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The relationship my lover and I now have started quite like many others do. We met at a party given by a mutual friend and hit it off right from the start. I ended up taking her home, and I took that opportunity to make a date for later that week. The date was successful, and soon we were going out pretty regularly.

Nancy is different than any other woman I had previously dated. In bed, her moves are deliberate and slow. She orchestrates sex through a growing crescendo. She may begin by slowly sucking my toes, then kiss and lick her way up my legs, alternating at each thigh, moving up less than an inch with each touch of her lips or with her tongue. When she reaches my cock, she covers the head with her lips, taking it all the way down. She sucks rhythmically as she slides back to the tip, rolling her tongue around the circumference of my rod.

Nancy is truly gifted at sucking cock. She’ll perform for five to 10 minutes, always stopping the exact instant before I come. Afterward, she increases the rhythm, taking me to the edge. I come in her mouth, groaning as she ingests every drop. She says that she craves the taste of my come.

As imaginative and creative as our lovemaking is, it had never occurred outside of the bedroom at my place or hers. I longed for some outside adventure. Everything was going so well that I didn’t know if I should mention my growing fantasies to her. I finally decided to bring the subject up casually, asking Nancy if she’d ever had the desire to make love in an elevator—a glass-covered one that overlooked the city. Her reaction was surprisingly in tune with my desire. She’d had similar fantasies about fucking in public places—not anywhere that we could be caught, just discreet public lovemaking. We decided to take turns picking out places.

The first was the outdoor elevator. Nancy shocked me by bringing shorts that had snaps along the crotch. Once we were completely alone in the elevator, we rode it to the top and stopped it. We unsnapped each other’s shorts and I entered her cunt from behind as we stood looking out over the city. I pumped away inside of her for several moments and then we came together, miles above the city lights. Then we snapped up and rode the elevator back down, exiting on the ground floor with smiling faces.

Our lovemaking often has to be quick when we pursue our sexual adventures. This gives us the best of both worlds. Sex is beautiful and slow at home, but wild and adventurous out in the world. We’re not exhibitionists, and we don’t get off on the possibility ofgetting caught or by having other people watch us. We just like knowing that we have fucked and sucked, licked and dicked in as many obscure and exciting places as we can.

Nancy once chose Disneyland. We fucked on one of those trams that moves over the top of the park. Nancy sat upon my lap with her back toward me, both of us facing forward. The starts and stops and racing curves of the car were exciting. The snap-crotch shorts came in handy again too! Our cries blended in with the shrieks of excitement that we heard from the amusement park riders.

Our adventures keep getting better. Next week it’s my turn to pick a spot again. I can’t wait!
K.D., Missouri


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