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I had no intention of having sex with my mom’s friend when I went to her house. I’d promised my mom I’d stop and check in on Charlotte next time I was in the area, and since I was passing through for work, I figured I should probably make mom happy.

Charlotte was a 58-year-old widow, and I was 30 at the time. I hadn’t seen her in years, not since I was in college and still lived at home, but she and my mom were close, and she’d apparently been asking about me for a while. She seemed pretty happy to see me when I stopped by, but as we sat in her living room talking, the conversation seemed to falter and die pretty quickly. Still, I didn’t want to just leave. My mom had told me how hard it had been for Charlotte after her husband died; her kids lived far away and they didn’t get home very often. So when she asked if I’d spend the night in her guestroom, I felt I should take her up on the offer. Besides, I figured that my boss would appreciate saving the money it would cost the company to put me up in a hotel for the night.
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