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My grandmother’s friend Tracy is a pleasant—and very buxom—lady who has long been a family friend. Over the years, I heard quite a few stories about how “active” she was when she was younger, but recently it seemed like she’d settled into a more respectable and ladylike life as a 69-year-old widow and grandmother.

When she visits, I always take certain chances, putting my arms around her and asking her how my favorite mature woman is doing. She’s never really reacted, but about a month ago she surprised me and asked how her favorite sexy young man was doing. Then she asked if my girlfriends were putting out enough. I played along and after telling her they weren’t, I patted her on her ass, gave her a quick squeeze, and asked if she’d “gotten any” lately. She giggled and pulled away as my mother and grandma walked into the room, but she never answered. As she walked away from me, though, I realized how hard my cock had gotten as I’d flirted with her, and I found myself watching her ass sway as she turned the corner and went down the hall. I had to compose myself for a second before I was able to walk around without inadvertently showing off my erection.

I didn’t think anything of it, and when she called a week later to ask if I could come by to do some yard work for her, I agreed without a second thought. I help Tracy out whenever I can, just like I do for my own grandmother, so it wasn’t unusual for her to call and ask for a favor.

I did some raking and pruning for her, and as I was finishing, she called out and told me to come inside and take a shower before dinner. When I went into the house, she already had the shower running and was wearing a terry cloth robe. I figured she’d taken a shower of her own and had just left it going for me, so I hopped in the shower and started washing off, which felt good after spending all day outside getting dirty. I was scrubbing myself clean when the bathroom door swung open and Tracy came in, still wearing her robe and carrying a towel. As she walked, her breasts swayed and her nipples pressed against the thin fabric. When she lifted a foot onto the toilet seat to reach for a washcloth, her robe fell open to display the soft, jiggling flesh of her thigh.

My cock stiffened, and I realized that if I could see her through the curtain, then she could see me. I decided to give her a show, and I thrust my hips forward, my hard-on sticking out. As soon as I saw her look at me, I started jerking off while she watched. I’d only given myself a few hefty strokes when Tracy gave in to temptation, dropped her robe and stepped into the shower stall with me.

I ran my soapy hands all over her big tits, and she squirmed as I toyed with her nipples. I soaped her soft ass and pulled her toward me so that my cock slid against her bushy-haired crotch. I rocked my hard prick back and forth in between her thighs until we were both close to climax, then I pulled away, rinsed her off and hopped out of the shower. She followed, and as we dried off, I fingered her snatch until she came not once but twice.

If ever there was a woman wild to get fucked, Tracy was the one. I guided her to her bedroom, and she tried to pull me toward the bed, but I stopped her when we passed the full-length mirror that hung from her closet door. I had her put on the black stockings and heels that I saw sitting in front of the closet, and the black made a nice contrast against her smooth, pale skin. “Tease me,” I told her.

Slowly, she put her hands behind her head, spread her legs wide and bent her knees. Her cunt gaped open, and she thrust at me several times. She was so wet that I could see her juices glistening on her cunt lips.

“So, how many hard cocks have you sucked?” I asked her, suddenly curious.
“A lot,” she replied.

I shook my stiff cock at her and she immediately knelt in front of me. It was a special thrill to look down at the lines around her mouth as she parted her lips to slide them down my shaft. I wondered how many other cocks had received the same treatment in the past. She sucked me hungrily and moaned as if she really adored the taste of my dick.
“Suck that cock, Tracy!” I told her. “C’mon, now! Suck that dick and swallow my come!”

She got very wound up when I spoke dirty to her like that, and her head bobbed up and down faster. When I came a few moments later, she gulped down the wads of come I shot into her mouth. She didn’t release my dick after that, though, instead keeping me firmly between her lips and nursing my cock until I was hard again. Then I took control once more, moving her to the bed and spreading her legs. I pushed her knees up as far as I could, then plunged my hard prick into her.
I could tell she’d been well used by men over the years, but I didn’t care as long as I got mine. Her cunt seemed to pulse around me, and although it was a little loose, I felt great sensations as I drilled her hard. I pounded her again and again until I finally spurted inside her, and then we took a break.

As we caught our breath, she rolled over, her butt in the air, and it was then that I decided I wanted to split her ass. I got her up on all fours with her knees spread wide, ass up, and got in behind her. She didn’t stop me as I penetrated her, just moaned in excitement. I got all the way into her till my balls were rubbing her big cheeks, and then I started humping her gently as she rubbed her cunt. When I finally shot my third load, her asshole grew slick with come, and I drilled her even harder and faster, filling her more.

The rest of my family thinks I’m such a nice young man for going over to help Tracy as often as I do now, but they’d never guess that she dresses like a whore, does sexy stripteases, and sucks and fucks me any way I want her to—and they’d probably also never believe she loves getting her round, mature asshole slammed by my young cock. But she does!
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