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I buried my head between Andrea’s thighs and inhaled her scent before pushing my tongue deep and eating the cunt I’d dreamed of for days.

My girlfriend had been out of town for almost a week, and while we talked on the phone and e-mailed each other—and had phone sex and cybersex a few times—it wasn’t the same as having her at home. And after all the dirty talk we’d shared, I could only think of one thing: Her cunt.

She took a cab from the airport when her flight got in, and the minute she walked through the door I was touching her, kissing her, loving the feeling of having her in my arms again. It wasn’t enough, though. I was horny as hell, and after five days without her, my pussy was screaming for attention.

I knew Andrea felt the same, and when I dragged her over to the couch, she offered no resistance. She wanted it, too. We started stripping each other—or I started stripping her, since I was only wearing a XXL T-shirt. Then we were on the couch, our bodies pressed tightly together as we kissed and caressed each other’s body. We ground our pussies against each other and tried to finger each other as we kissed, but it wasn’t enough.

With a bit of maneuvering, we were soon in a 69, so Andrea’s cunt was now fully accessible. I growled hungrily at the taste and dove right in. She was wet, and I licked the dew clinging to her luscious lips. When I’d lapped up all of her juice, I pushed my tongue between her lips and began to face-fuck her. I alternated between thrusting my tongue hard like a cock and wiggling it around gently, swirling it and trying to reach every inch of her.

Meanwhile, Andrea was busy fingering my cunt, and each thrust of her fingers made me moan out loud. I felt her fucking me with three fingers, also alternating between hard, fast strokes and more delicate movements. Every time I thought I’d figured out her pattern and knew what to expect, she’d switch things around and keep me guessing. She had me so riled up that I could barely focus on her pussy. I pulled myself together, though, and put all of my energy into giving Andrea the tongue-fuck she deserved—one that would bring both of us the most possible pleasure.

After a few minutes, I decided to add my fingers, and I started to thrust a couple in and out while I started biting and sucking her hot little button. I felt her doing the same things to me, but I tried to ignore the sensations it was causing to take care of her.

I continued sucking and nibbling her hard clit for a few moments and then switched, going back to licking and tongue-fucking her pussy. This time, though, I used my now-lubed fingers to frig her clit, occasionally giving it a squeeze for some added sensation. She started to mimic my actions, but she was so excited that now she couldn’t focus. That was fine with me, though. I was more interested in getting her off, anyway.

Once I started a full-on attack of her pussy, she went crazy. Her hips were thrusting her closer to my mouth and her thighs were crushing my head, her legs wrapped around me and as she tried to draw me closer still. When she gave up eating my pussy entirely, I knew she was close to the edge. I quickly replaced my tongue with my fingers and began fucking her hard. My mouth moved back to her clit, and I sucked with all my might.

When I took her clit between my teeth, she exploded, her juices flooding over my fingers and her body writhing uncontrollably beneath me. I didn’t let up, though. I kept working her over until she gave one final scream of pleasure and went limp.

She’s leaving for business again tomorrow, and though she’ll only be gone for three days this time, I know her return will be equally exciting!

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