the sensual sounds from our neighbor’s room.
Then she was kissing me, her hands wandering over my body until she found my rock hard dick and started jerking me off.
A moment later my wife was straddling me, lowering herself onto my steel pole and riding me slowly as we listened to the erotic sounds coming through the wall. Each new sound that reached us got her hotter, and our coupling was quickly becoming the hottest fuck session we’d had in quite some time. I wasn’t exactly going slow either, my dick already harder than I’d ever felt it and pumping in and out of her sopping cunt with a speed I didn’t know I could reach. Soon Elaine got so turned on that she started riding me harder, really fucking me, and when the couple next door yelled loudly in ecstasy, Elaine and I had our own simultaneous earth shattering climaxes.
The next morning we had breakfast and went to the pool. Carrie showed up about half an hour after we got there, and when she saw us, she smiled and came over to sit with us. My cock started getting hard again as I remembered the noises she’d been making the night before, so I left the ladies to talk while I went for a swim.
When I got back only 20 minutes later, Carrie had gone and Elaine suggested we head back to our room and soak in the hot tub.
“Carrie apologized for making so much noise last night,” she told me as we sat in the water. “She said she couldn’t help it, though. Apparently the bartender had quite a big cock.”
Now Elaine was rubbing my own cock under the bubbles of the hot tub as she whispered into my ear, “She said it was fantastic. He had the biggest cock she’d ever seen. She said he was insatiable and would have fucked her all night if she’d let him.”
Now I needed to fuck her, so I quickly pulled at her string bikini, untying the flimsy bathing suit and pulling her into my lap. She’d already worked my cock free from my swim trunks, and after fingering her cunt for a few seconds, she sank easily onto my dick. She bounced up and down on me for a few minutes before standing up and pulling me out of the water by the hand. Then she led me over to a lounge chair nearby and slowly pushed me down onto it.
Elaine wasted no time on foreplay, grabbing my cock and guiding it into her very wet pussy as she got on top of me, her favorite position. I asked her what had gotten her so horny, already knowing the answer, and she confessed that it’d really turned her on to hear our neighbor having sex last night and then to hear all the details of the encounter that morning by the pool. It was driving her crazy, she said, all the while fucking me wildly, her hips rising and falling as she rode my cock.
“Oh God, yes, fuck me with your big cock,” she screamed out as she exploded in orgasm. Seconds later she came, wriggling on top of me while her juices flowed out and coated my dick. I came then, too, shooting deep into her pussy. “That was fucking great,” she gasped as she collapsed on top of me.
We spent the rest of the day in bed, reliving the excitement from the night before, when our neighbor was still around. Neither one of us could get enough, and if Carrie hadn’t already left to catch her plane home, she would’ve had an erotic listening experience similar to the one Elaine and I had the night before.
That night, we decided on a late dinner, unable to tear ourselves away from each other any sooner than we did. Elaine wore a little black dress with a plunging neckline, and she wore no bra, just a tiny pair of blue lace panties and a pair of black silk thigh high stockings. She looked amazing, and I could tell from her outfit that she was in the mood for lots of fucking and sucking after dinner.
Our waiter that night was Alan, a young guy in his late 20s. While we were ordering, I noticed that he was getting an excellent view down the front of my wife’s dress. When he left to put in our order, I mentioned to Elaine that Alan had gotten an eyeful while standing at our table, looking down her dress. But instead of adjusting her dress to cover herself, she surprised me by saying, “Really? Maybe I’ll tease him a little bit.”
Now, my wife’s a bit of a flirt sometimes, but she’d never done something so daring before, and I figured she was still worked up after the previous night’s erotic symphony. And I wasn’t going to complain if Elaine wanted to try something new and have some fun. Hell, if she wanted to fuck the damn waiter, I’d let her.
When Alan returned a few minutes later with our drinks, Elaine leaned forward to sip hers, giving him a great view of her tits. She seemed to be enjoying her little game, and she kept it up throughout the meal, flaunting her body for Alan whenever he was nearby. When he came by with a dessert menu an hour or so later, Elaine gave me a look before sneaking off to the ladies’ room. She’d already told me what she wanted for dessert, and I knew it wasn’t on the menu.
Pulling Alan aside, I had a brief chat with him, during which he was all smiles. Then he quickly brought me the check and I signed the receipt just as Elaine was returning from the bathroom. It was 10:15 and Alan didn’t get off till 11, so we went to the bar for a couple of drinks before heading back to our room to wait for our guest.
It was only a couple minutes past 11 when we heard Alan knocking on the door, and Elaine hurried to answer it. When my wife saw the waiter on the other side, she smiled wide. She took the bottle of wine he held and passed it to me before giving our guest a kiss on the cheek and inviting him into the room. I quickly grabbed us three glasses from the side table and poured each of us a nice stiff drink while Elaine led Alan over to a small loveseat in the corner of the room.
I handed Elaine and Alan their drinks and took a seat in the chair across from them. Elaine was flirting with the waiter, but he still seemed a bit nervous, so I decided to do something about it. During a lull in the conversation, I looked at Elaine and told her I thought she looked a bit overdressed to just be sitting around the room drinking wine and asked her if maybe she’d like to change into something more comfortable. She quickly took the hint and a moment later she was standing up and pulling her tiny dress over her head. Then she sat back down, in only her skimpy panties and thigh highs, giving Alan an even better view of her tits much better than the glimpse he got in the restaurant.
Elaine’s near nudity seemed to give Alan a bit more courage, and finally he was flirting with her, too, touching her arm and thigh when he talked to her. But that wasn’t enough for Elaine, and after a few more minutes, she took charge of the situation.
The next time Alan touched her thigh, she took his hand in her own and pulled it up to her pussy, letting him know it was okay to touch her. After that, Alan seemed to loosen up a bit, and he started really having fun with my wife.
After she took her hand from his, he started rubbing his fingers over her panty clad pussy, gently teasing her legs and tummy too. Elaine seemed to be enjoying his touch, and I sat back in my chair to watch. When Alan was more comfortable, he reached into her panties and played with her bare cunt for a little while before finally pulling down her lacy underwear. Then the action really got underway.
While he fingered her cunt, Alan leaned in and started suckling on her tits. One at a time, he took her breasts into his mouth, slobbering all over them, licking her areolae, nibbling on her nipples. Gobbling Elaine’s tits has always been a favorite of mine, and I loved watching this young guy do to her what I’d done only hours earlier.
She was moaning now, enjoying her partner’s hands and lips caressing her body, and when Alan pulled his mouth away from her tits after a while, she groaned at the loss. But her disappointment didn’t last long, because only seconds later, her young lover was on the floor, sitting on his knees while he buried his head between her toned thighs. He kissed along the smooth flesh of her inner thighs, working his way from her knees up to her cunt, but he refused to just dive right in once he got there.
Instead, he teased her, kissing her mound, licking her inner thighs, but ignoring her true hotspot. I thought she’d go crazy if he didn’t do something soon, and I was right when she didn’t get what she wanted, Elaine started writhing around on the couch, jerking her pussy against his face and forcing his mouth to go where she needed it most.
When his tongue finally delved between her succulent lips, she let out a moan, obviously thrilled with Alan’s progress. From where I sat, I could see him thrusting his tongue in and out of her, every now and then stopping just long enough to lick and nibble her clit. It was clear that Alan had a talented tongue, and sooner than I’d expected, Elaine was calling out, announcing her orgasm. As she came, Alan never took his mouth from her cunt, enthusiastically drinking up her copious juices.
As she settled down, Alan stood from between her legs, his face covered with her come, and dropped his pants. His dick was rather impressive, and I could tell he was ready for a first rate fucking.
Elaine, deciding to forgo the usual girl on top position for something new this time, flipped onto her knees and leaned her chest against the back of the loveseat. Then she turned her head to glance at Alan and motion him to her, clearly unable to wait any longer to get his cock inside her.
Alan’s cock slid into my wife’s pussy with ease, and as I watched him start thrusting into her, I finally took notice of my own aching dick. I’d been so caught up in watching my wife and her new friend that I hadn’t realized how hard I was, but watching them start to fuck, I decided it was time to take care of my own arousal, too. So as our waiter pushed his dick slowly in and out of my wife’s dripping pussy, I freed my cock and started jerking off, trying to match my rhythm to theirs.
When Alan started pumping into Elaine faster, I picked up my pace, my hand moving more rapidly over my engorged dick. I was so turned on by what I was seeing and the sounds they were both making that I knew I wouldn’t last long, and I was glad when I saw Alan fucking my wife harder and faster. They were both on the edge, and I knew we’d all be coming soon.
I was right, and a minute later, I blew my load, my hand not stopping till I’d drained my balls. Meanwhile, Alan came, too, and I watched his ass clench and release over and over as he shot spurt after spurt into my wife’s cunt. Then, while he was busy filling her pussy with his jizz, Elaine came. She screamed like a banshee as she came (she’s never been a quiet lover), and I watched as Alan kept pumping into her, pushing her further over the edge.
Once we were all spent, Alan pulled up his pants and hurried out the door, not wanting any of the other employees to catch him coming out of our room in the morning. Then Elaine and I went to bed, both fully satiated after only two days of vacation.
As we were leaving our room the next morning, we ran into a couple who appeared to be checking into the room next to ours the one Carrie had been staying in on our first day and we smiled and greeted them.
“You know,” my wife said as we walked out of the villa and headed for breakfast, “we should welcome them the same way Carrie welcomed us, don’t you think?”
I smiled at my wife’s naughty idea and nodded in agreement. Giving our new neighbors a show sounded like fun. After all, we still had four days left on the beach, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend them!K.M.
Newark, New Jersey


I’m a 19 year old recent high school grad. I’m small five foot four and 105 pounds with measurements of 34C 23 32. I’m a natural blonde without a single scar on my body. I lost my virginity a year ago to a guy I was dating, but he moved away earlier this year, and I’ve been single ever since. Although we had sex quite a few times, I realize now that I’d never orgasmed. Plus we never did oral, not even as foreplay, so sex really wasn’t one of my favorite pastimes.
Two weeks ago I moved upstate to begin my college career, and I moved into an apartment off campus. My roommate, Dana, is a year older than me and is a cheerleader for the football team. She’s five foot six, blonde and has nice blue eyes and big tits. Dana and I hit it off, and she said I should try out for the cheerleading squad. I told her I didn’t think I had the good looks or the body to do it, even though I’d love to join.
“Nonsense,” she said. “You’re hot, girl!” I can’t deny I was flattered.
“Listen, one of the guys on the team is having a party tonight over at his parents’ house while they’re out of town. Why don’t you come out with me?” she asked. I’m not much of a party person, but I finally accepted her offer to go.
Later that afternoon, I was in my bedroom toweling myself off a little after getting out of the shower. “Oh, wow!” a voice from behind said. I jumped out of my skin and almost peed myself, but when I looked up I saw it was just Dana. “Dana, you scared the living shit out of me!” I yelled, kinda pissed.
“I thought you said you weren’t built to be a cheerleader!” she said.
At first I was embarrassed, but then I realized that hey, she’s a girl, too, and, as roommates, there were going to be a lot of times when we would see each other nude. I dropped my hands to my sides nervously.
“Wow, you have the sexiest tits I’ve ever seen!” she added.
My breasts are 34C, but my nipples are swollen and puffy. I used to be embarrassed by them. The girls in high school had to tell me how sexy they looked. They’re very soft and sensitive, too, and I have to admit they look good when I’m not wearing a bra.
“Oh stop. I’m sure yours are sexier,” I replied.
“And you’re a natural blonde, too!” she smirked, after I noticed her gazing at my muff.
“Yes, aren’t you a natural blonde?” I asked.
“I sure am,” she laughed as she watched me finish dressing. For a minute I thought she was a lesbian, and I got worried that she might take my innocent comments the wrong way. Well, only time would tell, I figured.
We went out to the party that evening, and it was wild. There were so many people there, and the booze and smoke were flowing freely. I lost Dana somewhere in the crowd, but I was having such a good time, I didn’t care. It’s not every day a shy, small town girl like me really gets a chance to let it all hang out.
“Here she is!” I heard Dana say as she grabbed my arm and spun me around. She was with two big, built black guys who are on the football team. Dana introduced us.
“Kate, this is Mike and Jimmy,” she said. “I told them about how sexy your tits were, but they didn’t believe me. Why don’t you show them?”
I was so embarrassed! I couldn’t believe she expected me to whip out my tits for two strangers and men at that. I surprised myself, however, when I said, “Okay. Follow me, guys.”
Dana giggled, “Have fun, Kate,” as the two guys followed me into the large house.
Once we found an empty room, I stood in front of them and smiled as I raised my shirt up over my head, exposing my large, swollen nipples.
I walked up close to them as I felt them staring at me. “Well, what do you think?” I asked.
Jimmy reached up and circled my nipple with his finger. “Nice,” he said as he pulled me to him and began sucking on it.
Mike stood up and began sucking on my other nipple as well. I felt so naughty, but the excitement of two men getting with me at the same time had me floating on air. Their hands were all over me, and soon I was totally naked and Mike was bending down and crawling between my legs. I closed my eyes and bit down on my lip. Soon his hot tongue slithered past my soft blonde bush and into the inner opening of my pussy. It wasn’t long before he had it far up into me, swirling and twisting like a snake.
“Ahhh!” I gasped and clamped my thighs tight around his head, thrusting my mound up hard to his soft mouth. “Oh God!” was my only response as his tongue began to work more furiously, sliding in deep, then licking back and forth across my dripping pussy. He then slid a long, thick finger into me, moved upward and began licking my pulsing clit gently, with feather light flicks of his tongue. I raised myself up a bit so he could get more of that tongue onto my pussy. Suddenly I felt as if I were going to burst with pleasure, a pleasure that I’d never felt before. At that moment, I was having my first orgasm ever. It was as though an exploding comet were ricocheting around deep in my tummy. The fire continued to flicker throughout my loins and run up my legs for a few seconds and my nipples got hard. I stuck a finger in my mouth to keep from screaming too loud.
When I opened my eyes, still trying to catch my breath, Mike was kneeling beside my head, naked and stroking his thick, lengthy cock. He put it to my lips. I knew what he wanted but I’d never done that before, and the thought of having a penis in my mouth seemed strange. But I’d just experienced a mind blowing orgasm, and I wanted to do something for the men who’d given it to me. I took a deep breath and kissed the head. I felt my lips against its hot, rubbery flesh, and it was a real turn on.
“Lick it. Let me feel that sweet little tongue circling around it,” Jimmy said excitedly. Obediently I stuck out my tongue and wrapped it around the bulging tip.
“Yeah, baby, now let me feel those thick lips of yours,” he moaned.
The way he talked to me started really turning me on. I felt so slutty! I wanted to please him, so I opened wide and let my mouth and lips take in the thick, hot, satiny mass. I sucked on it for a moment, just feeling its heat and heaviness in my mouth and enjoying its pleasant flavor. Although he had a hold of the back of my head, he let me control most of the action while he thrust gently against my mouth, pumping into me in time with my own movements. I began taking him deeper into my mouth, experimenting.
“Oh yeah, now you got it. Oh yeah, that’s it. Swallow it,” he moaned as I felt him swelling and pulsating. I tried to pull back, knowing he was about to come in my mouth, but he had a firm hold on my head and I couldn’t get away. He pulled me more tightly to his dick and I sucked madly on him as the first hot, steamy rope of semen shot deep into my mouth. It came in a flood that surprised me, but it was more exciting than anything I could ever have imagined. My mouth and throat were filled with this silky, lovely fluid, and I gulped it down while his fingers tangled in my hair and he finished fucking my face.
I made a tight ring with my lips. I found myself not wanting to lose a single drop of his come, and I sucked his black cock until there was no more semen to devour. I finally let Jimmy’s limp cock drop out from my mouth just as Mike crawled up between my legs and pressed his fat dick against my tiny opening.
I didn’t see how big he was, but he felt enormously thick against my pussy. He moved his cock up and down the length of my slit. He pressed hard between my moist pussy lips and with a sudden wet sucking noise, the blunt head popped into my entrance.
I wailed. I closed my eyes as I felt a jolt of white hot desire cutting through my body. I felt stretched impossibly wide. I raised my head up and looked down between my legs. I was astonished to see the length and girth of the cock that had just penetrated me. It was much bigger than the one I had just sucked off. I was sure Mike would split me in two. He was patient though, and he let me relax before sinking another inch or so inside me.
“God, you’re so big!” I moaned. Soon, however, I was so wet it seemed to slide easily into me. There was no more pain, only the wonderful feeling of being full of hot black dick. His cock slid into the most sacred depths of my body, into places where I’d never been touched before. He bent forward and began sucking and nibbling hungrily on my swollen nipples as he began to speed up. I was feeling a level of sexual awareness that I’d never known. I realized the sex I had in the past was only foreplay leading to this night, because this was the first time I’d ever truly been fucked.
And I really loved being fucked! I was completely shocked by the mounting orgasm echoing deep within my tummy. I squirmed and worked my pussy around and around the thick black cock that filled it so much, feeling something deep inside me that I knew I’d never get enough of. It felt like I was coming again, releasing more of the sexual frustration that had built up from my first time getting laid.
“Oh!” I cried out. “Yes! Fuck me! Oh, fuck me harder!” I began to beg as I came with a delight that overtook me. My pussy clenched as I came all around his cock. I could feel every thick vein pumping into me, and at that same moment he groaned loudly. A second after that, it began. I could actually feel his sperm racing up the length of his enormous shaft as he drove into me deeply. His climax shook his body above me. He seemed to grow to an unbelievable size, twitching and jerking as his hot liquid suddenly burst like a cannon.
I screamed in ecstasy as I felt his sperm splash deep inside. I felt as though my body was suspended on a cloud as wave after wave of pleasure rocked me to the core.
I seemed to be thrust into another world, and my pussy was practically on fire. I was swept away in waves of ecstasy. He fucked hard between my thighs and he pumped the last of his sperm into my pussy before sinking in exhaustion on top of me. We both lay still as the feeling in my tummy started to ease up. He then slipped out of me and a flood of his come ran out and flowed into the crack of my ass. When I looked over, Jimmy was stroking his hard cock and waiting for Mike to climb off of me.
Jimmy turned me over and positioned me on all fours while I was still trying to catch my breath. I gasped as I felt him slide smoothly along the walls of my cunt. As I was about to scream out in rapture, Mike straddled me from the front and offered me his limp dick to suck. I was so turned on by the way Jimmy was fucking me, it only seemed natural to take his slick, juice covered dick between my lips. When I realized I was licking not only his come but also the frothy juices from my own body, it turned me on even more.
Soon Mike’s monster cock was rigid and glistening, and I continued to lick and suck it hungrily while Jimmy fucked my pussy. No longer were there any thoughts in my mind, only the delicious sensations of being fucked from both ends by these black studs. My whole consciousness focused on the sensations created by the cock that filled the hole between my legs and the flavor of the huge cock I was sucking. My legs were on fire and I couldn’t think of anything but the pressure building up in my pussy.
A shattering spasm ripped through my tummy, and I was coming again. I bucked back as Jimmy continued fucking me real hard and fast. Then his cock spurted and he began pumping his seed into my quivering belly. Each blast of his hot sperm seemed to travel deep into my womb.
I twisted my head from side to side, still greedily sucking on Mike’s cock until it began to swell and jerk between my lips. The thick blast of semen he let out took me by surprise (almost!). I could tell he was going to come and swallowed the hot, creamy jets filling my mouth as fast as I could. I milked his thick shaft with my hand, ensuring that I’d coax out every drop of fluid. It was delicious.
Jimmy’s dick slid out of my pussy and Mike’s dick fell from my lips, both completely drained, just like me! My body slowly came down from the orgasmic peak and I began to relax, already reliving the thoughts of what had just happened in my head. The aftershocks of my many incredible orgasms still had me trembling and out of breath. “My god, that was fucking great!” was all I could say.
After a short rest, the three of us went at it again. When we left the party, Mike walked me out to his car and took me home. He even carried me up the stairs and into the apartment, then he undressed me and put me to bed. He didn’t leave my side until Dana finally made it home. He was a real sweetie!
I found out the next day that Dana had also fucked two of the football players that night. She also confessed that it wasn’t her first time taking part in group sex, either.
Needless to say, I’m now on the cheerleading squad with my friend Dana and I see Mike and Jimmy quite often, along with two of the other guys on the team. My sex life has never been better. You see, our parents’ money is spent on our educations. Our sexual educations! K.M.
Buffalo, New York


Last month my wife Jodi and I spent a week in Las Vegas, and we shared an incredible night that’s definitely worthy of being recounted in the pages of your magazine.
We’d been partying in one of the clubs in our hotel for most of the night and were having a great time drinking, dancing and groping each other like teenagers. Jodi looked incredible that night. She was wearing a very short skirt with thigh high stockings and a pair of five inch heels that really complemented her nice round ass. She also wore a very low cut top that put her gorgeous 36D tits on display for everyone to see. They practically bounced right out of her top as she moved on the dance floor.
Normally I get a little jealous when guys check out my wife, but for some reason or another that night was different. It was a big turn on for me to notice all the guys staring at my sexy wife as we danced. I think it didn’t bother me because I knew that I was with the hottest girl in the club and that when I left at the end of the night, she was going with me.
As our night went on and we drank a little more, Jodi became kind of touchy feely with me which was odd because she’s not usually like that. At one point she came back from the bathroom and handed me the G string that she’d been wearing. With the way she was moving on the dance floor, there was no doubt in my mind that other guys in the club were going to see her shaved pussy. My dick was so hard by then that I thought I was going to come in my pants.
When we were partied out, she leaned into me and told me that she was horny for my cock and needed to be fucked right away. I quickly paid our tab and we headed back up to our room. The door hadn’t even closed all the way before she had her skirt and top off and was on her knees, fumbling with the zipper on my pants.
I’d been so aroused all night that my dick was as hard as a rock when she pulled it out. She wasted no time wrapping her lips around my seven inches, immediately taking me all the way down her throat.
My wife gives incredible head, and as hot as I was, I was concerned that I was going to pop as she slid her lips up and down and played with my balls, but I tried to hold out as long as possible. I soon realized that if I let Jodi suck my dick any longer, I was going to empty my nuts into her mouth too soon, so I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. I flipped her over so she was on her hands and knees and leaned forward to stick my tongue straight up her cunt. As soon as I made contact, she went crazy and exploded with her first orgasm of the night. I licked her ass and pussy and lightly rubbed her clit with my fingers as she continued writhing on the bed.
Before she was ready to come again, Jodi got off the bed and walked over to our suitcase, pulling out a blindfold and a set of restraints. She wanted to be in control. With my head at the edge of the bed, she tied my arms and legs in a wide spread eagle pose and tied the restraints nice and tight to make sure I couldn’t get away. I didn’t think it was possible, but this just made my dick get even harder.
She then blindfolded me and sat on my face so that her pussy was directly over my mouth. In her state of arousal, it wasn’t so much that I was eating her pussy, it was more like she was fucking my mouth. I’d never seen her pussy so wet, and her bald cunt was dripping all over my tongue and face as she ground into me. Eating her out is one of my favorite things to do in the bedroom though, so I was in heaven.
As she approached her second orgasm of the night, she crawled off my face and slithered down to my aching cock. I entered her with ease and let her slide her wet cunt up and down on my throbbing dick. It didn’t take long before I felt my own orgasm building, and I exploded inside of her, filling her already soaking cunt with a massive load of jizz. She rocked on me a few more times to make sure that my balls were completely drained, then she moved back up my naked body to sit on my face again.
I was still turned on, so I eagerly stuck my tongue back in her hole and sucked out as much of my load as I could. Since we’d been drinking fruity drinks all night, my come, combined with her pussy juice, was very sweet. I was surprised at how much come I had deposited into her cunt, but I continued to suck and lap at her pussy until she was completely empty and had reached another climax. After she’d calmed down, she leaned over to kiss me and told me that we were far from done for the night. She was still superhorny and needed another drink. Then my wife quickly got dressed and told me that she’d be back soon, ready to give me a night I’d never forget.
I lay on the bed, my blindfold in place and my limbs still bound tightly, waiting for Jodi. It seemed like forever before she returned, though in reality it was less than 15 minutes. When she entered the room she was laughing and giggling, and I was sure I heard another person with her.
My suspicions were confirmed when I heard her order our mystery guest to strip and put his dick in her mouth. I wasn’t sure what to think, but my own dick was standing at attention again, excited and ready for some action.
My wife sat down on the bed next to me and I could hear the muffled sounds of her gobbling up the stranger’s cock. I could hear her sucking and licking his cock and balls, and I could feel the bed move as she pumped his dick. After a few minutes and several moans, my wife climbed on top of me in a 69 position and put my hard cock back into her mouth. I was so turned on that I jumped at the chance to eat her pussy, which was again soaking wet. Within seconds of putting my mouth on her sex, I felt the stranger work his cock into her cunt, penetrating her only inches from my face.
As turned on as Jodi was, the stranger had no trouble sliding his dick inside of her. As he began to pump, she immediately came. She shook uncontrollably, writhing in the intense pleasure that the mystery man and I were giving her.
As the man fucked her, his balls rubbed against my face. At one point his dick popped out of her mouth and he rubbed it on my face before slamming it back into her gaping cunt.
Jodi’s orgasms turned both of us on so much that the stranger picked up his pace and quickly exploded, filling her with her second load of the night. I continued to lick and suck her clit as the stranger completely drained his balls into her cunt.
I expected my wife to have the man slowly pull out of her pussy so that she could have me clean out his come, but what happened next surprised me. No sooner had the stranger pulled his limp dick out of my wife’s cunt than another man was there to replace him. Now I was really confused. How many big dicked men had my wife brought back to our room? I had no idea what was going on, so I did what any good husband would do and planted my lips against her pussy while the second man pounded into her.
The whole event was so surreal, but at the same time it was such a huge turn on. I wanted nothing more than to pleasure my wife and have her be pleasured by whomever she had brought back to our room. And that’s exactly what happened.
The two men that she brought up to our room pounded her pussy and mouth relentlessly for at least a good hour, maybe more. The second that one of them had filled her with his load, the other made a move to replace him. This went on until both of the men had come in her cunt, which is when she said she needed a short break. My wife is multi orgasmic and had come at least three or four times during our evening. She must have been completely drained.
Right before one of the men pulled out of her, Jodi told me that she wanted me to be a good husband and clean out her well fucked pussy. As his semi hard cock plopped out, my open mouth was there to catch the river of come that poured out of that gaping hole.
I sucked and licked her sloppy pussy clean, making sure I got every single drop of the warm, salty jizz that those two men had deposited. Being tied to the bed and sucking a pair of strangers’ come out of my wife’s cunt wasn’t quite what I thought I’d be doing in Las Vegas, but I couldn’t seem to get enough of the hot spunk.
My wife, even in her state of exhaustion, could tell how hot I was for the strangers’ come, so she offered up my mouth to either of them who wanted to give me their loads right from the source while she watched. Both of the men quickly got next to my face and rubbed their dicks all over me. It was at that point that I finally realized just how big their dicks were.
The men took turns pumping their dicks into my mouth and I eventually got the hang of sucking cock. Soon I was able to take their hard cocks deep into my throat. I wondered how long I was going to service them before my wife joined in again, but she was enjoying telling them and me what to do. I wanted nothing more than to do whatever she wanted, and if she wanted me to suck cock, I was going to suck as much cock as these strangers would feed me.
As the men fucked my face, my wife reached down and untied my legs. I figured that she wanted the bed to herself so the men could fuck her again, but she had other ideas.
With my legs untied and my mouth full of dick, I felt my wife spreading lube all over my butt hole, using two then three fingers to stretch me open. She told the man with the smallest cock (which was still probably about six inches long and reasonably thick) that she wanted him to fuck me in the asshole while the other man fucked my mouth and rubbed his big, meaty cock all over my face.
I thought that she was kidding, but the man quickly obliged, lubing himself up to enter me. Now, Jodi and I had played with my ass before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. It turned out that I had no reason to worry. The stranger pushed into me in one quick stroke, and I was so aroused that I could hardly feel his big dick as it pushed into my ass. It was like my ass opened up and sucked in as much of his dick as it could get.
I had eight or nine inches of dick in my throat and at least six inches of dick in my ass as my wife stroked my own hard cock. It was a strange sensation to be in that position.
After several minutes, the man whose dick I was sucking told us he was going to come, and my wife told him to shoot his wad down my throat. He pushed deep into me and emptied his balls. Since he was so deep in my throat, I could hardly taste his come. No sooner had he finished than the man in my butt came, blowing his hot load deep into my ass.
For the next hour they basically took turns fucking my mouth and my ass, making sure to dump their hot come into me when they were done.
My wife had purposely asked the guy with the biggest dick to go last. His cock was huge. It had to be at least 10 inches long and was incredibly thick. I wasn’t sure I could take his size, but as horny as I’d become, my ass had no problem opening up to take the full might of his hard meat. I felt like a rag doll as he thrashed on the bed, giving me the hardest fucking of the night.
Since the guys had all come once already, the smaller dicked guy stayed hard a long time during the last round, but this guy had incredible stamina. He must have fucked me fast and deep for 20 minutes before pulling out and emptying his massive load all over my aching ass cheeks.
As soon as the guys were finished, they politely thanked my wife for an incredible night and headed out. They also told me what a good cocksucker I was, which gave me a sense of pride about my newfound oral skills.
My wife untied me as soon as they were gone, took off the blindfold and sat right back down on my face. I was amazed that her pussy was as wet and sloppy as it was, but she later told me that she was so turned on by the action that she literally felt her pussy leaking as the night had progressed. She said that the intensity of being fucked by the men while I sucked on her cunt was like nothing she’d ever experienced. She also loved watching the men rub their big dicks all over my face and fuck my mouth and ass until I had drained their balls. Needless to say, I was able to make her come very quickly and very hard once again.
After she came, she moved down and sat on my cock, which was again as hard as a rock. She rode me slowly and deliberately until I’d emptied my balls in what had to be the biggest load of my life deep into her incredibly sloppy cunt.
I had a good idea of what was coming next, and Jodi didn’t let me down. She moved back up to my face and let my load ooze back into my waiting mouth. I lost count of how many loads of come I’d eaten that night, but the last one was definitely the most satisfying of them all.
We agreed that this was a one time event, even though we’d both enjoyed it immensely. It was a night that neither of us will ever forget.
The rest of our week in Vegas was a blast. We enjoyed the sights, had some great food, walked away with some cash and had as much sex as we could. I kept looking around at everyone to see if I could figure out who our mystery men were, but I guess that’s something I’ll just never know, which is probably why they say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”
M.N. Sacramento, California


It never fails. When my wife doesn’t get her way, she takes revenge by ruining the occasion. She hadn’t spoken a pleasant word all morning and now sat sulking as we drove to have Thanksgiving dinner with our friend Buck and his wife. I’d accepted their invitation without consulting her. It would be the first Thanksgiving in eight years that we wouldn’t be at her mother’s house, and she wasn’t about to let me forget it. I didn’t know which was worse, putting up with her relatives on Thanksgiving or suffering through one of her dark moods.
“Come in, come in,” Buck cheerfully said as he greeted us at the door. “Dinner’s almost ready.”
We stepped into a house filled with the aroma of turkey, dressing, and fresh baked pumpkin pie. Things were starting to look up. The group assembled for Thanksgiving dinner numbered two dozen. As I introduced myself to a couple I didn’t know, I saw a very attractive woman in her late twenties with a little boy at her side. I instantly recognized her, even though we’d really never met.
“You’re Kate,” I said with a smile.
“You have me at a disadvantage,” she said. “Have we met before?”
“Your brother Buck showed me your picture.”
I was struck by her charm and beauty the moment our eyes met. She was the kind of utterly squeezable woman who causes men’s heads to turn in a shopping mall. The boy clinging to her side in this crowd of strange people gawked up at me.
“And tell me, who is this handsome young man with you?” I asked, smiling down at him.
“This is Jeffrey,” Kate proudly beamed. “He’s the man of the house for now. My husband’s in London and Amsterdam on a consulting job. Jeffrey and I are spending the holidays with his Uncle Buck, so this year Santa will be stopping by this house on Christmas Eve. I’ve been explaining that to Jeffrey, but he’s only four years old, and I don’t think he quite understands.”
Dinner was served. As my wife and I sat across the table from Buck, I couldn’t help stealing glances at his pretty sister. When dinner ended, a football game was underway and my sports fan wife perked right up, the first time all day that she showed any sign of wanting to have a good time. Guests migrated into the living room, including my wife, who walked right past me carrying a glass of wine to sip as she watched. She seemed determined to humiliate me further by keeping up the silent treatment.
As I sat toward the back by myself, Kate came in and plopped down on the seat next to me.
“You look bored,” she remarked. “Don’t you like football?”
“I’m not the fan, my wife is. She was on the cheerleading squads in high school and college.”
“I don’t care for football either,” Kate said. “I’d rather watch almost anything else, but my husband sure is an addict. Is he ever!”
“You and your husband must have other things in common,” I smiled.
“My husband and I are from different planets. If only I had known that before I married him. Oh, well. You don’t need to hear about that shit.”
I changed the subject. Kate was an engaging conversationalist, and I was fascinated with everything she said. If only I had met her under different circumstances than being here in the same room with my wife, Kate’s brother, her four year old son, and 20 other people. I tried to keep the conversation to innocent small talk. But hearing her laugh and seeing her eyes sparkle cast an erotic spell on me. Here I sat with a dazzling married woman, and I was fantasizing about my shaft buried in her pink. Dreams do sometimes come true, but since I didn’t see how I could possibly have sex with her, why torture myself? Then Kate leaned forward to whisper to me.
“Look at these fools,” she laughed. “Wrapped up in a silly game. And here I am, in the same room with them, having an interesting chat with a man I find very likeable.”
“I feel exactly the same way,” I said.
“Want to liven up the afternoon?” she asked, smiling mischievously.
“Do you have something in mind?” I asked warily.
“Come with me to the kitchen. I’ll tell you in there.”
We got up from the couch and I followed her into the kitchen. “Would you like to join me in a shot of tequila?” Kate asked.
She poured out two healthy shots. We toasted and drank. Then she turned her attention to replenishing the hors d’oeuvres tray.
“So you admire my legs, do you?”
“Why do you say that?” I asked.
“Because you kept glancing down at them when we were on the couch.”
“Oh, did I?”
“It’s all right. I like how you look at me. It makes me want to let my hair down and misbehave,” Kate said.
“Misbehave how?”
“We could sneak away and fool around a bit while they stay and watch the game.”
“I don’t think so,” I replied. “Everyone would see us leave together.”
“It’s just a suggestion. I’ll leave it up to you, but I’m game.”
Kate picked up the hors d’oeuvre tray and carried it into the living room, as those with their eyes fixed on the screen erupted in cheers at the completion of a 40 yard forward pass.
“Anyone got room left for more goodies after that wonderful dinner?” she asked, setting the tray down on the coffee table.
“Thanks, sis,” her brother said. “Sit down and watch the game with us.”
“Maybe later,” she said, before coming back into the kitchen.
She started up the staircase, casting me a sassy glance over her shoulder and beckoning me to follow her. Oh, shit, I thought, what a time for a hard on: Thanksgiving Day at my friend’s home. And I had my wife with me, even if she was being a total bitch.
As the offense moved into formation and all eyes were riveted on the TV screen, I nervously but excitedly slipped away. Upstairs, Kate motioned to me from the end of the hallway. I followed her into her bedroom and she closed the door. Before I could say a word, she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back against the wall.
“Is it alright with you if I check out what you’ve got in your pants?”
“Please, be my guest,” I said.
Kate sank to her knees, swiftly unbuckling my belt and unzipping me. She pulled out my cock and smothered it with kisses, then took the knob between her lips, pressing it to the roof of her mouth with her tongue. Next thing I knew she was deep throating me. I held her head between my hands as I erupted, flooding the back of her throat with spurts of jism. I gasped as I heard the gurgle of her gulping down the expulsion. When my spasms subsided, she let my knob slide off her tongue. Then she stood up, reached for a tissue, and dabbed my cock dry.
“We mustn’t leave any telltale wet spots on your fly,” she mumbled lightly as she dropped the tissue into the wastebasket. As I zipped up and buckled my belt, she brushed out her hair, which I had mussed up when she was blowing me.
“We can continue this during the second half if you like,” she casually quipped. “For now, I suggest we go downstairs separately.”
“Good thinking,” I replied.
We stepped out of the room and I waited, giving her a full minute to make her reentry. As I went down, everyone seemed absorbed in the game at the two minute warning. Thank God. With my sperm reservoir depleted of a portion of its build up, and my tensions relieved, I had time to reflect with a clearer head. What was I thinking? Having sex with a married woman in her brother’s house with my wife right downstairs? Does a cautious and sensible and responsible man take those kinds of risks?
During halftime, guests refilled their plates as Kate cut pumpkin pie into generous slices, topping each piece with a heaping mound of whipped cream. We consciously avoided each other, deeming it prudent to not arouse suspicions. Our team was within a field goal of taking the lead and spirits were high. As the start of the second half approached, the guests settled back into their seats, pigging out on pumpkin pie and washing it down with soda or beer or wine.
“Come on, Kate,” Buck pleaded. “Watch the second half.”
“You watch it for both of us,” she smiled, before returning to the kitchen. Kate gave me a sly wink and headed for the stairs. I allowed two minutes to pass, then I quietly made my own discreet exit.
She was waiting at the door of her bedroom. After closing and locking the door, she turned to me. “Guess what? You and I have yet to kiss.”
I took her in my arms and we embraced in a lingering, open mouthed kiss. Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth, but my mind was on the magical slit between Kate’s legs.
“I want to drill your snatch,” I said. “How would you feel about that?”
“I think I’d like that just fine,” she brazenly said. “As a matter of fact, the deeper you can drill into that snatch, the better.”
We got naked and she sprawled across the bed. When I was ready to mount her, she spread her legs, exposing an unshaven beaver that proved she was indeed a true brunette. I lowered my head between her thighs and feasted on her muff. As I sucked her inflamed clit, I got a whiff of her rich female scent.
“You about ready to cream my cunt?” Kate sighed.
“Right now,” I said.
I kissed my way from her pubis across her belly and breasts until we were face to face, pelvis to pelvis. Her tits mashed against my chest. I felt her hand down below fumbling for my cock. She took it, rubbed it over her pussy lips as though it were her dildo, and then guided it into her cunt.
“It’s in,” she panted. “Fuck me hard and nasty. Drill it. . . .”
We went at it like two wolves mating in the woods. Her fingers clawed my shoulders and my back, and I accelerated the motion. As her clawing triggered my release, I grabbed her ass and plunged into her, burying my shaft to the hilt as my semen streamed into her fuck hole. It was over all too soon. We sat up on the edge of the bed and started to get dressed.
“So tell me. Was it a good fuck?” Kate asked me.
“It was. Your pussy fit my dick snug as a glove.”
“In case you’re interested, that’s a pregnant pussy you just fucked.”
“Really,” I said, glancing down at her belly. “It doesn’t show. You must not be too far along.”
“I just found out last week.”
“Congratulations, Kate. Have you told your husband yet?”
“Oh, please,” she said, rolling her eyes. “My husband isn’t the father. That asshole thinks I don’t know that he has a mistress, but I’ve known about it for a long time. He also doesn’t know what I’ve been up to while he’s been running around London and Amsterdam, calling me maybe once every two weeks to check up on me.”
“What goes around comes around, as they say,” I told her, dropping a hand to her knee. “I’m sorry, Kate.”
“Why? I’m not. I’m only sorry that you and I had to rush it. Next time, we’ll take all the time we want.”
“Will there be a next time?” I asked.
Kate slipped a card into my coat pocket. “There’s my cell number. I’ll be here from now until the day after New Year’s Day. So if you need a little bit of Christmas cheer, give me a call and naughty Kate will do what she can to help chase the holiday blues away. I can get Buck to watch Jeffrey and then I’ll meet you somewhere.”
“You’ll be hearing from me real soon,” I promised her.
She gave me a parting kiss.
“You go downstairs first,” she said. “I’ll freshen up a bit.”
I quietly slipped downstairs and took a seat next to my wife. To my huge relief, no one appeared to have noticed our absence. Minutes later, Kate came down. Her brother called to her as she entered the room.
“Hey come on, sis. Get your ass in here and park it. You’re missing one hell of a great football game. You’ve got to see this!”
“Football,” Kate sneered. “There are far better ways to spend one’s Thanksgiving Day.”
“Really? Name one,” Buck playfully challenged her.
“Uh, just about anything else,” Kate teased him.
It was dark when my wife and I left to go home. Kate stood at the door, her pussy filled with my sperm. She exuded a quiet dignity. My God, how elegant she looked. One would never guess what a hot blooded sex animal she could be behind closed doors.
“It was nice to have met you both,” she pleasantly smiled.
“Likewise,” I said, giving her a discreet wink.
We stepped out into the chilly late November air. The house next door was the first on the block to be lit up with Christmas lights. For the first time in years, I was in the Christmas spirit early. It had been a Thanksgiving I wouldn’t soon forget, and I was looking forward to seeing Kate again.
We got together several times until the day after New Year’s Day, when she and her son went home, just before her husband returned from Europe.
Our six week love affair was worth the risks. I’ve made my share of bad choices and done things in the name of lust that I later regretted, but my fling with Kate wasn’t one of them. No one lives forever, so you have to have your fun while there’s still time.
Name and address withheld


We’re camping at our favorite outdoor getaway, a secluded spot about 50 miles upstate. Having finished our tent and cooking setup, it’s time to relax. It’s a warm, clear Monday morning, and although there are 20 campsites, we’re the only ones here. I’m glad we decided to do this during a slow week in the middle of June. The birds are singing and it’s nice that there’s a brisk wind. Since it’s 84 degrees, it’s still warm, but at least there aren’t any annoying mosquitoes buzzing around.
I get the camp stove going for coffee and walk up behind you as you gaze across the lake, putting my arms around you and pulling you close you fit so well in my arms. You’re so beautiful in shorts and that low cut shirt, and I kiss your neck, nibble your earlobes and whisper how much you turn me on. I kiss your neck, covering the softness between your shoulder blade, your throat and your ear, first one side and then the other. I love seeing the effect it has on you as your eyes close, your head tilts and your sexy nipples start to stand under your bra and shirt. I release you so I can turn off the coffee and go to the bathroom.
When I come back, you’re inside the tent, but it has large screen windows on every side, and as I approach, I see you moving around, completely naked. When I enter, it’s obvious that you’re still aroused. Laughing as you give me the mischievous smile I love so much, I kiss you, and we enter a world filled with passion. Our tongues dance and our hands run across each other’s body, touching and rubbing in all the spots we know make the other crazy. We ease to the floor and you pull my clothes off, firmly grasp my hard cock and stroke me as we make out. We kiss for what seems like a long time. Then I kiss your neck and down to your chest, taking your large nipples in my mouth and sucking and licking each one. As I kiss my way across your tummy, I hear the moans of your desire and am so turned on. “What do you want?” I ask. “Tell me.”
You gasp and say what you know I want to hear: “Eat my pussy, please. Eat me and lick my clit for me.” Hearing that makes me want you so much, I spread your legs and start to lightly lick the edges of your pussy. You feel my hot breath on you, and my tongue starts teasing your clit and pussy, but you want it there.
Your hips move as you wiggle and try to direct my tongue inside. I let one lick brush across the full open wetness of your pussy, and you gasp and moan, “Yes, lick right there.” I give you what you want, and my tongue circles, flicks and licks your clit, then slides inside, licking every inch of you. I tease as much as I can, but it’s not long before I sense you’re beyond the point of holding back. I slide my fingers into your pussy and press firmly as my tongue licks your clit. You give in and grab my hair, fucking my mouth as you cry out, “Oh, god, I’m coming. Oh, I’m coming!” as I lick and suck the sweet juices of your orgasm.
I slide up next to you and hold you, kissing you softly. The taste of you is heavy on my lips. It’s then that you tense up and whisper urgently in my ear, “There’s somebody behind the bush over there watching us.” Sure enough, there is a woman there. She’s partially concealed, and it seems she is very interested in watching us.
“Let’s let her watch us,” I say. We talk for a minute and I convince you to keep going. You hesitate a little, but as we kiss again and I pull and twist those nipples the way I know you like, your hand finds my still hard cock and I whisper, “Suck it for me, please, baby. Make me come with your mouth.”
You move down and slowly start licking and sucking me. Oh, you’re good, and now it’s me who’s moaning and gasping quiet words of encouragement. I don’t know how I can stop from coming, but I look and see our voyeur has a hand inside her shirt, rubbing herself. I pull you up and turn you over, spreading your legs as I ease inside your pussy. The feeling of you wrapped around my cock is so good.
We both look out of the corners of our eyes and see that our observer is now clearly fingering herself. As I raise up and look at your wonderful body, I take my cock in hand and rub your pussy with it, brushing against your clit while my other hand plays with your nipples. Then my cock is inside you, and I slide it in, out and around, making you want more. But every time you push up to get it, I pull back, and we enter the game of sex. As we hit a rhythm, your eyes open and we look deep into each other’s soul as we connect, then my cock begins pumping in and out of you.
You sneak a couple of peeks at our voyeur as she looks on and plays with herself. You’re so hot, but I hold on and feel you meet my quicker strokes. Soon you come again. The feeling on my cock is so good, and I pump fast and hard. When the wave of orgasm hits, I pull out and shoot streams of my come all over your stomach and chest. We collapse together, sweaty, wet and covered in our juices. We kiss passionately. It’s so good that I roll you on top of me. You find my softening cock and get it inside of you as we kiss, and then you ride me back to hardness. When we look up, our voyeur is gone. “That was a little kinky, but kinda fun,” I say.
“Shut up and fuck me,” you say, and we continue. The sight of you straddling me, your breasts bouncing as you drive your wet pussy down on me, gets me even harder and you slow down. The smell of sex in the air, I grab your breasts and cup them, pull them to my mouth and suck on each one as you continue to ride me. I take each nipple and suck it deep, then gently bite down and let it slide through my teeth. When I hold just the erect tip between my teeth, my tongue rapidly flicks at that sensitive button. This must be okay, because you ride me with increasing speed and force, truly bouncing on my cock. Soon it’s too much, and I shout and grab your hips, coming in your pussy.
You kiss me, but I sense you want more and have something planned. As my spent cock slips out, you keep riding me, but start to move up and rub your pussy on me, my come combined with your sweet juices covering my stomach and chest. It’s like you’re fucking my entire body as you slide back and forth, rubbing your clit on me. I smell our desire and our sex and again pull and twist your nipples as you enjoy the moment. Then, my seed mostly drained, you move up and straddle my face and start rubbing your pussy on my mouth and nose. Oh, yes, I love when you fuck my face! I hear you panting and moaning as you grind your pussy on my tongue. I lick you in pure lust, my arms wrapped around you, locking you to my mouth as I hear you cry out and come, the taste so wonderful on my lips. You fall beside me and lay draped half across me. Both spent, happy, satisfied and tired, we sleep.
When I wake an hour or two later, the sun now high in the sky, you wake also. We listen to the wind, birds and sounds of the woods as we talk of family, work, life, movies, everything. Then I pull you up and say, “Okay, let’s clean up a little.” Remembering the woman voyeur we entertained earlier, we put on bathing suits even though the lake seems empty. We jump in with a bar of soap and wash up, swimming, laughing and of course kissing and teasing each other. We finally get out, dry off and go back to the camp. You start getting out stuff to make sandwiches for lunch. “What do you feel like eating?” you ask.
As I walk over, you can sense what I’m about to say, and I push you back on the picnic table and kiss my way from your neck to the center of your cunt and pull your suit aside. I lick you slowly and lightly at first. I take my time and tease you, lick you and pay close attention to every moan, sigh and movement, zeroing in on what makes you the most crazy. I lick you to yet another orgasm before we finally get around to making lunch. We spend the rest of the afternoon walking in the woods, putting the boat in and fishing, reading a little, talking and enjoying ourselves.
We get the campfire roaring for the night as the sun starts to set. Now feeling a little frisky, I start to undress you by the fire, but, unfortunately, the bugs are out in full force now, so I pull you into the tent. We kiss and make out like teenagers for an hour, hands playing and having fun. When we’re both naked, I ask you to lay on your stomach and I take out a bottle of warming massage oil.
I start at your shoulders and give you a long full body massage, starting at your neck then moving to your toes and ending back at your shoulders. Then, as I flip you over, you spot her, our voyeur, in almost the same spot as before. I lean over and whisper, “Let her watch. I don’t care. I need you and want you and don’t want to stop.”
You just lie back as I start to massage your front side, shoulders and breasts, the massage oil warming you as I rub it into your soft skin. I see something out of the corner of my eye and lean close, saying, “Don’t move, but there’s a man with her, about 10 feet off to the right.” As I massage my way down your thighs, you see him too, both of them standing only a few feet away in the darkness.
I finish the massage and sit next to you, letting my hands run over your body and play with your nipples and dip into your pussy. I slide my finger into you as my thumb rubs your button gently. You look into my eyes and I look over to the side. You follow my gaze and see what I do. The woman is again playing with herself, and the man has unzipped his fly and is stroking his cock while watching us. You look back at me, a little unsure about what we should do. You have my fingers inside of you. You’re horny, wet, and anxious to come, but you’re nervous. I pull your legs apart and use the wetness of your pussy on my finger to gently trace the rim of your butthole as my other hand twists your nipple. I look right in your eyes as I slowly sink two fingers into your pussy, then again trace that circle, letting the smallest tip of my finger slide into your butt.
As I sit there, I put your hand on my cock and say out loud, “Suck me, please. Suck my cock. I want to feel your mouth around me so bad!” Knowing that the strangers heard me and are still watching, you’re surprised by my words, but as you look up and see both of them playing with themselves, you’re strangely turned on. You turn on your side and start licking the head of my cock.
Oh, yes, it’s so good when you slide me into your mouth. I moan with pleasure and need, my head thrown back and eyes closed as you suck my cock. Oh, you know how I want it, and you feel my cock swell and twitch as you suck me, knowing as I grab your head and pull your mouth on me that you make me insane with need. You suck me in as far you can, then I explode and you taste my come, swallowing some and letting some run down your chin the way you know I like it.
I lay next to you, our friends in the woods gone. Later, we made love and I licked you again. Then you sucked me until I was hard again so we could do it doggie style before going to sleep. And so went the first day of our first overnight trip together. T.D. Virginia Beach, Virginia