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It had been nine months since my husband had been deployed to Iraq, and I couldn’t wait to see him. Our daughter was nearly two years old by then, and I’d finally lost all the baby weight I’d put on while I was pregnant with her. I was excited to show him my new body and the new wardrobe I’d bought to help show it off. He’d seen a few pictures that I’d emailed to him while he was away, but I’d made sure not to send too many. I wanted him to really see me and appreciate my body first-hand when I saw him in person.

On the day I was finally able to pick Rick up at the base and bring him back home, I was wearing my sexiest sundress, something that would show off my figure but not be inappropriate to wear in public. It was hard to find my husband in the crowd of other men and women who were finally coming home, but when I finally spotted him, I could feel my heart start to race with incredible excitement. I zigzagged my way through the crowd to get to him, and I remember exactly the moment he spotted me. His eyes got wide and his mouth opened in shock. It was clear he was pleased with the changes I’d made while he was away.
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I’m a slim white man with a fat uncut cock. My dick is 10 inches long and is capped by a large head, and I have big balls, too.
I discovered that I was bisexual in my late 20s, when I went camping with my sister and her boyfriend. One night, my sister went to sleep in their tent pretty early, saying she was tired from our hike that afternoon, but her boyfriend Matthew and I stayed up late, drinking beer and bullshitting as we sat by the fire. Well, one thing led to another, and somehow Matthew ended up in my tent with me. He said he wanted to lay down, but he wasn’t ready to go to sleep and he didn’t want to disturb my sister. Fair enough. But as we lay there talking about ex-girlfriends, I started to get turned on.
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My wife Suzy and I have been swinging with a friend for about 11 years now. We usually travel to his place because we’re less likely to be disturbed there while we’re playing.

Suzy called me last Thursday and said her boyfriend had texted her at work and asked if she wanted his big mushroom-capped dick, and she had told him, “Hell yes!” She said he was coming up to our place on Saturday night. Since it had been a few months since his last visit, I told her, “It’s about time. I thought he had forgotten about you and moved on.” I was joking, of course, because every time he fucks my wife, he goes on and on about how much he loves her tight pussy and how much he has missed her tight pussy and how good she sucks his dick.

Suzy said, “I’m going to fuck him so good Saturday night that he’ll never forget this pussy!”
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I’ve always been attracted to girls, and I love looking at pictures of them in magazines and fashion catalogues and brochures. Of course I buy all the men’s magazines, too, so I can see a wider variety of beautiful women. But I’ve never once thought of myself as anything approaching bisexual, and I certainly never thought I’d act on my attraction. Until I met Lauren.

I was out at a party with friends, and Lauren was there, too. She was playing beer pong with a bunch of guys when I spotted her, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was wearing a pair of super short cutoff jean shorts and a tight white T-shirt, with her hair in pigtails, while most of the other girls there were in miniskirts and tube tops or other sexy attire. But even in her simple outfit, she stood out. She looked like she was having a genuinely good time at the party as well, and I wanted in on that. So I moved closer to watch the match and cheer her on.
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When we get together, I start by leading you by your hand into the bedroom, where I slowly lift your shirt off over your head, exposing your full, beautiful chest, your breasts begging to be let loose from your bra. I reach around and undo the clasp, letting the straps fall away as if your breasts are pushing to free themselves.

Your breasts hang there, so firm, so full, and as I lean down to undo your pants, I give your nipple a little kiss. As I push your pants down your body, I kiss the other nipple. Then I bring my head back up and move my mouth to your neck, my breath hot and humid against your skin. My fingers trace paths over your thighs, your hips, your smooth ass. When you step out of your pants, which are bunched at your feet, I stand back to let my eyes take in your amazing body. The blood rushes right to my cock, making it harder.
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