Hot Momma!

When I was 18 and a senior in high school, I started dating a really cute girl who’d just moved to town. She was 18 and a senior, too. Her parents were divorced, and she lived with her mom, while her dad lived a few hours away. I didn’t really care about her father, though. It was her mom I was really interested in. That woman was a fucking knockout!

I was infatuated with her mom, who had a smokin’ hot body. My favorite things were her long legs and her gorgeous ass, and I fantasized about her all the time. Her toned legs and tight ass were often encased in the sheer nylon of pantyhose and stockings, since she worked as a secretary and mostly wore dresses and skirts. I loved looking at her legs, her thighs, her ass, and on rare occasions I’d even catch a glimpse of her pantyhose crotch if she bent over just the right way. Like I said, she was a knockout, and I couldn’t help admiring her.

About halfway through the year, my girlfriend went out of town to visit her dad for a while. I was picking up her work from school, and I went by her house one Friday night to drop off some of her books and the assignments she’d missed. Her mom had just gotten home from work when I arrived, and she invited me in for a soda. She looked awesome. She had her hair pulled back and was wearing a black skirt with black pantyhose and heels. I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful ass and legs as she led me through the front door.

She sat across from me in the living room after getting me a soda, and I got a full view of those awesome legs. I couldn’t help staring at them, and I followed the long lines of her limbs from her high heels to the edge of her skirt, where they disappeared from my line of vision. I had to force myself to look up at her while we talked, or else I was sure I could easily stare at her legs all evening. When she eventually crossed her legs, the hem of her skirt rose all the way up her thighs, practically to her waist. The move exposed more of her pantyhose encased legs, and I found that it was turning me on more than ever before, forming a very obvious bulge in the front of my pants.

She must have noticed the bulge that was forming in my trousers, and she laughed. “Is that for me?” she asked with a smile.

Totally embarrassed that she’d noticed how aroused I was, I said I had to get going.

“Why?” she asked, reaching out to grab my arm so I would stop and explain myself to her.

I told her that I thought she was a very sexy woman, but I had to go before I did something to upset her or get myself into trouble— with her or with my girlfriend.

She laughed some more and then grabbed me by my belt and undid it. She unzipped my pants and then reached in and pulled out my hard, young cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening! This was really turning into a dream come true!

She pulled me to her as she sat and looked up at me. She slowly eased me closer to her and then closed her mouth over the head of my cock. She slid her lips all the way to the base before sliding back to the tip again. My knees trembled and I nearly fainted from the excitement I was feeling.

She kept working on my cock, her lips gliding up and down my shaft while her tongue swirled around it, tracing patterns that I couldn’t make out but that aroused me all the same. I’m not sure if she was more skilled than anyone I’d ever been with or if it was just the appeal of being with an older woman— my girlfriend’s mom, who I was definitely not supposed to be hooking up with, at that— but it seemed like she was giving me the best blowjob any man could ever ask for. She took me to the edge of release over and over again, and then pulled back, never letting me come. I had a feeling it meant she wanted to fuck me. And then she stopped sucking my cock all together.

A moment after dropping my dick from her mouth, she stood up and took off her shirt and bra, then slid out of her skirt, standing before me in just her pantyhose. The crotch of her pantyhose was shaped like a heart— and was soaking wet with her juices— and I stared at it a moment before slowly moving my gaze up to her bare tits. They were firm and round, and I fondled them and sucked them like a baby who was feeding from his mother. Meanwhile, my hands rubbed her stockinged thighs and caressed her pussy, and the fabric of her pantyhose felt wonderful under my fingertips. I didn’t think it could feel any better even if I’d been able to caress her soft, naked flesh.

Our hands were moving all over each other, exploring each other’s body, when she very suddenly jumped back and laughed, telling me I’d tickled her. Deciding to keep playing, I tickled her waist some more, making her laugh hysterically. She jokingly tried to get away, but I held her tight as she squirmed and giggled. Soon we were wrestling on the sofa, and I kept tickling her, my cock as hard as iron. As we rolled around, my fingers dug into her pantyhose crotch and tore a hole, allowing me access to her pussy.

As soon as she discovered what I’d done to her pantyhose, she pushed my face to her crotch and let me begin eating her 38 year old cunt for the very first time. She tasted more tart than anyone I’d eaten out before, and I wondered if it was because of her age or if it was just her unique taste. I didn’t care either way. She was fucking delicious, and I didn’t want to stop eating her cunt for anything!

“Oh, goddamn!” she yelled after only a few minutes had passed. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Her hips gyrated as she ground her pussy against my face, her juices pouring out of her and sliding right over my tongue and down my throat. When she calmed down, we started wrestling again, and we ended up with me on top of her, my cock positioned right above her cunt hole. She thrust her hips up as if she wanted me to enter her, and I asked her, “Are you sure?”

“God, yes!” she cried. “Fuck me for real. Put your cock in me! Do it!”

I didn’t even have to respond. I just thrust my dick into her hole and began to fuck her with all I had. Her cunt was tight and wet and warm, and I didn’t think I’d be able to last very long. I reached down and rubbed her clit, wanting to get her off as fast as I knew I would, and she screamed loudly.

“Where did you learn that?” she panted, surprised at my expert skills.

I told her, very boldly, where I’d learned that trick. “From fucking your daughter,” I said.

Not even a minute later, I exploded. I shot off inside her as she tried to thrust against me. My finger continued to play on her clit, and it didn’t take too much more work before I got her to come, too.

She let me fuck her one more time before my girlfriend came home, but after that, she never looked at me the same. I didn’t care, though. It was worth it to fuck that hot ass MILF!— M.S., Minneapolis, Minnesota

In the Swing of Things

Chuck and I had been married 12 years when we had the only serious fight of our relationship. Surprisingly, the fight was over my not having sex with a certain man. Chuck had seen this guy in the shower at the gym he was washing his nearly hard cock, which looked to be 10 inches long. The man in question had been hitting on me for months, but I found his cocky attitude to be a total turnoff. He was arrogant and thought he was God’s gift to women, an attitude I can’t stand. Just the thought of screwing him made me want to puke.

We got into it at the club on a Saturday night when Mr. Arrogance took another shot at getting into my panties and I shot him down. I was so annoyed at my husband’s reaction that I booked a flight to San Francisco for the next evening and decided to visit my best friend Julie and her husband Tim for a few days to cool off. Chuck and I hadn’t had sex for nearly a week at that point, because I’d been on my period, and I didn’t give him any ass before I split town, either.

Anyway, back to Julie and Tim. Julie had married my high school sweetheart, the first boy I’d ever necked and made out with. It was never serious, though, since we’d only been kids back then. She met my flight when I came in on Sunday night, and we had a ball on Monday, catching up and going shopping and doing girly things while Tim was at work. I’d seen Julie many times since Chuck and I had moved away, but I hadn’t seen Tim in several years. Like me, Julie hadn’t wanted children, and she still maintained her trim, youthful figure. We were both very petite and had similar bodies except for our breasts. Julie was a 32A, while I blossomed to a 34C (though my breasts appeared larger because of my very small frame).

That night, I couldn’t help but notice Tim’s admiring glances at my cleavage, and the fact that his eyes traveled to my hemline anytime there was a chance I would flash my flesh or undies. I wouldn’t have thought of doing anything sexual with my friend’s husband, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the eight and a half inch cock Julie claimed he had. My Chuck is just shy of seven inches, to be honest, but a little extra is always nice. Tim’s cock, however, was off limits.

I’d always led a very active sex life, seldom going more than 24 hours without some sort of sexual activity, so after nearly two weeks without having sex, I was horny as hell. I blame my overactive hormones for my response when Tim and Julie asked if I’d like to attend a party with them the following Saturday night. Julie described it as a simple get together with friends to play games, but when she said, “No one has to do anything they don’t want to,” I had a feeling there was more to it than she was letting on. She said there were seven couples in all, but anyone could bring a guest as long as they were married. Keeping singles out of the club helped the couples avoid problems. Anyway, when Tim went to fix drinks, I asked Julie if this was a wife swapping party. She told me it was, but that whatever happened at the party stayed there, and everyone went home with his or her spouse. Of course I agreed to accompany them.

Chuck called that night just as I was going to bed. I talked to him for half an hour while my hosts got ready too. We pretty much made up, and he begged me to come home as soon as I could, but I told him that I thought the time apart would do us good. I hung up without a word about the party. It was a long time before I could fall asleep, the distinct sound of Tim and Julie’s headboard knocking against my wall keeping me awake. I thought, My God, I need some cock plowing my horny pussy real soon!

Taking Julie’s advice, I wore a simple cotton sundress with nothing more than a pair of skimpy panties underneath when we went to the party on Saturday. The six other couples were all there when we arrived, and one of the couples had also brought an out of town guest, a man named Rick. Everyone was friendly and courteous, and the men were handsome and the ladies pretty. Everyone was in good physical condition.

For the first hour it was just like any other house party I’d ever been to, everybody sipping cocktails and moving around visiting with one another. The lights were then dimmed in the dining room, where the table was folded up against one wall to provide ample room to dance. Adam was the first to ask me to dance, and we danced to a slow, mellow song. He held me at a respectable distance, and as we danced he told me that the group was delighted that I’d decided to join them for the evening. He said that they were all friends and that I shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do, just as Julie had explained.

“You’re a beautiful and very desirable woman, and I can assure you every man here wants you, but you’re not obligated to do anything,” he said.

As the song ended, he pressed his loins to mine, allowing me to briefly feel his sizeable erection before walking me back to get my drink and asking Nina, another woman in the group, for a dance.

Just then I saw Julie going upstairs ahead of Lenny, while Tim headed for the basement with Fiona. I felt my panties getting wet knowing the sexual part of the night was just beginning. Calvin asked me to dance next, and I let my body melt against his. Soon his hands were cupping my ass and pulling me against his hard cock. I whispered that I’d heard about this kind of party before, but had never been invited to one, and I told him I was really enjoying myself. Calvin kissed my ear and quietly asked if I was feeling adventurous.

He led me upstairs where we found only one bedroom door open. Once behind the closed door, we embraced, kissing passionately as he unzipped my dress. He held it for me to step out of, then dropped to his knees to peel my panties down. Then he just stared at my snatch until I felt compelled to ask if something was wrong.

“God, no! There’s nothing’s wrong,” he told me. “I just can’t believe how lovely your pussy is. May I eat you?” he asked politely. I said yes.

I was so damn horny that his flicking tongue brought me to orgasm quickly, and I released a flood of hot, slippery cunt juice all over his face. He got me off once more before mounting me and trying to stick an unusually thick cock in my pussy. I tried to guide him in, and then I grabbed his ass and urged him to fuck me. He stroked rapidly between my long, puffy labia for about five minutes before blowing an unbelievably hot load of come all over my crotch.

He thanked me and I thanked him, then he pointed to a basin in the corner and said I could clean up there. Then he was gone. I couldn’t believe I’d danced with the man, gotten naked, had my pussy eaten, and fucked him all in under half an hour. Wow! I was about to get up and wash myself when there was a knock on the door and a man stepped into the room, asking if I’d like some company.

“You’re Dave, right?” I asked after inviting him inside. He nodded, and as he walked toward me I asked him to grab the washcloth and wet it for me so I could clean up after his friend. He just stripped and got into bed with me, telling me there wasn’t a single man at the party who didn’t like being with a fresh fucked pussy and that there was nothing wrong with a little semen between friends.

He didn’t waste any time and immediately began fingering my creamy cunt. Within a minute he had his six inch pole ramming in and out of my hungry snatch. It was nothing more than pure sex— he was getting a strange piece of ass, and I was getting the dicking I really needed. He had amazing control, too, and I came three times before he shot his load into me.

He stayed to watch as I cleaned up, helped me with my dress, and then took me down to the makeshift bar for a drink. Before I could finish my drink, I was being led to the basement by Ryan. He was hung a little bit better than Dave, and he gave me an exciting fuck. Ryan still had his spent cock in me when someone knocked on the door.

“It’s your friend Tim,” Ryan told me when he went over to see who it was. “Do you want him?”

I didn’t give myself any time to think it through before I said enthusiastically, “Yes, I want him! I want every man here!” This was turning out to be quite the exciting evening.

Tim came closer to making love to me than anyone else, and he was hung even better than Julie had said, with at least nine inches of wrist thick cock hanging between his legs. He did me doggie style, driving his meaty cock extremely deep into my cunt until we exploded together. He held me afterward, telling me he had wanted that since we’d dated back in high school. He quickly developed another erection, too, and he fucked me in the good old missionary position before leaving and sending in Adam, who had appeared at the door in the middle of our fuck and patiently waited his turn.

Adam was damn good, but I was fucked out by the time we were done, so I dressed and waited in the living room for Julie and Tim, turning down numerous invitations to go to one of the empty bedrooms. When Julie and Tim were ready to go, we headed back to their house, and I tumbled straight into bed. I woke up a few hours later dreaming about fucking Tim again, and when I went to go get myself a glass of water from the kitchen, I found him lurking outside my door, obviously wanting to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck him.

We climbed back into bed and got into the spoon position. He fucked my tender twat gently for about 20 minutes before depositing his delicious cream, and I fell asleep with his cock still inside me. When I woke up again about an hour later, my cunt lips were still clinging to his big cockhead. He woke up the moment I moved, and so did his cock. He entered my snatch as soon as he was erect, and he fucked me beautifully, giving me two wonderful orgasms before coming himself.

We were cuddling up when Julie knocked on the door. “You lovebirds can go back to bed later if you haven’t had enough, but right now breakfast is ready, and I’m sure you’re both starving,” she said with a smirk.

I was terribly embarrassed at being caught, but Julie was cool as could be, and while we ate breakfast she told me all about the first time she’d gone to a swing party.

The next week flew by, and I ended up sharing the bed with Tim and Julie each night. She and I would lay side by side while Tim alternated between fucking us, one then the other, for hours. But I was completely surprised when, while Tim was giving it to me doggie style, Julie slipped under me to lick my clitoris while her husband fucked me. It was an unbelievable experience, and an hour later I returned the favor, getting my first taste of another woman’s pussy.

I arrived home a day earlier than planned, and my husband was at work, giving me a chance to unpack and wash my soiled panties— which I knew my husband would have loved to have put his nose in. He’d been begging me for years to participate in a gang bang, and I knew he would’ve loved hearing about my West Coast adventures. Letting five men screw me in one night had to constitute being gang banged, but I was still a little bit mad at him, so I wasn’t going to share the story of my gang bang with him. To this day, that first gang bang remains my little secret from my husband.— A.B., Norfolk, Virginia

Teacher’s Pet

Have you ever slept with your college professor? I have. The only difference between my experience and others is that the professor was one of my mother’s friends. And I didn’t know she was my mom’s good friend until after our first few nights of fucking.

It all started at our local bar during an evening of dollar shots. I had had quite a few, and this older, leggy blonde with lips that could make any man stand at attention came over and asked me to dance. She looked familiar, but I said fuck it, she was hot and I wanted pussy for the night. We started dancing and then I don’t know if it was our age difference (she was 43 and I was 21) or the fact that we were dry humping on the dance floor, but all eyes were on us.

After a few more shots and a nice makeout session on the pool table, we were kindly asked to leave. She asked me if I wanted to go back to her place or mine, and she suggested hers, since it was closer. That was fine by me, since I was living in a true bachelor pad at the time, and the only food in the house was TV dinners— and beer.

Once we got through her front door, we made no attempts to go upstairs to the bedroom. I threw her on the couch and before you knew it we were in sync, moving like a machine. The harder my cock got, the tighter her snatch gripped me. I guess you could say we fit together like the last two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

We kept up the pace for a good 45 minutes. I could have come at any time, but I wanted to come with her, our juices exploding out of us at the same time. When she was ready, we locked eyes, and I could feel her tremble underneath me as I exploded with the biggest load of my life.

The weird thing about it was that I wasn’t even tired. When she stopped convulsing, I asked her to let me know when she was ready for round two. She just looked me in the eyes and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

As we started working toward our second climax, I realized that either my cock was getting harder or her pussy was getting tighter and wetter. Either way, it worked, and things just kept getting better between us.

In the morning, she fixed me breakfast and then I left. I figured it was a good one night stand and that was it. But a week later, when the summer session started, I showed up to my biology class only to find my hot one night hookup standing at the front of the class— as my professor! We were eyeing each other the whole time, and after class we ended up going back to her place for some “one on one tutoring,” if you know what I mean.

A few weeks after that, my mom had a dinner party and, lo and behold, her friend Diana was there. And Diana, I’m sure you’ve figured out, was also my biology professor. And the woman I was fucking.

Even though Diana and I ended up knowing each other intimately outside of class and my mom’s circle of friends, no one ever found out about our fling. To this day it remains our little secret.— D.H., Mesa, Arizona

Plans & Schemes

I’d like to lean in close to you, with no hesitation or fear, and softly whisper, “I want you,” as my lips brush your ear. I’d graze your skin with my fingertips, moving them down your stomach and heading south. I’d gently nibble on your neck, your jaw, until I reach your mouth. I’d offer you a dangerously slow and seductive tease, one so hot that mere erotic words could not begin to describe it.

There would be an electric shock of arousal as your tongue touched mine, and I would fumble with your zipper but never take my eyes off your face. I would begin to stroke you, my hand firm and steady. I would start to move down your body again, this time with my mouth instead of my fingers, and I would lick my lips. I’d lick my lips with desire, but also because I’d want them wet for you.

You would feel them squeeze tight around your cock, and your cockhead would be met with the wet warmth of my mouth. My mouth would be so wet and warm and willing that all you’d be able to do is grin.

I would kneel down in front of you, continuing the constant steady strokes with my hand. You would wrap your hands in my hair to guide my head and show me what you want. You would thrust deep, fucking my face, your cock sliding in and out. You would fuck my face faster and faster until you got close to your climax.

You would tap me on the shoulder out of courtesy, letting me know you’re about to come. I would be so aroused at the thought of having pleased you that I would moan loudly, wanting more. Your breathing would be labored as you tensed, gasped and then cried out. Your toes would curl under as you released into my mouth, and I would swallow your hot essence with a sigh.

Your breathing would become much steadier as you relaxed and drifted away. I would kiss your head and turn to go. There would be nothing to say since we’re not committed to one another. We wouldn’t have to pretend. We’d have a clear understanding. Our time together would be just for fun.— Name and address withheld

Tit for Tat

When Christopher, our purchasing agent, came to me saying he wasn’t able to locate some special material we needed for an important order, I told him I’d see what I could do. It was two on a Friday afternoon, but I picked up the phone and asked my assistant Rita to call Dean, the CEO of one of our biggest vendors. I knew if anybody could locate what we needed, it would be Dean. Rita buzzed me back a minute later and told me Dean was busy at the moment but would return my call within an hour, or before the end of the day at least.

I left my office telling Rita I needed to see my husband and to page me in the shop if Dean returned my call.

I found my husband, Bryan, and asked if he had a moment to talk, so we went back to his office. I explained what was up and that I’d put in a call to Dean. Bryan said, “Honey, are you sure you want to do this? Remember, he told you that you’d come crawling to him someday.”

“God, honey, just look at the facts,” I said. “If we don’t deliver this order on time, it’ll put us in real financial trouble. If I have to make a deal to trade a little pussy for the materials we need, it would make me one of the highest paid whores in America.”

“Face it, honey,” I continued, “we need to meet our obligation or we could lose business. Besides, it wouldn’t be the first time another man nailed your wife. Hell, it wouldn’t even be the first time Dean did it. And this way we get more than just the usual pleasure out of it.”

Bryan and I talked a little more and then I headed back to my office, deep in thought. I knew the decision about whether to sleep with Dean was entirely up to me, and that my husband would back my choice either way.

I’m a ruthlessly determined businesswoman, so I spent the next hour researching product prices and shipping rates. I found that getting what I needed in time, by conventional methods, would be impossible. Dean was the only way I was going to be able to fulfill our obligations.

Dean called me back just 15 minutes before the close of business, saying that we could meet that night for dinner and negotiations. I told him I’d meet him at the restaurant at eight. I started to get excited, knowing what his “demands” would likely be.

I’m 32, and Dean has to be in his mid to late 50s. We’d met several years earlier when my husband had invited him to a company Christmas party. I’d been wearing a sexy blue dress that showed off my petite, slender figure just the way Bryan liked. He’d always enjoyed having other men buzzing around his wife, and he never got upset if I discreetly allowed one of them to fuck my brains out, and Dean was no different. I’d never thought about trading my ass for favors, but now that was exactly what I planned to do.

I got home that night and packed enough to last the whole weekend, in case it came to that. I put the bag in my car before Bryan got home, not wanting him to see. I knew he wouldn’t care that I was most likely going to end up sleeping with Dean— hell, he would probably be as excited about the possibility as I was— but I didn’t want to rub it in his face or get his hopes up. It wasn’t like he’d be able to watch me in action. Not this time.

Nothing was said about business while Dean and I ate a delicious meal of fresh lobster and the best cut of steak money could buy. I had no idea what it cost, since the menu didn’t have prices, but I did know that the suites in the adjoining lodge started at $500 a night— and that was for a small single room, not one of the nicer deluxe rooms I knew Dean would have opted to book.

After we ate, he suggested we move into the lounge for some after dinner drinks. Once we were served, Dean suggested we get down to business.

My mind flashed back to the night of the Christmas party when Dean, having overimbibed, went outside for some fresh air. He just happened to see me getting banged in the back seat of a car by someone other than my husband. Later he approached me and suggested that if I didn’t want my husband to find out what he’d seen, I should fuck him. I just laughed and told him my husband already knew, but I’d happily fuck him anyway. We shared some of the best sex ever, but I’d insisted that it would only be a one time thing. That’s when he’d told me that I’d come crawling back to him one day. He figured I’d want to fuck him again— and I did— but he never thought that I’d be “crawling back to him” for business and not pleasure.

We discussed the problem at hand, and Dean assured me that he had what I needed and would have it to me by Monday afternoon at the latest. He wanted to know who I’d tried to order from that couldn’t deliver, but I said he’d have to ask Christopher. Dean was very upset that I was being jerked around by some vendor and said he’d get to the bottom of things.

After that we dropped the business talk and enjoyed a nice conversation while consuming quite a lot of wine, and soon it was midnight. I said it was late and I’d better try finding a more economical place to stay and I started to get up, but Dean stopped me. “I have a room here,” he said. “You’re welcome to the bed. I’ll even sleep on the sofa if that would make you more comfortable.”

In a few minutes, Dean had convinced me to stay the night, and I went out to get my bag before following him up to his suite. The bed was unlike any I’d ever seen before. It seemed to be 10 feet across, and there was a remote in the middle of it with a million switches, none of which seemed to be for a TV or DVR— it was for the bed. The rest of the suite was just as elaborate. The bathroom was as big as my kitchen, and the tub was big enough for four!

One entire wall of the living room was glass with doors opening onto a balcony, so I stepped outside. As I stood marveling at the view of the moonlight dancing on the lake only a couple hundred feet away, there was a knock at the door. Dean answered it and a server wheeled in a cart with more of the same delicious wine we’d been drinking downstairs.

We started drinking again and talking about nothing of importance. I was getting turned on, even though Dean hadn’t made a single move, and when I couldn’t wait for him to step up to the plate, I took matters into my own hands. “That bed is so big,” I said, standing up and pretending to yawn like I was ready for sleep. “We can share the bed and we’ll never even touch. Which side do you want? I think I’d like the right.”

Dean just looked at me without answering, so I walked over to my side of the bed and sat down. I slipped off my heels and then unsnapped my garters to remove my hose, and Dean watched from his chair about 10 feet in front of me. I knew he was being treated to a tantalizing view of my upper thighs and possibly even the black silk panties I wore. I stood up and faced him as I unzipped the clingy black sheath I’d worn. I’d chosen it because it leaves little to the imagination, hugging my 34C 23 32, 106 pound frame in all the right places. His mouth dropped open as I let the dress slip from my shoulders and then pushed it past my hips to pool around my feet. Turning around, I bent over to pick it up, giving Dean a lingering view of my ass in a thong. Then I walked across the room to hang the dress in the closet, his eyes locked on my tits as they bounced in their lacy cups with every step I took.

When I returned to the bed, I turned down the covers and then reached back to unhook my bra, my back to Dean. I let it slide off and then set it on the nightstand. As I turned, showing him my full, firm breasts, he said, “I’d forgotten how lovely you look. Are you serious about us sharing the bed?”

“If I weren’t serious, I wouldn’t have undressed in front of you,” I said as I slipped my panties down and let them drop around my ankles. Dean’s eyes couldn’t have been any wider than they were as he stared at my dense growth of red pubic hair. I let him look at me for at least 20 seconds before slipping into bed, saying, “Well, are you coming or not?”

He went to the closet and stripped to his boxers, carefully hanging his clothes up. I checked out his crotch, but there wasn’t any sign of an erection. When he started to get into bed with me, though, I told him it wouldn’t be fair for me to be the only one who was nude.

He pushed his boxers down, revealing a thatch of salt and pepper pubic hair with a big pair of balls hanging under his short, squat dick.

“Will you cuddle with me tonight, Dean?” I asked, hoping being close to me would get him hard so we could finally fuck.

He turned off the lights and lay down on the far side of the bed, then eased backward toward me. I didn’t know he had his back to me until we met, but I didn’t say anything, instead pressing my breasts against his back while mashing my hairy mound to his surprisingly tight ass. We lay there silently for a few minutes before I whispered good night and eased my arms around him, cupping his warm balls as we fell asleep together.

The clock said 4:53 a.m. when my eyes opened the next morning, and I was still holding Dean’s balls. I carefully moved my hand up to his sleeping penis and squeezed it at the base. He stirred a bit but continued to sleep, though his cock responded favorably.

I slipped out of bed to use the bathroom and called my husband from the sitting room. I briefed him on the agreement I’d made with Dean and told him I’d be in touch later. He asked where I thought things were going, and I told him I felt it was “worth investing a little time to develop a good business relationship” with Dean.

I returned to find Dean sleeping on his back, the covers kicked off. I was delighted to see that he had developed a partial erection, although it wasn’t quite stiff enough for penetration. I eased back onto the bed and knelt beside him to take him into my mouth. My efforts eventually paid off, and I had a nice, solid erection slipping in and out of my little cocksucking mouth.

I’m easily aroused, and sucking cock never fails to get my cunt as creamy and juicy as an overripe peach. I knew his breathing indicated that he was still sleeping, so I let him slip from my mouth and moved to straddle him, rubbing him with my wet pussy lips. He woke up almost as soon as my cunt touched him, and I immediately guided his cock into my slick, receptive snatch as I leaned down to kiss him passionately, flattening my tits up against his burly chest.

My lips were pressed firmly to his and his cock was fully embedded in my hot snatch when his eyes popped open, as if he’d just realized what we were doing. I pulled back and pressed my finger to his lips as I sat up and began riding his cock, pleasuring him in much the same way as I’d pleasured my husband just 24 hours prior.

I was amazed at his control. I was stimulating my clit nicely and could feel an orgasm building as I rode him. I was very near the edge when he started trying to push me off. “Stop, stop!” he cried. “I’m going to come inside you!”

I pushed his hands off my hips and fucked him faster and faster until we exploded simultaneously, my cunt spasming and contracting around his throbbing cock as he ejaculated inside my pussy.

I was still straddling him when his flaccid cock slipped out of the slick folds of my come drenched pussy. When we were both breathing normally again, I smiled and said, “Well, there can’t be anything wrong with two friends enjoying one another when it’s that good. And you just got yourself a piece of grade A ass. Did you enjoy it?”

Dean was by far the most grateful man I’d ever fucked, and he wanted to do it again. I told him he’d have to let me rest a bit, but that I planned to stay the weekend with him— if he’d let me. His response was just what I expected, so I called my husband while Dean showered and told him I was going to invest a few pieces of ass in our business and that I’d be home again on Monday morning.

That afternoon Dean ate my pussy for the first time, and I explained what felt good and what was uncomfortable. He loved the taste and smell of my pussy, and he developed a huge erection while he ate me. And he knew how to use that erection, let me tell you! He ended up fucking me a total of five times that weekend, and we decided to make our fucking a regular thing in exchange for a 20 percent discount off all of our orders.

It was the best business deal I’d ever made, and everyone involved walked away getting exactly what they wanted. How many people can say that about their business deals? God bless the power of pussy!— G.V., Chicago, Illinois