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He was a jeweler. Precision was his life. He knew just what made something beautiful tick. He also knew that expert hands controlled the face and the form, and that without these, there was nothing. The most exquisite timepiece could not function without a master.

Unlike the average shop owner, who greeted customers with humility and an ingratiating smile, he looked as if he resented intrusion. When the shop bell rang and she entered the store, he peered at her for only a moment before adjusting his thick magnifying lenses and returning to the disemboweled clock on the table, its face blank and its workings spread out on a bed of white cloth.

“Look around as you please,” he said. “If you have anything specific in mind, tell me, and you’ll leave completely satisfied, I guarantee.”
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This entry is part 21 of 22 in the series 2012 Oct

I buried my head between Andrea’s thighs and inhaled her scent before pushing my tongue deep and eating the cunt I’d dreamed of for days.

My girlfriend had been out of town for almost a week, and while we talked on the phone and e-mailed each other—and had phone sex and cybersex a few times—it wasn’t the same as having her at home. And after all the dirty talk we’d shared, I could only think of one thing: Her cunt.

She took a cab from the airport when her flight got in, and the minute she walked through the door I was touching her, kissing her, loving the feeling of having her in my arms again. It wasn’t enough, though. I was horny as hell, and after five days without her, my pussy was screaming for attention.
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This entry is part 20 of 22 in the series 2012 Oct

I looked at my naked reflection in the full-length mirror and admired the thick, sable-colored hair that accented my cobalt-blue eyes. I then palmed my large breast with one hand and ran the other hand over my flat stomach and around my firm ass. I love touching myself now that I’m finally happy with my body. I had lost the 50 pounds that clung to me through most of my young adult life and finally felt free. I stared at my reflection in disbelief of my once-misshapen body that had turned into a voluptuous statue. I collected my thoughts and began to think about my coming out. I was going to a Halloween party as a new person: a thin one. I secretly hoped that Joshua would be there. I hadn’t seen him since I lost all the weight.

Last time I saw Joshua was when I bumped into him at the local pub. I’d caught him cheating and realized how much of a jerk he really was after he made an ass out of himself by throwing a barrage of insults at me. I left him that night and never looked back.
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This entry is part 19 of 22 in the series 2012 Oct

When Brent asked me out, I was surprised. I hadn’t seen him in months, and, last I heard, he was dating this girl I’d gone to college with, Juliana. In fact, she was the one who’d first introduced us. I wasn’t going to say yes to the date, but something told me that I should go out with him, and boy am I glad I did!

We went out to get some pizza that night, and afterward took a nice walk around town. We talked about work and people we both knew as we walked, and after a while we ended up in front of his house. It seemed like too much of a coincidence that our aimless wanderings had led us right to his front door, and I had a feeling that he had something planned that he wasn’t telling me.

After pretending to be surprised about our end location, Brent invited me inside for some coffee, and I accepted. I hadn’t gotten any action in a while, and if pretending I wanted a cup of coffee would get me laid, I was happy to play his game.
We were sitting in the kitchen and chatting while the coffee brewed when Brent’s doorbell rang. Since it was already nearing 10 o’clock, it seemed like another coincidence that wasn’t all that coincidental, and when he came back from answering the door with Juliana following behind, I knew something was up.
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This entry is part 18 of 22 in the series 2012 Oct

My college roommate Christina was always going from one guy to the next. One semester she went through three boyfriends, each one getting dropped after a few weeks because they failed to hold her interest. No one could figure out what her deal was.

Then one day I got home from class and heard Christina on the phone with a friend. They were talking about her lackluster love life, and when I heard Christina ask the voice on the other end, “You know what the problem is?” I knew I had to stay and find out why she was always dumping these guys. Ducking into the bathroom, I hid behind the shower curtain and listened intently as her voice traveled from the bedroom.

“It’s Alicia,” she said, and I jumped.
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