Confessions of a Shopaholic

My name’s Marta. I’m 30 years old and I’m married to a great guy. I have shoulder length auburn hair, green eyes and a 38 24 36 figure. I’m also an exhibitionist. I love to dress sexy and show myself off in public.

Yesterday, I was shopping at the mall while my hubby was working and the kids were in school. I wore a short, sexy dress, no underwear and my tall high heels. The dress had a swingy skirt, and it closed down the front so I could unfasten a few buttons and really show off my cleavage.

As I walked around the mall, I noticed this guy checking me out, which isn’t unusual, and I decided to try and pick him up for fun. He was a short, balding man in his 40s or 50s. He worked for the big department store.

I had my purchases in two heavy bags, so I went to sit down and rest. I slid forward in my seat, knowing that my skirt would ride up and move away from my bare legs when I moved.

He was approaching me when I “accidentally” tipped a bag over, spilling the contents. He quickly knelt to help me, and just then I wriggled my legs and opened my thighs very subtly, so that instead of looking at the items I’d spilled, he was staring directly at my pussy. He stammered out some kind of apology when I made eye contact with him, but I told him not to be sorry. I then asked him if he was due a break.

In two minutes we were in the back of my minivan and this total stranger was running his hands all over me before he got on top of me. It was so wicked doing it in public like that, but luckily he didn’t last long, so we didn’t get caught. After he shot his load, he quickly thanked me and left.

I brought myself off by hand after he was gone and then went home. All in all, it was a good day at the mall.— M.F., Bellevue, Washington

Photo Finish

My husband Roger and I have been married about 10 years and he has always had a fantasy of me having sex with a complete stranger, and he wants to watch.

My husband is a photographer, and about three months ago he invited our next door neighbor over to learn some tricks of the trade. Of course, I was going to be their model. I wore a nice skirt and blouse, figuring they weren’t going to do anything more than discuss lighting and white balance and take a few test shots, but as you may have guessed, within half an hour I was down to only a garter belt and stockings, my bra and panties in a pile on the floor with my skirt and blouse. And it only progressed even further from there.

My husband had our neighbor get in the photos with me so that he could understand what it was like being on both sides of the camera, and the last picture my husband took was of the neighbor’s finger in my pussy while his cock dribbled come from the slit. He even had the guy rub some of his come over the tops of my nylon stockings. I couldn’t believe my husband didn’t just ask the guy to fuck me so he could take pictures of that, too.

Then two weeks ago, Roger brought a complete stranger to our house. The man was younger than our neighbor had been, and much more attractive. He definitely appealed to my tastes in men, and I wondered where my husband had found such a fine specimen.

Roger sat back and watched through his camera lens while this guy removed my clothes, and he took a long time with my blouse and denim skirt. I was highly aroused, but I was still nervous and a tiny bit apprehensive about what was really going on.

When he had my blouse and skirt off, the stranger’s right hand went down to my crotch. I distinctly remember twisting and squirming, trying to get closer to him and further away at the same time. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted yet. Although I tried to resist his advances, I was turned on nonetheless. When his fingers started to rub my cunt through my panties, it sent chills through me, and instead of pulling away, I pushed myself closer to him. It became such a turn on to be half undressed while a total stranger played with my pussy in front of my husband, who was watching intently and taking photos constantly. When the stranger finally pulled his hand away from my pussy, he put his finger to his nose to sniff it, and I wondered if his cock and his balls smelled sweaty. I soon found out.

This man seemed to enjoy the way I was giving in to him, but not completely, and I started to play roughly with him, begging him to touch me and fuck me while I pretended to fight of his advances. My husband continued to watch, never moving from his place behind the camera.

The stranger and I both enjoyed our erotic little tussle, and when we finally gave up that game, he used his body to pin me down on the sofa. Then his hand went for the waistband of my panties. I tried to twist around to make it easier for him to get inside them. Our movements weren’t very coordinated, though, and my panties soon ripped right off, and so my sexy stranger just tossed them aside.

My eyes opened in surprise when my panties ripped, and in an instant he reached down and penetrated my vagina with a thick finger. Now my eyes grew wider and I gasped loudly, wondering how far my husband would really let this go.

The guy finger fucked me furiously, and when I looked at my husband and saw that he was masturbating as he watched, it turned me on even more.

All of a sudden I became aware of the stranger pushing his pants down, and he quickly brought a very erect cock to my mouth. I’d never sucked anyone’s cock except my husband’s, so I was nervous, but I took the guy’s prick in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around it, licking and sucking just like I would if it were Roger’s dick between my lips. The guy seemed to like it, and I thought he might come in my mouth, but just as I felt his balls start to tighten, he pulled out of my mouth. He started to move down my body, and when I realized where he was headed, I begged him to fuck me.

He didn’t disappoint, slamming his hard cock into me full force. I cried out with excitement as he penetrated me, and then my husband shot a huge load of come across the living room floor. The stranger fucked me hard for several more minutes after that, and then he groaned loudly and shot his sperm deep inside me, causing my one earth shattering climax.

When he was done, he simply climbed off me and hurriedly dressed, gave me and my husband a nod of thanks, and then left.

When I finally sat up on the couch, the stranger’s come started leaking from my swollen vagina.

“He came inside me,” I said quietly.

“I know,” Roger said.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked.

“It was even better,” he assured me.

My pussy still tingled from the strongest climax I’d ever experienced, and just writing to tell you our story has it tingling like that again. I’m so glad my husband convinced me to give his fantasy a try!— N.A., South Bend, Indiana

Revenge is Sexy!

My name is Ellen and I’m a married 35 year old mother of two. My husband Jeffrey is a businessman who works long hours. He’s often so tired that he doesn’t even have the energy for sex, so I’m left to satisfy myself.

I was feeling under the weather on New Year’s Eve, and my best friend’s husband had just flown out of town on urgent business, so it was all too easy for her to seduce my 40 year old husband at the party I’d insisted he accompany her to. I would have overlooked the indiscretion had Julienne, my so called friend, not boasted to our mutual friends that she and my husband had “done it.” She even bragged that she’d made my husband come three times in under an hour!

I began to plan my revenge on my “friend” and my cheating hubby. I took a lover who was black and bragged to Julienne about how good he was. I knew word would get back to my husband, but I also knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off my new lover, either. As expected, the news really piqued her interest, so I invited her to come over to sunbathe one day when I knew my lover would be there.

We took our bikini tops off and had a few margaritas, then lay by the pool relaxing. Larry, my lover, arrived a little while later, and I saw the horny son of a bitch eyeing up Julienne as well as me. He came over and introduced himself to my friend that’s when I noticed that she was giving him the once over, too. She was definitely interested in Larry, just like I knew she would be.

After a couple of minutes, I went inside saying that I needed to use the bathroom and told them I’d be back in a bit. Instead, I went upstairs where I knew I’d have a good view of the yard. I spied on them from one of the second floor windows and could see the horny fuck as he stripped naked and lay on the chair beside Julienne.

Larry’s cock was already hardening, well on its way to its impressive eight inch length. Julienne glanced over at him and noticed his long prick, and her mouth fell open when she saw just how big it was. She whispered something to him and he said something back before she reached over and took his cock in her hand and began stroking it slowly. Soon his hand was high up her thigh, and not much later they shared a quick kiss.

After that, Larry said something and the two of them proceeded to get into the pool— naked— where they began kissing and fondling each other under the water. It was obvious they both had their hands between each other’s legs, and they were moaning so loudly that I could hear them even inside the house, even on the second floor.

Larry turned Julienne around to face the side of the pool and held onto her breasts from behind as he kissed her neck seductively. This drove her wild and she loudly begged him to fuck her. She wiggled her ass at him until he reached under the water to grab his cock and guide it into her. Then, as he thrust in and out of her pussy under the water, I heard her say she hoped he would pull out before coming, because she wasn’t on the Pill. Larry didn’t say anything in response, just kept driving in and out of her. Soon he had all eight inches in her, and her screams of pleasure could have woken the dead.

Julienne was having her second climax when Larry’s butt cheeks clenched and he emptied himself into her unprotected womb. As much as I wanted to catch her cheating so that I could tell everyone what I’d seen, I was still turned on by the sight of their fucking. Without thinking, I moved my hand between my legs and started rubbing my pussy until I reached my climax.

Julienne let Larry fuck her once more before I went back downstairs. Not long after I returned poolside, my husband came home with the kids, so all the adult playtime was over.

I decided not to tell anyone about catching Julienne in the act with Larry, but I didn’t have to— he ended up getting her pregnant! Imagine her husband’s surprise when the baby turned out to be black!

I haven’t slept with Larry since he and Julienne got together— I’d already shared my husband, I wasn’t about to share my lover, too. But Julienne had stopped trying to get in my husband’s pants after she met Larry. It wasn’t exactly revenge that I got in the end, but at least I don’t have to share what’s rightfully mine anymore.— E.K., McAllen, Texas

(I Want To) Fuck You!

It was a busy day at the office with payroll taxes due and everybody working to ship a rush job that we’d promised to one of our best customers. On top of that, my phone just wouldn’t stop ringing, and I was suffering from a severe case of the hornies after having to cancel a long planned date with a man who’d been trying to get in my little panties for nearly a year. Our date had been scheduled for the previous night, but my husband told me he needed me to go to a dinner with him.

I had one of the secretaries pick me up some lunch while I worked to finish the tax report, and I got it out the door by courier just after one. Once that was done, I took a look at the long list of calls I needed to return and picked up the phone to get to it.

I was on my fifth call when I saw just what I needed to relieve the antsy little kitten that had been making my panties wet all day. He was standing outside my office talking to one of the salesmen, and his thumbs were hooked in the pockets of his jeans, which to my horny little mind framed and enhanced his bulging package. Oh my fucking God, I thought when he gave his unit an mindless squeeze, making it poke out more. The arousing sight caused a heavy flow of slippery syrup to further saturate my panty crotch. It was lust at first sight.

He moved on before I could get off the phone, but that didn’t prevent me from going to look for him. I found him going over some blueprints with a crew leader in the hallway leading back to the shop. I stood back waiting until they finished, then addressed the man I’d spied earlier, saying I needed to see him in my office ASAP. Then I turned and walked back down the hall while my ass swayed sensually beneath my tight skirt.

I’d been back at my desk about 10 minutes and was about to finish a call when I saw him coming toward my office. I motioned him in and signaled that he should close the door while I quickly finished my call and hung up the phone. He had a concerned look that told me he was worried that something about the construction plans wasn’t working out, but I quickly put him at ease.

“Lock the door, please,” I said, and he did as I’d asked.

As soon as the door was locked, I walked around my desk, embraced him and kissed him soundly. Then I cupped his swelling bulge, telling him, “I need some cock, and I need it right now.”

I tore open his zipper and belt and pushed his pants to mid thigh. Then I quickly dropped to my knees and engulfed about half the meaty appendage that rose above his nut sac. I licked around the rim of his glans, tasting the residue of semen and vaginal fluids from previous sexual activities, but I paid it no heed. He eased down into one of the guest chairs, giving me easier access to his unit, so I relaxed my throat and took him in to the hilt. Then I let him start to face fuck me until his balls began to throb against my forehead. It wasn’t long before I sensed his impending explosion.

I slowly drew my mouth away, leaving a long string of spit linking his throbbing glans with the tip of my tongue, and I gazed upward into his half closed eyes. I got to my feet and told him, “I need you to fuck me now. Please, just feel how much I need you. My cunt is on fire.”

He unzipped and lowered my tight skirt so I could step out of it, then he slipped his fingers between my legs so he could feel my crotch before sitting me up on my desk and peeling off my sopping wet panties and pantyhose.

He grabbed my ankles to raise and spread my legs, tipping me backward until I rested on my elbows and he was granted total access to my overheated cunt. He placed the engorged head of his huge cock between my spread lips, which were hidden in a nest of bright auburn pubic hair, and looked straight into my eyes as he plunged effortlessly into my slippery snatch. The feeling of his big, thick cock filling me up was all it took to send me reeling in orgasm. And then he finally began to pleasure the furthest, horniest depths of my fiery, clasping pussy.

I got just what I’d asked for. I’d wanted some cock, and that is just what he gave me. I got my cunt pounded relentlessly for about four minutes before his cock swelled and burst, and I came with him. My spasming pussy muscles took the rich, creamy come from his cock as we clung to one another, relishing every single sensation that came from our orgasms, the greatest pleasure there is.

I felt so much better as I relaxed, and I just lay back, feeling his warm semen slowly spreading through my vagina and extinguishing the tiny fires of need that were still burning deep inside me. We gazed deep into one another’s eyes silently as we regained our strength.

I was lost in my thoughts of what a great fuck I’d just gotten, so I didn’t realize he was still erect until he began to slowly thrust into me again. Our second fuck was much gentler and lasted quite a long time. My position didn’t allow for clitoral stimulation, but my considerate lover used his fingers to sandwich my nubbin so it was massaged as he thrust in and out of my aching pussy.

The addition of his masculine fluids to my already drenched womanhood caused some very sexy, sensual slurping sounds that seemed to arouse him as well as myself. I was soon on my way to another blissful release, and it was followed quickly by his second scalding climax. He let his come drain into me before giving me a brief kiss and helping me sit up. I was still sitting with my legs spread and his come oozing from my quivering cunt as he quickly pulled up his pants, tucked in his cock and exited my office, pulling the door shut behind him.

I sat there a moment to enjoy the afterglow of a good quickie, but my phone rang, jarring me from my racy thoughts. It was my secretary announcing that my two o’clock appointment had arrived and was waiting for me. I told her I’d be just a few minutes. When I slid off the desk, I had blueprints stuck to my damp bottom. A good section of them was ruined, but luckily I had another set. I saw that my pantyhose had ripped when he’d taken them off me, so I slipped on my panties and smoothed out my skirt before stuffing the blueprints and hose in an empty drawer in my desk. I buzzed my secretary to send back my client in and it was back to business as usual.

I arrived home just in time to change into shorts and a T shirt and get dinner ready before my husband got home. We watched a movie, then went up to get ready for bed. I went into the bathroom where I stripped and washed my face, and my husband stripped himself and then came in to brush his teeth beside me. Ned moved behind me, cupping my breasts as I brushed my teeth, then took me in his arms to kiss me when I had finished. When our lips parted, he looked down into my eyes and said, “I hope you have a really good explanation for having all that blue ink smeared on your tight little ass, honey.”

I said, “Well, babe, I got real horny this afternoon and had to lure my husband into my office to give me some cock.” Then I continued. “I sure hope he’s ready to get a little ass in our big comfortable bed, because I’m sure as hell ready for another fuck!” — B.I., Costa Mesa, California

The Marital Bed

Nearly a year of rigorous exercise had turned my wife into a trim, lean, feminine machine. After raising babies and sending our children off to college, her tummy was once again smooth, her thighs firm, and her calves thin and sinewy. We both admired the new definition throughout her arms, chest and legs, and she was adding new definition to “getting physical” in our marriage every day.

We resumed our weekly dates, and she bought a new wardrobe to show more of her soft curves, strong muscles and tanned skin. Every now and then Amy would have a surprise for me: a shaved pussy, sometimes a risqu public view of some part of her body, or a quick touch of her soft skin when I wasn’t expecting it. I would often head back to work with a pair of panties or a bra in a pocket, and a really big bulge in my pants.

A few weeks ago we were at a movie and she waited until the theater lights dimmed before wriggling out of her lacy dress to provide me access to parts of her anatomy that would have surely made the rest of the R rated moviegoers blush.

During our many years of marriage, Amy always arranged massages to rub away the stresses of the day. As we moved around the country, she always selected the spa and masseuse to get me started. The least I could do was return the favor.

One day at our current spa, I noticed someone new had been added to the staff, a tall, good looking young man about half our age. At first glance, he appeared to be in his early 20s and capable of providing deep tissue massages that would satisfy any woman, so I scheduled Daniel to come to our house to give my wife a nice, long two hour rubdown.

The Saturday appointment happened to fall during the second week of spring, and as luck would have it, the skies were clear, the sun was shining and the temperature was near 80. At 10 o’clock Daniel drove up the driveway and knocked on the door. Amy fussed because she was still wearing just a T shirt and running shorts, and now a stranger was interrupting her plans for a peaceful Saturday lounging around the house.

“This one’s yours,” she yelled dismissively as she walked away.

When I answered the door, Daniel had his hands full with a folded massage table and a large duffle bag filled with gear.

I welcomed him and walked him through the house to the back patio, where he set up the table. He also had oils, herbs, a boom box, a few New Age CDs and a pillow.

Amy tried to hide from our guest, but her curiosity got the best of her and she came to see who I’d invited in. Even her frayed T shirt, running shorts, unbrushed hair and suspicious eyes could not conceal her broad shoulders, firm breasts, long legs, and air of sensuality. “What’s this all about?” she asked when she saw Daniel’s setup.

I told her how proud I was of all the work she’d done to keep herself in shape and that I had arranged for a quiet two hour massage.

“Here?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I said. “You were planning on spending the day at home anyway. It just makes sense.”

Daniel cleared his throat. “If you’ll just take off your clothes and get yourself up on the table, there are still a couple of things for me to get from the car. Why don’t we start with you lying down on your stomach?” he suggested, and then walked back through the house to his car.

Amy looked at me, her face screwed up in a look of confusion.

“Don’t just stand there,” I cautioned. “Get undressed.”

“Where did you find this guy?” she asked as she pulled her T shirt over her head and I zeroed in on her swaying breasts. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her shorts and let them fall past her knees and along her calves until they crumpled around the tops of her feet.

“The spa,” I answered.

She looked beautiful without any clothes, and her skin was shiny from having just shaved. Even though it was her smile and twinkling eyes that first attracted me to her, it is her perfectly proportioned body that keeps me coming back to her after all these years.

I swallowed hard before adding, “He looks like a good sport,” then pulled the sheet back and watched as she lifted a leg to climb onto the table, her shaved pubes opening like a flower until her other leg followed and she rolled onto her stomach.

“Hurry, cover me back up,” she insisted when we heard Daniel’s footsteps in the house again.

The only shadows on the patio consisted of the massage table, her elbows sticking out from the edges, myself, and two lounge chairs. I could see her labia swelling as I walked around the table and pulled the sheet across her tight butt.

“I’ll let you enjoy your massage,” I told her and smacked her ass.

“You’re staying out here!” she cried, and she was very adamant.

I ran my hand along her back, then slipped my hand under the sheet when I reached her ass and curled a finger down between her legs. “Ask him to leave his stuff here and you give me a massage,” she whispered as she arched up to meet my fingers.

I dipped my finger further and then drew it out of her snatch and ran a wet line up her spine before walking into the house. When I opened the door, Daniel quickly turned around and adjusted himself, trying to get comfortable when he wasn’t. I handed him three hundred dollar bills. “This is for the best two hour massage a woman can get,” I said before reaching back in my pocket. I pulled out a couple more bills. “And another hundred for a tip.”

Daniel walked outside, rubbed his hands together and placed them on Amy’s neck. He pressed down and rubbed my wife’s shoulders and back all the way down to her firm derriere, and that’s when I left them alone and walked to the study.

Not even a minute had passed before I heard footsteps and then Daniel’s voice calling through the house. “Your wife insists that you come back outside,” he said.

I picked up my newspaper and sunglasses from the kitchen counter and followed Daniel outside. As he resumed his position over Amy’s figure, I adjusted a lounge chair to get plenty of sun and a good view of his large oiled hands navigating Amy’s body.

The oil soaked into her skin while her ribs expanded and contracted, and she seemed like she wasn’t totally relaxed. After 10 minutes, however, her muscles began melting beneath his fingers as he worked her over gently.

For the next 15 minutes or so I kept flipping through the paper, though I looked up to watch Amy’s massage so much that I don’t know how much of the newspaper I had really read. I was enjoying seeing someone else’s hands passing across Amy’s body, and I loved seeing the sides of her fleshy breasts, muscular legs and exposed rump glistening with oil.

“It’s going to get pretty hot out today, don’t you think?” I asked the young masseur.

“Yep,” he answered.

I stood up and pulled the sheet from Amy’s body.

“What are you doing?” she yelled as her body stiffened and her arms pulled in tight to her sides.

“All that oil should give you a terrific tan, Amy,” I suggested.

“Oh, really?” She paused. “Well, if I’m going to be naked, you’re going to be naked,” she insisted.

I looked at Daniel and shrugged my shoulders. “Well, I guess we can use some sun too,” I said as I pulled off my shorts, exposing my shaved balls and my thick dick, which was growing longer as I watched my wife’s massage. I looked at Daniel as I sat down and motioned for him to follow suit as I lay back in my lounge chair and turned to the newspaper’s business section.

Daniel twisted his hands, passed them down his six pack abs and then unzipped his pants.

His hair was dark and his skin tanned and I understood how women might find him attractive. He added more oil to his hands and resumed his ministrations to my lovely wife’s hard, tense body. His long, slender fingers shifted, and he was not only kneading, but caressing delicate parts of Amy’s body, constantly touching her with some part of him as if it would be painful to leave any area of her skin unattended for very long.

After 20 minutes of some hard rubbing and tender stroking, it seemed as if Amy had forgotten she was naked. Her skin glimmered like the surface of a pond and her muscles were melting beneath the heat of the sun and the friction of Daniel’s ministrations. Her ribs were now expanding and contracting in even breaths.

“You might as well take off your undershorts, Daniel,” I said. “If we’re naked, you might as well be too.”

“Do you mind, Amy?” he asked.

She let out a deep breath. “Whatever,” she said nonchalantly as she raised both legs at the knees in mock frustration and set her feet back down a little wider apart than they’d been before.

Daniel kicked off his sandals and pulled off his underwear. Sweat had begun to gather on his muscles, and his sheath glistened with perspiration while his large mushroom head leaked pre come. His fingers trembled as he applied oil to Amy’s lovely soft skin, and after 15 more minutes, Daniel’s erection hung below the table’s edge and the purple head looked like a plum hanging from a branch of a tree.

It was as if we were both wired into the same plug, because his shaft was stiff and rising while mine stood like a pole and throbbed along with my beating heart.

He moved his body around the table until he stood near Amy’s head. His arms extended down her back and his fingers crawled along her spine to the domes of her derriere. Instead of using his fingers to knead her ass, Daniel grabbed her butt and dug his fingers into her buns and stretched them out between her legs as if he couldn’t grab enough of her flesh.

A slight twitch in my wife’s legs and posture— not much else— betrayed her private joy. She began to relax her muscles once again as Daniel continued to move his fingers around the flesh of her ass, and the soft, sensuous flower of her pussy seemed to unfold before my eyes.

Although I pretended to read and turn pages of the newspaper, the print was out of focus because I was straining to see the every reflex in Amy’s body. I continued turning pages while watching signs of Amy’s continuing arousal . . . and Daniel’s, too.

She shifted slightly, and her breath quickened as Daniel’s fingers glided over the softest parts of her skin, like the backs of her knees, and then they dragged up her inner thighs to her derriere. From there they ran along the outside of her hips and waist and caressed the sides of her supple breasts. I dropped the newspaper when Amy looked up and focused on Daniel’s raging erection, now hanging near the top of her head.

Daniel moved his body from the end of the table along the other side, and I could see his slender hands and strong fingers begin to disappear between my wife’s spread legs. He rubbed his palms down to her knees, along the back of her calves, and all the way to her toes, and then he twisted his fingers around and massaged his way back.

Amy’s muscles seemed to simply melt under his touch, and I watched as Daniel worked his way up and down her body, moving closer and closer to her ass with each pass. He ran his hands back and forth along her body, occasionally allowing his fingers to apply the slightest bit of pressure to her pussy. When I saw my wife’s derriere tighten and release as she shifted on the table, I knew he was bringing her more pleasure than just relaxing her tense muscles.

He kneaded her fleshy butt even more, and if she hadn’t been turned on before, she sure was now. She gradually tensed parts of her body to lead Daniel’s fingers where she wanted them, and his digits seemed to move deeper and deeper between her ass cheeks and between her pussy lips.

She looked like even though her impulses were responding, something inside was still fighting against total submission to the pleasure she felt. Each stroke of Daniel’s fingers appeared to be drawing pressure away from her rather than applying pressure to her, and with each stroke of her pussy or grope of her ass, she seemed more relaxed, more free.

Her body started to twitch, giving away the joy she was feeling as Daniel zeroed in and concentrated his gentle strokes on her ass and vagina. A couple additional strokes and she adjusted herself until her derriere was raised to push against Daniel’s hands at just the right moment. He pressed against the openings of her body until the tight muscles of her ass had been broached and his finger disappeared past the second knuckle, anchoring securely within the heat of her ass.

His other hand continued to rub the rest of her body, massaging her arms, back and sides as he would any client before he pulled his finger out of her ass and had her roll over.

Amy’s pelvis raised to Daniel’s oiled hand and he circled her pearl with light strokes for a moment before diving into the heat of her lust in the next instant. She could hardly contain herself and seemed completely lost in the pleasure of the moment. Her muscles were twitching and grasping, squeezing his finger as if trying to suck the digit deeper into her hot, lava filled font in order to gain satisfaction.

Daniel let go, removed his hand and moved up to her back again to work on massaging her arms and sides. “Just relax,” he reminded her, and then he rubbed his fingers deep into her neck and along her shoulder blades.

A drip of pre come fell from his penis as he moved back and forth, but he went back to treating her like any other massage client. He pulled Amy’s arm up and bent and rubbed her hands and fingers, then slid his hands along her forearm and back to her shoulder only to splay them against the flesh of her breast and across her nipple.

Amy’s hand felt for his shaft, and her fingers drew lines along the purple veins up to the ridge and back down to the base of the shaft. Her fingertips brushed the tip of his cock and spread the come around the head while she lay with her eyes closed.

The view from the lounge chair was almost more than I could bear, but I didn’t know that it would be getting even hotter so soon.

A little more than an hour had passed since her massage began, and Amy’s legs were now splayed wide, and her nipples were hard and long as if they were cold. Daniel went back to caressing her legs, bending one at a time, massaging her thighs and calves until he could sense she was completely relaxed once again. He looked over at me and I nodded my approval for him to continue to do whatever would make my wife completely happy.

He started working on Amy’s left leg now, giving it the same treatment he had given the right. Little by little small spasms along her thighs betrayed the pleasure she was experiencing, and I knew if I looked I’d see similar quivers of her clit and labia. Her nipples were like pebbles, and little goose bumps had risen on her body only to be beaten down by Daniel’s rough strokes and the hot sun.

Daniel moved back up to her hands and massaged Amy’s fingers, and then stretched her arms over her head. He pulled her left arm back down to her side and let his hands glide across her ribs, pressing and sliding across her breasts until she was totally relaxed.

His nine inch erection lay at the table’s edge against Amy’s fingers, and she turned her wrist and curled her fingers back around the shaft. Amy’s grip shifted to feel more of the hot shaft, and as she held him, a slight movement of her wrist caused her fingers to slide back and forth, teasing him without really meaning to. She continued to hold him, and it was clear she had no intention of giving up the second cock she had held in her life, so the masseur moved to allow Amy a better angle.

I swallowed hard.

“Excuse me, sir, can you give me a hand?” Daniel asked.

By now I was so excited I might have given him a hand just to feel what Amy had been feeling, to let him explode between my fingers like I felt my cock would explode at any moment.

I stood next to Amy and, although her eyes were closed, she found my erection and tugged. A familiar smile crossed her lips. Daniel walked to the other side and asked Amy to remain relaxed while we moved her. I matched his grip and motions, and we slid her toward the end of the table, where her feet had been, and we each supported a leg. When Daniel took both legs in his hands, I let go and he propped her ankles on his shoulders so that his cock was pressing against Amy’s crotch.

Instead of allowing me to move, Amy held me tight by the penis and forced me to stay close. Then I watched as Daniel’s fat purple cockhead rubbed against Amy’s pubic mound, occasionally sliding back and forth along her throbbing clitoris. He glided the length of his rod up and down across her mound without letting it slip between the gaping, quivering lips of her deep scarlet snatch.

Amy’s clitoris looked like a teeny tiny cock, her little red bud seeming to stretch up to meet the hard, veiny shaft that was sliding along her pubic area. Daniel rubbed her thighs as he caressed her cunt with his hard dick, and the way her body shivered, it was as if there was a twitch of pleasure that ran the length of her body each time his velvety shaft stroked her clitoris.

“May I come inside?” Daniel asked in a quiet whisper.

There was a moment of silence while Amy tugged on my erection, squeezing me as if feeling for the right decision. Daniel never stopped moving, though, his fingers constantly massaging her legs and the lips of her cunt.

She cleared her throat and raised her hips as if to get one last feel of that long rod along the stretch of skin pulling back on her clit. “Only in my ass,” she said, her voice soft and quavering as she answered.

Daniel slid the purple head back down the length of her slit, gathering the juices that clung to her gaping pussy lips. There was a quick gasp from Amy as she felt the large plum head push against her opening, and I heard a gentle moan escape Daniel’s lips as well. He raised her knees and looked down at her puckered butthole, which seemed to be taking its own breaths of anticipation, then gently pressed his cockhead into the dark pink circle until it completely disappeared.

Amy’s breathing slowed down for a moment, then picked up again as she pushed her ass toward him. He pressed back and anchored himself fast within her ass. He couldn’t push any further.

I was going out of my mind with jealously, but I was also completely aroused. A load of sperm shot from my cock and I shook a moment in Amy’s hand when I reached orgasm, putting an end to the torturous ecstasy building inside my head— and the head between my legs.

Daniel raised her ankles behind his head and started to run his fingers along her ribs and across her stomach, gliding them back and forth until they reached her breasts. He spent 10 minutes massaging her nipples until it had become apparent Amy was trying to bury his rod deeper into her asshole. A bit more grinding and Daniel was buried to his groin. Amy whimpered with each breath, trying hard not to scream out in pleasure.

“I’m going to come,” Amy suddenly whispered. She squeezed my rod. “I’m going to come,” she said again.

Her stomach rolled as if a series of waves was delivering her pleasure. Her breaths came out more ragged and more frequently as surges of pleasure flowed through her body over and over again. She buried Daniel’s rod deep in her ass, then pulled away only to bury his root deep again. She did this for several minutes until she really exploded, her ass clenching and gripping and her pink pussy— which had barely been touched— squirting its juices.

Daniel seemed like he wanted to say something, then paused and began again. “Do you mind if I come?” His voice was soft and gentle, much like his earlier caresses.

“Not in me. On my stomach,” Amy instructed, her voice raspy.

He pulled out of her ass and slid his cock along her stomach, dragging the large plum head back and forth across her skin. Before ropes of white come started spurting from the purple head, Amy reached between her legs and played with her erect clit. A few quick moves and Amy brought herself to her second orgasm while the masseur shot his load of hot jism all over her tight, shimmering stomach.

We kneaded her muscles and then caressed her soft flesh while Amy held our rods. Daniel was hard again, and I had shot my second load when Amy flicked her thumb along the bottom of my shaft with just the right pressure. My come shot across her breasts from one side, and a moment later Daniel was shooting his from the other. We rubbed the cream into her skin until it disappeared, mixing with the massage oils and her perspiration and soaking into her hot flesh.

“Roll over one more time,” Daniel whispered to my wife.

Amy lay on her stomach, her arms relaxed at her sides, and Daniel gave her another massage until he could feel no more tension in her. Her muscles melted, her joints loosened and she fell asleep.

I carried Amy to the bedroom while Daniel packed his gear, loaded up the car and left. Amy and I cuddled for a few minutes until she was fast asleep.

My wife hadn’t expected that sort of “massage” from a stranger, and she certainly didn’t think I’d ever arrange such a thing, but we both enjoyed it so much that we’ve decided to book Daniel for another massage soon. His technique may not be completely traditional, but both my wife and I ended up feeling relaxed and refreshed after the appointment— and she was the only one who got massaged! I’d say that’s proof of a job well done.— D.V., West Valley, Utah