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I have been married to a beautiful woman named Carol for 10 years now. She is a gorgeous blonde with blue eyes that captivate anyone she turns them on. She stands five-foot-four and weighs a mere 118 pounds. She’s so small that a guy could wrap his arm around her small frame and just carry her away.

Carol and I met while in college, and I became her first real lover. The first time I made love to her, getting my cock into her tiny pussy was a very slow process. It took almost a full minute to work my dick in because she was so tight. But I made sure to play with her clit and breasts, and she had a small orgasm before I was all the way inside. Then, when I started thrusting in and out, she had several more.

Since our first time, we’ve always had a very active sex life. She dresses to please and tease me as well as to show off her great body. Because her 34C breasts sit high on her tiny frame, she looks top-heavy, and no matter what kind of blouse she wears, she almost always shows lots of cleavage.

Last month, Bobby, an old friend from college, called and told me that he was in town for four days for business and he wanted to get together. I checked with Carol and then invited him over for dinner that night. Carol prepared a wonderful meal and then went into the bedroom to get dressed for the evening. She put on a short, tight black skirt and a blue satin blouse that showed off her ample chest. She also wore a pair of sexy high-heeled shoes. She looked just beautiful, and I made sure to tell her so.

Bobby arrived at seven, as planned, and gave Carol a bottle of wine, thanking her for having him over for dinner. She smiled and showed him into the living room. She told us that dinner would be ready in about 20 minutes, so we should have a drink and catch up on things in the meantime. As we sat and talked, I noticed that Bobby kept stealing glances at Carol every time she came in from the kitchen, and I knew he was admiring her figure.

When Carol announced dinner was ready, Bobby and I followed her to the dining room to sit down and eat. Our dining-room table is round, which allows for better conversation, since you can see everyone sitting around you. Anyway, I sat on Carol’s left and Bobby was on her right. All through dinner, I could see Bobby stealing glances at Carol’s cleavage. I wasn’t sure if Carol noticed, but either way, she was very friendly with him, and he was very charming toward her.

After dinner, Bobby offered to help with the dishes, and once we’d cleaned up the kitchen, we filled our glasses and went back into the living room to talk some more. Carol sat on the couch next to me, and Bobby sat across from us. As we had a few more drinks, the light-hearted conversation turned a little more personal. Bobby explained that he was divorced because his wife wanted to “play the field.” He said it wasn’t that he couldn’t satisfy her in bed, but she wanted to be able to hook up with as many guys as she wanted, and he wasn’t game. Then he blurted out that he had a big, thick cock and he’d never failed to satisfy a woman. But he didn’t stop there. He added that his wife was “not as much a looker as Carol” and that Carol had a dynamite figure.

Carol blushed at Bobby’s outburst, but she didn’t say anything, and I chalked his comments up to his having had one too many after-dinner drinks. But Bobby wasn’t done talking yet. He then told us that he hadn’t been with a woman in nearly three months because of his work-related travels.

I couldn’t help notice that Bobby was still checking out her cleavage as well as her legs, which were exposed almost up to her panty lines. At one point, Carol got up from her seat and went to the kitchen to get some snacks. She asked me to come with her to open another bottle of wine that was in the refrigerator. As soon as we were out of Bobby’s view, Carol came up and gave me a hot kiss while grabbing my cock and squeezing it. I then suspected what she had in mind.

We’ve been reading Forum for a year, and we both enjoy the letters where a guy watches his wife with another man. We’ve talked several times about maybe trying it some time, and I thought that the perfect opportunity had just presented itself.
I told my wife that I knew what she had on her mind, and she looked at me with a serious yet seductive look on her face. She asked, “Are you mad, Jack? I know we’ve talked about this before, but when he said how big his cock is I just creamed my panties. I want to see it for myself.”

I told her I wasn’t mad and, in fact, I was also turned on from watching Bobby gaze at her large breasts and peek up between her legs. She giggled and said, “I caught him several times, too. It got me wet.”

I gave her a kiss, said I loved her, and told her that we should go for it. I only wondered how we would go about getting Bobby to agree. “Leave it to me,” Carol said. “I think I can get him interested.” She walked into our bedroom and closed the door, leaving me to open the wine and refill our glasses.

A few minutes later, Carol rejoined Bobby and me in the living room. She sat down in her same seat, but she allowed her skirt to ride up higher than it had before. It was now just a couple inches from exposing her pussy. I saw that she seemed to be showing off even more cleavage, too, and that Bobby’s eyes were glued to her chest—and that his pants were beginning to bulge (as were mine).

Carol just sat there, though, acting as if she were completely unaware of the effects she was having on Bobby. She sipped her wine while she continued to make small talk, and I saw her part her legs so that her knees were almost a foot apart. I knew Bobby was getting an eyeful of her crotch because his eyes were locked in that direction. Carol moved her legs several times, too, making sure that Bobby saw all her “charms.” Bobby was getting so aroused that he had to discretely adjust himself to hide the boner that was pushing against his pants.

After a few minutes of this teasing, Carol said, “So, Bobby, you said earlier that your cock was pretty big. I think that guys always exaggerate and brag to girls about their size, but when it becomes show-and-tell time, the truth comes out.”
Bobby looked uneasy, so when he turned to me I said, “Yeah, guys tend to do that.”
Carol smiled seductively and told Bobby, “Jack won’t mind if you prove it. Besides, it could be fun. ”
Bobby looked at me again, and I said, “I guess you have to prove it now. Go ahead and show her.”

Bobby was still somewhat reluctant and remained sitting in his chair, so Carol parted her legs even further, catching his attention. She then stood up, walked over to Bobby, and knelt down in front of him. She reached for his zipper and said, “Here, let me help you,” as she pulled it down.

When she opened his pants, she saw that there was a long, thick bulge in his briefs, and his mushroom cap was sticking out above his waistband. The head was large and thick, and when Carol saw that, she exclaimed, “Holy fuck! He’s huge! Jack, I’ve never seen one this big, not even in porn movies.” She then tugged on his briefs and pulled them off. She let out a lustful moan as Bobby’s full cock came into view. The head rested about an inch above his navel and was a good two inches in diameter. This wasn’t a man’s cock—it was a donkey dck!

Carol took hold of his shaft and started stroking it, and Bobby looked at me to make sure it was okay. I nodded back at him with a smile, and then he relaxed in his seat and let Carol continue stroking him as she told him how beautiful his dick was. When she couldn’t hold back anymore, she looked up at me and said, “Honey, I’ve got to have this thing. It’s so beautiful. I want to see if I can take it all in.” She then wrapped her tiny mouth around his purple head and tried sucking him. It proved too big for her small mouth, so she started licking the shaft from his balls to the pee hole and back down. When she got to the tip, she would suck in the tip for a few moments and then move on. Bobby had a look of total bliss on his face.

After few minutes of sucking, Carol stood up and removed her blouse while keeping her eyes glued to Bobby’s cock. She then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, and I saw that her tiny panties were shoved up into her pussy and ass, her puffy lips sticking out around the flimsy thong. I could see that her juices were already flowing, too.

Carol told us to follow her to the bedroom, and when Bobby got up to do so, she wrapped her hand around his cock to guide him. I laughed and went behind them. When we got to the bedroom, the blankets had been pulled back, and Carol laid down and pulled Bobby to her. They started kissing passionately while their hands explored each other’s body, and Bobby couldn’t get enough of my wife’s big, round tits. He sucked her nipples, which are always very sensitive, and slid his hand down to her pussy. I saw first one finger and then a second slide into her slit and begin pumping. At the same time, she was stroking his stiff monster, though it didn’t have her full attention, since she was moaning and reaching new heights from the pleasure he was giving her.

After just a couple of minutes, Carol let out an earth-shattering scream and her body tensed as she climaxed. It took her quite a while to come down from that orgasm because Bobby kept pumping his fingers into her pussy, even adding a third digit after a while. But when she finally calmed down, she gave him another sensual kiss and started stroking his rock-hard monster again. Then she told him, “I want you to fuck me with that big dick of yours. But go slow. My tiny pussy will need to adjust to that thing.”

Bobby moved between her legs, which she’d spread as wide as possible, and rubbed the tip of his cock against her labia until Carol arched her back. That was her sign, and when she told him, “Fuck me, damn it! I need your cock right now!” he pushed the head inside her. Carol let out a hiss as he stretched her, but after a moment she was ready to take more of him, and she gripped the sheets in her fists as he pushed in another inch or so. Her eyes were bulging and her chest was heaving as he fed her inch after inch of dick. It was exciting watching him get even halfway in, and when he finally shoved his entire length into her, she exploded in another orgasm.

After allowing her to adjust, Bobby began pumping in and out slowly, and Carol continued to clench the sheets in her hands while wailing loudly. Bobby stopped for a second to ask her if she was okay. She said, “Are you fucking kidding me? I’m in heaven with this big dick of yours! Now fuck me.”

I was shocked at how easily she was able to take his entire length. She usually had to work just to get my thick cock all the way in, and Bobby had about three inches on me. That alone made my dick rock-hard, and I sat in the chair in front of my wife’s dressing table pounding my meat furiously.

Bobby gave Carol a little more time to adjust to his considerable size, and then he began really fucking her. All the while he was giving it to her, Carol was screaming a constant string of obscenities, telling him to fuck her good and hard. She also told him that she loved his cock and that he could fuck her forever because it felt so good. She wrapped her legs around him then and tried to thrust up against him. From where I was sitting, I could see that her pussy lips were wrapped tightly around his veiny shaft.

Carol had two more intense orgasms before Bobby cut loose with his. When he was about to blow his wad, he yelled that he couldn’t hold back anymore. Carol told him, “Give me your come! Fil this cunt with your come!” I then saw Bobby’s balls contract and his ass cheeks tighten as he took one last deep thrust into my wife’s vagina and let loose. As he came, Carol could feel him spraying her pussy, and she was rocked with another orgasm.

Bobby then collapsed on top of her and they lay there for several minutes, my wife’s breasts heaving as they tried to catch their breath. When they finally calmed down, Carol gave Bobby a passionate kiss and told him that that had been the best fuck she’d had.

When they moved apart, I could see Bobby’s sperm slowly seeping out of her dilated fuck hole, and she looked amazingly beautiful. She smiled at me then and said, ‘Come here and fuck me with your beautiful cock, baby. I love you so much!”
I crawled onto the bed and saw that a puddle of come had pooled on the sheet, and that made my dick throb with desire. I wanted to add my own seed to that puddle. I moved between my wife’s legs and slid my cock into her slippery slit as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as usual, obviously, but it didn’t make it any less enjoyable. We French-kissed as I fucked her, and we both reached climax simultaneously.

When we were done, I looked over at Bobby and saw that his rigid pole was sticking straight out again. I looked back at Carol, smiled, and asked, “Are you ready for round two?”
She smiled and replied, “I thought you’d never ask!”

That led to Bobby spending the night with us in our king-size bed. No one got much sleep that night. Bobby and Carol made love two more times, with the last one being doggie-style while she sucked my cock. She had three or four intense orgasms each time. I also had the opportunity to fuck her very tight ass twice that night, something Bobby couldn’t do because he was just too big.

The next day, Bobby checked out of his hotel and moved into our house for the rest of his stay. He couldn’t get enough of her small but buxom body, and she couldn’t get enough of his huge cock. Carol had to wash the sheets each day that Bobby was with us, but I guess that’s the price you pay for having so much fun.
Providence, Rhode Island


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