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I’m sure that your readers are all well aware of exactly how frustrating their unfulfilled sexual fantasies can be, but I wonder how many have had the incredibly gratifying experience of having one of their most outlandish fantasies effortlessly realized? That’s exactly what happened to me recently and I’d like to share the experience.

Being 23 and a late starter, I’ve had enjoyable sexual relations with only a few girls and have long entertained the fantasy of bedding down with two or more women. Recently, while visiting my girlfriend, I learned that one of her two very attractive roommates was pissed off at the guy she’d been seeing and wanted to use me to make him jealous. I agreed and throughout the evening she joined me and my girl in the chair we were occupying, showering me with passionate kisses, ruffling my hair and expressing a desire to sleep with the two of us. Finally, when the unfortunate guy
had gotten fed up and stormed out, I assumed the “game” was over. Since it was late, I retired with my girlfriend, feeling enormously aroused.

After only a few minutes of foreplay, my girlfriend left the room and returned moments later with her roommate, who I figured had just been teasing, as well as her second roomie who had watched the scene all evening with apparent interest. Each of them was wearing little more than a smile. Announcing that she’d been telling her friends of my sexual prowess (she exaggerated, believe me) and that they were curious to find out if she was kidding, all three climbed into the bed. I was flabbergasted but delighted.

Well, I doubt that I need to go into detail, but let me assure you that this was one of the most satisfying sexual encounters of my young life. It has been surpassed only by our further exploits, sometimes with all three and sometimes with one or two of these beautiful women. The joy that I now receive from loving all of them, as well as the excitement derived from watching them stimulate and satisfy one another can’t be expressed in a letter.

The relationship continues and I assure you that multiple sexual couplings within a group are possible without the least tinge of jealousy.

I can vouch for it and recommend such “group love” to any man or woman who wishes to have his or her ability to love increased.


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  1. “Well, I doubt that I need to go into detail…” The detail is the whole point my young friend as you will find out after a bit more experience. Your assignment should you choose to accept it is to rewrite this letter including all of the details (if it truly did happen or you have a vivid imagination). Otherwise, what’s the point, no sizzle just brag.

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