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My wife Donna and I were laying in bed one night, swapping fantasies. It took a lot of encouragement, but she eventually told me her personal favorite. It really took me by surprise, because normally her idea of kinky is to walk around our bedroom with her clothes off—in the dark! I was so proud of my wife for sharing—and so turned on—that I resolved to make her fantasy come true for her. So I thought about it and came up with a very special scheme.
I offered her a day as a princess, and then I took care of everything.

I cleaned up the house, made dinner, mixed the drinks, and even set the table with candles and our fine china and silverware. We then retired to our den and snuggled up on the couch. As she rubbed her fingers over my dick, I knew everything was going to turn out fine. I knew Donna was going to be utterly delighted with the surprise I had in store for her.
I got up to blow out all the candles, and this was the signal. Donna was laying on the floor, enjoying the music that was playing on our stereo system. I kissed my way up her legs, but when I got to her mouth, she jumped. She had felt something extra. You see, I needed four other men to pull off this particular fantasy.

Donna began to protest when she saw what was happening, and she looked over to me for help. When I asked her if the scene felt familiar, she quickly realized that it was her fantasy coming to life, and she calmed down as Dennis kissed her roughly. Bruce and Carl knelt down by her legs, and Tony unbuttoned her dress and then unhooked her bra. Her tits never looked better as Tony’s saliva made them shiver in the dim light.

It was an outrageous sight to see her naked body squirming as she writhed on the floor, and I had never been so turned on. Tony moved quickly between her thighs and parted her lips to enter her. Seven inches later, he was in heaven, and Donna was straining to thrust up against him. I had my clothes off by then, and I offered her my dick. “Stroke this for me, Donna,” I said.

While my wife jerked me off, Bruce stuffed his dick into her other palm, and she ran her hands swiftly up and down our shafts. She was responding nicely now, and Carl slipped his dick into her mouth. She gagged a little as he said, “Suck it good!” but she did as she was told.

The boys were getting wild. Tony was yelling, “Fuck! Oh, fuck!” over and over again. Donna squealed as he pumped gobs of his semen into her, and Bruce and I showered her arms with semen as we both climaxed.

Meanwhile, my wife still had the last dick between her lips. Carl had been fairly gentle with my wife’s little mouth, but suddenly she was bouncing all over the place to get away. Carl was in so deep that his pubic hairs were mashed up against her nose and there were six inches of throbbing meat wedged down her throat. “Oh God!” he cried as he pumped his come into her hot little mouth. She finally coughed his dick back up and lay fatigued on the floor.

Dennis recovered first and offered to get us each a beer. “Sounds good,” said Bruce and Tony. I managed a weak “Yes,” and checked on my wife. We were all truly amazed when she held her left hand up in the air and signaled for two beers.
B.F., New Jersey

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