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A few weeks ago, I flew to San Francisco to visit my long-time friend Dave and his family. When I arrived, a beautiful young woman whom I didn’t recognize opened the door. It was Dave’s daughter, Stella. I hadn’t seen her since she was about 12 years old, so seeing her now, at 19, threw me.

After a few hours of idle chatter and a very nice meal, the four of us—me, Stella, Dave and Dave’s wife—were still seated at the dining-room table, and suddenly Stella knocked over her water glass, spilling the contents into my lap. Before I could react, she took her napkin in her hand and began softly blotting along my inner thigh. I immediately felt my cock begin to swell, and Stella must have felt it, too, because she looked up at me with a sexy, mischievous smile. That got me totally hard. Luckily, my buddy and his wife didn’t catch on, and they continued to fill me in on life on the West Coast as if nothing was happening.

Stella’s hand was still in my lap when the phone rang, pulling my friend away from the table. He came back a minute later to tell us that his son was having a problem at his apartment, and he and his wife needed to go help him out. Stella didn’t want to go with them, so she opted to stay back at the house with me. Dave apologized for having to leave and said he’d be back in a couple of hours. “Stella will take good care of you in the meantime,” he told me. He had no idea.

Dave and his wife had no sooner pulled out of the driveway than Stella was next to me on the sofa, where I’d moved to watch some TV. As she sat, she raised her skirt and spread her legs, giving me an unobstructed view of her nearly transparent panties and what was underneath. My head and my cock were pounding with excitement, and I noticed her wicked smile. Before I realized it, she was leaning over and stroking my cock through my pants.

For my part, I slid my hand between her legs and got my fingers into her panties and into her warm, wet depths. Stella let out a long sigh and began to gyrate her hips as she continued to toy with me. This went on for a few more minutes, and then, suddenly, I found myself laying on the living-room floor. I was under her, and my tongue lapped her tiny pussy as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock.

Half insane with lust and not wanting to explode too soon, I pushed her off me and onto the floor. I spread her legs apart and continued to lick her for a minute, letting my dick cool down, then pushed her legs up to her chest and rammed my hardness inside her. She cried out excitedly, and after a few strokes, we both exploded. I shot several strong spurts inside her receptive hole before we collapsed on the floor.

When my buddy came back a few hours later, Stella had gone to bed, but I was still in the living room, watching some television.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, sure,” Dave said. “So then Stella took pretty good care of you, right?” he asked.
I nodded. Talk about an understatement.

Syracuse, New York


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I came home from work around 4 p.m. and heard the bed squeaking as soon as I walked through the door. My roommate was fucking his girlfriend again, and all I could think was, “It’s not enough I gotta listen to the two of them fuck all night, now I gotta hear it during the day, too?”

My irritation didn’t stop me from getting an erection, though. After all, I’m a healthy 22-year-old male, and the sounds of sex definitely got me excited. I planted myself in a chair in the living room and played with my cock through my pants. I didn’t intend to get off, I was just enjoying the sound effects, really. If it had been the middle of the night and I’d been lying in bed, I think I would have jerked off. I’d done it a hundred times already. But this wasn’t the time.

The tempo picked up and I knew Gary was about to get off. Then the squeaking stopped and I heard Gary groan. Then there was silence.

Suddenly, I heard the rustling of clothes being thrown around and the sounds of someone scrambling around in the bedroom, followed by Gary groaning, “Fuck, I’m late.” I heard him open the door, and he was still zipping up his pants as he ran past me. “Hey, Eddie,” he said as he passed. “I gotta get moving. See you later.”

He’d left the bedroom door open, so his girlfriend Rebecca could hear us talking as he darted out.
“Eddie?” Rebecca called. “Are you home?”

“Yeah, Becca,” I said. I didn’t get up since I still had a hard-on, but Rebecca entered the room a moment later.

She was wearing a thin pink nightie, the type you could see right through. I could see her tits and the black patch of trimmed pubic hair I’d seen dozens of times before. She stood in front of the light, which made it look like she was naked. My cock throbbed, like it always did when I saw her.
“How long have you been home?” she asked.

“About 10 minutes,” I told her. Now she knew for sure that I’d heard her getting fucked, and somehow that turned me on, too.
“Gary’s gonna be working a 12-hour shift tonight,” she informed me, trying to keep the blush off her cheeks.

“Yeah, I heard, Becca,” I said, letting her know that I’d heard everything else, too.
“Oh,” she said. “We should have closed the door.”

“No need for that,” I told her. “I heard you two go at it every night anyway. My bedroom’s right next to yours, remember?”
She came over and stood right in front of me. She didn’t look naked anymore, but I could see her better. I could actually see the matted hair on her freshly fucked pussy, which was level with my face, and I openly stared. She knew I was looking.
“Does that bother you?” she asked. I shook my head no. “What do you do when you hear us?” she asked.

“I jerk off,” I told her honestly.
“While you listen to us?”
“Yes,” I said.

She was silent for a little while, and I could swear I almost heard her heart beat. “Do you have a hard-on now?” she finally asked in a whisper.
“Yes,” I said.

“Show me,” she said. I stood, my bulge evident through my jeans. “No, silly,” she said, “I mean really show me.” I undid my jeans and dropped them to the floor before pushing my boxers down to join them. My cock stood straight out in front of me.
Rebecca raised her eyebrows, then slowly reached down to take my dick in her hand. She gave it a few pumps and then abruptly stopped. She turned and walked back to her bedroom before turning and looking back at me. She smiled and tilted her head toward the room, and I jumped up to follow her. I stopped in the doorway to watch her pull her nightie up over her head and throw it aside.

She got on the bed, and I was on her in seconds, poking at her pussy as soon as I was between her thighs.
“Hey, take it easy,” she said. “Gary won’t be back till tomorrow. We have plenty of time.”

After that, I took my sweet-ass time exploring Rebecca’s body. I even put my cock between her lovely tits and she let me tit-fuck her. I ate her pussy and she sucked my cock. Then I fucked her harder than any woman I’d ever fucked before, and she took it. The bed rattled so much that I thought I’d break it. Rebecca had several climaxes before I shot my load inside her.

In the morning, before we were done, I talked her into letting me fuck her awesome ass. It felt incredible driving my cock into her warm, tight ass knowing that in a few hours my roommate would be fucking her again.

It’s gone on like that ever since, and Rebecca is only too happy to give me her body as soon as Gary leaves for work. She really is working overtime having two horny men in the house on opposite schedules!
Name and address withheld


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Moving in with my girlfriend and her mom was the best decision of my life. Not only is my girlfriend hot, but her 56-year-old mom is smokin’, too! Guys half her age can’t help but stare at her firm ass as she walks down the street, and I have some ideas of what I’d like to do to her when she’s around, too.

What happened between us didn’t start off with any direct physical contact at first. You see, I was home alone one day and saw a pair of her dirty black lace panties in the laundry. Kinky or not, I couldn’t resist picking them up and taking a sniff, and it got my cock hard instantly. Her scent was incredibly sexy. Then I noticed something in her panty crotch, and I realized it was dried come. A thrill shot through me and I nearly came in my pants. The images in my head of Rita getting turned on and fucking some guy were driving me insane with lust.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I yanked my pants down and started to jack myself off. I was so hot that it only took a couple of good strokes before I came, shooting all over the panties that were clutched in my other hand.
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This entry is part 17 of 19 in the series 2012 Nov

I had told my good friend Susan that I would come over and take care of her kids when she wanted to check herself into a rehab center after suffering a drug and alcohol relapse following her divorce. Susan had moved in with her widowed father, but he worked full-time, and she was worried about her two young boys spending too much time with strangers during an already-twisted time in their lives.

The boys were nine and seven years old, and they’d always been happy to see their “Aunt Kelly” whenever I was in town. I’d known Adam, Susan’s dad, since I was a kid, so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to share the house or childcare duties with him.

Things went well, although it was an adjustment for me, having little experience with full-time childcare, as I have no kids of my own. It was also hard to get used to being unable to go out and find some cock whenever I wanted to, since I had to take care of the boys.

I’d been there a few weeks when I couldn’t take being abstinent anymore. As soon as Adam had a day off, I asked him to take the kids so I could go out for a little bit of fun. I ended up hooking up with some guy that evening, and I came so much when we fucked that even after we were done and I was dressed, my pussy was still wet, soaking my panty crotch.
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After graduating from high school and before moving away to college, I took a summer job for a local moving and storage company. Ron, the owner, was a really nice guy and easy to work for, and the tips were great. One day, Ron asked me if I would be able to stop by his house on my way home and take a few air conditioners out of the windows, since he was going to be working late. I knew where his house was, so I told him I’d do it.

I’d never met his wife Anita, before, but from what all the other guys said she was a real babe. When I knocked on the door, it opened quickly and there was Anita, a five-foot-tall Morgan Fairchild lookalike! She had big blue eyes and long, shiny blonde hair. She was wearing a silk robe and looked as though she had just gotten out of the shower. Her tits were as big as grapefruits, surprisingly large for a girl as petite and slim as she was, and her tiny nipples were high and erect and plainly visible through he robe.

She turned around to have me follow her into the house, and her body must have still been damp, because the silk material clung closely to her bubble butt. The robe was pretty short to begin with and just barely covered her round ass as it was, but once it started to cling to her, it was even more revealing. I think she caught me eyeing her behind a few times, too, even though she didn’t say anything.
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