Losing It

I’m 18 and a freshman in college, and I go to a school 3,000 miles away from my hometown. I made sure I went far away from my folks so I could really let loose and have fun.

The first thing I wanted to do when I got to college was have sex. I’d waited 18 long years to lose my virginity, and I was determined to get that little problem taken care of before I worried about anything else. Of course, I didn’t realize it would work out in exactly the way that it did.

I’d always figured I’d end up losing it to some wild fraternity boy or maybe some cute, emo guy from the fine arts program. But Becca wasn’t either of those things. Hell, Becca wasn’t even a guy! It was the last thing I’d expected, but it was still really cool. This is how it happened:

On the very first day, when I moved into the dorms, I met my new roommate, Becca. She was the perky blonde cheerleader type, and she started in the minute we met, telling me how great it was to have me as a roommate and how excited she was to be in college and that she was “super psyched” to be living on her own and doing “all kinds of awesome college things!” I kind of hated her, but I figured I may as well make friends, since I had to live with her for a whole year.

On the first night, there was a mixer in the cafeteria, and Becca insisted we go. It sounded lame to me, but I figured there’d be at least a couple cute guys there, so it was at least worth making a quick appearance. Of course, I’d been right: It was lame. So after 10 minutes of being hit on by losers and freaks, Becca and I decided to ditch the party and go back up to our room and watch some movies.

“Well, that was a total waste!” I said grumpily. “Not a cute guy in the bunch. Argh!” I was really pissed about my bad luck.

When Becca asked what had me so peeved, I decided to tell her the truth. Best to let her know what I was up to now then to have her find out when I needed the room to myself for some “extracurricular activities.” She laughed when I complained about wanting to lose my virginity immediately, if not sooner, and I couldn’t understand what she found so fucking hilarious about my problem.

“You don’t need a hot guy for that,” Becca said when she caught my curious stare.

“What, you want me to sleep with some ugly guy? Eww!”

Becca sighed. “No, that’s not what I meant. I meant you don’t need a guy at all.” I just stared at her.

A second later she kissed me. Her lips were soft and so were her hands, which were moving all over me. In the back of my head I thought for a bit about pushing her away, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wanted to keep on kissing her, and that thought kind of surprised me. But I didn’t fight it, and I kissed her back.

Our room had bunk beds, and Becca had the bottom bunk. As our kiss heated up, she guided me to the bed, her bed, and moved to sit down, taking me with her. I was getting more comfortable with her, and I started exploring her body with my hands. I’d made out with guys before, of course, and Becca’s body was much softer. She had curves like mine, only more pronounced, and I loved the way they felt under my hands.

Now I was really into Becca, and I forgot all about my hunt for the perfect guy to take my virginity. Becca was more than qualified for the job.

When she started taking my clothes off, I felt myself getting wet. I’d never wanted to have sex as much as I did at that moment, and I wanted to have sex with Becca. She worked quickly, and I was naked and laying beneath her within minutes. Somehow she’d managed to undress herself, too, and when her naked body pressed against mine I moaned. It felt good!

The next thing that I felt were Becca’s fingers at my pussy, and I jumped at the touch. Her fingers were warm, even against my hot, wet skin, and I arched into her palm. That made her work her fingers harder and faster, in my pussy and against my clit, and the more she touched my body, the more aroused I felt. She plunged her fingers into me and she used them to fuck me, and with every thrust, I got wetter and wetter. I was finally losing my virginity, and I was loving it!

Becca fucked my pussy with her fingers, and though I’d never had sex before, I had a feeling doing it the traditional way wouldn’t have been any better than what I was already doing. Which, I should say, was amazing! I couldn’t believe how many different sensations I was experiencing, all from this blonde cheerleader’s stroking fingers. Then I came.

Oh. My. God. I’d read about what orgasms are like, and I’d seen movies that had smoking hot sex scenes, but this was different. It was better. A lot better. I wanted to do it again. I wanted to have Becca fucking me again, and I wanted to do it for her, too. I wanted to come over and over as much as possible, and I really wanted to make her come, too.

We spent the rest of the night in Becca’s bed, trying all kinds of things I’d never done before. And we did it all over again the next day, too. I couldn’t believe what a wild girl my perky roommate really was!

I’m still looking forward to having sex with a guy sometime— a hot guy, hopefully— but I’m not about to settle for just anyone. Besides, I have Becca to keep me satisfied until then!— Name and address withheld

Sticky and Steamy

“Maybe you should take your glasses off so they don’t get steamed up,” I said in my sexiest voice.

Marcus, our neighbors’ son, was a very quiet, shy, young man, and he was only a few weeks past his 18th birthday. He put his glasses down on the coffee table and gaped at my nearly exposed breasts. I was wearing a low cut blouse, and my breasts, in their black lace bra, were threatening to bust right out of my shirt. I was also wearing a very short skirt, lace top stockings and a pair of sky high heels.

Marcus gulped as I began to slowly undo the buttons on my blouse and then remove it. As I watched his reaction, I was immediately sure of what I’d already suspected— he had absolutely no experience with real women. High school had obviously been a real bore for him. Sure, he had been a straight A student and was a member of a bunch of honor societies, but it was clear that he had been a total geek. I was determined to change all that for him now, however, and help him make up for all that lost time.

“So, have you ever had sex with a woman?” I asked him as I removed my bra, already knowing what the answer would be.

“N No, I h haven’t,” he stammered, sounding very nervous.

“Well, you should get some experience before college,” I told him, “and I’m going to give it to you.” I stood in front of him, my tits in my hands. “I’ve been told that I give the world’s best blowjobs,” I purred, then I reached out and felt the bulge between his legs. When I got close enough, he reached a hand out to squeeze one of my breasts ever so gently, like he might break it or something. It was adorable.

After he had copped a feel or two, I dropped down to my knees in front of him and reached out for his zipper, tugging it down. “All you need to do is lean back and relax. We have all night to play,” I said. “My husband won’t be home until tomorrow evening.”

He groaned as I pulled out his hard cock. I let my lips brush lightly across his velvet crown and he moaned and closed his eyes. He moaned even more as I bobbed up and down on his shaft, pleasing him. When I felt his dick starting to twitch on my tongue and tasted his precome, I backed away from him and removed my skirt and thong panties. His eyes went wide as I rubbed my pussy for him.

“I think that you need to learn to eat pussy,” I told him.

Like most young men, he was pretty reluctant to eat me when we started, and he seemed almost scared at first, but once I pulled him between my legs and he licked with his long, flat tongue, he was hooked! Soon I had him eating my pussy like a real pro, and I climaxed again and again.

When I finally recovered, I turned my back to him and got on my hands and knees. “Take me, baby!” I cried.

He sprang from his seat and tried to plant his dick in my pussy, but wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. He fumbled around a bit, then finally got it in and pushed the whole way inside me at once. When he started to fuck me, he was very awkward and couldn’t get a rhythm going, but I coached him, and he started to get the hang of it. Soon he started to really pound into me, but it seemed like as soon as he’d built up a rhythm, it all became too much for him, and he shot his load of come a bit too soon for my taste.

Marcus was nervous that he’d upset me by coming so soon, but I consoled him and told him it turned me on to know that he couldn’t control himself around me. That made him feel better, and when I took him in my mouth for another blowjob, he felt better still.

I got him nice and hard again, and as soon as he was rock solid, I got on my back and had him fuck me again. The second time was much better, and he was able to figure out how to work up the right rhythm on his own. He lasted longer the second time around, of course, and he fucked me for 10 or 15 minutes before blowing his load.

He left late that night, after fucking me a total of four times. He fucked me a lot more that spring and summer too, learning how to be a real stud, and by the time he left for college in the fall, he was a man at last!— F.V., Spokane, Washington

Nifty Neighbor

At the age of eighteen I was all muscle and hormones. My sex drive was wound up as tight as a watch spring, and ready to be unleashed. I was five foot ten and 170 pounds, tall, lean and ready. The object of my drooling affections happened to be my next door neighbor, Diane. She was thirty three years old, and even though she had two kids, it had done nothing to affect her gorgeous body. Her 34C breasts, long brown hair and slender hips drove me wild. Fortunately for me, I finally got the chance to fulfill my fantasy with this dynamite older woman during the summer after my senior year in high school.

Diane’s husband was a workaholic. He was never home, and she spent her days at the local community college, working to become a nurse. Since I was saving up to go to college in the fall, I picked up a few extra bucks by watching their kids. They had a pool, and since I lived right next door it worked out great. I got a chance to lounge around the pool, and I also had a reason to be around when Diane got home from her summer term classes.

I always had the suspicion that Diane might be a little attracted to me, too. Sometimes when she’d come home she would come out to the pool, and she always wore a quite revealing bathing suit. I had often seen her in one piece suits, but now she started wearing very slinky string bikinis whenever I was around. Sometimes, as the kids played ball in the yard, she would invite me to rub lotion on her back. This was an opportunity I never passed up.

After nearly a month of her flirting, and my flirting back, the sexual tension had grown intense between us. The only problem was that I was too chicken to make a move that might cross the line. Then one day Diane made it for me, and my life changed.

The kids were spending the day with some of the other neighborhood children at the zoo, and I had Diane’s house to myself. As usual, I was poolside when she came home, a little early. She said her day had been shit, and all she wanted to do was kick back, catch some rays and cool out with me.

When she came out of the house she had a brand new suit on, fire engine red and skimpier than anything I’d ever seen. Her breasts nearly spilled out of the tiny cups, and the bottom part was so small that I could tell her pussy was well trimmed. As she sauntered over toward me I practically had to lift my jaw off the ground with one hand while I used the other to try and hide the bulging effect her looks had on me. But she really knocked me out when she sat down in a nearby chair, then leaned back and untied the strings of her skimpy top.

“Come over here,” she said softly. “It’s time for my rubdown.”

She let the top drop then, and for the first time I got a look at the stunning breasts and bright pink nipples that I had dreamed of a thousand times. Those nipples were as hard as diamonds, and nearly an inch long. They absolutely begged for my mouth.

“Do you like what you see?” Diane purred.

“I’m absolutely speechless,” I managed to reply.

“Good,” she said. “Because you won’t be able to talk with my breasts in your mouth, will you?”

I got up then and walked over to her, knelt down and clamped my hot lips around her left tit. She let out a sigh and wound her fingers through my hair.

“Mmm . . . suck it. Yes, that’s it. You are so good!”

I was in absolute heaven, kneading one breast in my hand and suckling the other. My cock swelled to the point of bursting, and the front of my shorts poked out like a pup tent. My hormones raged as I knew that I would have this woman, my dream woman, for the first time. I kissed my way up her chest, and our lips locked together in a deep, tongue twisting kiss. When we parted I said hoarsely, “Inside— now.”

I led the way as we went in, and before she could close the door I was all over her. We started kissing again, and I grabbed her ass in my hands and pushed her up against the wall. As our bodies mashed together I ground my cock into her belly and she let out a low growl.

“That’s what I want,” she panted.

“Well,” I said, “I intend to give it to you. All of it.”

Somehow we got ourselves to the bedroom, and she pushed me down onto the waterbed. In one swift motion she had my trunks down around my ankles, and my cock was waving tall and proud right in front of her face. She clamped her lips around that pole and proceeded to give me my first blowjob ever, and one of the best. Swirling her tongue around the head, she stroked me up and down, sucking me steadily and fondling my balls as she went. Just as I was about to blow my load she stepped up the pace, sliding a finger up my ass. I lost it and started to blow. She backed off after the first shot and pointed my cock at her chest. I shot ribbon after ribbon of hot, sticky come onto her beautiful breasts, and then collapsed, totally spent.

Diane crawled up next to me and began scooping the come off her chest with her fingers and licking them clean. Then she leaned over and licked what was left off my cock. At this point she was more than ready for a little relief of her own, and I was more than willing to oblige. I grabbed hold of the string of her bikini bottoms and gave a yank. The tiny garment fell away, and I got a shot of her amazing pussy. It was indeed neatly trimmed, and I could see her cunt lips glistening with moisture, just waiting for my tongue to lick them clean.

I laid her down on the bed, bent over and kissed that sweet pussy. She cooed as I ran my tongue up her wet slit and swirled it around her clit. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass and buried my tongue in her hole. Diane gasped and grabbed the back of my head. She then guided me through my first pussy eating session, teaching me to focus on her clit while I was finger fucking her hole. She came twice before I came up for air, and by that time I was ready to put my cock where my mouth had been.

I climbed on top of her and shivered as I slipped my cock into her incredibly hot, wet hole. Buried deep inside, I felt her pussy quiver around my cock, and I slowly began to pull back out. I took my time, wanting to savor every second of this fantasy come true. After a while Diane was begging me to pick up the pace and really fuck her. Before long we were screwing flat out, our pelvises crashing together, my balls slapping against her ass. I rolled her nipples between my fingers as I slammed into her hot cunt, faster and faster with every pistoning stroke, until her body tightened, and she dug her fingers into my back. With a scream and a moan we came together, and collapsed on the bed.

I leaned over toward her, and then simultaneously we both said the same thing: “God, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time!” Then we broke into laughter, and a moment later she fell asleep in my arms.

That was just the first of many great afternoons we had together. And that’s how I spent my summer vacation.

G.R., Oakland, California

Joyful in Japan

Recently, I heard from my old college roommate, Howie. Howie and I had been starters on the football team in our senior year, when we won the league. Being star athletes meant that women were drawn to us like bears to honey, and we were happy to take advantage of the situation.

Howie stood six foot four and weighed about 235 pounds, while I was six three and 245, and both of us had dicks proportionate to the size of our bodies. As word spread among the young coeds about our crotch cargo, they almost stood in line for us to take a dip in their young pussies.

Six years later, when I heard from Howie again, he was a plant manager for an American firm in Tokyo. As my marriage had recently gone south, he was able to talk me into visiting him there.

When Howie met me at the airport, he had a beautiful Japanese girl with him, whom he introduced as Myko. She was nicely dressed in a thin blouse that showed plenty of cleavage, a short skirt, fishnet stockings and high heels.

After collecting my luggage, the three of us got into Howie’s car and headed for his house. On the way, Howie said that he had a “gift” waiting for me at home. When we got to the house, there was another Asian girl there, whom he introduced as Jin. Jin, too, was a knockout, but I was a bit confused about what was going on. Howie went on to tell me the story.

He explained that Myko had originally come to work for him in the factory, but when he needed a housekeeper he had hired her for the job. Eventually she wound up in his bed— as most women he knew did, sooner or later. Now they had an arrangement in which Myko retained her factory pay and lived an American lifestyle, in return for which her pussy was available for both Howie and his clients. But now Howie’s client base had grown to the point where he needed another girl to entertain his customers and friends, and that was where Jin came in. Jin was eager for the job, but she was still a virgin, due to her protective rural upbringing. So when I had agreed to pay him a visit, Howie had decided to save her for me. He said he was doing both of us a favor.

Meanwhile, Howie said, he and Myko had been showing Jin how to suck cock and jack a guy off. They had also explained to her that I had a really big cock, which might be very tight in her small Asian pussy. Howie explained that many of his American customers remarked how tight Myko’s pussy was compared to those of their wives and girlfriends. Myko smiled proudly as he said this.

After the girls had cooked us a delicious dinner, the four of us grabbed a bottle of Champagne and headed out to Howie’s pool. We decided to strip down. As we did, I put my hand between Jin’s legs and felt the virgin pussy I would soon be stretching with my dick. Jin moaned softly and wriggled against my hand, and it was obvious that she was more than ready to be broken in.

After a couple of glasses of Champagne and a half hour of playing with Jin’s pussy and tits, I was ready to proceed to the main event. I picked Jin up, my large dick standing in the air, and carried her to the bedroom.

I sensed some anxiety on Jin’s part, but also an unmistakable eagerness. I laid her on the bed, put a pillow under her ass and began to lick and probe her with my tongue. I then inserted two fingers in her pussy to get her juices flowing. Soon her hips were bucking as if she were thrusting to meet my dick. By this time I was rock hard. I offered my tool to her mouth, and she sucked it in hungrily. While this felt wonderful, I had other plans for my first load. I moved down and positioned myself at the wonderful, tight, dripping slit between her legs. Her pussy lips were swollen and in full bloom.

I began by rubbing the head of my cock against her slit, then parted her pussy with the throbbing tip. She was the tightest I’d had so far. By pushing gently I was only able to get about two inches inside her. I didn’t want to hurt her or force myself into her, but Jin was pushing up at me and moaning for more. I took hold of her ass to keep her from sliding on the silk sheets, and as she urged me on I managed to thrust the remainder of my fat tool into that clutching pussy. Jin gave a cry of what certainly sounded like joy as I thus wiped away eighteen years of virginity.

At that point I lay still, letting her get used to the size of my dick. I was buried inside her, glorying in the sensation of her wet pussy muscles, all warm, wet and velvety, happily milking my huge American prick.

I soon began my up and down thrusting. Between Jin’s tight pussy and small stature, and my big dig, I was actually lifting her torso off the bed with each upstroke. That tight cunt and her squirmy little body and her screams of joy had my climax building in no time, and I bathed her pussy with what seemed like gallons of come. After I pulled out, Jin sucked me hard again so I could repeat the process. I fucked her four times before we were both satisfied.

The rest of my two weeks there were a real fuckfest. Jin’s eager pussy was always at my disposal, and with Howie’s encouragement I also engaged in several sessions with Myko. At one point Howie went on an overnight business trip and I had the two girls to myself. On that occasion Myko decided it was time to initiate Jin into the pleasures of ass fucking. Jin took to it like a duck to water, even though her anus was the tightest thing I had ever had around my dick. It was an incredible experience to be fucking Jin’s tiny squirming asshole while Myko crouched behind me and licked my ass and balls. Later I fucked Myko’s mouth while feasting on Jin’s unbelievably sweet pussy.

When I left, Howie said that if I wanted, he could get me a job with his company there, and I said I would certainly consider it.

N.Z., Detroit, Michigan

Behind the Counter

Recently my wife Tessa told me about a fantasy of hers that she really wanted to try. We had talked about being more open in our sex lives, but this seemed rather daring for my normally conservative wife. She wanted to teach a virgin how to have sex. I said I would be delighted to help her out.

I looked for the right guy at work, but I couldn’t come up with one who fit the bill, or who I thought would keep his mouth shut. Then one night I was renting a porno tape at the local video store. The guy behind the counter looked to be eighteen or nineteen, and was kind of nebbishy looking. I decided to give it a shot. In what was admittedly a clumsy attempt to lead into the subject, I said, “Say, you must keep the girls you date pretty happy, with all the knowledge you get in this line of work.”

“Not really,” he replied as he rang up the rental.

“What do you mean?” I said. “A good looking guy like you must be pretty experienced.”

“Hell, all the experience I get is looking at these flicks,” he replied bitterly.

At that point I asked him straight out, “Are you a virgin?”

He looked defensive. “Well, yeah, so what? There’s nothing wrong with that, man.”

“I agree,” I said. “But I happen to know someone who’s dying to pop a male cherry. You interested?”

He looked at me suspiciously. “Well, yeah, I guess. Is she good looking?”

“You can see for yourself. I’ll go get her and be right back, okay?”

He shrugged. “Okay, I’m game.”

I could see he didn’t really believe me, and thought I was some kind of a nut. I drove the short distance to my house, picked up Tessa and drove back to the store in a hurry. The young clerk’s eyes lit up as my sexy wife walked in with me.

“Here she is,” I told the staring youth.

“What’s your name, honey?” Tessa asked him.

“Larry,” he replied quickly.

“Well, Larry, you are real cute,” she said. “Can I join you behind the counter?”

“I guess so, but I can’t close for another half hour or I could get fired.”

“We don’t want that to happen, Larry,” my wife told him as she slipped behind the counter. She ran her hands up and down his body. “You’re tense, honey. Let me take care of that,” she murmured.

There were two or three customers in the store, but they weren’t watching as my wife got on her knees behind the counter and eased Larry’s fly down. His cock quickly sprang free from its confines. “Oh how beautiful,” Tessa cooed as she licked his shaft. “How tasty and delicious, Larry.” Then she took his twitching cock into her mouth and worked him to full hardness in seconds.

Larry moved close to the counter, concealing Tessa’s kneeling form as a customer came up to take out a video. He managed to keep his composure as he tended to the transaction, but just barely. “Oh shit!” he exclaimed, grabbing the counter as the customer left. I could hear the familiar sound of my wife moaning around his cock as she sucked him to spasming completion.

“That was fantastic,” Larry said as he composed himself. After the other customers left without renting anything, Larry said it was time for him to close up the store.

“Do you want to come home with us, Larry?” Tessa asked him. “I’d love to feel your beautiful cock inside me.”

He looked startled. “Yeah! I mean, if it’s okay with your husband and all.”

“Oh it is, honey,” Tessa smiled. “I’ll suck him off while you fuck me, so he won’t mind.”

Larry followed us home, and soon we were in the bedroom. My wife stripped for Larry, and he was too busy taking in her lacy bra and thong panties to notice me turning on the video camera in the far corner of the room. Tessa pulled his shirt over his head and slid his jeans off, until he stood with his swollen cock stretching his underwear.

“Take my bra off, honey,” my wife instructed him.

Larry fumbled with the latch on her bra until it popped free, and she dropped it to the bed. “You like them, baby?” my wife asked as Larry stared at her breasts. He nodded, and she took his hands and placed them on her tits. “That’s it, honey, feel me up.”

Larry felt her boobs and played with her nipples as she guided him to the bed. Tessa lay back, saying, “Lick them, honey. Nibble on my nipples.” Larry was an eager student, and soon had her nipples hard. “Now take my panties off, Larry,” she whispered. “I’ve got a pretty pussy waiting for you.” Larry rolled her panties down. He couldn’t take his eyes off her cunt. “You want to taste some pussy, honey?”

“Oh, yeah,” he replied quickly.

“Go ahead, baby. I want you to lick my cunt.” Larry didn’t need any more encouragement. He buried his face in her cunt and licked her pussy all over. “That’s it, baby, run your tongue up and down,” she panted. “Now lick the little knob at the top, that’s my clit. Oh yeah!”

“Am I doing okay?” he asked.

“Aaagh,” was all my wife could say as she pushed his face into her cunt and covered his chin with her come. “Oh, yes,” she said when she had recovered. “Yeah, you’re doing fine, sweetie, but I want you to fuck me now.”

Larry pulled his underwear off and knelt between my wife’s open legs. Tessa grabbed his dick in one hand and pulled him down to her. “Are you ready for some pussy, Larry?” she asked.

“God, yes!” he panted. “I want it. I really want to fuck you!”

“I know, honey.” She eased the head of his prick into her wet cunt, then took it out. “How does it feel, Larry?” His only reply was a cry of frustration. Tessa smiled and slid him into her pussy again, then grasped his hips and pulled him into her until his balls rested on her ass.

“Oh!” Larry shouted. “Oh god! Oh shit! Oh!” He was coming uncontrollably. “I’m sorry,” he said breathlessly. I was working the video camera, and I now zoomed in on my wife’s stuffed pussy. Larry’s cream glistened as it oozed from her dick filled muff and trickled down to her ass.

“Don’t be sorry, baby,” Tessa soothed him. “Your dick feels so good pulsing inside me, and your come is so warm. Don’t move, baby, you’re already getting hard again.” And indeed Larry’s dick was showing the resilience of youth, and the influence of my wife’s body squirming beneath his. “Now pump me, honey, pump slowly in and out,” Tessa said, and Larry followed her instructions, drilling his cock into her come filled cunt. The room was filled with the scent of their combined love juices and the sound of their sloppy fucking. Tessa held on to his ass as she came around his dick.

They continued to screw for quite a while. Tessa reached several orgasms, and Larry’s come continued to flow out of her cunt as they screwed. Larry was now pumping hard, bouncing Tessa’s ass off the bed, while she thrashed her head from side to side and screamed, “Oh, baby! Fill me up now! I want it now!”

“Oh yeah!” Larry replied, arching his back. His balls tightened, and with a loud grunt he buried his thick shaft in her writhing pussy as he once more filled it with sperm.

They lay together motionless for a few minutes, and then Larry eased his cock out of its warm nest. As he did so, his cream flowed freely out of her snatch.

“Oh honey, look how much you’ve been saving up,” Tessa giggled.

“Yeah. That was awesome!” Larry said.

Larry now cleaned up and got dressed. As he left he thanked us for everything, and told us to stop by and see him any time.

When he was gone, Tessa told me she had really enjoyed teaching Larry how to fuck, and I said I had enjoyed watching her. She said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to see him again, but that there must be lots of other virgins out there who needed somebody to break them in, and maybe we should look for them. I told her that sounded like a great idea and suggested the local pizzeria.

S.E., Athens, Georgia