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Moving in with my girlfriend and her mom was the best decision of my life. Not only is my girlfriend hot, but her 56-year-old mom is smokin’, too! Guys half her age can’t help but stare at her firm ass as she walks down the street, and I have some ideas of what I’d like to do to her when she’s around, too.

What happened between us didn’t start off with any direct physical contact at first. You see, I was home alone one day and saw a pair of her dirty black lace panties in the laundry. Kinky or not, I couldn’t resist picking them up and taking a sniff, and it got my cock hard instantly. Her scent was incredibly sexy. Then I noticed something in her panty crotch, and I realized it was dried come. A thrill shot through me and I nearly came in my pants. The images in my head of Rita getting turned on and fucking some guy were driving me insane with lust.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I yanked my pants down and started to jack myself off. I was so hot that it only took a couple of good strokes before I came, shooting all over the panties that were clutched in my other hand.

I decided to hold on to the panties I had found, thinking she’d never miss one pair of panties—but I was wrong. When she did the wash the next day, she asked me and my girl if we’d seen her black panties laying around the laundry room. We both said no, but when my girl had turned her head, Rita wagged a finger at me and shook her head. I tried to look innocent, but she knew better. Later, when my girlfriend went to the bathroom, Rita confronted me. “I know you took them,” she said. “They’re my favorite pair of panties, and I want them back.”

I felt like I was being grilled by the police. I didn’t know what to say, so taking the gamble of my life, I said, “So what if I do have them?”

“I want them back right now!” she demanded in a whispered yell.
“Or what?” I asked defiantly.

“Or what?” she repeated. “Or I’ll tell my daughter, that’s what. Now tell me what you’re doing with my panties.”
I was in a tough spot, so I figured I’d tell the truth. I told Rita that I’d gotten turned on by the smell of them and that I couldn’t help myself and had jacked off with them. She was obviously pretty surprised by my response, but she thought about it for a moment before asking, “So what do you think of these?” Then she unsnapped her pants and showed me the black lace panties she had on underneath.

My eyes bugged out and I dropped to my knees to sniff her crotch, totally forgetting about my girlfriend, who was just upstairs. I inhaled Rita’s scent, and my cock hardened immediately. She had the best-smelling pussy of all time, I was sure of it.

I snaked my tongue out and licked the fabric of her panties a few times and tried getting myself closer to her pussy by snaking my way around the edges. That didn’t work, though, and she reached down and pull the crotch aside to give me the access I needed. I went to work as soon as her pussy was bared, and she tasted amazing!

She moaned quietly as I ate her middle-aged cunt, then shuddered suddenly and moaned loudly as she came. Wow, she was fucking hot!

A moment later, she pulled me to my feet, looked around quickly, and dropped down to her knees. She had taken my cock out in a flash, and she engulfed it completely in one smooth motion. She was really first-rate when it came to giving head, and as soon as I heard the toilet flush upstairs, I shot my load, filling Rita’s mouth with my come. She swallowed every drop.
We both quickly rearranged ourselves before my girlfriend came back downstairs—and Rita reminded me one more time that she wanted her panties back.

I returned her underwear the next day, and since then, she’s kept me supplied with plenty of her used undies, and lots of blowjobs, too!

Lorain, Ohio

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