This entry is part 19 of 19 in the series 2012 Nov

My wife Jessica and I aren’t swingers, exactly, but every once in a while I do enjoy watching my wife have sex with other men. It started when we read a story about wife-watching in an erotic magazine, and when I felt my wife’s pussy after reading her the story, she was absolutely soaked. We discussed the possibility of her sleeping with someone else that night, but we didn’t make any decisions about what we wanted to do just then.

A few days later, an old friend of mine called and said he was going to be in town the following weekend and wanted to get together. I hadn’t seen Randy in maybe five years, and I was looking forward to catching up with him. I wound up our conversation by inviting him to stay over at our house instead of wasting money and checking into some crappy motel.
I had to work late the day Randy was scheduled to arrive, and I felt guilty about leaving him and my wife all alone, since they’d only met briefly a couple of times and didn’t really know each other. Jessica told me everything would be fine, though, and I knew she would do whatever it took to make our guest feel welcome.

When I got home that night, I heard giggling coming from upstairs, and I figured Randy was telling my wife one of his classic jokes while she showed him the guest room. I headed up there to say hello, but when I reached the top of the stairs, I could see that it wasn’t a joke that had Jessica giggling. She was in bed with Randy! They had their clothes on still, but they were making out like a couple of horny teenagers on a hot date. A wave of jealousy coursed through me, but I became very aroused as well, so I continued to watch what was going to happen.
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This entry is part 18 of 19 in the series 2012 Nov

Moving in with my girlfriend and her mom was the best decision of my life. Not only is my girlfriend hot, but her 56-year-old mom is smokin’, too! Guys half her age can’t help but stare at her firm ass as she walks down the street, and I have some ideas of what I’d like to do to her when she’s around, too.

What happened between us didn’t start off with any direct physical contact at first. You see, I was home alone one day and saw a pair of her dirty black lace panties in the laundry. Kinky or not, I couldn’t resist picking them up and taking a sniff, and it got my cock hard instantly. Her scent was incredibly sexy. Then I noticed something in her panty crotch, and I realized it was dried come. A thrill shot through me and I nearly came in my pants. The images in my head of Rita getting turned on and fucking some guy were driving me insane with lust.

I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I yanked my pants down and started to jack myself off. I was so hot that it only took a couple of good strokes before I came, shooting all over the panties that were clutched in my other hand.
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This entry is part 17 of 19 in the series 2012 Nov

I had told my good friend Susan that I would come over and take care of her kids when she wanted to check herself into a rehab center after suffering a drug and alcohol relapse following her divorce. Susan had moved in with her widowed father, but he worked full-time, and she was worried about her two young boys spending too much time with strangers during an already-twisted time in their lives.

The boys were nine and seven years old, and they’d always been happy to see their “Aunt Kelly” whenever I was in town. I’d known Adam, Susan’s dad, since I was a kid, so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to share the house or childcare duties with him.

Things went well, although it was an adjustment for me, having little experience with full-time childcare, as I have no kids of my own. It was also hard to get used to being unable to go out and find some cock whenever I wanted to, since I had to take care of the boys.

I’d been there a few weeks when I couldn’t take being abstinent anymore. As soon as Adam had a day off, I asked him to take the kids so I could go out for a little bit of fun. I ended up hooking up with some guy that evening, and I came so much when we fucked that even after we were done and I was dressed, my pussy was still wet, soaking my panty crotch.
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This entry is part 16 of 19 in the series 2012 Nov

After graduating from high school and before moving away to college, I took a summer job for a local moving and storage company. Ron, the owner, was a really nice guy and easy to work for, and the tips were great. One day, Ron asked me if I would be able to stop by his house on my way home and take a few air conditioners out of the windows, since he was going to be working late. I knew where his house was, so I told him I’d do it.

I’d never met his wife Anita, before, but from what all the other guys said she was a real babe. When I knocked on the door, it opened quickly and there was Anita, a five-foot-tall Morgan Fairchild lookalike! She had big blue eyes and long, shiny blonde hair. She was wearing a silk robe and looked as though she had just gotten out of the shower. Her tits were as big as grapefruits, surprisingly large for a girl as petite and slim as she was, and her tiny nipples were high and erect and plainly visible through he robe.

She turned around to have me follow her into the house, and her body must have still been damp, because the silk material clung closely to her bubble butt. The robe was pretty short to begin with and just barely covered her round ass as it was, but once it started to cling to her, it was even more revealing. I think she caught me eyeing her behind a few times, too, even though she didn’t say anything.
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My best friend and I are students at a small Midwestern liberal arts college. She’s 20 years old and I just turned 18 a few months ago. We’ve always enjoyed double dating, but we have a hard time finding anyone to really fulfill us, if you know what I mean. Many of the guys we’ve hooked up with have gotten us off, but none of them have really been all that special, so we’ve both been left feeling a little bit empty. All that changed when we went to a party a few weeks ago.

We were just kind of hanging out waiting for something to happen when we saw a cute guy towering above everyone else. He immediately saw us and smiled as he looked back and forth between the two of us. Lilly is a master flirt, and right away she had him walking over to us. I’m the shy one (at least of the two of us), so Lilly did most of the talking, but for some reason he showed more interest in me. I giggled when I realized that it was making my friend jealous. I knew it would start off a competition that would delight all three of us by the time it was over!

I struggled to hide my impatience as we engaged in some meaningless chitchat and sipped mildly spiked punch, but I could already feel my panties getting wet. Luckily, Ryan could read me like a book. “Okay, let me guess, you two are eager to get down to business, right?” he asked. Although he’d slipped and said “you two,” I knew he mostly meant me.
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