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It’s been three years now that Nan and I have gotten away with our meetings. We had some very close calls, but I guess that makes it more exciting. I met Nan through her friend that I had been fucking. What a difference between the two! We’ve done things in places that long-married couples never do.

Nan is a small-town woman, so she was pretty excited over the fancy bar I met her in. My roommate was playing gin, so the room was free, and at 130 bucks a night, I wanted to get my money’s worth.

One of the more exciting nights took place at one of our conventions. We had nothing to do that second night but drink with the other salesmen, so I gave Nan a call and, to my surprise, she said she’d be right over. I mean, it was a 70-mile drive. We had a few drinks, then headed upstairs.

I started the shower and we stripped each other as we love to do. After soaping one another up where it counts the most and then drying off, I turned the heat light on her to dry her hair. While she stood, I ate her beautiful cunt. She stood with her legs wide apart. Her cunt hairs were still wet, but quickly drying.

Her hands stroked me as she took my balls in her mouth, sucking so gently that I was ready to come quick. But she stopped and we made it to bed, falling into a 69. The taste of her pussy drives me wild. Her patch of black cunt hair is soft and smooth and parts to show her pink cunt lips and pearl-drop clit. It was nearly as hard as I was. We ate each other, taking our time. She would tighten her hold on the base of my cock when I was ready to come. After sucking my balls once more into her mouth, she shifted up to face me and straddle my cock. She rubbed her clit with my cockhead, then came down on me. Her big, fat breasts were bouncing as she fucked me. I sucked and squeezed them until we both came.
We dressed and had a nice dinner before I walked her to her car. Then I went back to the bar and timed it just right to call her as she was walking through her door at home.

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