This entry is part 13 of 16 in the series 2013 Apr/May

When I drove home at the end of the week, I noticed one of the windows in the garage had been broken and the door from the garage to the house was wide open. I knew there was a possibility that someone was still in the house, so I backed out of the driveway and drove down the street to a neighbor’s house and called the police.

When the cops arrived, they checked the house and it was empty. I answered all of their questions and inventoried all our belongings so I could tell them what had been taken, and they were very nice and promised to keep an eye on the house and to get the report filed quickly. As soon as they were gone, I called one of my neighbors, Adam, who works as a contractor. He’s been friends with me since I moved into my house, so I knew he wouldn’t mind stopping by to patch up the window and change a few locks for me that night, even though it was well after business hours.

Adam’s a nice guy and immediately voiced his concern about my being home alone when my house had just been broken into. He asked if I wanted to come stay at his house with him and his wife, but I told him I’d be fine at home. He didn’t think that was a good idea, so he called his wife, Beth, and told her he was going to stay with me for the night. He’s six feet tall, muscular and very attractive, so I didn’t mind the extra company one bit.
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This entry is part 9 of 16 in the series 2013 Apr/May

My name is Alana. I’m 26 years old and my husband John is 30. He’s always trying to convince me to write you a letter about the hottest sex that I’ve had with him. The truth, however, is that the hottest sex I’ve ever
had really wasn’t with my husband.

During my freshman year of college, I took a part-time job at a local pawnshop. The owner, Alex, was a black man in his late 40s. I was only 18. Alex was married, but I guess I was at that age where most girls get kind of fixated on older men, and after working at the pawnshop for a couple months, I definitely developed a schoolgirl crush on Alex. He was six-foot-three and powerfully built from the years he played college football. He became my secret fantasy guy when I would sit at home and masturbate, and I couldn’t wait to go to work just so I could be around him.
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This entry is part 9 of 25 in the series 2013 Mar

I’ve always had a strong sex drive, which makes me willing to spread my legs for any man at a moment’s notice. My husband also has quite a strong sex drive, but he still isn’t able to keep up with me. So although I love him with all my heart, I often have to satisfy my needs by having sex with other men. I’ve been having sex outside our relationship since we started dating. I still remember the first encounter I had after Billy agreed that we’d both be happier if I were allowed to sleep with other people.

I had just turned 21, and I somehow found myself on a red-eye flight to Los Angeles for a job interview. I was seated beside a young Marine named Ben who was very polite and very easy to talk with. He was returning home after boot camp to visit with his parents and await his work orders. I enjoyed his company, but after a couple of hours, I was tired and asked for a blanket so I could snuggle up in my seat and get some sleep while Ben listened to some music on his headphones.
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This entry is part 7 of 25 in the series 2013 Mar

I’d driven downstate to make a couple of sales calls, and when I found out I wouldn’t be able to see one of my customers until the following morning, I thought I’d take my old neighbors up on a standing invitation to stay with them if I was ever in town. I stopped at a gas station to ask for directions, then easily found my way to their home. My old friend Jolene was sitting outside on her front porch, and when I pulled into her driveway, I could tell that she was surprised to see me.

She gave me a big hug to welcome me, then offered me a glass of sweet iced tea and invited me to sit with her and catch up on things. She was in her seventh month of pregnancy and very excited about her first child.

After chatting for half an hour, I told Jolene I should be on my way, having decided that I didn’t want to impose on her, considering her condition.

“Oh, no!” she squealed in protest when I told her I should leave. “You have to spend the night with us,” she said. “I won’t take no for an answer. Now let me fix you a cocktail while we wait for the boys to get home.”
“Boys?” I asked. “What boys?”
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This entry is part 16 of 22 in the series 2013 Feb

My husband and I recently moved to be closer to our business. Before, we were commuting 90 miles a day, but we found a beautiful home 10 minutes away from our warehouse—and I found out what a joy moving can be!

One of the first things I did after we relocated was seek out a reliable doctor and make an appointment to see him. I thought I’d only be talking with him and giving him my medical history during my first visit, so I was surprised when the nurse handed me a gown and told me to put it on before the doctor came in to see me.

I guessed the doctor to be in his mid 30s and found him very polite. He seemed very thorough, asking lots of questions about my medical history and how I was feeling before asking me to hop up on the exam table. He checked my vitals, then lowered my gown to check my breasts (which are firm, 34Cs). After I retied the top of my gown, he pulled out the stirrups and told me he needed to do a pap and a pelvic exam, too, so he would have a complete record of my health.
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